Senran Kagura Burst: Crimson Girls Bursts Out With A Trailer

By Ishaan . June 12, 2012 . 8:30am

This morning, Marvelous released a new trailer for Senran Kagura Burst: Crimson Girls, via It takes you through the game’s five playable characters and gives a glimpse of some of their costumes in the game as well. Take a look at it below:



As previously reported, Burst includes both Crimson Girls as well as the original Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls on the cartridge. Features and tweaks from the new game have been added to the old one, such as the ability to play the dressing room portions of the game in 3D.


Senran Kagura Burst: Crimson Girls will be released on August 30th.

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  • Shadowman

    I love fanservice and at it best.

  • XypherCode

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this xD

    Which retailer will carry the game plus the premium bonus (soundtrack,artbook, etc)?

    • superdry

      Pre-order it at Amiami since they always list if whatever game they’re gonna carry has any bonuses or not.

      I have my pre-order in and now just have to wait until August.

      • Anesia Hunter

        quick question: if you buy this game now, will you buy it again if it gets localized?

        • XypherCode

          that’s the common dilemma of importers. but some only import because (1) they can’t wait for it to be localized, (2) they know how to read/write in JP, and (3) because of the bonuses that comes with the game. i’m more on 1 and 3 but mostly on 1. so it really depends if you still want to buy the localized version of the game if ever.

          • FitzpatrickPhillips

            (2) is my reason so I don’t have to worry about it being localized. Though I wonder if people who do the first few reasons end up re-buying the english version?

          • XypherCode

            I can also do (2) but of course you still want that feeling of having the game being localized in your own country XD
            My guess is if they see any differences between the localized version and the original then maybe they do have enough reasons to re-buy the game. Or maybe like I said they want a game in their native tongue so re-buying isn’t really a problem for ’em :))

        • British_Otaku

          I have the motives (1) and (3) which XypherCode mentioned but I would likely buy this game again, if the localisation comes to Europe.

          I support localisation but I can’t buy it for Japan (for the bonuses and not waiting), America (so umm I get it in English), Europe (so umm I get it in English). With the region limitations for the 3DS, I would be buying a paperweight that I can’t even share with a friend anyway.

        • superdry

           I will definitely buy it again if gets localized (to show support).  I really enjoyed the few minutes of playing the first one and I’m a sucker for good pre-order bonuses like an artbook.  I only own a Japanese 3DS so I can easily import these games.

      • XypherCode

        Is AmiAmi based in the US?

        EDIT: So it’s based in Japan. Tax ain’t gonna be pretty XD

        • superdry

           Tax?  I assume you live in a country that gets hit with importy duty.  Well, Amiami does offer SAL and Airmail shipping options (which might be able to skirt through customs).

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Yeah. You can use AmiAmi or CDJapan to be on the safe side.

  • Anesia Hunter


    (I just woke up and this trailer just replaced caffine for me. @[email protected])

  • neetyneety

    Once again, for the love of boobs, somebody localize this.

  • Strain42

    So wait…this one is basically two games in one, making the first one entirely obsolete? All the more reason for someone to localize this one.

  • Somehow this game managed to produce ninjas who are less ninja than the Naruto cast.

    • Anesia Hunter

      I think they’re just modern day, since people don’t even realize they exist. So, think of them like the last remnants of an almost extinct ancient culture rather than “less ninjas”.

    • British_Otaku

      There are other stories which feature “ninja” or “assassins” (Black Star in Soul Eater or Dr McNinja for example)which are much more prominent, flashy or less “You won’t see me and you will all die” than they should be by Tenchu standards.

      Naruto gets (and maybe deserves) flack as it often attempts to portray the team systems or tactics as core to how battles are decided or silence to how to confront a target. When it comes down to it, the flashiest attacks are nearly always the stars of the show especially egregious when used as direct attacks in 1 vs 1 battles.

      This wasn’t promising anything from the moment the developer said “It took me 30 seconds to think of 3D boobs after seeing the 3DS”. Tenchu (a serious stealth ninja game) + 3D Boobs would clash massively.

  • aoihana

    Oh, man! I’ve been waiting for a PV, and this didn’t disappoint! 

    The first improvement I noticed are obviously the graphics, but the most significant thing is the gameplay! It seems much smoother than the first, especially with the combos, which was a problem with the first, where heavy combos would slow the game down a bit. 

    The next thing I noticed was the improved combat, which definitely added some new techniques. I loved how Hikage kind of launched into the air for an aerial combo, that was really awesome! I was afraid that they would just bring over their old Ninpo techniques and movesets, but I’m pleasantly surprised!

    I especially like their new Ninpo techniques, and unlike the first, they seem to be really smooth, not only during the cinematic scene, but the gameplay, too. They seem a lot more cinematic now, which is really great because I felt that some were a bit underwhelming in the first. ┐(‘~`;)┌

    I’ve noticed that they took a little more ecchi freedom this time around, as it is definitely more ecchi. Not only are the transformations and Ninpo techniques more ecchi, but the costumes and clothing destruction has gotten more racy, too. 

    I’m really excited about the costumes this time around, because I have a solid idea of what we’re getting! In the previous Senran Kagura, there was promise of 180 costume pieces, but didn’t really deliver in the end. There’s really a lot of quality costumes this time around, from maids, to bunny girls! 

    I’m also looking forward to the new characters! Suzune-sensei looks very sexy!  (´∀`)♡

    I’m really looking forward to Burst! (◕‿◕✿)

    • Anesia Hunter

      no matter how many times i read this i still love your analysis from only just watching the trailer. xD

      • aoihana

        Haha! When you’ve been looking forward to it as much as I have, anticipating all the improvements, familiarized yourself with the first game so well, you can’t help but zone in on this! (*^ワ^*)

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Pre-ordered a while ago but I’d LOVE a demo.

  • NorthernPatches

    Just another reason for me to want a 3DS.

    • Anesia Hunter

      I can easily say this, at first I hated the 3DS and wasn’t going to get one, but then I heard about the first game and that all changed and once the pink 3ds came state side I couldn’t wait even more for senran kagura’s localization. (pink 3ds + senran kagura = kind of girl powerish?)(and yes i am a woman.)

      • Locklear93

         Yeah, this is one of two games for which I’d buy a 3DS, but due to the 3DS region lock, I’m unwilling to buy imports myself.  *sigh*

      • pothier.adrien

        A woman playing Senran Kagura ?

        I have found my messiah (well, after Konata of course).

      • MrRobbyM

        Why would anyone *hate* the 3DS or any device period? Maybe if the respective company was a big ass wipe but otherwise, why would you?

        • Anesia Hunter

          Oh, it’s because most nintendo games focus on younger audiences like ages 6 – 13 and older audiences like 16+ usually go pretty ignored and forced to choose more expensive options like the ps3 and ps vita if they want games aimed more toward their ages and interests. (i like jrpgs and srpgs, even more so if they have awesome battle systems, storylines and sometimes fanservice. *_* )

          • MrRobbyM

            Oh, so it’s more aimed at Nintendo rather than the 3DS itself. Gotcha. Well, as much as I would like to see a handheld that has tons of games for every genre, it’s good to have a little competition. Nintendo can focus on a younger crowd while Sony can focus on the older audience. Nintendo’s hardware is more basic for a reason. Generally, kids care less about graphics than more mature audiences. So yeah, I don’t think there’s a reason for any hatred here. Nintendo is just doing what they know best and want to keep an image as any company does.

          • I don’t know if that’s a fair statement to make anymore, considering we have Resident Evil: Revelations, MGS, Castlevania and other games aimed at that 16+ audience on 3DS already. Megaten IV was just announced, too, so I definitely think the 3DS is going to be a very well-balanced device in terms of software.

          • Anesia Hunter

            This was before those and i’ve never been a resident evil fan (i have a weak stomach sometimes. ~_~)

  • Well, this looks… interesting. I’d need to see more gameplay, but for now it does look intriguing. I’m not sure I can really say more about it as I’m fairly clueless on the overall game/series. 

    • Anesia Hunter

      a note…: although the trailer focuses a lot on the fanservice the game is not as fanservice heavy as the trailer looks. this has been noted by a number of people who imported the first game (first game will also be included on the same cart as the second game if you did not hear before.) so, basically they focus more on the fanservice in this trailer to get people to buy it. however, if and/or when this game is localized the NA and EU trailer will most likely focuses more on general gameplay and battle system and if we’re lucky a little fanservice. So if you’re worried or unsure on the game because of fanservice do not worry, it’s not all as it appears in that area.

      • That’s good to know. I’m not against fan service (it can be very enjoyable), it just felt like this was overdoing it a bit too much. I’ll now go scour youtube for gameplay videos of the first game. Thanks for the info.

  • gimpylee

    Common Xseed, bring this over. I doubt fatlus is gonna bring it over. But if they do I will offer a public apology.

    • Anesia Hunter

      atlus doesn’t sound like they’re interested in senran kagura and instead they localized code of princess. (which still seems like a bigger riskier gamble financially over SK.)

      • XypherCode

        I think there’s not much fan service in CoP except for the skimpy armor so maybe that’s why Atlus decided to localize the game. But that’s just me.
        And for Senran Kagura…well you know what I mean. I’m still hoping though but who knows XD

        • Anesia Hunter

          honestly, I doubt fanservice was an issue in decision. but as far as CoP goes in gameplay, graphics and battle system it’s been marked by many already as mediocre. although it did sell well in japan it didn’t sell as well SK and there hasn’t been as many fans of CoP as there is for SK.

          • Anime10121

             I know right, I’ll never understand how some game companies work, I would have much more preferred SK to CoP as the latter seems boring even from a gameplay pov.

          •  I couldn’t imagine why outside of the copious amounts of boobage and bouncing in this game. So unless the gameplay was really good, that’s the only way I or anyone else ought to justify Senran Kagura doing better than Code of Princess beyond the fanservice.

          • Julien_N

            Mediocre? The game has the Guardian Heroes team at its command. O_o
            I admit I can’t really give an educated opinion without playing the game but that seems out of proportions…
            Anyway, am I the only one who wants to play BOTH games? It seems like there are always comparisons between the games that pop up and CoP is seen as a reason SK is not announced here or something…I really don’t get it…

            EDIT : Fixed some of the glaringly obvious spelling mistakes

  • MonkeyCloud

    I hope this game has a longer play life than the first game. It’d be awesome if they added online play to Burst, that’d certainly keep me playing for much longer.

    • Anesia Hunter

      I thought that DoA:D having online play would extend it longer, but half the time I can’t find anyone to play with regionally, since quite a few people don’t play the game as much anymore. so online play extending a game’s life is a 50/50 chance type of situation. sometimes it helps the game greatly and other times it doesn’t matter to people.

      But though, having DLC chapters could help.

  • British_Otaku

    Watch this game sell fantastically thanks to being improved, more ambitious with… camera options and having two games despite being the first sequel.

    I haven’t seen this much of a sequel step up since White Knight Chronicles 2 (which had tons of improvements and let you play the first game with all of the combat improvements on top of the second).

  • AzureNova

    Damn I really want someone to localize this. At least give me a nice fanserivcy anime or something. For the love of boobs! =^_^=

  • Darkrise

    Come-on, someone please localize this! It’s a two in one game that is guaranteed to be worth it!

  • Hinataharem

    This game looks Marvelous

  • One word: Bouncy. Another word: Sold.

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