Persona 4: Golden Will Have New English Voices For Teddie And Chie, Too

By Kris . June 6, 2012 . 10:12am

As you may have heard by now, Teddie and Chie will have new English voices in Persona 4: Arena, as indicated by a recent video of the game. At E3, I had the chance to speak with Atlus USA’s Aram Jabbari about both of the company’s upcoming Persona 4 titles—Persona 4: Golden and Persona 4: Arena—and Jabbari confirmed to me that Arena’s new Teddie and Chie voice-overs will carry over into Golden as well.


“With Persona 4: Golden, there’s 40% (roughly) additional voiced dialogue with all the additional content,” Jabbari said to me. “A decision had to be made, with regards to the consistency of the experience. So it was decided that those characters are…”


“Rerecorded?” I asked.


“Yes,” he replied. “That said, it’s important fans don’t base their impressions on the [Persona 4: Arena] tutorial video.”


On the bright side, Persona 4: Arena will include both English and Japanese voice tracks. Atlus USA announced this yesterday.

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  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    So they are rerecording all the old dialogue and new, or just recording new? 

    • Read the article, yeesh.

      • XYZ_JolteonZ980

        Sorry the cut off spacing made it hard to follow. Thanks.

    • Anime10121

       Rerecording all the old and new, they even pointed out the inconsistency of doing otherwise.  I mean think about it, wouldnt it sound weird if in one sentence it sounded like the old voices and then they say another line and the character sounds completely different?

  • I only heard one line from Chie. I’m still not sure about Sam Regal being Teddie. I mean, he’s done a few comical characters, but Wittenberg sounded more tame with Teddie. Hope Sam is better when recording for Golden.

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Oh it’s Sam Regal? Yeah I’m not too sure about it. He’s not too good at evoking comedic and emotional lines like Dave. Sam Regal usually does more calm and collected characters, and when he doesn’t it sounds strange – like that dog demon guy from TU.

      •  He didn’t sound all that strange, since nearly half of that character was comical. Sam was even better as Phoenix Wright (pleeeease let him in the crossover game). Teddie is Usopp levels of personality. You gotta sound young, energetic, and funny 90% of the time.

  • It’s probably the best decision they could make. I really don’t like Teddies new voice, but I hope I will get used to it.

  • “That said, it’s important fans don’t base their impressions on the [Persona
    4: Arena] tutorial video.”

     uh….why not?

    Sorry Aram, I’m witholding judgment on the new Chie because we haven’t heard enough but between the P4A trailer and that tutorial video its hard to take you seriously on Teddie unless he sounds totally different ingame.

  • PersonaSpace

    Don’t panic everyone! Things like this happen but I’m sure EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY!

    • Testsubject909

      Hmm… damnit, I’m having a hard time disassociating what you’re saying to that Pony avatar…

      And suddenly I’m thinking.

      Siliconera has a talking cat as an admin, another cat in the open threads, a pony here trying to make everyone calm, a squirrel cosplaying as squall, and multiple prinnies and whatnot…

      Hee…. This place is weird-ho….

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Please don’t forget the new loligoddess and catboy mods.

  • Xapth

    I’ve heard Erin Fitzgerald’s impression of Chie and I’d say it’s well done.

    As for Sam Riegel, I’m going to need to hear a little bit more of his Teddie impression before giving my opinion. In the tutorial video, he kind of sounded like Yuri Lowenthal, but I’ve going to reserve judgement per Atlus’s request until I hear a bit more of him.

  • landlock

    any reason why they were replaced?

    • Elemiel

      Atlus probably couldn’t get them again. Maybe they were busy with another project for someone else?

  • Zonic505

    If they use the voice for Chie that was in the E3 trailer for P4 Arena, I think I shall be pleased. But yeah, Teddie REALLY needs a voice change. Hopefully, we’ll get a trailer w/ English footage of Golden soon.

  • MrRobbyM

    “That said, it’s important fans don’t base their impressions on the [Persona 4: Arena] tutorial video.”

    It’s like they know it’s bad.

    • Not really. It just means that listening to a couple of minutes isn’t enough to give you a good idea of the kind of range that the new voices will have.

      • MrRobbyM

        I know. I’m just poking fun at the voices and at people complaining. More so the latter. I don’t think I’ll be a fan of the new voices, especially Teddie, but it’d be stupid to judge an entire script of work from a few minutes of lines.

  • Revorse

    I was fine with Chie changing. But Teddie…..this is gonna take some getting used to.

  • Jake Caro

    I liked Chie’s voice the best =(

  • akiko_sakuraba

    Wait, so no dual audio on Golden? That is a serious disappointment.

    •  “Wait, so no dual audio on Golden? ”

      Why don’t you try reading the article?

      • Jake Joe

         Again it is reading between the lines. Like when Square Enix say “western are really interested in Japanese Audio?” pretty much is a given that it isn’t going to have that track. Same with Catherine and yet again with Golden.
        But at least Arena will have Dual audio.
        The game is coming out on Oct 23, they should at least know by now if they are going to go with Dual audio by now. Knowing Atlus they would go whatever is cheaper to get the smallest possible chip cartridge.

        • ” Again it is reading between the lines”

          no, its called being silly. This interview had fuck-all to do with dual audio and it wasn’t brought up by anyone until this comment section.

      • akiko_sakuraba

        Dude, I did read it. No need to be rude. It’s just disappointing. I’ll just get it over in Japan instead. I don’t really buy English games anymore anyway.

  • Chie and Teddie new VA sounds okay to me….. And I think Teddie new VA fits him better.

  • Oltheros

    No dual audio?

    Oh Atlus why do you disappoint fans so?

    • Herok ♞

       as a fan I don’t really care about dual audio so its wrong to make the assumption that its a disappointment to fans.

      • Ryan Baer

        Its a big disappointment to the fans if there isn’t, since many people got interested in the Persona series through the anime, which is Sub only.

        Though, he didn’t say theres no dual audio, so I don’t know why people are taking this news to have anything to do with dual audio.

        • Luna Kazemaru

           >many people got interested in persona series through the anime

          What is this…I don’t even….

          • Ryan Baer

            I go to quite a few anime forums, and many people watched it because it was one of the popular anime airing at the time, not because they have played the game yet. Two of my friends are waiting for Golden to play it after enjoying the anime, and they’re both hoping it’ll have the original voices.

            Purely anecdotal, yeah, but there are people like that.

          • Luna Kazemaru

             You just said many people got interested in the Persona series through the anime when the games have been out for awhile now and ARE the reason that people like persona….what

          • Speedo Redempteur

            Totally possible and it happen often …

            Plenty of people purchased tales of abyss 3ds after watching the 26 eps anime series …

            That’s what those animes series were made for get more people into the franchise..are you saying they should just be satisfied with an English VA
            “JUST BECAUSE “..

            As much as it may seem to you , people can expect persona 4 without ever having played the PS2 game…

          •  I can believe it, but it doesn’t make it any better for fans of the games before the anime existed. We just have to remember that these people can complain all they like about a lack of dual audio, but that won’t stop those of us who are fine with the English VAs from purchasing the game.

        • XYZ_JolteonZ980

          Yeah it will feel odd to me experiencing persona 4 with an english dub after going through for about 25 weeks with the JPN voice cast. Ill miss Yosuke’s voice, and Teddies’s excitement and all the Kumahhhh!!! and Adachi’s VA too. At least the fighting game keeps JPN Va so one for two isnt that bad.

        • Herok ♞

           Um the dub will be released soon, but I can understand your point but I don’t believe any of the main games have ever had dual audio, since they are massive.

      • gimpylee

        As a fan, you dont speak for me either.

        • Herok ♞

           thanks for proving the point, no one can speak for multiple fans as a whole like you did.

          • Oltheros

            I meant FANS as in there are more than one who would like dual audio, and I know this for a fact, hence the PLURAL.

            I’m not speaking for all of you, but for a certain SUBSET of fans.

          • There are fans who care about dual/JP audio, and those who don’t. If you don’t like someone else putting words in your mouth, then I’d say it’s only fair to request that you don’t speak for others with a weak generalization.

          • Herok ♞

            Dude you don’t have to take this so seriously I was messing with you I thought it was obvious and of course I know multiple people want dual audio but this article isn’t about it not having dual audio. Its about two voice actors being replaced, for all we know atlus could sneak it on without telling anyone even if they don’t usually do it, remember I said “I don’t really care” not I am against it. So my advice is to you is to relax and wait, we all could be pleasantly surprised later.

    • what are you–

      how did you even–

      No seriously: what? How are you getting “P4G won’t have dual audio” out of this? are you high?

      • Jake Joe

         When a PR use another game to dodge the follow up questions to make it seem balance. If Persona4 doesn’t have Japanese track then Persona4 Arena makes it a compromise.

        • SergeantKabukiman

          Jesus, talk about wringing blood from a stone.  You’ll read anything into anything, won’t you?

    • What are you talking about? Atlus have hardly ever done dual audio. None of these “fans” you’re talking about ever really expect it.

      • Ryan Baer

        Fans of niche JRPGs expect it, since the majority of niche jrpgs out there have dual audio.

        • Luna Kazemaru

           You clearly do NOT know atlus then.

        • Testsubject909

          You hang out with a weird group of niche fans then… And I would like to challenge that idea that most niche jrpgs have dual audio. If anything it’s quite the opposite. Most nice jrpg games have only one audio. English dub or Japanese and subs.

          • Speedo Redempteur

            This trend started to change this gen , when you have more than enough space on mediums to do it…
            And this trend must continue even if some publishers are slow to understand what they must provide.

          • It was never a question of just space. It was a question of space and licensing costs. One may have gone away but the other hasn’t, and is a significantly larger hurdle.

          • Speedo Redempteur

            Licensings costs can be worked around too , you know ?
            Whoever saying that “it can’t be helped the voices cost too much” EACH TIME is living in another area ..those things can be worked out can be made ..When a rpg is licensed and only the japanese dub is present… ( and that happens more than often ) you see that given the effort is made , it can be done and the ‘it cost too much” isn’t always true…

          • Testsubject909

            Well then, care to inform us about the inner workings of licensing issues since it seems to be so easy?

        • FitzpatrickPhillips

          What niche jrpg fans are you talking about? Yourself? Or people who praise the auto purely on it being Japanese? Cause those people shouldn’t even be accounted for.

      • PoweredByHentai

        Um, @Ishaan:disqus , Atlus has done dual audio games before.  Rhapsody A Musical Adventure on the PSX is the earliest known title from Atlus that has both English and Japanese tracks.

        Beyond that is more of a mixed bag.  The Nippon Ichi games (published by Atlus) on the PS2 also had dual audio.

    • Oltheros

      double post ignore.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Well I already know where the comments are going to go in this


  • Dyne

    if i recall, he not said “there is no dual audio” just that he not said it.
    but i am hoping for  dual audio as i do not know how i going to take the new voices.

  • Samurai_Heart

    I hope for dual audio too. In my honest opinion, I think the best way is do it like
    Dynasty Warriors 7 with their Japanese Audio being downloadable but if
    it’s an issue of money they can charge people for it as an experiment of
    how much people are willing to buy the audio, you may complain about the price but still royalties have to be paid. My only problem is if they do it this way I can’t download it because of PSN regional differences, and maybe the file size XD

  • gimpylee

    Chie’s voice in the original P4 dub sounded like an middle aged woman, it really ruins the immersion for me during parts where she has dialogue with Yosuke. Opinions.

    • Ryan Baer

      Thats the exact same term I’ve used for how Chies voice sounds in the original game. This is a big improvement for the game in my opinion.

    • Samurai_Heart

      Yeah this felt kinda an odd choice for me as well, but then again it’s better than a super high-pitch Chie XD. It’s better voices then say, Star Ocean’s voice acting I still shudder from Star Ocean 3 and 4 voices XD, but 4 had dual audio =p

    • jello44

      I always thought the same thing, she sounded a bit too old for her character.

      Judging by the ONE line of dialog from the P4: Arena trailer, I can tell Chie is going to sound a little more natural. 

      (She’s still cute though)

      • cj_iwakura

        Everyone thought that at first, then their expectations got blown away by the rest. I can’t picture Chie any other way now. The JP voice sounds way too high pitched for my tastes.

  • Prinnydoom

    “It’s important fans don’t base their impressions on the [Persona 4: Arena] tutorial video”too late for that -______- ah well live and learn i suppose. Just gonna have to adjust to it.

  • Whoomp

    I can’t play dual audio games in Japanese either way. There’s always such a huge disconnect between what is written in the textbox and the Japanese spoken dialog because the former have been adapted from the English dub (in most cases). I don’t want to spend a 50+ hour RPG getting annoyed that what I am hearing is not what I am reading. Unless you have absolutely no knowledge of the Japanese language I don’t get how you can stand it. Then again, why would you even want a Japanese dub if you have no grasp of the language? To hide the fact that the dialog is dumb?

    • Anime10121

       God I can not agree with you more.  The only time I watch subs is if there is no dub available.

      • …Why would you willingly watch a bad dub?

        • Anime10121

          Because most dubs aren’t as bad as people like to make them seem. Hell from what I’ve read a lot of the Japanese tend to believe many of their voice actors dont fit either.  In the end though it all boils down to convenience, and its FAR more convenient to watch/play something in a language I can understand vs. having to have your eyes glued to the tv for everything.

          The only advantage subs have IMO is when it pertains to anime having many different Sub groups with different interpretations of what the characters are saying. And that isn’t actually a benefit because of the subs more so than it is because Japanese is a language that cant be directly translated.

        • Quinton Cunningham

          Because not all dubs are bad? Of the 1250+ episodes of dubbed anime I have seen, I’ve only experienced ONE series with objectively bad dubbing, and that was Kashimashi.

          • ThatBlackGuy

            Hell I’ve seen anime with better dubbing than subbing like Cromartie High School.

          • Speedo Redempteur

            Cromartie high school has norio wakamoto dubbing can’t do better than that …

            wakamoto rules …

        • Testsubject909

          For laughs, personally.

          edit: Plus, there’s bad Japanese dubs too. There’s this one video of a woman put in a jail filled with English speaking criminals… and it’s just funny because they didn’t hire any English speaking voice actresses.

          Oh the bad Engrish dub… oh the horribly bad Engrish dub. So funneh.

    • GameWinner

      I agree. What I also don’t understand is why Persona 4 needs duel audio, the dub is fantastic- at least they are actually trying.

      • Just a matter of taste. It “doubles” the amount of sales this way. Especially in Europe, as most of us isn’t english anyways and would rather watch the JP dub.

        • Watahashi

          Not particularly. The Japanese language-clamoring crowd is significantly smaller than they seem to think they are. They’d certainly not double the amount of sales.

          • I’ve noticed it on this site. Every time someone mocks a sub-lover, 20 people will like the comment. Whenever the oppsite happens, only around 5-6 people will like it. It was just a matter of speech anyways, I just meant it would improve sales.

          • Testsubject909

            I think mock is too strong a word. When you get to that point it’s pretty close to bullying and I don’t think a lot of the people here supports that sort of attitude.

          • mirumu

            I’m sure it wouldn’t double sales by any means, but if you’re going to make definitive claims about the size of the market for subs and dubs I’d like to see some evidence to back it up.

            In my personal experience I also think Joachim is quite correct in stating that the rest of the world isn’t quite so fond of US dubs.

          • Watahashi

            No such evidence exists, but think of it this way.

            He implied that sales would increase because of the inclusion of an additional language. To the common consumer, this would be a complete non-issue on willingness to purchase. More likely, the individual who would be conscious of something like this would be the type of consumer who is already looking for this type of feature within a game, a large number of which would likely consider themselves anime fans or foreign media aficionados.

            Now, how many of this potential demographic would consider the inclusion of the Japanese track to be a make-or-break feature, and would refuse purchase if it does not appear? This single demographic makes for a very small slice of the market pie.

            I’m absolutely not against the inclusion of the Japanese voice track, however, I am against people who seem to think it’s this be-all-end-all kind of thing that’s worth moaning about so much, in a video *game* of all things, and I wholly sympathize with the developers’ decision to not to include the Japanese voice track if it’s not financially viable.

          • mirumu

            I think a lot of what you’re saying there is true, but I’d also wonder what common consumer is going to be buying a Persona game on a niche dedicated gaming handheld to begin with. Nothing about any of this is mass market, so it can’t be assumed that conditions of the larger market apply.

            I’m sure like you say it won’t be a make or break feature for some, but saying it is a very small slice is still pure speculation. Niche markets often behave in very unpredictable ways, and the US gaming market especially has long been very different to the rest of the world.

      • Jake Joe

         I think it has more to do with cheap jokes. And there is some of us who find “believe it” from Naruto UnBearable.

    • I understand what you mean. Sometimes it gets so distracting, I end up thinking why the translators/editors would make a translation choice. Sometimes I think it’s clever, sometimes I think it’s dumb.

      But either way, it detracts from the “immersion”.
      Though, I will still use the Japanese audio if the English dub is bad or incomplete.

    • Quinton Cunningham

      Another thing that people don’t understand is that due to the differences between sentence structure of the two languages, what you read is hardly ever 100% the same as what’s being said. I’ve been studying the Japanese language for about 4 months now and it’s painfully obvious that translations are interpretations and not 1:1 conversions. They are often reworded to make sentences sound and flow better. Not only that, jokes constantly have to be re-written to make sure non-Japanese audiences can understand them. Excel Saga had this problem, as Excel’s numerous Japanese puns would come off as nothing by incoherent rambling to the average viewer. If sub-only viewers REALLY want the “most authentic” experience, they should learn the language too. Dub scripts are no longer the mangled messes they used to be and are almost always spot on with the subs, and have been for quite some time now, with a few obvious exceptions like Hetalia.

    • Watahashi

      This so much. Certain people go on about how undubs are so vastly superior, but they fail to realize that the script they’re reading is exactly the same as the English script, which is apparently an abomination, and doesn’t necessarily match up with what the characters are saying or their intonations. It’s just that they don’t understand it very well, so they can’t perceive the linguistic nuances that constitute good and bad acting. The same thing happens in Japan with English dubs and the similar belief that their dubs are inferior.

      • PoweredByHentai

        It isn’t so much the script being different than how people express the words in that script.  There are cases where the script gets completely altered like Cross Edge where being multilingual will actually confuse someone because the Japanese dub is saying one thing but the English text is saying something completely different.

        Most of the time, it really just comes down to the amount of effort put into dubbing a series expressively that becomes a point of contention.  At its worst, you have the sort of crap that WB pulled with CardCaptors, Valley Girl accent and all.  A more video game related example is Final Fantasy X; why do you think Tidus is more universally disliked in the West than over in Japan?  Because the English dubbing of Tidus makes people rage more about his whiny arse.  The Japanese audience didn’t like Tidus either, but they didn’t hate him as much as the Western audience did simply because the Japanese dubbing helped mitigate a lot of what made him HORRIBLE as a character.

        Here is what Akamatsu Ken (mangaka of Love Hina and Negima and Earth Defense Force Mao-chan) had to say about Tidus:


        Akamatsu essentially blasts Tidus as a bothersome character and basically puts up with Tidus because of the voice acting (Japanese, of course).

        • Testsubject909

          I can only imagine how he’d react to the dubbed version.

          • PoweredByHentai

            If Akamatsu were fluent in English and he played the US version of FFX, I imagine that he would cut Tidus from his doujinshi’s gallery.

            The fact that Tidus is the last FFX character to be shown in the gallery with all the veiled dislikes in the commentary says a lot about about how Akamatsu didn’t like Tidus.  The whole commentary is really just Akamatsu bashing Tidus as a character, except that it is phrased as politely as possible.

    • Speedo Redempteur

      i understand the language and i agree the dialog and what’s being said is almost never in sync … but that’s how languages are …
      I’m at the point where i don’t really paid attention to what’s written in english because i get the “real meaning” for me in japanese ..

      ^^ reading something different from what i’m hearing doesn’t annoy me ..the rest of the localisations is another problem i’m having in general with dubs …

      In the end what i want is the original meaning of the sentence … and that’s why i want the jap dub  option ..otherwise i just import the japanese version…

    • epy

      Its a matter of preference. I can’t understand why people get so upset at the mere mention of dual audio. Its not like you’re not getting your dub. Its not like you even have to bother going into the options to change it as english is the default option.

      Yes, some people go around saying how horrible dubs are but most just state their wish for the dual audio to be included and that’s it, and 90% of the time they don’t get it anyways. What I do see a lot of is people putting down others because they like something different.

      • Whoomp

        Um… in what way is this a response to what I said? It’s not that I am against dual audio in any way or people whose preference is a Japanese dub. In fact, I gladly watch anime in Japanese but you know why? Because the subtitle is derived from what is actually being said IN JAPANESE. Dual audio JRPGs never does that as far as I know.

        • epy

          Sorry about that. I meant to reply to one of the comments below. I hit my multitasking limit it seems.

    • forweg

      It’s pretty amazing how gamers think the world revolves around them. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe, just maybe some of us watch non-English films and television show and viewing something with subtitles isn’t such a totally crazy, difficult, mind-jarring prospect for us?

      Ever thought of that?

    • MrGlitters

      I agree that sometimes the japanese audio does not match the dialog somtimes.  But the way I see it is how well the voices match the character in the screen.  Some games, mostly the Final Fantasy series or the recent Ni No Kuni has excellent english dubs.  Persona 4 for me does not match what I feel they should sound like thus the preference for the Japanese.  Regardless, it definitely a win-win for either party

    • Scrooge_McDuck

      I like it. More things to experience, and it gives me lessons in localization and translation. Playing games with excellent localization like Final Fantasy XII, I always wonder how the original Japanese script is.

  • Metalsnakezero

    Jabbari right, the actors probably improve after we first heard them so
    I’m willing to accept the new voices for Teddie and Chie.

    • PoweredByHentai

      You know, some of Atlus’s early dubbings were actually pretty good.  Good examples are Rhapsody A Musical Adventure and Thousand Arms.  Both came out on the PSX and both had really good English dubs.

      Here’s the original Japanese track: 

      Here’s the English track: 


      I just noticed that the Japanese track is from the more recent DS adaptation.

      • Testsubject909

        Ever played Thousand Arms? Man, I love that game.

        • PoweredByHentai

          Dood, Thousand Arms somehow made me a love guru.  My friends would just swarm me and ask me for help on fixing their relationships.  I don’t know why but that crap happened immediately after I finished Thousand Arms.  Grrrrr.

          Love the game though. I also love the fact that Atlus left the original Japanese opening in the game. I immediately went looking for Ayumi Hamasaki’s songs on my 56k modem after listening to the opening song.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            She still samples that OP today. As i recall, when Hamasaki did the Thousand Arms OP, it was basically her big break.

          • PoweredByHentai

            Yes!  “Depend On You” was the song that instantly put Hamasaki in the spotlight.

            It was pretty funny that a lot of people didn’t know that the song was the theme song to Thousand Arms, which was a really niche title even by Japanese standards.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Sodina is sadly one forgotten heroine who is absolutely lovely to boot. One of many titles it is a shame never became a stronger or longer lasting IP.

          • PoweredByHentai

            I think the reason why Thousand Arms remained a cult title was because of the combat system.  Since only the ONE person at the front rank can fight and everyone else is in a support role, that made the combat slower than what people are comfortable with.  As a result, you essentially have an infinite duel as opposed to a party vs party system.

            The other issue that made the game slower was collecting the spirit points or whatever it is that you need in order to go on dates and improve or degrade your relationship with women.  While the dating mechanism was definitely novel and added a new dimension to your relationships, the spirit points or whatever also made that aspect a bit difficult to work with, especially for people who want to try out all the dating options.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            I’ll give you that, one had to just accept a whole lot of cheering on! Did think the final boss where even the harem master knew he had to risk everything for just one made it remarkably memorable.

          • PoweredByHentai

            Yeah.  I sort of understand the developers’ decision to go with a duel system. It felt like they wanted us to be more intimate with the characters who are on the front line and to care for them since they are your only offensive option in any duel.

            As a result, the boss fights tend to feel a lot more dramatic because you are limited to that one offensive character.

  • RmanX1000

    Awesome. I like Chie’s new voice. And Teddie’s will take some getting used to because i playe the original for almost 300 hours XDDD… But i cant wait to get it :)

  • Jason A

    Awesome, I always hated Chie’s voice. JP voices, from Atlus? Really? Yui Hoire <3

  • Impossible2beat

    omg man i love chies voice

  • Hmm. Oh well. I’m glad that Chie and Teddie are being re-recorded at least. I would’ve been disappointed if they just had the new actors voice the new lines and leave the old performances in the game.

  • Will be sad to not hear that Teddie anymore… but Chie will be an improvement :)

  • As long we still get to hear Johnny Yong Bosch, Yuri Lowenthal, Laura Bailey and Troy Baker, I think I’ll just be fine. Liam O’Briem as Akihiko as well for Arena.

  • takopako

    i liked both of their original voices…but oh well. they will still sound the same on my ps2 copy. >.<

  • Setsu Oh


  • Corey Letcher

    will miss ted but not chie, but I’m glad there rerecording there voices though, hate it when a new voice takes over for a old one and they keep the old one up till the new one takes over. 

  • Yeah… Ah well. I was okay with Chie’s original english voice and loved Teddie’s (so it’s gonna take me a…very long while to get used to his new one…), but I’m not upset about them changing it. A little sad that it’s not the original cast, but not angry.


  • Roberto Armando Iraheta

    Gonna be hard to follow up Dave Wittenberg, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Honestly, there’s probably not much they can do about getting the old VAs back.

  • Philip Irwin

    Bummer to see Dave Wittenberg will be absent from P4G but I’m not too concerned about Chie, wasn’t too impressed with her voice.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Urghhhhh. Why couldn’t they get Chie’s original english VA? I loved her and hadn’t heard her since Atelier Totori. And they couldn’t get Dave Wittenberg for Teddie? ffuhfuhakdhad

  • Testsubject909

    I’m posting this here because it seems relevant.

    You might want to check your e-mail.

  • Man, this is a bummer. I’d gotten over Teddie’s voice being gone (Love Gaspard, but Silabus is a bro) but hearing about Chie getting replaced is saddening. She was one of my favorite voices in the game and she’ll be sorely missed.

  • Brandonmkii

    Oh, this is awesome news.

  • Were people really that upset over it? Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have noticed if no one said anything. 

  • XiaomuArisu

    Bye good old VAs!
    Hi good new VAs!
    Yes you read right!I can accept change!

  • DongT

    to me chie sounds a bit more like yui horie now which isnt a bad thing at all, i will miss teddie but im sure sam riegel will perform admirably, i just to make sure i dont play my original p4 any time soon or my brain will get all jumbled lol

  • Freud_Hater

    So… will that be for their whole voice track or just the extra 40% new dialogue?

    • Herok ♞

       its for everything so its consistent.

  • Quinton Cunningham

    I’ve never played P4. The trailer for Arena made me REALLY dislike Teddy in general. Maybe playing this will change my mind, but as it stand right now, I don’t care for the character or the VA.

    As long as Troy is still in it though, I’m happy. He’s a great VA and this Extra Credits episode ( I watched about a year ago centering on Kanji is what turned me on to Persona in the first place and once I found out Troy did the voice, I was even more excited. I just never got around to playing it because I had no PS2 and could never find P4 to begin with.

  • I’m glad. The first English dub of Teddie is really freaking obnoxious.

    But I’m still annoyed at Naoto’s voice. Its a spoiler the moment you hear it. They should have choosen a different voice actor, like Celia Reese or Brina Palencia

    • Daru Titor

      I liked Teddies 1st ENG voice.
      I REALLY DON’T like the new one.
      It’s about as likable as Silent Hill 2’s new Eddie voice,
      which didn’t match the character at all
      (His new VA was Akihiko’s VA BTW)

    • SirTeffy

       Naoto’s JAPANESE voice is a spoiler too. You say that like either VA doesn’t sound definitely female the second Naoto opens her mouth.

  • Nirun Rangraengjit

    Chie’s english voice in P4 was very unique. The kind where, at first you might not like it, but over time, you’ll warm up to it. Least that’s what happened with me and I’m rather disappointed that she gets a new voice. Teddie too.

    But I’m still gonna get Arena (and Golden, provided I somehow get my hands on a Vita beforehand).

  • Well if Teddie’s voice in that trailer is any indication of that actors take on him 
    (yeah, I know they say don’t judge by that)… then all I can ask is for a mute option for that character…

  • Okay, I’ll give Erin and Sam a chance, hopefully they got used to Tracey and Dave’s characters by this game. P4 arena seems to be a warm up to them, so it maybe expected if they sound struggling as the new Chie and Teddie.

  • LynxAmali

    Sam Regal as Teddie apparently?

    OK. I can dig it.

    All I can picture is Teddie dressed up in green colored knight armor screaming “People die when they are killed.”

    Those are accounted to his other roles, primarily Flynn Scifo, Silabus and Shiro Emiya.

  • As long as they keep my Yukiko intact 

  • Nosajk

    Well i did’nt liked Chie’s VA sorry :( so lets see how this new one turns out to be

  • Hinataharem

    They should spend the effort on muting Teddie’s footsteps in dungeons.

    Pik pook pik pook

  • TheSquishyTanker

    *snip* (Whining on my part)

  • scratchbach

    I’ll miss the VA’s, especially Teddie’s, but I’m glad they told us now. It’s better than turning on the game for the first time and being shockingly disappointed. Plus there will be consistency with P4A’s voices.

    I’m just happy we’re getting P4G :)

  • Alex Sargeant

    Interesting. I’m sure they would’ve rather had the earlier actors, but I guess if there’s no alternative. Teddie and Chie were really well done which is a bit of a shame. So long as Brosuke, Kenji and Rise are the same I’m alright with that.

    As someone correctly identified, the weird conflict is whether they try and act like the current Teddie/Chie or they try and act their own variations. I think that Tutorial Video was definitely the worst of it, but it sounded a lot to me like Sam was trying to mimic original Teddie.

    Still. At least it makes Golden even stranger.

    •  Supposedly, new Chie outright said that she’s going to come up with her own interpretation rather than try to mimic the original. I think that’s the right decision. It’s much better to do your own version well than to be an inevitably inferior imitation of someone else. You’re yourself, I’m myself, right?


    We have heard new Chie speak one line. ONE. LINE.

    At least let the poor lady do a scene before you all decide she completely sucks. Granted, she still might, but give her the chance do more than scream out a hasty catchphrase that would sound awkward coming from anybody.

    • Rentekabond

      I don’t think anyone said the new girl sucks. It’s just that having someone you like suddenly replaced is a bit jarring. It’s like if they replace JYB with Micah Solusod. They sound extremely similar, but it’s not the same. Not bad or good, just different.

      • RablaAndrews

        I wouldn’t mind having a new Yu voice actor that’s more similar to the Japanese one, honestly. Coming out of the amazing deep deadpan Yu in P4Animation to.. well, JYB’s one voice is a little jarring.

  • Ethan Russell

    From what i heard in the Arena trailer, chie’s new va makes her sound more like the japanese counterpart, which i prefered anyway, so i dont mind the Chie change.
    Teddie on the other hand, i just really hope it sounds better in game, or i just get used to it quickly, or just turn the sound off when he speaks and try to imagine the original

  • Splintee

    My trial of the DRAGON…

  • Too bad. I liked the old voices. 

  • that’s why I prefer Japanese dub better~ =.=
    i hope there will be dual language for the Golden~ QvQ

  • Pipiskin99

    i think there will be no original voice for Golden, good thing i beate then undub version and now that i can read japanese i think i will import 

  • Persona 3 the Movie there it is!

  • December Underground

    Meh. As a Vita game this will be forgotten to history anyway. Might as well pretend this never happened. 

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