Persona 4 Takes The Stage Again With Visualive Persona 4 The Evolution

By Spencer . June 18, 2012 . 1:25am

p4animPersona 4 is everywhere from TV shows, to arcades, and on your daily commute if you own a PlayStation Vita. If that isn’t enough Persona 4 for you, in October you can see actors play Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, and the protagonist Yu again.


Marvelous AQL (yes, the same company that makes Rune Factory and Senran Kagura) created a second Persona 4 play. Jun Kumagai, one of the writers on the Persona 4 anime series, wrote the script for Persona 4 Visualive the Evolution. Shoji Meguro composed the live stage show’s score.


Persona 4 Visualive the Evolution will run from October 3 to 9 at the Galaxy Theater in Shinagawa.

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  • Muffum

    As one who loved Persona 4 and is eagerly anticipating Golden and Arena, I just have to say that the oversaturation of Persona 4 is getting really ridiculous at this point.

    • Radiosity

      Indeed, it’s one of my top games (somewhere in top 3 definitely) but they’re milking it a bit too much for my tastes. Doesn’t really bother me though, I just ignore everything that isn’t the game itself.

  • Shadowman

    I think ill stick to the games,anime,and music but Persona is still awesome in my book.

  • Ty Arnold

    Maybe this one will be a musical. It’s the only thing they haven’t done yet.

    • Oh yes~! Singing Adachi~!

      • Göran Isacson

        … I want to apologize in advance for this.

        “Do you hear the people sing
        singing the song of angry men
        it is the music of a people that won’t accept another daterefusal again
        when the beating of our hearts
        echoes the beatings of those who turned us down
        there is delicious cabbage to be had when tomorrow cooomes!”
        “Adachi stop singing and get me some coffe.”

        • JazzWithAttitude

          The name of this musical is…Mama Adachi?

  • Jiikae

    Ya know, I’m gonna be very biased here, but I think Atlus needs this. I want to see the Persona series become the new final fantasy in terms of popularity eventually (while still maintaining their quality of course). They’re probably milking Persona 4 in order to establish the brand by the time P5 hits. They’re already a relatively small company so I say let em take what they can get. But once again, I’m admittedly biased because I want to see the series succeed.

    • komiko12

      I don’t think the Persona series could replace the FF series but I think Persona4 can be compared to FF7 in the way their respective makers use them.

      • Jiikae

        I don’t think Persona could necessarily “replace” FF either, it’s a different time now so it’s too late for that (plus Persona’s appeal is more overtly Japanese-centric than FF which limits how far it can go with the West). But I think it can grow a similarly strong legacy among the gaming community at large eventually. As big as FF? Who knows, but I can see it becoming more of a recognizable name in the future when P5 drops.

        And I DEFINITELY agree with you on the Persona 4 milking/FF7 milking comparison. Although admittedly, being a huge fighting game fan, I’m hella excited for Persona 4 Arena, most anticipated game of the year in fact lol.

        • JazzWithAttitude

          I think Final Fantasy riculous, the story is boring, the characters are all the same, and is just attack,attack and heal, Easiest RPG ever

          • Kevin Lor

            Which RPG doesnt require attacking or healing?

          • Just like… Persona!

        • Kevin Lor

          I wouldnt consider it milking if the fans love the series and they want a sequel/remake

    • What it has RIGHT NOW is success. What you’re referring to (it becoming the new FF) is what would cause it to slowly lose sight of what we love about it so much.

      • Jiikae

        Persona is successful but not on a large scale, and just because something is succesful on a large scale doesn’t mean it has to suck (Metal Gear Solid, Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest, all very successful while still staying true to the series).

        And to everyone saying “just give us P5” you do know Atlus IS working on Persona 5 right? They’ve confirmed this. Not to mention they’re working on Shin Megami Tensei 4 also which will probably be out before P5 since they’re releasing a trailer later this year. So we have TWO major games on the way. These spin-offs are just icing on the cake the way I see it. Let them make their money. I rather them take their precious time with the big games to make sure they’re good and give us AMAZING content to help us wait. Catherine was really good, Persona 4 Golden has a bunch of new content, and if you’re a fan of fighters like me, Persona 4 Arena will be really good too AND IT’S CANON!!! So it’s a part of the story. Count your blessings guys.

        And by the way, anime, plays, and drinks have nothing to do with gameplay development, it takes little to no effort from the development team, it is simply promotion, which is GOOD, especially for a small company like Atlus. Once again, let them make their money, they’re a business too.

  • Just give us P5 already…

    • They are developing the game gv them some time….

      • JazzWithAttitude

        Tokyo Game Show!!

        • SMT IV, maybe. P5, maybe yes, maybe no.

  • Now, I can understand having a manga, an anime and of course a portable version of Persona 4. But plays and fighters are going a bit too far.
    What’s next, live action?

    • Shane Guidaboni

      Why is the fighting game going too far? It’s awesome! People have dreamed about a Persona or SMT fighting game and here it is.

    • JazzWithAttitude

      Porn Movie?

      • Roberto Armando Iraheta

        They already did that one. I think it’s called Perofella or something to that nature.

    • Roberto Armando Iraheta

      How’s a fighting game taking it too far? If anything, it’s a refresher to see a legit fighting game made for an RPG series and not a knockoff of DBZ Tenka, Smash or Power Stone.

    • Jiikae

      Actually, the fighting game is the best idea out of all of the side content they’ve created. I can confirm to you that since it’s being developed by Arc, alot of Guilty Gear fans, Blazblue fans, and the general fighting game community are anticipating Persona 4 Arena, and a good bit of them aren’t Persona fans, so new people are going to get interested in the series through it. Not to mention the game is canon and will be set after Persona 4. So we’re also getting a brand new story on top of all that.

  • SirRichard

    In a few days we’re going to hear about Persona 4: The Revolution, a dramatic retelling of the epic that is Persona 4 through the medium of threads in a towel.

    Though seriously, this is getting out of hand. Is the game really that popular now over there, or are Atlus just desperately trying to make it so?

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Ohh man.^^ The stage will be filled by many MC fangirl there.^^ just like how PoT live stage show lol.^^

  • As I said be4, its either a live action tv series or movies. But I don’t care abt their milking as long as it gv ATLUS the fund for developing more games.

  • dat milking~

  • Roberto Armando Iraheta

    I still think they need to Persona 4: The CEREAL! Now with more Teddie marshmallows in every bite!

  • Darkrise

    All this milking is getting really ridiculous…

  • Luis Camargo

    Coming soon: Super Persona 4, Super Persona 4 Arcade Edition, Persona 4 The Golden Plus, Persona 4 Racer, P4 Party, P4 Karaoke…..

    Milk it all you want Atlus, you deserve sucess. Just give me P5, more Catherine and more new IPs

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    For some reason I pictured Narukami saying “To be, or not be, yourself”

  • JazzWithAttitude

    Persona 4 AGAIN?!
    Okay its as fun until we arrest the killer…

  • OatMatadoQuatro


  • MangaTherapy

    Well, I hope this doesn’t inspire another TMA parody. I think the thing about P4’s popularity is that all their characters are anime tropes.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Lord have mery come the hell now this is really to much whats next p4 shoe brands

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Persona, the new Nike?

  • Niermyico

    You hear that? No? Well, that’s the sound of a cow getting milked.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    By this point, they’ve got Persona 4…

  • M’iau M’iaut

    I’d say we’ve ‘milked’ that cow pretty much dry.

    The milk related posts here I mean. Let’s challenge ourselves as a community to find other ways to describe what is being done with this franchise!

    • mirumu

      Yes, there’s so many other metaphors and idioms that could be used to say the same thing. Beating a dead horse. Rubbing salt in the wound. The straw that broke the camel’s back. They’ve gone to the well too many times and it’s run dry. Even the saying absence makes the heart go fonder could be used for a more subtle take.

      I don’t mean to fuel the fire though. I can only hope that the end justifies the means and that sometime Atlus will let the cat out of the bag on a new and original game.

      • Testsubject909

        Absence makes the heart go fonder would actually be a good one.

        Though it’s true that riding the wave of popularity is good and all, especially for brand awareness and marketing purposes, you can nevertheless generate similar amount of buzz with proper marketing strategies with limited time (maybe two month or a month) prior to a game’s release.

        I’d say one of the great factors of Marvel vs Capcom 3’s success is in large part due to this absence. The fans so desperately wanted the game, and with the latest Marvel movies doing a bangup job of making us so excited to go to the theaters, it was just a perfect situation that made a lot of people ignore any flaws it might have down the road, including the DLCs that did indeed get some people fired up and annoyed, though for the large part, they still got the game despite general complaints.

        Though in this case, I suppose what we’re missing is news of new IPs or a continuation of current IPs. As such I’m wondering if this will or won’t affect P5’s general success or not… I for one am really itching for the next Persona game.

        Though… Why do I get t sensation that Persona 5 might end up being a Vita game? Well, with Catherine, it’s been hinting more on it possibly being a PS3 game though. Still, somehow I still am expecting to hear it announced for the Vita…

        • mirumu

          There did seem to be a lot of pent up demand for MvC3 as you say and releasing it at the time they did was very smart marketing on Capcom’s part. Personally I consider the game itself disappointing, but there’s no denying they really capitalized on the demand.

          I think I’m more interested in the new SMT game or a new Devil Summoner myself. I don’t have anything against Persona at all, we’ve just had a lot of Persona releases in recent times. If they do announce P5 I’ll still be thrilled and all over it.

          It does feel like the time for a PS3 title from them. Part of their success with Persona 3/4 came from releasing on the PS2, a long established console with a large user base. Same with Devil Survivor on the DS. While the PS3 may never match the PS2, it has developed into a substantial market. I would have though Catherine’s sales would have been quite encouraging, but I’d also be surprised if their new engine wasn’t also fairly portable. It is hard to predict though. Even without the a large established user base Atlus been quick to get onto the 3DS and Vita. Perhaps they’ve just decided portables are the way to go? I’m not worried either way, I’ll buy it whatever it’s on, but I’d hope they go PS3 personally.

  • So what, are we ever gonna see Persona 5, or is Atlus really just gonna go all “Square Enix” on us and announce plans for Persona 4-2?

    • Joanna

      You know, they kind of already did that with Persona 2. ;)

  • epy

    Hmmm… I didn’t really care until now but isn’t this a little too much? Creating awareness of a brand is good and all but overdoing it will cause people to get tired of it.

    • Testsubject909

      When something gets popular and lucrative, it tends to get overused and overdone. Plus for plays or musical, it’s not too uncommon for it to get redone over and over again if the first one was profitable enough.

      I mean, the prince of tennis musical, for example, ran through many many different iterations, way beyond what was necessary…

  • Okay, Index/Atlus, this has already gone beyond ridiculous. We all know P4 was a great game, the anime was good, you gave us a fighting game and an enhanced port for the VIta. Oh, there’s the upcoming movie too and the beverages.

    Hell, there’s lots of P4-related merchandise and media.

    But, seriously? Do you guys need ALL of this? I know no one works out of charity in a big company like Index/Atlus, and I also want Persona and Shin Megami Tensei in a broad sense to reach the whole world, but there’s a point when things start to get saturated.
    I was, like, SO hyped to see Mayonaka Arena and P4 Golden. Now I’ve seen so much Chies ands Yus and Yosukes and whatnot that I don’t even wanna play the new games anymore.

  • Testsubject909

    Well, this honestly felt inevitable.

    We can’t forget here that Atlus in Japan had a loss of profit to the point where it got integrated into Index, now that it’s found a means of creating more money, whether or not it’s their own decision or one encouraged by Index, that we don’t know, but right now it’s found a way of making money. From a business standpoint, it’s obvious they’ll be going into it. Though at this point, It does bring up the question as to whether they’re pandering to fan demands in Japan, providing fanservice and the likes or if they’re starting to oversaturate themselves, or a combination thereof…

    Well, either way, I for one am going to be waiting for the TGS for any news that might be related to Persona 5. After all, they’ve been able to generate a lot of buzz and perhaps way more recognition of the Persona brand then they have in the past, so here’s guessing that this year’s TGS might be a good time for them to reveal more.

    Though at least we do know we’ll be getting more information on SMT4.

  • Kefkiroth

    Hopefully Atlus won’t go the route Square Enix went once I get into Golden (first-time Persona player) like how Square Enix went the route of… Square Enix when I was getting into the Final Fantasy series.
    Though from what I hear, Atlus has always been pretty great to their fans.

  • Sweet Sui ♥

    I really don’t see a problem with this~ if they want to make another play, let them make another play. I don’t see any reason to complain; it’s not like anybody outside of Japan will have to deal with it anyways (unless they want to, of course). The only thing we’ll see is a hopeful new title/localization brought about by the profits generated by this ^_^ lol

    • Hopefully we will eventually get the P4: The Magician, Naoto novel and the mangas. And of course P5.

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