This Is Your Traditional Controller For Multiplatform Games On Wii U

By Ishaan . June 3, 2012 . 3:25pm

While you’ll still be able to make use of the regular Wii U GamePad which comes with the Wii U system for multiplatform games , in case it isn’t to your liking, you can opt to use the Wii U Pro Controller instead. Nintendo revealed this today:



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  • malek86

    The shape reminds me of the 360 controller, so I don’t think it will be bad…

    *notices buttons layout*

    … ok, looks like I’ll have to get used to this.

    • pressstart

       I didn’t even pay attention to the face button location until I saw your comment… that looks uncomfortable actually.

    • amagidyne

      It’s going to be very awkward, especially if it is to be used with multiplatform titles. Can’t imagine switching between the 360/PS3 controllers and this without running into a brick wall of muscle memory.

      •  Gamecube and N64 controllers had the muscle memory worse I would say.  The button layout on Gamecube in particular I can never tell what one was X and Y. lol

  • Sevyne

    What a weird design. I’m glad they did this, but at the same time do not understand the thought process behind creating it. Just like the Tablet controller, the sticks are placed above the face buttons. That really doesn’t seem like it would be a proper fit for my hands and swapping from sticks to buttons would just be awkward. The great thing about sticks being under is being able to use the mid of your thumb to maneuver while still being able to hit the lower face buttons and that just doesn’t seem possible at all here.

  • Corey Letcher

    360 controller + ps3 controller + wii mote + blender = wii U pro

    • Xapth

      But will it blend?

    • Testsubject909

      I’m not sure where you pulled the wii mote from…

  • keithmaxx

    That looks beautiful… I wonder how it’ll feel in my hand. I wanna find out soon!

  • RmanX1000

    I know what im predominately using on Super Smash Bros WiiU…

  • Hardcore controller!!!

    Edit: Controller that people can throw out of frustration.

    • Testsubject909

      But… you can easily throw a wiimote out of frustration…

      • Yeah it didn’t come to my mind when I wrote that because I’m thinking of that Game Pad only. Nobody’s going to throw that, I wonder how much that Game Pad cost.

  • LittleMofreaky

    these will be great because they’ll be cheap and you can buy a bunch for your friends to use

  • tubers

    Awesome! I think the layout would have been better on the VITA :) 

    (body of the right thumb would never hit the right stick when pressing Square and X or both at the same time.. with bigger fingers)

  • SirRichard

    I get that they couldn’t directly copy the 360 controller, but that layout’s going to take some getting used to.

    • malek86

      I assume they need to mantain the same layout as the tablet, in order not to confuse people when/if they switch controllers.

      It will still take quite a bit of time to get used to, yeah.

    • Sevyne

       Well maybe we’ll eventually see a 3rd party controller for it that’s more like a 360 controller. I know there are 360 style controllers for PS3 and PS3 style controllers for 360 as well. If I end up getting a WiiU then that’s what I’m hoping we’ll see at least.

  • Crevox

    perhaps a far stretch for the right thumb?

  • Mago Iichi

    At first I was wondering why I couldn’t just use my CCPro, but then I realized because of the clickable buttons that the Wii U Gamepad (lol imma just say U Pad) now has.

    It looks like a fusion of Xbox 360’s controller with the Wii style buttons.

  • The shape and button layout look pretty unnatural. Not that I would buy a multiplatform game for wii u anyways, but still something about that controller feels off.

  • Xapth

    As cool as the regular Wii U controller is,

    YES! THANK YOU SO MUCH, Zelda and Smash Bros Wii U both say thank you!

    It kind of looks like a reversed Sony Dualshock, as in the dual sticks and d-pad / face buttons have swapped positions… but I’m sure I can adjust…

    I guess they wouldn’t be able to change the layout on this controller without changing the layout on the original Wii U GamePad Controller anyways.

  • Code

    ◎___◎’ That button placement… For a company that basically invented modern gaming controllers… the placement of those buttons is baffling. Stuff like this makes the idea cross my mind of potentially how out of touch Nintendo is with actually playing modern games themselves o~o;; I think Nintendo must have some expectations for it’s consumers I guess o__o….

    • As in, big palms?

    • James Beatty

      ….what? Button placement=out of touch with gaming? o.O

  • Options are always great but this implies WiiU’s unique controller screen features will be disabled with the ProCon. I agree with Sevyne and malek86 that the stick configuration is terrible. Placing the face buttons below the right stick might not have been a smart decision, as I can’t imagine playing like that. Switching between PS3 and WiiU is gonna be a major pain. 

    Heck, I even get confused when I visit my friend, as his PS3 is an international model while I own a Japanese one (functions of X and O switched around). Remembering to reach down with the thumb might be confusing. Besides, I don’t think it will be comfortable to play with sticks positioned that high on a controller. 

    Here’s hoping to a re-design of the stick config down the line.

    • Khold

      So Wii-U gamepad functions will ALWAYS be optional, right?There’s no reason a third party game can’t be ported from Wii-U to other consoles, then.

      • I assume they will be optional, otherwise the ProCon wouldn’t make any sense, unless Ninty want to go the Kinect + Controller route used by MS for Steel Battalion, i.e. ProCon for controls + WiiU Con for the screen functionality. That would be a major inconvenience, though.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    4 color indicators? I wonder what each does

    • Alex

      which player you are, i think

    • 4 controller support ….

      • XYZ_JolteonZ980

        The words on them though seem more than just saying P1 P2 P3 P4 though.

  • it’s like if all the consoles were in some weird experiment that created a chimera of controllers

    • amagidyne


      • There no tail on the controller *trollface* :P

  • AuraGuyChris

    I want that thing. It’s so risky-looking yet very tempting.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    I don’t like the button layout but thats just me..

    • malek86

      *looks at comments below*

      I don’t think that’s just you :P

      • Testsubject909

        *Looks at the comments above*

        And so history repeats itself.

    • For the very least, I definitely won’t be getting a Tekken game for WiiU now…

      • Luna Kazemaru

        Get a arcade stick then :P

        • I would, if those things don’t cost an arm and a leg. Besides, for the time being, I’m doing pretty fine with a Logitech PC controller (which has more solid/definite button presses and resistances) that happens to work on PS3, along with a “special” way to hold it.

          Actually, that holding method is pretty much the sole reason this controller won’t work for me for Tekken.

  • eilegz

    horrible the second analog position, this its going to be a mess for fighting games and shooters, plus looks like a bastard child between xbox 360 and ps3 controller

    why they couldnt just make a wireless version of their previous classic controller pro

  • Honestly I think I can get used to this pretty fast, doesn’t look too bad to me.

  • canarinta

    Fighters, anyone?

  • Deja Vu.

  • looks fantastic.

  • This thing longs awesome. :P I will totally pick this up. :/

  • It looks comfortable, when both thumbs are resting on both sticks, but if you ever suddenly have to press the b button…they may be some discomfort…or at least awkwardness during your initial break-in with the controller.

    I’m not into the Wii tablet, or the Wii mote that came before it, call me old fashioned but I am a conventional controller kind of guy.  The classic controller pro was god like however, I haven’t felt so comfortable around a Nintendo controller since the SNES days (hands were a lot smaller back then). 

    If they provide a lot of support for this controller I may consider getting a Wii U further down its life cycle.

  • Paradox me

    I think people are blowing the button placement out of proportion just a tad.

    People are able to adapt incredibly well. It seems weird after so many years of standard layouts, but we’ve seen controllers go from two buttons and a D-pad to 10+ plus analog sticks. Just this generation we saw people controlling games with their fingers, flicks of their wrists or their entire bodies.

    Most folks probably won’t even think about the button layout after an hour or two with the system, and going back and forth between Wii U and traditional layouts will come naturally.

    • boundries_san

      Yeah. I myself firstly thought Dreamcast and Nintendo 64 controller is kinda funny. But after using them for like 2 hours, i am used with it.^^

  • takopako

    wonderful. i cannot wait!

  • Even though I don’t have it on my hands I already have my hands prepped for the controller so I’m ready.

  • Estellise

    So the Xbox and PS3 controller’s offspring?
    Though its more shaped like a Xbox controller.

    Either way I love this, its much more to my liking!~

  • shadowseer

    I like the look of it, however the analog stick placement is… Different, but I probably will get used to it quickly.

    I wonder if Nintendo will give size comparison to the other controllers from other consoles to give us general estimation how big it will be. I’m hoping it’s roughly the same size as the Playstation 3’s controller lol. (And would it be in white as well?)

  • Michael Joseph

    The right stick placement is all wrong.  You’re going to need use of the buttons more than the stick in most games, why on earth are the buttons farther away from your thumb?

    • Ayo_Ayo_Son

      I’m looking at the controllers right now, and it doesn’t seem any further away than it is on the PS3 or 360.  It’s just that the buttons are below rather than above…

      • Sevyne

        But you would normally use the mid of your thumb to move the stick if you needed access to the face buttons at the same time. Reversing the buttons makes that not possible as you will not use the mid of your thumb to hit little round buttons. I dunno, maybe it’s just the way I hold a controller.

  • This is by FAR one of the most delicious controllers I’ve ever laid my eyes on. MMmmmmm…

    • Alexandre Poulin


      • Testsubject909

        To each their own bud.

        I don’t agree with him, but if that’s how he feels, it’s how he feels about it.

    • Kevadu

      I agree.  I’m no Nintendo fan, but I think this looks fantastic.  I don’t know what peole are complaining about.  Looks very comfortable and natural.  You spend way more time using the sticks than the face buttons in most modern games.

      • What’s worse is that people don’t seem to realize that, as you noted there, the position of the joysticks is in direct position of your naturally extended thumbs.  Nintendo has people who work on these kinds of things and test the crap out of them.  Natural feel makes the controller.

        On that note, I still don’t see what kind of problem people had with the GC controller.  Sure, it looked awkward, but it also felt strangely natural with the placement of buttons, how each button has a different feel to it (as opposed to every single button being and feeling the same) and everything to avoid having to look down at the controller when you’re confused at what button you’re pressing.  The controller definitely made Metroid Prime so much damn fun to play.

  • RupanIII

    Personally I don’t really care about all that social stuff, so this controller reveal was the most interesting part. 360ish of course, only with a decent looking d-pad. Perhaps the reach with the right hand isn’t as far as the image makes it look.

    edit- correction. The controller and that NSMB teasing were most interesting. Anyway Tuesday should be good since it’s all about the games

    • Testsubject909

      I hope so. I’m doing some shadowgaming here with my right thumb estimating where the right analog is and it feels stiff going right. Basically it feels like I’m giving out just a smidgeon more effort moving my thumb around. It’s small but noticeable enough due to the natural tension of my muscles and whatnot.

      You won’t realize it with just a limited period of gaming but extended gaming time would make it far more noticeable in the long run.

      So yeah, here’s hoping that it’s far more comfortable then what I’m guessing here.

      • RupanIII

        I saw a picture somewhere that had the Pro with a Dual Shock and the right analog stick didn’t look that far in when you lined them up, so I’m wondering if part of it is just a bit misleading from only having that one picture. I agree though, hopefully it’s comfortable.

        Also, I would’ve rather a more Classic Controller/SNES style look rather than so 360ish, but if it’s got a good d-pad that’s good enough for me.

  • PoweredByHentai

    Mmm, symmetry.  I’m not sure if the LED indicator being at the bottom is a good idea though, especially if you’re in the middle of a game and your battery runs out.

    I’m curious about what sort of connection it uses.  My current guess is Bluetooth.

    • XypherCode

      I think you can see the LED lights more easily on the bottom because you basically hold the controller horizontally and the bottom facing you.

      • PoweredByHentai

        Holding the controller horizontally like a zombie reaching out for someone’s brains isn’t what I would consider to be a comfortable position.

        Most people tend to hold their controller as close to their laps as possible since that is the natural comfort zone where you don’t have to exert work/energy to keep your controller afloat.

        Then you have your eyes focused on the screen.  Between the screen and the bottom of that LED display is a roughly 90 degree angle.  Even if you rest your arms on your laps just a bit forward of your torso, you still have a further arc to look through before you can see the LED display on your controller.

        My guess is that they decided to put the LEDs at the bottom to minimize visual distractions.

  • Göran Isacson

    Repeating myself a bit here, but hey- so is Nintendo. Still
    not entirely sold on the sticks being placed above the dpad and
    buttons, but I guess they’re the ones who have put all the money into
    ergonomic research and hey, sometimes you don’t really know what you
    want or need… so fingers crossed, I guess.


  • XypherCode

    I don’t care if it looks like the 360’s
    The new Pro Controller is shiny and sexy XD lol
    It also has that Ninty touch to it.
    Downside is that the triggers still doesn’t look like analog triggers. :(

  • And they want i use that right buttons UNDER the right stick to play Super Smash bros??? Screw that!!

    • KHSoraKeyBlade

       When would you ever need a second analog stick for Smash Bros. any ways? I remember the C-Stick on the GameCube controller was just used to land smash attacks easier.

  • nyobzoo

    looks weird,  guess I wont be using it for fighting games like the 360’s pad

  • Monsley

    The position of the face buttons (and right analog stick) looks quite weird, but I’m sure they’ve done a thorough research on ergonomics, so I suppose it won’t take long to get used to it.
    And I love the fact that it looks like a 360 controller (with a better D-pad), since that’s my favourite controller this gen! (My all time favourite is the Dreamcast controller – that VM slot is so cool! :D)

    • Sevyne

      This gen I have to agree that the 360 controller was excellent. All that it needed to make it perfect was a better D-pad. Hell, I even went and purchased a 3rd party controller for my PS3 that has the same form as the 360 one. Only time I use the old PS3 controller is for RPGs and Fighters.

  • Suicunesol

    It looks uncomfortable.

    But maybe we ought to try it out first.

    That said… by making a classic controller, they undermine what makes Wii U unique. >_> Guess they had to do it to please everyone.

  • jakxzero

    Why nintendo always make horrible controller they just grab a Xbox controller themplate and cut & paste the buttons from the wiimote, is this their way to innovate the videogame industry with awful designs


       ALWAYS? I think someone is forgetting the controller all modern controllers are based off of – the SNES.

      • Hraesvelgr

        “Always” apparently just means the Wiimote and N64 controller (even though he didn’t say anything about it, it needs to be mentioned).

        • jakxzero

           I think the N64 ,Wiimote and the GC controllers have horrible designs , i didnt really mean all of the controllers

      • M’iau M’iaut

        There’s plenty of copying to go around. The 3D Saturn controller almost directly evolved into the DC one which MS borrowed heavily from for the original large Xbox.

        There are only so many places one can put buttons and sticks and have them useful when a player holds them. 

      • Testsubject909

        You know, it’s just itching in the back of my head but I think there was a controller prior to the Snes one that looked like the Snes controller…

        Well, with all those different gaming consoles that just faded into obscurity, I wouldn’t be surprised by it. In which case, if that information came out, it’d make your argument sort of void and invalid and instead make it seem as though Nintendo was itself an imitator.

        And really, in the end, that’s not a bad thing… It’s just something to shrug at, if you ask me.

    • zen209


  • Croix

    No thanks. The design is simple enough, but it has a critical flaw in my opinion: it looks very inconvenient if you ever plan to use the analog sticks and face buttons/d-pad interchangeably. It’s the reverse of the wii classic controller, and just generally looks uncomfortable.

  • Jonathan Keycross

    “Alright, now people won´t need a TV!”

    “And how do we play?”

    “With the controller!”

    “The controller is the screen…”


    It´s kinda ironic that the new controller´s role is to fulfill the default controller´s role as a gamepad.
    It´s not like everyone hates the default controller´s design, it´s just a thought I couldn´t ignore while watching the video.

    • Code

      Yeahhhh once again I’m finding Nintendo direction conflicting and convoluted >_A<;;

      • Paradox me

        It’s not really a big deal, it’s just an option for those that don’t want to use a tablet controller for games that lack touchscreen controls.

    • Testsubject909

      I’m more worried about the screen+controller’s cost, personally.

      I can see how it can be appropriately implemented for a lot of games or other interactive applications. But it’s really the cost that makes me worried. A crisp quality screen + controller + touchscreen… That doesn’t spell low-price to me.

      • Jonathan Keycross

        Yeah, I´m also worried on that issue. I hope the cost is not that high considering the Wii U gamepad doesn´t seem to work as a tablet, but rather as client or streaming device.

  • Ladius

    Look slick, but I prefere the Wii Classic Controller Pro’s analogs positioning.

  • Herok ♞

    I won’t complain about any controller until I use it myself.

  • joe ling

    Like the gamecube, I gonna have trouble playing games because of the button layout. I’m used to the joysticks being at the bottom. 

  • Switch the sticks with the D-pad and face buttons and it’d be perfect.

  • SLick123456789111

    Could be worse.
    Could be a GC-Controller Template :p

    • Handsome Luigi ♢

      God please no D:

    • Exkaiser

      But the gamecube controller had maximum ergonomics. How would this be a bad thing.

    • Sevyne

       GC Controller was one of the best ever made though. If they designed it like that, it would have been incredible.

  • konsama

    The hell with the right analog above buttons. i found a bit unpractical the xbox way but still was good on some games, but with the right analog is a whole different thing considering you use the 4 buttons and right analog on most things now, and it’s annoying as hell to reverse “claw” and moving analog with the index finger.

  • Handsome Luigi ♢

    I was getting used to the Joystick – D-pad pattern with the 3Ds but not sure if I’ll get used to the right stick – action buttons layout :S

  • Nathan_GreeneIV

    Looks like I’ll have carpal tunnel. LOL
    But no it looks fine just dont know what the top analogue will be used for like is it for buttons? or camera view? Oh well, I’ll see how it plays out soon.

    • d3v

      Aiming, like 90% of todays action games.

      • Nathan_GreeneIV

        Ah i see now. So usually its for like fps then right? considering the Left and right trigger thing?

  • Nitraion

    looks kinda awkward if you play game with chose item using d-pad….
    but good if you doesn’t like using analog

  • Arrei

    Honestly, I have initial misgivings about this thing…

    But… by this point, they’ve already given us so many weirdo controllers that turned out to feel fine in our hands that I almost feel silly for worrying about it.

  • I hope that it won’t use AA batteries because I hate it once they runs out and I have to get new ones….

    • Testsubject909

      How about just a reliable battery in your controller like how Sony does it? I’m still using the one that came packaged with my PS3 when I bought it initially and fully charged it lasts me a day or two, and since I play in close proximity to my PS3 anyways I tend to just leave it with the cord on.

      edit: To note, I bought a MGS4 PS3 bundle when it came out. So basically a fat 80 GB with digital backward compatibility.

      • Knowing Nintendo, they’re unlikely to do that if the controllers are to be made affordable…

        • d3v

          Li-Ion batteries aren’t exactly expensive this day and age.

          • Depends if you’re lazy or not to get them by having to drive to a store…

          • d3v

            I meant that they’re cheap enough for Nintendo to build them into this controller. Besides, there’s no reason for that mini-USB port if it isn’t for charging.

    • d3v

      You can clearly see what seems to be a mini-USB jack on the top of the controller. Seem’s to point to a rechargeable option.

  • Raiyu

    I just want to ask…who in their right mind thought it would be a good idea to put the right analog ABOVE the buttons?

    • Testsubject909

      I’m trying it right now, placing my right hand forward and putting my thumb upward straight to where the analog would be.

      It feels a bit stiff, specifically moving my thumb towards the right, as opposed to extending my thumb which provides me with more dexterous control. Mind you I’m just moving my thumb up in the air without touching anything, just body memory and estimate as to where the analogs would be for either PS3, or 360 or in this case the new Wii U controller.

      Well, we’ll eventually find out just how well that controller feels or plays with.

    • thaKingRocka

       That’s my concern as well.

  • noctis_nox



    Sorry I can’t help myself!

  • Zonic505

    Hopefully, this’ll mean it’ll be easier to port multiplatform games & thus Nintendo will get back the 3rd party support the Wii was missing for the most part.

    • Testsubject909

      It’s not so much 3rd party support as it is quality 3rd party support. There was a lot of low quality or low production cost products made by third parties for the Wii.

      But yeah. I get what you mean.

  • Testsubject909

    So basically.

    Sony: Bottom Analogs
    Microsoft: Diagonal Analogs
    Nintendo: Top Analogs.

    Sorry for stating the obvious, but it’s pretty much what’s haunting my thoughts as I look at this… At least they’re easily identifiable.

    • Christopher Nunes


      So true! XD
      I couldn’t help but think of the Xbox 360 Controller when I saw this!

  • It looks nice, and I’m glad to have this for multiplatform games, but isn’t the Wii U going to initially be released in white? Shouldn’t… this controller be white to match it?

    I don’t know, maybe I’m the only one who thinks about that sort of thing, LOL.

    •  They showed a black wii u gamepad too so maybe they’ll release both black and white versions of the console.

      • Oh, they did? I hope they do release a black version too, then! Something about black for consoles always looks sleeker to me.

        •  Agreed. White looks nice and clean but after a while it starts to lose its color and look yellow. At least that’s how my Wii looks now and I’m seriously considering buying a new black one.

        • Christopher Nunes

          Black and Red is my signature color so anything in those colors works fine for me! Black’s cooler in my opinion.

          • The crimson black DS Lite was awesome looking. ^_^

          • Christopher Nunes

            And that’s my DS I have right now! ^_^
            Ah… and no region-locking makes it perfect.

      • malek86

        They showed a bunch of colors for the 3DS initially, but only the blue and black ones made it to the market for launch. I wouldn’t be too hopeful.

        • I know, but if they were showing the Wii U game pad its all kinds of crazy colors it would be obvious that all of them werent gonna get released in that color. Black/White is a plausible enough to happen.

  • I don’t think anyone should be getting worked up over this until they hold the controller in their hands and makes an opinion based on that.

  • I like the design of the controller it’s slick!I’ll pick this up event though I still like the original controller.

  • Masengan

    It does look a lot like the 360 one but that’s a good thing, seems Nintendo is looking to get back their hardcore audience.

  • Pope The Rev XXVIII

    Nintendo making sure they never see my money since 1996

    • jhemperly

      I think they might disagree with you on that. Ever heard of the DS? It kinda made them a lot of money.

  • so nintendo thinks the right analog is more important than the buttons
    oh well

    • d3v

      A good number of action games these days have the right analog for aiming camera control and triggers for actions. You spend more time with your thumb there than on the buttons.

  • Nirun Rangraengjit

    What’s with console nowadays being either black or white? PS3 was and is still black. Wii was white and now has a black option, WiiU is the same. 360 was white and gray, but then came a black one. Remember the Gamecube? When it cameout, it was purple. PURPLE, and they had an orange, a silver one, and more.

  • EvidenceLawl

    Not sure if I’m feeling the right analog next to the buttons like that but it’s definitely an improvement from the Wii’s Classic Controller. Can’t give it points for originality either, but at the same time I think its design is something that people will be comfortable and familiar with.

  • Kitestwinblades

    Actually… this is one of the most straight forward controllers I’ve seen from Nintendo in ages XD I don’t see any catch and the lower buttons looks like Nintendo’s setup while the top looks like the 360’s.

    Then again… this is kinda like the normal vs the interesting. For example- The Wii has a motion controller w/ numchucks while also having a classic controller that looks really normal but with good polish. This is nearly  the same- although it IS an upgrade for them. And again, loving that shiny finish :3

  • Alexander FromUkraine

     So, this is how Nintendo wants to get those third parties back with their hardcore/multiplatform titles. It gives me hope I won’t sell Wii U half year,  disappointed (like it was with Wii), but I have couple concers still:
     First – will this Pro controller be bundled with the system? If not, it will add good 60$ to the Wii U enty cost and WILL limit the audience.
     Second – if Nintendo’s online still will be crap (as it is now, unfortunately) this controller won’t help much, as multyplayer is important part or The main part of most hardcore games nowadays

  • With everything being slim, this one looks fat. 
    Not sure why but it reminds me alot of the first gen consoles.

  • Daniel.S.Z Bhadurkhan

    Does anyone else notice that this is a combination of all our current gen controllers(plus the awkward positioning of double analogue above the buttons found in the wii-U screen pad thingy,which is a little strange because both ps3 and xbox have them below the buttons). Its like its a PlayBox-U gamepad(if such a console would ever exist)

  • Spider-Man

    This looks awfully familiar…

    Anyways, my hands cringed. This doesn’t look really comfortable. But if I could adapt to the N64 and GC controllers, I’m sure I can adapt to this one.

  • Vadim Merzhey

    WTH is this? How comes they think that analog being above D-pad and YXAB is good?!

  • komiko12

    A nice contrast from the GamePad.

    GamePad – innovation
    Pro Controller – tradition

  • d3v

    Symmetrical positioning of the analog sticks makes alot of sense. The asymmetrical positioning on the XBox pads is kind of awkward once you think about it.

    • elvergudo666

       lo pendejo se te deberia de quitar!!!!!!

      • Splintee

        so what is this on arabic?????

    • That is why I’ve always thought the Dual Shock controller was the superior controller.  

  • Looks lk I am not the only one who felt the uncanny resemblance to XBox controller….

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    Boohoo, Nintendo adopted the XBOX 360’s gamepad design. Who cares? If the wheel works as best as it can then why bother reinventing it? Ultimately the ones who win are the users since they won’t have to deal with an awkward gamepad design. Just hopefully this will make Nintendo fanboys humble next time they want to claim Nintendo is 100% innovation and doesn’t take ideas from others. It’s not a crime, get over it~.

  • XiaomuArisu

     Nice controller…but im still  not interested in the wiiu…dont know why.
    But that controller isnt a copy of xbox or ps3 because those controllers are based of the snes,as far as I remember.

  • Umar Final Fantasy 15 Hopeful

    does this have any motion sensor functionality ? hmmm i wonder like six axes or sumtn

  • Splintee

    Asians: It looks like a PS3 Controller……..
    Americans: It looks like an Xbox 360 controller…

    So what do the Australians reaction to this?

  • there’s a great irony that nintendo is finally ripping off it’s competition for technology when microsoft and playstation have been doing that for years with its “motion technology”. it’s huge and really bulky. it looks like a controller stuck on another controller. it’s probably a good thing most of the back buttons aren’t that useful most of the time anyway. i do like the symmetrical joysticks and close button layout though. 

  • I think it would be fine once we play with the controller, it reminds me of how high up the Dreamcast analog was and if it was dual analog it would probably be a similar case.
    I’ll trust Nintendo’s comfort.

  • ….. Complaining about the placement of analog sticks… Seriously? Back in my day we had one joystick and a button!

  • protofox

    im sure in time a 3rd party group like mad catz will make their own controller just like they have for every other system since the ps1 and perhaps they will put the flip the right joystick and buttons. ive seen another controller for ps3 that swap the left joystick and dpad so it was an exact copy of the 360 controller. so its possible i think

  • Would have prefered this as a two piece controller, seperated in the middle. Allows more comfort and motion/pointer inputs.

    • jhemperly

      So just use the wiimote and nunchuk then. They do work still, ya know.

      • Less buttons, wired and outdated motion detection in case of the nunchuck are reasons for an update.

  • Elemiel

     It’s like the love child of the wiimote, ps3 controller, and xbox controller

  • … Doesnt look like an XBox 360 Controller at all it has more buttons and the analog stick is where the buttons are on the Xbox Controller

    •  It’s the same shape as the 360 controller.

      • Adrian Burnham

        Oh, I see. You’d rather have the controller be a pentagon or something? So what if its the same shape? It’s like that because it’s easy to hold, duh.

        •  Calm down. I’m just stating what it looks like. I’ll still get it. Don’t get so upset over what one person said. It’ll make you look like a fanboy.

  • Hey, it’s a 360 controller.

  • Pipiskin99

    yes, it’s actually looks liek 360 controller, but MS stolen from dreamcast in the first place, soooo…

    • paul kim

       MS helped make dreamcast…

  • CirnoLakes

    Looks quite useful. I like it.

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