Tomba! Returns(!) As A PsOne Classic Slated For Summer Release

By Spencer . May 25, 2012 . 11:27am

250px-Tomba!_NTSCSoon you won’t have to pay an outrageous price to play Tomba!, one of Sony’s early PsOne platformers. In this game you’re a caveman with wild pink hair who has to reclaim his grandfather’s bracelet after a group of evil pigs pilfer it.


Tomba! fetches a pretty penny on eBay where a sealed copy runs for over $200 today. Tomba! will be available in North America this summer as a PsOne download and you can thank MonkeyPaw Games for that. CEO John Greiner tracked down the rights to Tomba!, which were split between Whoopie Camp, Sony Computer Entertainment, and GungHo (the parent company of Game Arts).


Wait a second… you never heard of Tomba! before? Well, take a look at this.


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  • ShinStar

    I remember playing the OPM demo of this. It was pretty fun. A while back, I didn’t even realize I have a used copy of the game too lol.

    That’s what I get for owning too many games…..maybe I should go back and actually beat it too. >>;;;

  • DuskSharkEX

    Woo! This is one of those games that I wanted as a kid but never got around to getting.

  • IsaacGravity

    Awesome! This is great news!

  • i wanted this game when it first came out! so happy i can finally get it now!

  • AndyFe

    Very Awesome!! More people need to play this great gem of a game. I would love to see a revival of this series in the form of a third game.

    • AnimusVox

      I’ve been saying this too my friends and others for so long.
      We could use another PS3 platformer that isnt LittleBigPlanet.

  • LunarKnite

    Man, I remember this game playing on one of my friend’s demo cds. Always wanted to buy it myself so ended up emulating this because the price was so high. Definitely getting it when it gets on the store though. One of the greatest games in the PS1 era.

  • Suicunesol

    This is… so… old and nostalgic… o_O

  • Michael Joseph

    No, i can’t die happy yet! not…. yet no! *tears of joy*

  • Kefkiroth

    Looks like a great game. Underpopulated gems like this and Klonoa: Door to Phantomile should become PSOne classics!

  • Anime10121

    This game is an AMAZING platformer and anyone who has yet to play it, do yourself a favor and purchase the (likely $5) game, you will not regret it:)

  • If it were tomba 2, I’d be jumping for joy!

    • Exkaiser

      I re-played through them both in the last year, and I honestly found Tomba 2 to be a really irritating game. Much moreso than when I was a kid. It’s really slow, things talk too much, and the music is abysmal.

    • I almost have that game fully completed if it wasn’t for the mine ride.

    • Zonic505

      Monkeypaw Games said if the 1st game sold well enough on PSN, they’d look into getting the sequel added as well.

      So let’s make sure that happens.

  • AnimusVox



  • RmanX1000

    Not to be a dick but this news is easily 2 or 3 days old…

  • Exkaiser

    Oh, and this after I had already paid out the nose for a PSX copy of it.

    But that’s okay, I totally want this on my PSP.

  • Fuckin’ love me some tomba

  • Victoria [Rokuso3]

    Glad to hear I’ll be able to play it on PSP :D

  • I must have this.

  • badmoogle

    I’m surprised it took Siliconera this long to post these news…usually you guys are much quicker than that.

    Anyway i’m incredibly happy,this was one of my most wanted games ever.I’m going to day one it so hard!!And hopefully if the sales are good the sequel won’t be far behind.Spread the word people!

  • Tomba! is one of the best games on the PSONne. It was the first side-scrolling RPG I’ve played.

  • Ed

    About damn time. 

  • Nirun Rangraengjit

    HELL YES. Childhood nostalgia prevails… now if only we get megaman X4.

  • KyoyaHibari


  • boundries_san

    Sony? New Tomba???

  • Ethan Russell

    i have the second one, i could never find a copy of the first one though

  • Zonic505

    I have waited SO long for this to hit PSN. I remember playing the demo for it (which I think was the longest demo I ever played) when I was young & wanted to get the game, but could never find it. Now I just hope Sony can make the Vita play PSone games so I can have it on the go.

  • Oh man, I’ve wanted this for so freaking long!

    The only thing missing from my childhood library now is Bushido Blade 1&2,  Tomba 2, and Legend of Legaia.

    This also looks good for Tomba getting a slot on Battle Stars!

  • canarinta

    Tomba! Oh you, cave creepers. You got nothing on my ice boomerang.

  • This was one of those games in the demo discs that i was never able to find for purchase back in the day ( like Blasto ). Awesome news indeed :)

  • Kitestwinblades

    Oh man… I’m am going to be chucking things all OVER the PSP screen.
    Someone is gonna look over at the screen…
    and all they’re going to see is a bunch of this  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)  

    Hope we get Tomba! 2, I actually played that before 1. 
    Talk about a graphics change XD

  • YES! day 1, can’t wait for sequel too (fingers crossed)!


  • Christopher Nunes

    Oh god, I remember this! I’ve played this before and I believe I owned it, but lost it sometime after… never well got that far in the game. This time however will be different! I will beat this game!

    Good to see Tomba again!

  • LustEnvy

    He should be in that Smash clone.

  • Göran Isacson

     Oooh, the tip I sent in! I know one friend of mine who’s going to be over the moon about this- he’s been looking for the game for aaages.

  • ‘gets on knees and prays’

    fank you Mork

  • Justin Whiteaker

    This is amazing news. 

  • I hope they put Tomba 2 out on PSN, that was one of my favorite games!

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