Final Fantasy XI Next Add On Is Probably "Seekers Of Adoulin"

By Spencer . June 22, 2012 . 1:23am

ffxi Square Enix appears to be working on a new content pack for Final Fantasy XI called Seekers of Adoulin.


Square Enix Japan filed trademarks Im Banne Adoulins, Explorateurs D’Adoulin, and Seekers of Adoulin in Europe. Adoulin was mentioned in Final Fantasy XI by Achtelle, an Elvaan who says she’s from the island.


Screenshots from a new zone were leaked earlier from a test server, which show a area and seaside town. Check those out here.

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  • leadintea

    Cool! More expansions are never a bad thing for this game.

  • Draparde

    Hmm… going from what that blog said,…that’s alot of new zones for 1 addon… smells like an expansion~ 

    how unexpected either way though lol 

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Lol and here i thought SE has already moves all their resource to FF14 here?

    Hmm expanding older series does not click here considering they should encourage more of the user there to move FF 14 now.

    • Draparde

      its probably more to keep their promise of 
      “we’ll keep XI running as long as people continue to play it” 
      which i respect them for, even if i don’t play XI anymore (probably still makes them some money too i’d wager lol )  

      • Jesse Thompson

         I’d almost be willing to bet it makes them “more” money than FFXIV… :)

        • Draparde

          it’s certainly a possibility lol. sadly a pretty high possibility too atm. 

          for SE’s (and the fans) sake, 2.0 is a success lol. 

  • Mr_SP

    …what? For FFXI? That thing still runs? People still play it?

    • CirnoLakes

       If reading up on the past year has taught me anything, it is that old MMORPGs fare a lot better than new ones.

  • Woah, this game is still running? Completely forgot about it, to be honest. Well, as long as Square can keep the servers running, why not.

  • Syltique

    That’s pretty cool that you guys cited Spira’s blog.  I used to do a few events with him back in the day.  Awesome RDM and SMN, nice guy.

    • Jack Frazee

       I also got the chance to play with Spira on several occasions for ZNM a few years ago. He’s a great guy, and his blog always has some of the best (if not THE best) info for newer events anywhere around.

  • Muggshotter

    You know, if S-Enix really supports this game this far into it’s release, I am starting to become genuinely interested in trying it out. Steam having a “complete package” for 20 € is definitely helping the case too.

    Though if I’m being honest, I have just wanted to see Shantotto’s shenanigans. x)

    • Draparde

      prepare to also see your character often wounded from them too :< 

  • Robert Brady

    I literally installed this game yesterday.  I hope it’s a fun game and the new add-on is an even better incentive.

  • CirnoLakes

    It has been years since I played this game.

    Tell me, how long do inactive characters stay recoverable? I’m thinking of re-subscribing soon. Especially if I can recover my old characters.

    •  You should still be able to recover your characters. When I joined the armed services I quit for over a year and came back to the game with my characters exactly as I had left them. You will need to provide SE with the correct account info though. Just contact them through live chat.

  • Lyh Scully

    :D just got back to it after a 6 month break , great news but i still have alot to do from  previous instalements. XD 

  • revenent hell

    Question..has this been released for the PS3 yet? or did they nix that idea?

  • superlocke

    I honestly could have sworn that this game was discontinued by now. Though Tera still has my interest and money, sorry FFXI :P

  • This is confirmed as a new expansion to the far western continent by the way. you can view some images, and a small trailer of the expansion here on the official website.

    You can also view a livestream of VanaFest in Japanese here:

    and an English version hosted by two of the community members here:

    As for me I have taken a few breaks from this game myself, but I have not been this excited since they had announced the level cap being raised to 99 at another VanaFest years and years ago. For those of you that quit when the game’s cap was still 75: This game has changed, and by that I mean A LOT since that time. It was a lot to take in for me when I returned to this game after over a year long hiatus, but it is still FFXI at its core. Do not be discouraged and you will go far. ;)

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