Silent Hill: Book of Memories Trailer Shows Overhead Multiplayer

By Ishaan . June 6, 2012 . 2:56pm


Konami have released a new trailer for WayForward’s multiplayer Silent Hill game, Silent Hill: Book of Memories, on the PlayStation Vita.


Book of Memories starts with your character receiving a book that has their entire life story up until that point recorded in it. Furthermore, re-writing the book’s contents actually causes your past to change, making your character try to create an ideal past for themselves. The game is playable with up to three other players, and you can watch the trailer above.


Silent Hill: Book of Memories is slated for release sometime this fall. Last we heard, Konami said October, but that timeframe may have changed.

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  • This is the third game I’m interested in trying out on the Vita.

    Also, the music bit at the beginning of the video sounds similar to SH1’s Not Tomorrow:

    • You know it actually does, kinda neat ^^.

  • XiaomuArisu

    interesting new direction…lets hope it doesnt loses the silent hill feeling.
    And I hope we can change the camera,I dont like that diablo-above view.

  • I’m looking forward to this, but I have a confession to make: excluding an old  demo for the first Silent Hill, I have never played any game in the series.

    • If you have a strong heart, go play it. (I actually haven’t play it also lol. But I’ve seen the whole game walkthrough in Utube ex. Downpour and Origin).

  • As cool as the plot sounds, I personally don’t think it can fly. That kind of atmosphere is hard to translate into multiplayer. And stop making me fight Pyramid Head, you’ll make James sad.

    Plus, it seems to have a lot of fighting. For a series that usually discourages killing enemies, I feel like they might be showing off the wrong things in the trailer…

    I guess I’ll need to see more to make real judgements.

    • I srsly don think James is the only one with suppressed sexual problem…..

      • Well, I don’t wanna be one of those fans but… Pyramid Head doesn’t just represent sexual suppression. There’s a lot more to it.

        Baah, it’s a long story. But my point is: Pyramid Head shouldn’t be in games other than SH2, but it’s too late because he already is.

  • sherimae1324

    “focusing on cooperative multi-player action, rather than
    traditional psychological horror”. so basically, IT ISN’T SILENT HILL!!.
    and i guess in the next tony hawk game instead of skating you’re
    gonna ride bikes, and in the next COD you’re not gonna shoot anything
    you’re gonna try to negotiate peace, and in the next prototype game,
    instead of having powers, you’re just gonna walk around new york helping
    people and rebuilding houses for the greater good. DERP!!

  • sherimae1324

     Silent Hill first mastered the cold crushing dread of being truly alone,
    in a town completely void of life. This is the most grossly offensive
    and mishandled application of intellectual property since the
    Schindler’s List Easy-Bake Oven… …..–__– (siiiiigggghhhh)

  • $733987

    You know, it would truly be a Silent Hill game if you decide to play with your 3 friends in a 4 player multi-player game, and when you get into the game… you see 5 player characters. Dun Dun DUUUUN!

  • Another Silent Hill game that shouldn’t have been made.

    Multiplayer could work with Silent Hill if done right. This type of game is doing it wrong. Silent Hill is supposed to be a survival horror series, not a multiplayer shooter/action series. The most important thing about Silent Hill is supposed to be genuinely psychological horror, and this game is blatantly just Konami taking a familiar name and concepts and trying to force them to fit whatever junk they think is popular these days.

    At the moment, Konami is really lucky that they still publish games from Kojima Productions. If not for that, there would be no reason to buy anything from Konami.

    • Don’t be silly! They still got….. uh…..

      …. um…..

      Lords of Shadow? …. I liked it anyway…..

    • While Book of Memories isn’t doing what fans think it’s “supposed” to be doing as a Silent Hill game, I’m more than willing to give it a chance ’cause it could be good.

      As long as they have a good game design in mind, I don’t care what they do with the SH franchise. Before it even went on iPhone (look it up if you dare) Silent Hill became an arcade on-rail shooter, so anything else they throw is just on its own merits. At least, that’s my take on it. 

      Team Silent’s day are long gone. I was hoping fans will be a little more open or at least move on by now if they weren’t pleased with where it ended up.

      • I’ve moved on in the sense that I stopped buying anything related to Silent Hill, and on rare relevant occasions talk about how awful the series has become since Silent Hill 4 (which was an awesome game). As you said, Team Silent’s days are long gone, and it really shows with every inappropriate game like Book of Memories and every poorly handled port like Silent Hill HD Collection that Konami puts out. At this point they’re just milking the name for easy money, nothing more.

      • sherimae1324

        then why they dont change the game’s title! its not silent hill! i would much appreciate it if they do ^_^

    • Perhaps Konami wanted a little bit of Resident Evil 5 approach in their survival horror franchise as well…?

      • The “Resident Evil 5” approach is really just changing a game from survival horror to action based. Resident Evil can get away with it because it always had the components for such a turn (characters can use grenade launchers, rocket launchers and gatling guns in the original games after all, plus the original characters were highly elite cops).

        Silent Hill cannot, because the Silent Hill series has always been about an average person entering into a really messed up town and having to make do with what they can scrounge up along the way (it’s a lot more complex than that, but I’m simplifying to one aspect for this topic). The closest the original Silent Hill series came to the “shoot em all up” approach was giving Heather the sexy beam, but it was a post-game extra and even then the team put limits on its use.

        I’m cool with companies tweaking series and updating them for more recent audiences, but there should be limits to what that means. We wouldn’t expect Resident Evil games to get rid of all guns and turn into Tenchu, after all.

        • I’m not interested in Silent Hill, but yeah, I can see why people are not warm towards this change. This seems like an abandon of the series’ characteristics.

  • While it looks like fun, it’s got a lot to live up to with Silent Hill in the title. We shall see.

  • pgover

    I don’t think Book of Memories will really stand up as a Silent Hill title since when people think of Silent Hill they think of being alone and afraid, not bashing monsters with your buddies. However, I still think it could stand up as a fun, action/horror game in it’s own right. I’m really thinking of picking this up for my Vita.

  • Setsuryuu

    C’mon! People need to be more curious about the new a bit, and not stay on the old conservative path.

    …That is, if saying “I want all to be the same” when they stray from the original titles and “I want them to stop rehashing” when they stick to the original (as it seems that’s always someone to do those in news like that) is actually conservatism.

    That concept actually sounds promissing! Specially to a multiplayer… That “edit character”
    scene… Yeah I can imagine it as being, the kid rewritting the
    memories she had of someone in the Book and the person changing
    completely. lol Let’s see what else it can do too, trailer was too short and spoke not much of the gameplay anyway.

  • eliel

    still looking forward to this game can’t w8 for a solid release date :D

  • GibbRS

    If you completely ignore the fact that “Silent Hill” is in the name, this looks like it could be a decent action beat-em-up co-op game.  Purists will ignore it because it isn’t like other Silent Hill games, and it has Pyramid Head in it and “that’s not how things should work!!!”, but I’d like to play the game and see it for myself.

  • What’s with the goth chicks/emo dudes in this? 

  • Finaaally, we don’t have to walk through the dem SH/Otherworld and its monsters/mind f*ck alone. You can now experience it with friends!!! Assume they don’t ditch you 1st. :P

    Now I am curious wht this book could do…… and how they got suck in.

  • Learii

    i  wonder how the controler layout be like in this game

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