Project Happiness Is About Making A Wish Come True

By Spencer . June 22, 2012 . 5:36pm

image Project Happiness, a new game from Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada, will bring players back to a small village this time as a shopkeeper. This game, like Harvest Moon before it, is inspired by Wada-san’s childhood days where he lived in a small, but charming town in Japan.


Wada-san moved to the big city, but missed the community and connection to a small town. The grass is always greener on the other side, I suppose. “I have been involved developing Harvest Moon for fifteen years, as the ‘father’ of the series and I consider it as if it was my own child,” Wada said speaking to Siliconera. “Now, that fifteen years have passed I consider Harvest Moon has grown up. Looking back fifteen years ago, I wanted to think about the ideas I had before I created Harvest Moon and incorporate them into a new game.”



I watched a short teaser for Project Happiness with Wada and asked what he meant by “what would you choose at the end?”


“There are seven wishes you can make in the game and the player can choose which wish they want to make,” Wada answered.

“Seven wishes, but you can only make one per game,” I responded.

“Yeah, you can play the game seven times,” Wada laughed.


I tried to get Wada to tell us about the different wishes to get a better idea about the game, but he said we’ll have to wait for that information. I hope Project Happiness has multiple save slots, I mentioned that to Wada as well. Making a wish come true is one of Project Happiness’ main goals, but the story also involves a sprite designed by Pokémon illustrator Atsuko Nishida.


“The sprite is a navigator and it has its own story,” Wada explained. “The player, he or she, depending on how you play the game, the Sprite’s story changes.”


Project Happiness is slated for release in 2013 on Nintendo 3DS and mobiles. Natsume, which will publish Project Happiness in North America, also gave us a goodie bag of Harvest Moon plushies to giveaway to Siliconera readers. Anyone want them?


hmoon1 hmoon2


If you’re interested, post a wish Toybox and Natsume should include in Project Happiness in the comments. We’ll pick one winner who will receive the Harvest Moon bag and plushies. (I think there is a llama in there…) Oh, and we’re opening this contest to international readers, too. Check back on June 28th to see who won. Good luck!

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    Ahem. I wish to find a home for that Sprite.

  • Strain42

    Call it cliche, but Project Happiness should just have one goal of…well…love, and family. Falling in love with the person of your dreams, raising a family, building a home, and just…well…Making a life together. That’s what I want out of life, and that’s certainly what my own personal Project Happiness entails.

    That aside, I’m really looking forward to this game. Everything I see and read makes me a bit more excited for it.

    • Strain42

       And if that’s the plushie I think it is, it’s an Alpaca, not a Llama…and I really want it :D

  • yalissa

    The game has alpacas.
    Instant first day purchase.
    But aside from that… I’ve always wanted to play a Harvest Moon game but never got the chance to ):

  • xhunter

    I would wish to heal a sick or bedridden character if there is one.

  • LunarKnite

    I think there’s going to be at least one completely selfless wish, most likely concerning the sprite. I can see the sprite being a sort of guardian of nature or something like a genie. Oh, so something like Disney’s Aladdin, I suppose. Apparently it’s the only fantasy-like creature, so perhaps a wish that lets the sprite be with more of its kind.

  • I’d wish for the PS1/N64 Harvest Moon dog.

  • JW ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    it would be interesting if it were named ‘Project Happiness’ and there were actually some on going conflicts in the world…. then you could wish for like world peace or something. haha

  • revenent hell

    I wonder if there is also changes to the sprites story depending on if you chose boy or girl or if its just limited to the choices you make in the game gender aside call it cliche but I think it would be cute if the sprite wished to be with the player charecter for “enter time frame here” and the charecter granted the sprite that wish

  • I want a plush of the Pikasprite! XD

    Could you find out if Nishida still works at Game Freak, since she’s worked on all Pokemon games, I’m not sure if she was an actual employee or a freelancer who just happened to work on all games.

    Because that sprite looks more like a classic Pokemon than 90% of the newer Pokemon these past gens, it’d be a tragic loss in the franchise if she didn’t create more of these wonderful Pokemon. :( I wonder which ones she created at Game Freak? Apparently she helped with the character design of at least Ash and Misty it seems.

    As for my wish?

    My wish in life is to meet a beautiful woman who’d love me for being who I am and not only look past my flaws but appreciate them as they add to my personality and my own being. And we would be happily married with a beautiful child in a cozy home where I’d wish to relive the life I cherished with my parents who sadly passed away a couple of years back, with my wonderful wife and child.

    That, is my wish. :)

  • Archenyte

    You get to be a shopkeeper? Capitalism, ho!

    So the game is called “Project Happiness – My hometown”, right? Maybe a wish about the town could work, like if it became more lively and popular.

  • Nickie

    I hope an pray that there will be marriage candidates!  Possibly even that you can have children with them and they can all help around the shop and it can be a family owned shop! That would be adorable! THAT would be my major wish.

    With talk about Pokemon though possibly a small battle system implemented where you can get items/gear/stuff for shop outside of town and while out there tame monsters to help you fight or even help with the shop, for instance stocking and such if humanoid and for animals having them haul items to other towns.

    As for a more ‘I wish..’ element, I suppose if there is marriage that ‘I wish that my family and I will prosper in our shop and we remain happy, healthy and together!’

  • Leanaa

    Uhh… I want those plushies…. 8D
    A wish they can include could be to expand the shop and see it prosper.
    Or another wish could be to see to it that the sprite has a happy ending as well as you, the player. :)

  • Haaaaaa I would die if I got a piggy plushies~~ (piggies are my favorite animal >//u//<)

    I wish that they include a wish to have endless adventures and keep building up the town and helping people forever and ever! Making other people happy truly makes me happy, so I want to try my best at it. ^^

  • kenox

     Since the wish happens at the end of the game, it would be nice to wish for a change of scenery to make the post-story life in the town fresh. 

    Something like the two towns on the last DS HM, but instead of having two half-towns with different themes throughout the game, the wish would change the whole town of the game to one with a new theme.  It would be even more interesting with a second generation (thinking new game+ with kids) to go through the storyline of the game again in the newly restyled town, perhaps with slight storyline changes to go along with the new town theme.

  • Coeurl

    Hmm… a wish that Toybox should include. There should be a wish that lets you build schools and become a teacher or principal.

    One of the things that was great about Rune Factory 2 was having Kyle’s son/daughter go to school everyday. One idea that I always thought was awesome was raising a bunch of kids and building up a sort of legacy. By the end, your starting character is a great-great grandparent and their great grandchildren are going to the school that they built waaaaay back when. 

    If they’re going to include something, it should be something like that.

  • Vivinya735

    I wish there was a more variety of stuff the character can buy and the ability to build whatever building the character wants.

  • Rogerrmark

    I respect Natsume a lot. Really apreciate Rune Factory/Harvest Moon series.Looking forward to more info.

    • KuroiKen

      Respecting people who localize games like crap, changing names, never considering dual voice option and pretty much doing very sloppy translation?
      I kinda doubt they deserve any respect.

      Though, if you only care about games “coming to the west”, then for you MAYBE they do.

      • haqua

        I don’t see how anything of theirs had been localized like crap?
        And it’s possible they don’t do the dual voice options for a specific reason. Plus, name changing is such a common thing I don’t even see why that’s one of your complaints, honestly. Look at Inazuma Eleven. Hiroto Kiyama = Xavier Foster and for some reason Gran is changed to Xene.
        HMDS is seriously the worst they’ve ever done and if one looked past that, it’s not too terrible. I don’t see why you’re making them out to be so horrible when they’re a company that really only seems to need to be a bit more careful. It’s not like most companies aren’t like this.

        …Why am I explaining this in the first place? Based off your previous comments, you’re one of those people that only care about the Japanese translations. Due to that fact, maybe you should quit complaining about it from now on. It’s not going to suddenly make Natsume better.

      • Didn’t I ban you for this once already? Wasn’t that enough? Do you want me to do it again? Quit whining about the same thing over and over in every thread about localized games or I’ll have to give you the boot again.

      • Given your record of unanimously dismissing – to make no mention of slandering and outright discriminating – the Western side of gaming, it makes your statements very, very hard to take in as credible.

        And if you don’t care to follow the site rules about being respectful, perhaps you shouldn’t be here.

  • PersonaSpace

    I know part of the game is about community, so I hope there’s a wish that somehow helps out everyone.

  • Chippel

    There should be a wish to design games (or run a great shop, in the spirit of the actual game) that make people so happy, the world allows you to become its dictator. But rather than an evil dictator, it will be a pure-hearted dictator and this position will be passed down through your children and so on to those that fit the role. And thus, world peace will be achieved.

  • Sigfried Silverblade

    What about a wish for prosperety for the whole community?

  • Is this a wish to be granted at the end of the game (like, theoretically one of the seven), or a wish for something to be included in the gameplay? I’ll do both!

    I wish that there were marriage candidates in Project Happiness. The warmth and giddiness that comes from nurturing a relationship, especially a new one, is such a nice thing. Yeah, it’s a game, but…
    You know that one painting? “This is not a pipe”? The Treachery of Images, Rene Magritte? It was a painting of a pipe. But it wasn’t really a pipe, just a representation of a pipe. Because it’s just paint! The real pipe exists somewhere else.
    Okay, so, stay with me for a second. So, video game characters. They’re images on a screen that you can’t physically touch. But, they’re not a representation of anything. There is no real life counterpart (unless you want to count, like, the super ultimate master mother copy of a game xD). If anything, cosplayers would be representations of these characters…they are not the characters, but representations of the real thing.
    The real thing exists in a video game. The characters represent nothing but themselves, and in that sense, they’re real. In their own way.
    DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE? Maybe I should sleep. aaah
    So anyway (end tangent), my wish is to have relationships to develop with these people. Something simple and sincere that exists when you break down all the complications (not saying real relationships are bad, being happily in one myself) of human connection. These people, the characters that exist in these stories are a joy to be with. I want to feel all fuzzy and in love, and just have fun with them. It makes me smile to have a person to share my affection with, to learn more about, to make happy. Even if it is just a simple program. They’re really there, in a way.

    End of game wish:
    When I think about my life, all I can think about is how my ultimate wish is to reach the end and die happily.
    I’ve never played a game where I’ve done that (although, I have played HM: A Wonderful Life, which could reach that point..but I never played it long enough to make it).
    That would make me happy, I think. A gentle look at death’s inevitability, a fulfilling life. There’s no future to worry about, and you’re happy with what you’ve done in the town, with your home, your family, what you’ve left behind, and can pass on without being too sad.
    You did awesome things! You did good, you lived fully, and it’s okay to go now.
    You go back to the earth, life goes on, the world keeps spinning, and your family/friends/everyone you’ve ever met carries your memory with them.

    But then there’s no end-game content that can go on for as long as you like..argh! I would want to play more, I’m sure. (playing as your kids doesn’t count! I’d like it if it just ended with you, since…well, you’re you, and it’s your story/life)

    Secondary wish:
    Play Project Happiness forever

  • HiyuuT

    Wow 7 times, I wonder if there’s a new game+ kinda thing that allows you to keep some stuff in the new game :I
    Hmm a wish that protagonist/you can make in game….I was thinking about the sprites but since the article said the seven wishes being the main goal and in addition sprites, maybe not lol
    Well if the game has romantic partners, how about if the 7 wishes actually correspond to 7 romantic partners and improving or mending the relationship/problems of the partners?

  • There should be a wish that change peoples hearts. What I mean by changing someones heart: this NPC will do something different in the game (vide: someone else will run a restaurant etc.) and thanks to that maybe even the whole scenery will change, like there could be new houses, shops, routes or maybe there could be more trees or even no trees in some places where they used to be.

  • jueru2003

    This game looks like it’s be pretty great! I wonder if running the shop will be anything like how you run one in Recettear?

    For a wish? Maybe one about the shop? Becoming the most successful shop in the town/country? Or opening up a chain of shops?

    If there is any romance in the game, maybe a wish that will grant happiness to your love interest? Like healing a sick family member or fixing some problem they have?

    Or just one for the town, becoming a popular or prosperous town.

    Then there’s always the selfish wish of happiness for your character.

  • apricotsushi

    How about a wish for the various characters that make their way into the player’s shop to find happiness, whatever it may be for them? I would love to see characters come and go, each with their own stories, and then somehow finding happiness through the shop. 

    Maybe two characters who have loved each other from afar finally have a chance meeting in the shop, and you can watch their relationship grow over the years? Aw, how delightfully corny! 

  • There should be a wish to bless your offspring and then you should have the possibility to play the game again with your child as protagonist! :3

    • Vino (Tim N)

      and continue with the other 6 choices that can be made!

    • Historiata

      Something like The Record of Agarest War?

  • Ace.Of Hearts♥

    *sees plushies.. omg a piggy, a LLAMA <3~~~and a duck!!! .. cue
    extremely high pitched fangirl squealing* plushiiiieeessss!!!
    <3~~asdsagh!!! want!!! so cute!!!!! *ahems* my wish?? since its
    Project Happiness.. I would wish that the main character can make all
    these people happy like bringing lost people together, making the world?
    (its a world right?) super pretty!! like it would be awesome if you
    could be some sort of fairy godperson granting wishes and stuff… My
    personal selfish wish(es) would be: to get the plushies!!!!!!!!!!!! and
    maybe include some romance like in the HM series .. and to have heaps of
    super cute/adorable/fangirl screamworthy creatures like the sprite

  • Vino (Tim N)

    I wish for everyone in the town to have sprites by their side. It would be very fun world!

    Toybox and Natsume are making an awesome game, really looking forward to it.
    Does the sprite change shape or anything a long with its story?

    • Historiata

      The beginning of Pokemon? Teehee.

  • Historiata

    For the wish box? All the most cutesy, classic animals possible, of course!

    Throw in the cow, chicken, goat, and floppy-eared puppy! And a black cat for good measure!

    Edit: Whoops, read the post wrong!
    The wish should be this: For everyone to gather together and enjoy the stars for one evening!

    Edit: ADSFADSFSADSG Even better! Make it a GIIIIANT night festival with music and tasty food and all kinds of other fun stuff on that evening! It has to be free for everyone, the stars have to be the only source of light, and the adults get booze! Yeah! I wish for a giant festival celebrating the stars with good free entertainment, food, and drink for all of the townsfolk to enjoy! I hope some romance brews!

    EDIT: Hmm… but just getting the festival with no effort isn’t any fun! People have to anticipate and work for it! I wish that after the townsfolk decide to have the Star Festival, various elements hinder their progress during the prep period, including a HUGE rainstorm!

  • I wish we could do some customizations such as clothes, accessories, decorations. It doesn’t even need to be a normal looking hat, I’d love to see all sorts of cute or unique attires. For instance, include an animal suit? 

    This is solely my honest opinion seeing as it looks like such a cute game :)

    • Historiata

      The intense, utter joy to be felt upon seeing townspeople walking around in animal suits. Sublimely magnificent.

  • as a person who had been hooked to harvest moon back when i was dreaming of becoming the person that can run a farm, plant crops, take care of the animals, sell mushrooms and herbs to get through the day, i say i did my best in perfecting every time i did a gameplay. i believe that what happens in harvest moon, it’s gonna be what i wanted my life to be.

    and with that, one wish i am thinking should be added is, well, the choice of not using the wish at all. i’m pretty much sure most people would like to play the game on how perfectly they wanted it to be. and when the conclusion comes, the wish wouldn’t be necessary… because you did played the game cherishing every time and moment you spent on it, so what more to change? :D

    also, given the wish unused, other people who needs it more will be blessed by it. (not to mention a granting sequel if ever XD)

    i guess that’s about it!

    • Historiata

       D`aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! C`mere and let me give you a hug you bundle of cute you!

      • i can’t distinguish sarcasm so i’ll slowly give in instead… HUG! actually revisited my back to nature after commenting and wow, too much weeds. a calming extermination compared to skeletons and camping soldiers lol.

        • Historiata


          Goodness gracious, don’t I know it. Especially after Rune Factory typhoon cleanup.

  • Joel Abrahamsson

    I wish they add mechanics that make the game “unique” each time you play it (each save). For example, prices could drop or increase because of some event, some items are harder/easier to get (could change from save to save or monthly/weekly/daily, or something like that), and other mechanics that would add a lot of replay value.

  • malek86

    I wouldn’t wish for something that has to do with eternal happiness or prosperity or something. I mean, there are seven wishes, so seven playthroughs, right? If our first wish already gets us happiness and prosperity, we would have no reason to play the game again, and that would suck because we paid money for it.

    So I think the wish should be something more intermediate. Such as, something that makes the people’s (and ours) lives better, but in an indirect way. For example, if everyone in the city needs to use their own wells for water, one could ask to get runnin water (don’t ask me how it would work). That would make your next playthrough different, probably better, but not in a definitive way.

    Essentially, progress through wishes. Screw science, we have magic.

  • puchinri

    I am so sure that’s the alpaca, and I desperately want it. ;u;

    But the wishes were what I’ve been wondering about the most, aside from the town itself.

    Since Wada talks about the connections and such he got from being in a small town, I think one of the wishes should be for “community and harmony.” Maybe if everyone lives there neutrally but isn’t as tied together as they were before, a wish would be to bring everyone together again as a proper community.

    Or, if the community is together but torn apart, then wishing that the town thrived again.

    As for something I actually wish is in the game, a relationship system that’s a mix of the one in AC and HM/RF. I like how in AC, being close with people really shows, but there’s never any meters or anything to tell you how close you are; it’s just obvious. But I would like to be able to do more than just hang out with them and play games (like tag). Like RF is adding fishing and stuff, I want more things like that. Especially as a game based on community and stuff, I think that would be awesome~. ♥

  • puchinri

     I feel like it’s something they might think to add, but I wonder. It would be really nice though, wouldn’t it~?

  • Guest

    I’d wish for… a sherpa (or some other mountain savvy dude). Usually towards the end of games like Harvest Moon or Rune Factory, there’s the sense of having done and seen everything, of having made everything “all right” at least on some small level. You’ve literally perfected everything within a five mile radius; sick characters get better, towns are saved, the environment is mended and feuds ends – there’s nothing left but peace. It’s irritating. Player characters tend to be amazing people, the sort who can bring folks together, and I want to think they’ll go to do more amazing things, not be stuck in that stagnating post-game world where all there is to do is gather more and more money. So I’m wishing for the implication of something more.

  • I wish for some form of connectivity with other players, so that the game can truly bring friends and strangers together.

  • Oh gosh, one wish? I’d wish that everyone would take great pleasure in my cooking (for once, even if only in my digital life!) so I can see all the smiles and full bellies. :)

  • akiko_sakuraba

    Project Happiness

    I wish to find my red thread of fate so that I can find the person who’s fated for me. I believe that with someone who truly loves me and someone I truly love, I can become happy.


  • Ariel Abalos

    Game related wish: I wish that people would see the happiness of living in simplicity and in peace, just like how a small town community in a rural area is like.

    Personal wish:
    I wish that Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft would somehow, at least have one collaboration title available for all platforms. That would be something that would be almost impossible to happen.

  • hoez

    I wish for all witches to never have exist– oh wait, wrong property. I would really wish for the ability to raise alpacas and spread alpaca-awareness among the citizens of the town. ~_~

  • Akira Takeshima

    I would wish for true love!~ oh wait… this isn’t harvest moon… wonder if there will be romance options?

  • I would wish for a harem ending. Why deal with the indecisiveness of choosing between waifus? I want all of them :3

  • What a vague question… what to wish for? Uhm… maybe a special crop that grows every crop type for each season on different days? Yeah that sounds cool. I don’t know enough to know what Project Happiness has in common with Harvest Moon. I can see it’s more shop-based but I don’t know enough to know what possible wishes would be.

  • one wish…hm I’d say I wish for more interaction with other characters. questions and answers that affect the friendship or love between the characters. it would be really cool.

  • Eugenia Fung

    I wish to become the district manager of all the little trader joe-like markets that are shown in the game trailer. If not…

    Well QUEEN OF THE Llamas!!!! 

  • I wish the game would include special cameos of characters from Harvest Moon.  It IS set in the Harvest Moon world.

  • I wish that as a boy you can court and marry another boy and as a girl you can court and marry another girl.

    It would be nice if you weren’t automatically straight in the game :3

  • Lauren Ashlee Comp

    I wish for larger dialogue trees in the game. As an endgame wish though, I think players should be able to wish to expand the town or increase the health of the town.

  •  i wish they could include more girls to court and more rivals to compete with and the only thing stopping you from getting what you want is you and the rival! NOW IF YOU’LL EXCUSE ME, EVERYONE. . . GET OUT OF MY WAY! I HAVE A DATE WITH DESTINY!

  • I’d wish that the village would still stay quaint and never lose it’s sense of community.

    I live in a small town like that and everyday it gets bigger. So the wish isn’t just for the game but where I live too. <3

    • Hey you’re the winner of our Project Moon/Harvest Moon plushie giveaway. Drop us a line via e-mail [email protected] so we can send you your prize. CONGRATS!

  • I wish for lots of interaction with the customers and being able to get to know them and what they typically buy. That would give it a nice small-town feel ^_^

  • Wrenja Czaczkes

    A wish that should be included in the game would be to earn the shopkeeper goddess’ eternal favor. (There’s a harvest goddess, why can’t there be a shopkeeper goddess? :D )

  • Natalie Kipper

    I wish for cameos from other Harvest Moon games (and Ruin Factory, too!) to visit my town as customers or at festivals. 

  • I wish they’d release more merchandise and publicize the games more and not just to the core fans!

  • I wish I could have a ferret pet that would find things in the forest for me; or an otter that would bring me fish at night.

  • A wish that should be in the game should be something like “I wish togain friendship with everyone in town” or ” I wish to improve my ability to do (insert task here)” or “I wish to help (insert character name here) achieve their goal of (insert goal here).” It shouldn’t be a a wish for material things. It should be a wish that helps build character and achieve goals. Project Happiness is about happiness and peace, right? Happiness and peace come when everyone is friends and help each other achieve goals and live a full, tranquil life.

    Thank you, I hope get the pluschies. Harvest Moon is practically my life.

  • Joseph Gray

    One wish that Toybox and Natsume should include in the game is the wish for the realization of all the characters’ dreams. The game is called “Project Happiness” after all, and those of us familiar with Japanese games know that the characters always have their own dreams that they are chasing in their own ways.

    If the protagonist has the option to wish for everyone’s dreams to come true, we can watch an ending cutscene showing the characters we will surely grow to love over the course of the game achieving their goals and being truly happy. How could there be a happier ending?

  • I wish that in Project Happiness you can have a pet that can help you gather things for your shop!

  • My wish would be that everyone in the town would get along and listen to each other. Hear each others wishes and help make their wishes come true.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Lol, the sprite itself already bring happiness to me here.^^

  • Chelsea Hicks

    I would love to see harvest moon cameos, maybe even one of your own characters from a previous game. I also hope there are plenty of festivals :)

  • Elizabeth Oswald

    A wish for the ending of the game? I wish to see what happens to everyone in the future “A and B get married. Your baby grows up to become a scientist and uses a plant to create a cure for cancer! C takes over the store. etc etc” and then it would show everyone grown up in a little series of cut scenes.
    If you mean a special thing for the game mechanics….our town has a local Farmer’s Market, and I went last week, and two cool things happened!
    1) I bought a jelly, and the person at the stall hadn’t tried it yet, so he asked me to come back next week and let him know how I liked it.
    2)Someone was selling bat houses (I love bats!) and so I was able to order a customized one (with the Batman logo on it) just for me!
    So, I’d love customizable items, and having little random interactions like someone wanting to talk to you again next week about something!

  • I wish for more character interaction with NPCs which can result in multiple cut-scenes and endings.

  • PPopichak

    I wish that the main goals in life, such as to find love, get married and have a family would be able to happen in Project Happiness and that the game wouldn’t just eventually lose excitement and challenge afterwards. Possibly like a game where things are always changing and depending on what you do, the outcome of the game could change in a more realistic way.

  • I wish to be able to play as a girl and get married and have my husband help me out at the shop. I wish characters from previous games can make cameos as customers.

  •  A wish?
    I would wish for my friends and family to be safe regardless of the harm I would have to go through. Every Harvest Moon game needs to have a hero willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of others!

  • “I wish for eternal happiness!”
    Good luck everyone!

  • HMlove18

    I wish you could see your child grow up and they would help with your farm. Wish you could have more than one child. Wish for more interactions with neighbors. Wish you could queue tasks. Wish for many goals to complete to reach Happiness. 
    I love Harvest Moon. Been playing them for almost 12 years. I would love to win this and plushies. It’d mean a lot. Can’t wait for Project Happiness. :)

  • i wish for everyone to stay happy and have a simple life all the way!

  • I wish for lots of animals to interact with as well as people.  I enjoy befriending animals.

  • I wish the for a world full of happiness!

  • chelsey219

    I wish for silk worms! Silk worms to keep in the chicken coop and create silk!

  • “I wish to affect everyone else’s wish; to leave a legacy when I’m gone.”

  • I wish for flowers that bloom in the moonlight! 

  • I wish to unlock the power of nature and be able to change the seasons.

  • Jenny Chong

    They should include a wish that farm animals will help out at the store.

  • I’d wish to be able to read villager’s minds, to learn more about them (and maybe their secrets).

  • I wish for community charity events where I can give things to villagers in need or we can auction things off for the town.

  • Fammy

    I wish that people would say more random things during the week, day and year. 

  • Catherine Obrzut

    A wish I would like to see in Project Happiness would make all of the characters benefit from MC’s shop. Whether they can afford to buy things or not, the MC could help someone out if he or she needed it.

  • I wish for the Sprites to find love, marry and have a family, then start their own little sprite village under a mystical rainbow!! <3

  • Mi wish would be to able to help someone truly in need like a sick child being cured or a animal that gets hurt to have a speedy recovery. 

  • I wish for Natsume to thrive on this game. But moreso I hope Natsume never changes and will be around a long time. But for project happiness I hope they dont make you feel static to sticking around a town, I want to explore…and find things to sell in my store. Traverse cold snowy mountains to find gems or go through woods to find a rare herb that someone needs. Maybe a quest system relative to Rune Factory to go along that, but ….you know..not the same :D
    I am certain they said thats how its going to work too. But I hope the store is as dynamic as they make it sound. And I wish for more Happy Chickens and Cows in future games! Thank you Natsume. Much love. <3

  • I would choose in the end, for bountiful profits for the store of the main character and the farmers, fishers, and all workers of the land a huge harvest. And more happy chickens like I said! Happy chickens makes the world go round in natsume!

  • Kelly Bujnoch

     A wish to travel to a new place and have more adventures!

  • Alexandra Belzon

    I wish it includes many gameplay elements (and maybe dating and marriage? :D). From the trailer it looks like a typical diner dash type game you find on Facebook and the like. I hope this is not the case for the end product.

  • Hans Aban

     I wish that we could help other villagers and players (if there’s WiFi) to fulfill their own wish as well.

  • imconfusedtoo

    My wish would be that there would many different career and friendship paths and events. For example, you could become an archaeologist and dig up fossils and relics for museums; another path would see you become an artisan who can create custom dishes/furniture/paintings, and another a pastry chef and learn and create new recipes, and so on. You could hold parties with friends, or do simple things like exchange gifts and letters or go on walks and have races. There would be many, many simple events involving these paths and friendships, like teaching friends how to bake a cake on one path while friends with certain people, and another would involve making a vase for a friend or giving them painting lessons. There could be many different possibilities to make the game fun and unique.

  • Everton Fernando Patitucci da

    I wish for a legendary hoe

  • I really wish that this game warms my heart like all the Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games before it. That it expands on the unique something that I always return to Harvest Moon. It helped me through a difficult childhood and the day to day problems of being an adult. :) I wish that it just makes others happy.

  • Yeeaah, i am a international reader and the stereotype harvest moon player (no, not really, except that i am a girl) :P I wish that Project Happiness provides many interactions between the villagers (and real-friends) and me. Also i wish that it makes me smile everytime i play it and it let me feel like “coming home” when i start my 3DS. Different careers (e.g. farmer, cook) and activitys (e.g. cooking, mining, fishing) should make Project Hapiness to a long lasting game.

  • JewWario

     Wishes for the game?

    * For all the crops to grow faster
    * For the sick little girl in the windmill to become better (There’s always one)
    * To find the wife (or husband) you want
    * To win the plushies on silisonera :P

  • I wish that the characters will have a lot of personality and not just say one line everyday, plus I would also like some interesting personality types like a yandere or a character with a split personality but the most improtant I want a fun game ;).   

  • Mm I wish for the option to customize your pets (even if its just colour) or the sprite if possible! I love being able to make my character and such unique so that’d be awesome <3

  • I wish for alpacas. The kind that you don’t have to play well into year 2 to get. The kind that those of us who are extremely busy with school and work and buy the game just for them can play in our limited free time and actually get them.

    …Because I’m really sad that I didn’t get the chance (yet) to raise any in Tale of Two Towns.

  • I wish I had more time to spend on My Harvest Moon games <3 with school I have to focus a lot and not enough time for my games.

  • I wish for deeper character development so that my character can befriend others. Also for the opportunity to advance or specialize in different jobs- moving up in fishing, mining, gardening, etc. Oh! And actual recipes!

  • A wish to give everyone a happy pink cupcake of redundant happiness, a magical cupcake that can shoo all the bad feelings away, make people forgive, live in peace and together develop a happy future~

  • lol i’m kinda it supposed to be a wish that i want, or a wish that i think should be one of the 7 wish in the Project Happiness ? anyone wanna enlighten me…

    • Leanaa

      One of the 7 wishes in Project Happiness.

  • it’s already july 1. o-o someone forgot the due date of this :o

    • Actually they announced the winner by replying to their wish. I couldn’t find it either.

  • i wish it could be this way… 

    I wish Happiness Project has a villain. Except for the Witch princess, who had a little angry of Harvest Goddess, Harvest Moon has never had a real villain (not counting the Rune Factory saga, of course). In the Happiness Project, one could have, not exactly a villain, can be considered a “victim of life”. Well you can start small disappearances occur in the trade of products, where the main character, can not know how this happens, these events can be considered rats attacks or even thefts. There lies the main character to discover more deeply knowing the people in the city or cleaning the establishment. If was a person, the main character can give a lesson and the culprit repents and starts doing different about.

  • Joanna

    Aw, I missed out on this contest. Guess that’s what happens when one is late to the party. (u__u) A shame, I’d love one of the plushies.

  • Savannah Gregory

    i would wish for everyone in the village to get their happily ever after!

  • does it on andriod?

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