New Super Mario Bros. U Has A "Super Play" Feature For Hardcore Players

By Spencer . June 6, 2012 . 2:00am


New Super Mario Bros. U had three stages and two new powerups to try. Grab a squirrel mushroom to turn into Flying Squirrel Mario. This costume lets Mario launch a bit into the air if you shake the remote and swoop downwards. Tiny Balloon Yoshi also gives Mario a boost and lets him glide safely to a platform. While New Super Mario Bros. U will have multiplayer, the E3 demo only had single player available.


balloon squ1


I started with the second stage, which was kind of like a prettier version of World 1-3 from the original Super Mario Bros. This stage had mushroom trees to hop from and giant piranha plants to avoid. The third level was set at nighttime with rotating star platforms to jump on and snow falling in the background. Nintendo added more detail to the backgrounds for their first HD Mario game.




The level design didn’t feel that different compared to other Mario games, but Nintendo added one neat feature – boost mode. A second player using the Wii U controller can create platforms by tapping the screen. Instead of resorting to the game-plays-itself Super Play mode, Boost mode allows a more experienced player to help a casual player progress through New Super Mario Bros. U. Being a helper is a different kind of challenge since you have to be fast with your fingers and anticipate where Mario will land.




You can create up to four blocks (one for each card suit) which stay on the screen until Mario jumps on them or you try to create a fifth block. The system is quite flexible since you can make a staircase over obstacles and create a bridge block by block so a player can completely avoid a jump. A helper player can also poke goombas to stun them and touch other items in the environment.


Boost mode is for hardcore players too. A Nintendo rep explained there are some secret areas you can only get to, like a 1up mushroom at the very beginning of the first level, with boost mode. You can also create new paths using boost mode for a speed run and if you really want to show off you can make small coin blocks by tapping a brick you created. Mario is rewarded with a couple of coins if he stands on one of these tiny platforms. I suppose players will be able to get unlimited lives by farming coins this way too.


It seems like Nintendo still has more to show when it comes to New Super Mario Bros. U because Tiny Bubble Yoshi wasn’t in the demo, but was featured in a trailer. New Super Mario Bros. U also adds your Mii as a playable character. Nintendo plans to release this 2D side-scrolling game this year along side Wii U.

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  • Vampiric

    this is a launch title?

    that means i buy one at launch

    • grevlinghore

       This is the 3DS game though, isn´t it?

      • That one is for Wii-U. New Super Mario Bros. 2 is the one for 3DS.

        • grevlinghore

           Yeah, yeah sorry I overlooked that. I just noticed all the gold coins in that screenshot and remembered that the 3DS one was supposed to be focused around those.
          It´s gonna be hard not to get these titles mixed up once in a while :p

      • Vampiric

         3ds games cant look that good.

      • keithmaxx

        Hint: There’s a “U” in the title, so no. :)

  • Speedo Redempteur

    i don’t know what to feel about boost mode …

  • Jirin

    That seems cool.  I’m probably going to end up buying all three next gen systems anyway, this just makes me more inclined to get it sooner.

    So long as the game is still 100% playable on one player mode, this seems like a cool feature, especially for the cooperative challenge run implication.

    I’m more interested in hearing whether the game is going to tell me to take a rest when I’ve been playing for 45 minutes.  If you’re young enough to need that warning, I think that’s your parents job.  :

  • AlteisenX

    …As a hardcore gamer, that seriously doesn’t sound hardcore. I actually hate the term hardcore but if that’s what I am… I seriously don’t want to rely on a gimmick to get past areas. I like to speedrun games once I’ve beaten them, and I like to race them too… this doesn’t seem like it’ll be good to speedrun, at least looking at how the blocks were used in that one screenshot. Is there a way to get past that area without a power-up or the blocks?

  • Rollersnake

    Yeah, not seeing how making areas only accessible via the feature that makes the game easier for less experienced players is going to do anything but make the game less appealing to everyone else.

    Also, what even is a hardcore player in terms of the Mario series?  I’d say those insane masochists who play stuff like the Kaizo Mario hacks.  I grew up with Nintendo and have beaten all the main series games up through Mario 64 (including 2J / The Lost Levels), and I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore player.

    • Tons of superplays are done with mario games, this mode is obviously for those “hardcore” players… the term hardcore is what’s nebulous, to me it means anyone who tries to get the most out of a game, and also plays games for gaming sake not because it’s shoved down their throats… but most people when they say “hardcore” just mean Call of Duty player.

  • Theofratus ‘Geese’ Lester

    I’m still gonna call it New Super Mario Bros. World.  :p

    • KingGunblader

       This title is a bajillion times better than “U”. (See also: ZombiU)

  • KingGunblader

    Seeing as there isn’t a whole lot that HD can do for a 2D Mario game, I appreciate the more detailed backgrounds.

    Although to be honest, when I play Mario, I’m starting intensely at Mario and whatever obstacle is in my path.

    Also, can we up the ante on these ‘New’ games? The DS one was worse, but the Wii version wasn’t really hard up until World 8. (World 9 was awesome though! Please do THAT again!)

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