Imagine Dying For Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend, Soul Sacrifice Is Kind Of Like That

By Spencer . June 13, 2012 . 6:44pm


Soul Sacrifice’s twist on the hunting genre is you cane sacrifice your character’s life to cast powerful spells. You can set yourself on fire to immolate a monster or rip our your character’s spine to make Excalibur. When you use a forbidden art the game doesn’t switch to a cutscene and clear the enemy. You’re still in control and have to defeat the monster before time runs out.


Then, you die.


"I think Soul Sacrifice is the only game where you can ‘win a fight’ and still ‘lose’ since you die. That’s an interesting mechanic," I said to Keiji Inafune, the CEO of Comcept and creator of Soul Sacrifice.



"I promise you that even if you die when sacrificing yourself as a last effort it will feel good. If you lose, after making that big decision, it will be disappointing," Inafune replied. "Let’s say you have a girlfriend and you want to protect her when she’s being attacked. You would go and try to save her. Even if you get killed, if she lives you fought and died for someone you love. It’s a better than watching her die."


"In most games you play to benefit yourself," Inafune added. "In this game, you play for somebody – you can die for someone. There are different emotions players will feel when your hero dies in the battle and everyone else in your party benefited from your death."

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  • Hatsuu

    Here you go, all of my money is right here, you can have it now. 

  • xavier axol

    if my girlfriend let’s me sacrifice myself, then i think she’s heartless.

    p.s. she isn’t and don’t tell her i said that, also she don’t like video games, other  than angry birds (which i think is the venom of these industry)

    • revenent hell

      ha well I think if its worth the effort two living is better than one who mourns a loss and figuring out how to beat something together without having to actually lose someone is probably going to be tougher than just letting a charecter KO themselves for the good of a party member.
      But I have only read a few bits and pieces about this game and it realy hasnt stated much on “party members” or other pertinent story related information for me to properly judge exactly how the game will play…

  • Jaime

    That art work is disturbing.

    • Julien_N

      In a way, it is. But it was made with this objective in mind. %)

  • boundries_san

    …… INAFKINGGGG!!! This game will be one hell of a fun game here.^^

  • Roberto Armando Iraheta

    Sounds very awesome, but I’m exactly sure how exactly it’ll play out. Because what does he mean by “dying” exactly? And what penalties does that incur? Do you die for the good of the team or to accomplish a mission?

    Anyways, I’m keeping my eye out on this one. Always enjoy new and interesting ideas.

    • badmoogle

      If you die you lose your soul and begin the level from the start.
      Oh wait wrong game. :p

      • sherimae1324


  • Zetsomaru

    You had me at “have a girlfriend”.

  • Exkaiser

    I’ve sacrificed myself for other people in games plenty of times, and I didn’t even need a specific gameplay mechanic to do so!

    But, well, what’s the advantage for us solo players? Use Excalibur, kill a boss really efficiently, die, nothing? Are we doomed to a life of never getting to use the neato weapons because we won’t get the mission rewards for doing so!?

  • Nikolai Sumcad

    Well, as long as I play with people who actually appreciate the sacrifices their teammates make. “Hardcore” players usually view it as ordinarily imminent.

  • AzureNova

    Going to be one of the best games.

  •!/JadenPrinceton C.Guzman

     I can’t really imagine it because ….err, yeah, anyway haha.
    It’s a really interesting thing though and the more I see about the game the more I want it. I just don’t know how long I can last until Winter!

  • Garyuu ♠

    Something has been bothering me a lot. Sacrificing yourself to achieve victory for your comrades is one thing, but what about continuing the game? You may have won a boss fight but…well, you’re dead. What happens after you win or lose in these dungeon runs?

    • Christopher Nunes

      I imagine you have to start over… possible from the beginning of the story or maybe from the very start of the game. Don’t know… we need more intel on this part.

    • Solomon_Kano

      It was my understanding that the game’s story revolves around a series of tales of people fighting monsters in a book, so I’d imagine that your sacrifice is merely the end to that particular story and then you move on to the next one in the book.

      • Garyuu ♠

        This game will need a plentiful cast, each containing a branching story leading towards a common objective in order to make that work. If a character dies, you play as the remain characters, all affected by the death of previous characters. If Japan Studio pulls it off, it would be a very thought-provoking and immersive experience. 

        Pretty much Heavy Rain+Odin’s Sphere, but I believe that the chances of the developers having the incentive to make that kind of effort is unlikely.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Yea, that would be something crazy if they manage to pull it off. Which means they probably won’t even attempt it.

          Considering that you design your avatar, it’s probably set up so that you’re able to play as yourself through each story. That would make the sacrifice an artificial end, with you continuing on into the next story as your original avatar. If I recall, they did say that your character gets pulled into the book. So the only lasting effect of each sacrifice will likely be the previously mentioned transforming of your character into a monster depending on what you do.

          That seems like it’d be a good way to avoid having to do too much work without entirely copping out of the premise.

  • Stranger On The Road

    errr…. can I sacrifice her instead and live?

    any way, I wonder how the finial game will be like, how are they going to get the gamer to be emotionality involved! If the gamer doesn’t feel anything for their avatar, then the gamer will simply sacrifice the avatar without a 2nd thought!

    • Garyuu ♠

       Hmm, I imagine there won’t be any mechanics to sacrifices other players besides yourself for a spell.. I imagine it to be on the troll level, unless you have a right to choose whether or not you want to be a cost for someone else.

    • Steven Pierre-Louis

      I think in the demo they showed that you can sacrifice downed party members rather than reviving them.  Sounds like something I wouldn’t mind too if it happened to me from time to time, but I’d probably stop playing with someone if they turned me into kindling ever time I fell.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Such an interesting concept to have based a game on. Well done Inafune, well done. I can’t wait to play this.

    There are plenty of games where I’ve made sacrifices to achieve something else, but it was never an actual part of the gameplay. Having a game where you’ll be making a conscious decision of whether or not or what to sacrifice is another thing entirely. Comcept indeed, Inafune.

    If all of his games are so focused on delivering fresh concepts, then he’s doing a damn good job of putting his money where his mouth is.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething


  • JustThisOne

    Lol, in my circle of friends – we sacrifice ourselves in games to save each other all the time. (Or at least take large risks.) My only issue is deciding who wants to off themselves, so we don’t all end up doing it together. xD

  • Razeluxe Meitzen

    Does this game even have a story or just multi player and doing missions?

  • amc99

    I rather sacrifice others…. Opps I mean, Yeah! Lets save a lot of people!!

    Jokes aside, I hope there will be story mode, or there’s no reason for me to sacrifice my character to some unknown, emotionless npc.

    • omeganeko

      What if the story modes plot is you having to sacrifice your own character to save multiple unknown, emotionless npcs?

      • neocatzon

        sacrifice one unknown npc for better good.

  • d19xx

    “Let’s say you have a girlfriend and you want to protect her when she’s being attacked. You would go and try to save her. Even if you get killed, if she lives you fought and died for someone you love. It’s a better than watching her die.”

    If she ends up with my best friend, I’m gonna go Soul Reaver on their ***…

  • rinalicat

    I can’t help but wonder what happens if you sacrifice yourself; is just GAME OVER and start again at the last save point/check point or does something special happen?

  • Haeun Kang

    Nice connection with the ‘protecting someone you love.’

    And LOL. I read the sentence “It’s a better than watching her die” in Mario’s voice. If you know what I mean… xD

  • Kjersti

    It’s definitely a neat idea. Question is what happens after you sacrifice yourself. 

    If it’s just a restart, for instance, where you get reset back to just before you fight Boss B, then I can see the novelty of killing yourself off wearing down fast. If, instead, you get to control/create another character (providing the creation is simple and not headache inducing), and begin at roughly the same level you were before from the point your original character died (with maybe a couple minor drawbacks, so that sacrificing yourself… is a little bit of a sacrifice), I can see the system being very cool, and, hell, maybe even fulfilling, and unique.

  • matty

    I would do anything for love (but I won’t do that).

  • Kuro Kairi

    Pure awesome!  always though that dying for someone is s sort of ultimate expression of love whether its your love or your friend maybe. But of course before you do that you’ll try everything to make that person not lose you  
    This game is quickly rising on my to play list, now if I could only find someone!


    If you don’t lose after dying then its not dying is it? Then its just an meaningless animation.

    So far it sounds like the whole “sacrifice” angle seems to be an elaborate dressing up of something as mundane as using a limited resource, you know, like when you “sacrifice” an item from your inventory to help give you an edge in a difficult battle.

    Just about every game has that.

    • Marco Tinè

      As far as I understand, when your character dies, it does permanently. So you’ve got to select another party member to go on with the game, and recruit someone new to fill up the ranks. Sounds a little like Valkyrie Profile.

  • Dylan Ng

    Player: I’ll save you!! (Pulls Excalibur)
    Party member #1: Hey how ’bout me!?

  • Kitestwinblades

    This would be touching and all…
    If not for the insane artwork and tone of this game xD
    I’d give my spine for you baby~

    r.r; My only one question-  how do you even STAND(let alone have your brain attached) without a spine? I’m going to go with… magic spine for about 1 minute and then you collapse lol

    But I’m sure this is going to be really fun. And surely common sense hasn’t stopped me from playing ANY game. r.r; just look at Mario

    • Marco Tinè

      That’s right. The spells you gain by sacrificing vital parts of your body sustains you for a limited amount of time. When the effects of the spells vanishes, so does your life.

  • NorthernPatches

    Kinda reminds me how in Soul Nomad you could use ULTIMATE POWER for a difficult, but winnable, fight and just completely faceroll but it was game over afterwards.

  • neetyneety

    Wait, how do you “die” exactly? Permanently? Or afterwards you’re given control of a new character? Or your previous one is revived? Or you have to start all over again from scratch (now this one sounds horrible)?

    So far, I’ve seen little demonstration of this actual sacrifice mechanic. Yes, you have to sacrifice something, but when it comes to your organs and whatnot, how is that presented in the game? A life bar? Or is there like an anatomical model of your body which shows which parts you’ve used? It sounds interesting, but until I haven’t received any concrete information on it, it seems little more than a gimmick.

    • XiaomuArisu

       Dont we get transformed into a monster?
      I thought that whole sacrifice thing would give you different appearance and skills but now that I think about it they never told us what exactly happens…Different ending for the story(if its exist)or transforming into a monster and trying to kill your former partners?We have to wait and see…

  • Syltique

    Sounds neat.  Do you get to keep watching them play as a spectator?  

  • Reno Evangelista

    You know what this means! Annoying sidekick escorts!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy.

  • TheInternetNomad

    what if you’re forever alone 

  • Jonathan Keycross

    Hero.-”I´ll have to use “that”!”
    Rival.-”No, if you do “that” you´ll die!”
    Hero.-”It doesn´t matter, please…take care of her…”

    Hero then dies, saving everyone. The group gathers around him…

    But nobody saw the smirk Rival showed at that moment…
    Rival.-”Just as planned…”

    I love games where the difficulty level tempts you to sacrifice your life or a party member, which in a way is why I loved Covenant of the Plume, Knights in the Nightmare and Fire Emblem.
    I´m kinda dissapointed it doesn´t seem to be the case in this game. It seems you´ll be forced to make sacrifices every single battle and you simply can´t avoid it.
    Now if the game allows you to not sacrifice anyone but only your parts, making it so you can reach the final boss with everyone else alive and then only your character dies, then I think I´ll give it a chance.

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