Kingdom Hearts Began With Sora Wielding A Chainsaw

By Ishaan . May 29, 2012 . 1:00pm

Speaking with Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, Kingdom Hearts creator, Tetsuya Nomura, shared a few interesting facts about how the series came about. Nomura says that it all began with the possibility of Square and Disney working on a game together. Wanting to create an action game in the vein of Super Mario 64, and feeling like he could Disney’s popular cast of characters to give it a wider appeal, Nomura volunteered himself for the project.


Disney already had their own ideas for a game, but Nomura says he wanted to pitch his own vision to them, and so, he did. The fact that he didn’t understand English and couldn’t always tell what they were thinking helped immensely.


“In the first meeting, I showed them a design document with a picture of Sora, the main character from the game,” Nomura recalls. “I’d drawn him carrying a weapon that looked like an enormous chainsaw. ‘What on earth is this!?’ they said.” He continues: “When I told them it was a chainsaw, they looked really shocked—absolutely speechless. (laughs) They were looking at the design document, probably saying ‘This is terrible!’ and so on. It was all in English, though, so I didn’t understand a word.”


Ultimately, however, Disney and Square both got on the same page and Nomura was able to turn Kingdom Hearts into what it is today. Speaking to Kingdom Hearts 3D specifically, Nomura says he had two concepts he wanted to see in the game—the stylish action and the Dream Eaters.


Nomura says that the Dream Eaters came about because his family always had cats and dogs for pets when he was a child. He wanted to replicate the feeling of affection toward a pet in the game, which is why the Dream Eaters are able to fight by your side in Kingdom Hearts 3D. He was also influenced in part by Nintendogs.


Nintendogs made an impact on me as well—the way that game puts you in contact with your pets,” Nomura reveals. “I always had battles in mind, though. I wondered ‘Why can’t I make my Nintendogs fight?’ When you take your Nintendogs for a walk, and they meet other dogs via StreetPass… Imagine if they could have a battle!”

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  • Xapth

    I just imagined Mickey holding a Golden Chainsaw…

    But anyways, considering Super Mario 64 is my favorite Mario platformer, it makes me happy to know that it inspired some of Nomura’s passion to create my current favorite game of all time, Kingdom Hearts!

    • Testsubject909

      Be honest. Mickey with a chainsaw, it’s part of what a lot of people were hoping for with Epic Mickey.

  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    Nomura actually laughed a ton in this talk with Iwata, it was really funny.
    Sora wielding a chainsaw is super old news though. But thank god it was changed to a key otherwise who knows where the series would have been xD

    ~Only 51 days till KH3D, only 51 more days~

    • Testsubject909

      It would’ve taken a darker tone that would fit well with some of Disney’s intellectual property quite easily, even the more kid friendly ones in some parts, pending how the chainsaw is implemented.

      Actually honestly I’d not see that much changes outside of perhaps the whole unlocking worlds thing which would instead require a new method of traveling or gate opening which would’ve required a different mcguffin than the keyblades.

      And we would’ve gotten a chainsaw wielding Mickey.

      • KHSoraKeyBlade

         Well I was talking about how like what if Disney were like, “omg no we can’t have that” and scrapped anything to do with the project xD

        Chainsaw Mickey </3 such a shame we never saw you. :l Ah well. xD

  • And it looked like that (see pictures).
    Kind of an old story, seems like Nomura has nothing more to say about the series. Too bad, so sad that he always has to repeat the same statements over and over.

    What I really would like to know is the answer to the following question:
    “Why did you chose to basically tear Kingdom Hearts appart like a piece of old used paper? You could have done so many other new games and/or series, then why butchering one game so much that you can barely even comprehend the actually very simple story?”

    *sigh* too bad.
    Oh well as long as the puppet is able to talk it seems alright and as long as people buy it he might just repeat it as much as he pleases.

    • Chiupon

      Because the most Nomura should touch is a character design.

      They’re letting him do wayyy too much with the stories. Personally, SE just needs to fire the old staff and make way for newer people with more fresh ideas.

      • Testsubject909

        Name recognition nowadays plays a good part though…

        •  Oh yes that can also be the case as well, since Tetsuya Nomura worked on many titles. But it seems like a bad idea to let him talk over the same things over and over again.
          The worst possible marketing choice, ’cause it seems like that they just want to advertise the game in any way possible without thinking. ^^”

      •  We share the same thought. It’s been an while since Square Enix gave new people in Japan a real chance to shine. We all know that they basically live on Final Fantasy and KH nowadays aside from publishing various other companies work.

        Before SE USA made a great title named “Secret of Evermore”, SE Japan did Secret of Mana while Enix published Quintet’s great title Illusion of Time. Then the guys from Alundra appeared and gave us a really good action adventure. Those do now partially work on Bravely Default: Flying Fairy together with SE.

        Everything else is basically made by other companies, aka Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham Asylum or IO interactives Hitman series, as well as the most Kingdom Heart titles for mobile platforms. Which is really kinda sad because the “old Square’s Storytelling” was always very enjoyable.

        In my eyes (and this is just my oppinion) the ‘new’  Square Enix doesn’t quite make the cut. All stories are very simple, the background is always good so it leaves much room for interpretation. When it comes to putting those possibilities in a playable version, a game so to speak, they kinda lose their focus on things.

  • Nothing says Disney like a chainsaw.

    Can’t say I’m disappointed we got a keyblade instead, though. 

  • Kinda ironic, considering Mike from Disney XD’s Motorcity wields a dual chainsaw and that wasn’t rejected. lol Guess he lucked out.

  • “Why can’t my nintendogs fight?” because then PETA would be all over it calling it animal abuse.

    • Testsubject909

      Not necessarily, and don’t get me started on PETA and some of their freakish hypocrisy.

      To note though, I never blame the individuals working within PETA or PETA branches, I’m sure there’s a lot of actual animal lovers. But the core organization itself? Some of their written core ideas and founding principles? It has me wondering about their sanity… Not to mention the fridge incident…

  • ShinGundam

    Iwata laughs.

  • Haven’t we known about most of this information for quite some time now? O_o

  • Crevox

    I swear this information has been posted a million times…

  • AuraGuyChris


    Nomura: (Japanese) Here’s the picture for the main character. As you can see, he fits nicely into your Disney world.

    Disney Executive 1: *Sees chainsaw* Holy crap, look at that thing! It looks way too unfriendly to me!

    Disney Executive 2: Not just that, but this kid KINDA reminds me of Sonic X for some odd reason.

    Disney Executive 3: We shouldn’t crush this guy’s dreams. We need to eliminate one of these two issues… The chainsaw has to go!

    Nomura: (Still listening) ?

  • Chainsaw Sora? Makes a cool KH3 optional boss.

  • Ethan Russell
    • Nyandroid

      What are you talking about? Sora is a FULL lion cub! xD

      • Testsubject909

        Think Ishaan’s related to him?

  • *Breaks door with a chainsaw, creepy face apppers*
    Sora: Here’s Sora!!

  • Neko Kawaii

    Making dogs fight = crueeelty :L thats why x3. Although I wonder what the original story was like since there was none of this key business. Also the pic of the chainsaw didn’t look that bad as it was described. It looks more like a saber or something to me…

    • brian yep

      Cruel just like pokemans.

  • Testsubject909

    Two things here.

    First, about Sora with a Chainsaw… I’d totally play that.Plus, it’d serve similar purpose to the keyblade! Oh no, this world is locked. *Sora revs up chainsaw and just forces it open* Problem solved. Thanks to the ultimate “key” in the world!

    Second, I’m always confused about Disney wanting to make people think they’re kid friendly. The amount of nightmare fuel they’ve made, of tragic traumatic death scenes for kids, and of evil villains who at times go to borders such as adultery, blasphemy and murder, if not some opting for genocide.

    Family friendly, folks! Family friendly!

    • Kuro Kairi

      Nah, Disney was never really nightmare fuel.

      Its todays kids shows that are so dumbed down it actually hurts to watch.

  • Chainsaw + Sora = L4D? 

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