Astroswitches Give Kamen Rider Fourze Magic Hands And Medical Kits

By Spencer . May 25, 2012 . 3:38am

All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2 adds in the 40 astroswitches from Kamen Rider Fourze into the game. Players can change tactics on the fly by arming Kamen Rider Fourze with a grabber claw-like Magic Hand and a spinning attack called module.


kamenrider3 kamenrider4 kamenrider5 kamenrider6


Each Kamen Rider has a unique set of powers in Namco Bandai’s beat ’em up. Kamen Rider Kick Hopper, Punch Hopper, Ouja, and the riders from Kamen Rider Blade are confirmed for the game.


kamenrider22 kamenrider23 kamenrider24 kamenrider25 kamenrider26 kamenrider27


All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2 comes out for PSP and Nintendo DS on August 2.


kamenrider16 kamenrider17 kamenrider18 kamenrider19 kamenrider20 kamenrider21 kamenrider28 kamenrider29 kamenrider1 kamenrider2 kamenrider7 kamenrider8 kamenrider9 kamenrider10 kamenrider11 kamenrider12 kamenrider13 kamenrider14 kamenrider15

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  • Flips Switches~


    Kamen Rider Fourze! Taiman harasete morau ze!
                               (Let’s settle this once and for ALL)

    • countupyoursins

      Man to man!

  • Gentlemagnate

    Love this style. I am a big Kamen Rider fan but have never played any Kamen Rider games. Is it a tragedy that I’m missing out?

    PS: the HP preview image I’m seeing for this has Naruto. Was worried this was a Rider x Naruto mash-up or something o_O

    • Exkaiser

      Most Rider games are subpar, but the first Rider Generations was pretty decent.

    • Zenkaider

      Well,the short answer is what Exkaiser below said.But the long answer is : if you are indeed a big fan of Kamen Rider,there are some games you are indeed missing out on,but don’t worry,they are only a handfull.

      It’s these :

      Kamen Rider V3 – PSX
      Kamen Rider Kuuga – PSX
      Kamen Rider Agito – PSX
      Kamen Rider Seigi no Keifu / Genealogy of Justice – PS2
      Any Kamen Rider Climax Heroes game from OOO and after

      Just these,but if you’d like,there’s also the Great Battle series by Banpresto that feature Kamen Rider along with Ultraman and Gundam.

  • boundries_san

    Henshin!!!!!! Become Naruto.^^

  • countupyoursins

    I wish they’d release this stateside. Oh well, highly unlikely.

    Yuki’s sprite looks adorable, though (for those not in the KRC, Yuki is what you would get if you took space and made it adorable).

  • Hm. Hope it won’t be too big a hassle to switch through the Switches. It probably won’t be a problem in single-player, but since the game has confirmed wireless multi-player, I hope the game can pause for both players during Module changes.

  • wodash_shatterworld

    are we talking about the same game here? RG1 was boring as hell, the gameplay is very un-fluid despite being a 2d game, most characters are just clones of each other with little to no incentive to play as them at all (i.e the only thing unique about J in RG1 was its cutscene super, whilst ZO had nothing special at all in all aspects), and the bosses are so stiff that the only “boss” thing they have are super armor and very strong projectiles with very little movement on their sprites.

    the recent great battle fullblast, now that’s how the characters should’ve moved and play

    also, @zenkaier: the PS2 kabuto game

    but by the looks of it, RG2 seems to have a major improvement, in both sprite work and graphics, lets just hope the gameplay can also hold its own ground, i’m afraid that they’re hiding the ugly parts by not releasing any gameplay trailer up to this point, which is suspisious, even CH had an early trailer of sorts.

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