Square Enix CEO Aims To Make A Game That Surpasses Final Fantasy VII

By Spencer . June 26, 2012 . 1:15am

megaflare During a shareholder’s meeting, an invitee asked Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada about the company’s future prospects. Wada said addressed plans for the company’s future. Currently, the largest revenue generator is the HD games department, but Wada plans on expanding downloadable content sales and doubling Square Enix’s network/social game sales. Wada aims to grow Square Enix’s profits from 10 billion yen to 40 billion yen.


Another attendee asked about bringing Dragon Quest to the Wii U and *gulp* about a Final Fantasy VII remake. As a general rule, Dragon Quest goes to the most popular console, but now that console is old hardware. Wada believes Dragon Quest X will appeal to core MMORPG players and people who enjoy Wii U’s easy to play style. Wada later said the offline part of Dragon Quest X is ten hours long.


On Final Fantasy VII, after Advent Children Complete Wada felt it was time to give it a break. To this day, Wada believes no game they’ve made to date has exceeded the appeal of Final Fantasy VII. Studios all around the world revere Final Fantasy VII as a "god game." The staff would be happy making a remake, but as a company Wada wants to make a game that surpasses Final Fantasy VII.

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  • Unlimax

    And that game is : Parasite eve “3”

    hopefully ..

    • puchinri

      Totes unrelated, but I love your icon. Uru~! ♥

      • Unlimax

        Excuse me .. It looks like I started hallucinating these days without aya brea ಥ_ಥ
        also .. thank you (。◕‿◕。)

        • puchinri

          It’s understandable. ;u;
          Maybe she’ll come back to us one day!
          (Without any problems. . .)

  • Xapth

    …Versus XIII, hurry up and get released already!…

    • pantsonadog

      I wonder why square never says/shows anything about Versus XIII…It’s like they want everyone to just forget about it lol.

  • “The staff would be happy making a remake,” then REMAKE FINAL FANTASY VII DAMN IT! =.=

  • Well.. I much prefer VIII over VII, and IX is a no-brainer in that regard. And a lot of the pre-VII titles, like VI and IV, have been better games all around as well.
    The only real difference is that VII made it easy to throw out spin-offs and tie-ins.

    But yeah, a remake done well would surpass the original either way, old fans would buy it yet again, new people would pick it up since the old-graphics-barrier would be gone, and incorporating spin-off content and references as well as adding a few features here and there that became possible in recent years would be a money-machine.
    Even if they did screw it up badly, like XIII-badly, they’d still make a ridiculous amount of money just by doing it. Now, about their reputation…

  • Radiosity

    Ahaha…. yeah, given their current trends in FF I can’t see that ever happening. Nice idea but no. The only way I can see them succeeding in the idea is an actual FF7 remake but with tons of extra content (as if it doesn’t already have enough) and major tweaks to gameplay that don’t involve Optima Shifts or other gimmicks.

    Personally I’d like to see a return to something like FF12 with an open world and visible monsters but with more emphasis on playing (gambits were nice but it didn’t really feel like you were playing the game yourself) and set in 7’s awesome world.

    They’re unlikely to ditch the horrible hyper realism at this point either though so maybe I’ll just continue ignoring them like I have been for a good while now :)

  • Greek-God88

    lol good luck with that

  • Ryudo9

    they can’t even make a good final fantasy anymore. let alone something better than ff7

  • Mr. Bubbledon’t

    I find it funny they want to make a game that “surpasses” one of their worst games. I’m pretty sure they already accomplished that with every game released after FFVII.

  • z_merquise

    Studios all around the world revere Final Fantasy VII as a “god game.”

    Wow, really!? I thought the ‘god game’ is God Hand.

    But seriously, it seems that this FF VII tech-demo for the PS3 opened a can of worms. Now, fans of the game wanted an HD remake of it but Square-Enix seems hesitant and wanted to focus in other projects instead.

    • komiko12

      Or God of War.

    • XiaomuArisu

       I still find the tech-demo funny!
      Original intro:Camera focus on Aeriths face.
      Tech-demo:Camera focus on Aeriths breast.
      The gamingworld changed XD

  • kupomogli

    I think FF6, 5, 1, and 9 are better than FF7, so they’ve already succeeded.  Now if they can atleast make another Final Fantasy that doesn’t suck.  Third times a charm(or fourth if you count FF14?)

    • farios

      Last time i checked 1,5,6 is not made after 7. Well 9 is better than 7…

      • kupomogli

        The quote can be taken as Final Fantasy 7 to be the best in the series.  So despite the fact that the games I listed were not made after 7, they’ve still succeeded in making the games were better than 7.  They just happened to make them better than FF7 prior to FF7 ever being released.

  • …but as a company Wada wants to make a game that surpasses Final Fantasy VII.

    Yeah, that sounds like a logical course of action. :I I don’t mean to sound kinda asshatty, but this sounds like the kind of thing that every game company seeks to do – to make better games. Isn’t improvement what everyone ultimately wants?

    Anyway, don’t worry about it Wada. I’m sure you’ll be fine. Just let go of VII and let the ideas steep.

  • ha! good luck.  

  • AokiShizuku

    Well IX was a masterpiece.

    Wonderful fleshed out characters, catchy and amazing soundtrack, awesome battle system.

    The world of IX alone was enough to surpass VII. So honestly, they’ve already succeeded. 

    • Curan_Altea

      Agreed, but they want a game to be more successful than FFVII. IX is definitely one of my favorite Final Fantasy games. Type-0 is my all time fave though.

    • Radiosity

      Agree also, 7 was my favourite for the longest time, even after 9. But after a while I started wondering what I liked so much about 7 and when I really thought about it I realised I actually preferred 9.

    • mirumu

      Agreed. IX was just so consistently good in every way. The pacing was perfect. There was so much attention to small details. Even the help system kept out of your way, but was right there when you needed it. It really felt like they’d put everything they’d learned up to that point into making the best game they could.

  • Romored

    FFVI is already superior to VII. That’s the game that deserves an actual remake, not VII.

    • FF6 had even more content then ff7, it would be almost impossible to do a proper all-out remake of that with modern tech. A 2D remake like was done for a few other FF titles is a possibility though.

  • epy

    That’s funny, IX was vastly superior to VII. Hell, X and arguably XII are better than VII. Then again this is Wada. How this guy still has his job is a mystery to me.

    Also “…Wada plans on expanding downloadable content sales and doubling Square Enix’s network/social game sales.” I hate this guy.

    •  Aye, getting rid of people like Sakaguchi for ridiculous reasons but keeping Wada at the top of the company? Sounds smart. Really smart.

      • OneOkami

        I don’t think they “got rid” of Sakaguchi, but he probably didn’t feel very comfortable there.  As much as I still respect him, I don’t completely disregard the absolutely critical blow he dealt to the company.  I think many people would actually lose their jobs for being responsible for bringing the company to its knees and putting a major business venture in jeopardy.  That idea of that is not “ridiculous” in a for-profit business world.  The significance of his prior accomplishments are likely the reasons he wasn’t fired for that.  Like I said though, he was probably made to feel like may as well have been and stepped down because of it.

        • komiko12

          Yup. Square hit an all time low as a business because of what he did.
          Sakaguchi may have been the Father of FF but he almost killed it.

      • Anime10121

         It wasn’t ridiculous though, Square was pretty much facing Bankruptcy after Sakaguchi’s movie flopped (its one of the biggest Hollywood Box Office Bomb’s of ALL TIME).  That is the sole reason they had to merge with Enix to form what is now Square Enix.

        • Tom_Phoenix

          …Not exactly:

          1. The merger was already planned BEFORE the Spirits Within fiasco. Infact, the movie’s failure ended up DELAYING the merger and gave Enix second thoughts about whether or not they wanted to go through with it.

          2. Square was NOT facing bankruptcy. While their attempt to get into the movie business ended up costing them a fortune, all their other ventures were healthy and still turning a profit. Furthermore, Square received a substantial fund injection from Sony which ended up covering most of the losses from their failed movie venture.

          The Square Enix merger was less about Spirits Within and more about trying to combat the increasing game development costs while giving Enix additional sources of income in order to make it less reliant on Dragon Quest.

          • Anime10121

             Oh, then my mistake. Haven’t read up on the incident in years and probably should have did more research on the subject before I said something.  I know this is the way people tend to talk about the issue nowadays and it coincides with what I remember reading on a site years ago (cant remember what site it was), but thanks for correcting me on that.

    • Tenno Seremel

      X cannot be better that anything, because it’s worst FF game :}


      • mirumu

        I don’t really know which I consider the worst FF game, but to me X was quite a big disappointment after the excellence of IX.

        • Anime10121

           I still say III and II are the worst games in the series, the rest all pretty much average between good (FFI, FFV, FFVII, FFVIII, FFX-2, FFXII, FFXIII, and FFXIII-2) and great (FFIV, FFVI, FFIX, FFX).

          • Solomon_Kano

            II! Dear God, yes. I played it in Dawn of Souls and, coming off of the original FF’s brilliance, II was TERRIBLE. Good Lord.

          • Anime10121

             Yep that’s the way I was introduced to II and after beating I extremely quick, it wound up taking me a few years to have the drive (and being bored enough) to finish II.

            III tried to do what I did, just with more jobs, and IMO it failed miserably, it was just a bore, and while the jobs were fun to play around with, the game was not.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I never found the drive to beat II. Hell, I never found the drive to get through the game’s first hour. So boring.

            III was a bit better for me, but it lost my attention pretty quick. There was a water dungeon or something and then I stopped playing. Series kinda falters right after I and then picks back up lol.

          • Anime10121

            Yep which is exactly what  I hope Square’s going through now, a rough patch (albeit a much longer one).  Hopefully next year will start looking brighter for Square as a whole and not just Eidos.

          • Solomon_Kano

            EDIT: This post got longer than I anticipated lol. Always happens in Square Enix discussions.

            The lovely thing about this rough patch though, if one can be lovely at all, is that it hasn’t taken them as many games to get back on the ball. It’s taken a longer time, but that’s because of their horrendous development cycle. Honestly, XIII has been the only game from them that’s disappointed me this gen.

            The rough patch to me isn’t so much from the quality of their games now, it’s the fact that they’re hardly making any. XIII being the only numbered FF in a gen that’s been going on for 7 years (y’know, since everyone ignores XIV) and being met with a mixed response makes it seem like they’ve been doing terrible. By this time last gen we had X, XI, and XII already with all seeing a better response. On top of that we had Grandia 3, Star Ocean 3, Dragon Quest 8, Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, etc. Square looks so bad now because out of the relatively few games they’ve put out this gen, their most high profile was simply mediocre and their next crown jewel has been in development for a thousand years.

            I think they’ll beat this next year. We’ll start hearing about Versus finally, they’ll show more of the Luminous engine, Eidos will keep performing, they’ll hit us with a new IP or two. I see XIII-2 as the start of them getting back on the ball with KH3D and Bravely Default as the next steps, so I’m confident they’ll keep it rolling into next year.

          • Anime10121

            Dont worry about the length as I know it ALWAYS happens in Square Topics :)

            Thats kinda what I mean too, Square’s games in general have still been fantastic (Nier, Kingdom Hearts handheld games, Crisis Core, Bravely Default etc.), but what I’m referring to as a “rough patch” is in accordance to their internally developed console titles. 

            Since the start of this gen roughly seven years ago, Square has only put out 2 internally developed games for consoles (not including XIV because its not released on a console yet) in that same span of time last gen we had FFIX, FFX, X-2, KH1, and FFXI.  The general consensus is XIII was average for a Final Fantasy game, which didnt look good considering the game had been in development for more than five years at that point.  The only other game they’ve put out for consoles is FFXIII-2, which was a MUCH better effort, but not many actually bought it because most were already disappointed with the first effort and felt that they didnt want to buy a sequel to a game they didnt care much for.

            I’m hoping that they’ll have more to show for themselves next year when it comes to console titles developed internally at Square as Luminous looks to be an awesome engine, but it’ll be extremely telling if by TGS they still have nothing to say for vs. and instead opt for a Square conference early next year.  As I said earlier, I love SE’s output for handhelds, I just wanna see them restored to their former glory on home consoles, you know, by actually making games for them.

          • Solomon_Kano

            “but not many actually bought it because most were already disappointed with the first effort and felt that they didnt want to buy a sequel to a game they didnt care much for.”
            I fall into that group, definitely. That’s an exact description of why I skipped XIII-2 lol.

            As for their continued console output, I expect more, but I don’t expect any of it to be from Luminous. Awesome as that would be, they did say that it’s intended for next gen titles. I suspect that’s why Versus only has lighting from Luminous, that’s likely all the PS3 can handle. If anything, we’ll probably hear more about these projects within the next year:



            http://andriasang.com/comoo8/new_square_enix_game/  (this is actually, though it doesn’t say anywhere, I think this is the same game as the first link)

            I’m hoping SE realizes how little they’ve done in the console space and these projects see the light of day between now and 2013. That would be good. I too want them back to their old selves on consoles. They’ve been amazing on portables, I could ask more of them there. I just wish they allowed half of that stuff to be done in their console titles. I’m happy that these are portable titles, but Bravely Default and Type-0 would’ve made brilliant console titles. So, yea, let’s hope they get back on their console games.

    • puchinri

      Agreed, IX and X surpass VII to me by a lot. Even though I never cared for VII, I could appreciate what it offered, and someone else on here pointed out what it brought to gaming in another thread/article. But really, I think they’ve already set the bar higher than VII.

    • Radiosity

      DLC, at least the way it’s being used by a lot of companies, is the cancer killing games. As actual NEW content added a year down the road to extend a game’s life or as extra costumes for stuff like Tales that aren’t necessary to fully enjoy the game but provide a little extra colour if you want it, DLC is great.

      But unfortunately most DLC now is either ‘lol you want the full game? You’re paying extra!’ or ‘We could’ve put this in the game but instead we’re putting it on the disc and charging extra for it just because we can’ (I’m looking at you, EA, among others). So yeah, DLC is both a bane and a boon. But when people start saying they’re going to expand downloadable content you know they just mean they’re going to fleece their customers for as much as possible.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Well for me.^^ FF6 is the best lol.^^ Compared to most other series here.^^

      But considering FF7 is most gamer first FF and the first FF that introduce 3D graphics, 2 secret boss at once(Weapon.)

      It is no wonder that many will still think that FF-7 is the best.^^

    • farios

      I agree on IX and maybe X, but XII? No way man just no way

  • komiko12

    I think it is bad to make a new game with another game in mind.
    Like making a new FF with FF7 in mind.

  • doctorpope181

    Yes, and that game will be Kingdom Hearts III or more likely Versus XIII ;]

    • Anime10121

       When they release 20 years from now (exaggerating). Those two are my most anticipated games from the company and one’s not even technically announced yet (KH3).  Hopefully Square Japan’ll have some gems to hold us over until they FINALLY release vs., like Nier or Bravely Default (looks good).

  • Syn

    What entails a better game, upgraded combat, better story, better graphics, or is it a combination of all the above working together, if graphics and upgraded combat dont matter,then ffvi is by a mile the best FF game, but if all those features do, then VIII surpasses VII in graphics and story(the draw system could not match the materia system though,but the summon system made summons feel more like actual characters), IX surpasses VIII in some ways but not all, X is probably the most balanced and it introduced something fans wanted for years, controllable summon characters, XII was great in many ways, and terrible in others, XIII was a step back from XII, XIII-2 was a step forward from XIII….. Conclusion, FFVII isnt the best FF that ever was, its just the most popular and loved, if they want a game that might surpass vii in terms of popularity, the only foreseeable FF I can see even trying might be VERSUS XIII  done right. So they shouldnt make it sound like they cant make because they want to make something better, they should just come out and say they will only make when the company is in dire financial straights and they know it will bring them bags of money, its like their trump card should the FF series go under.

    • Alphabet Soup

      Agreed.  They’ve made a lot of different progress since FFVII and should be pulling from all of these games to see what went right and what went wrong.  In making XIII, it looks like they mistook what fans liked about PSX-era FF games: yes, the cutscenes and graphics are nice and story is paramount, but a Final Fantasy game still needs to feel like a GAME.  Exploration and interactivity and all of that fun stuff! :)

      • Syn

        True, and from the descriptions they gave about Versus XIII, it was like they finally got it, and were adding everything we loved about the old games(world maps, chocobos, airships, real-time/KH combat combined with summons, e.t.c) into one game, but for some twisted reason, the hope for FF is no where to be seen and will be horribly scrutinized when it released due to the long dev time(note: FFXII also took about 6 years to make)

  • Go2hell66

    i think vs xiii was supposed to be that game that would surpass FF VII, the reason the info has been so scarce is that they just want to make sure the quality is on par

  • MrKappa

    If this is the way they think it will never happen. Versus had the potential but after 6 years it has a hype that it can’t live up to and will thus be looked at with a more stern eye than any FF game.
    If anything though they need to hurry up with the FFV and FFVI remake.

    • Solomon_Kano

      If you think about it though, that same reasoning is why a Final Fantasy VII remake itself could never satisfy people.

      At this point does anyone even agree on what form a remake of VII should take? Probably not. There are people who want them to ignore the Compilation, people who want a remake to tie into it further, people who want the game’s battle system to change, etc. The idea of a FFVII remake means so many different things to so many different people that I don’t think it could ever live up to the expectations set for it, honestly.

      • I don’t think anyone wants a ff7 remake that ties into the compilation games, they’re all terrible, Crisis Cores writing was especially cringe worthy.

        • Anime10121

          While the writing wasn’t all that great, neither was the original VII.  I still like CC’s story more than the original VII as a found VII to be to “shonen anime” like (not to say that it was bad or anything, it was a good game, but far from great).

        • Solomon_Kano

          Exactly my point. You want them to ignore it, comment below you doesn’t. Nobody agrees.

  • Mago Iichi

    How about making an actual Final Fantasy again instead of interactive movies?

  • Even as a non-gamer I am pretty worried abt SE future….. But whtever. I can’t say anything ‘cuz I haven’t ply any FF yet.

  • TheDarkEmpress

    So essentially…they don’t want to make any money (by not making a remake).

    Good to know, Square.

  • Christ

    Pfft, there’s no such concept, they’re simply lazy!

  • Rock Volnutt

    They already made several games that surpasses Final Fantasy VII. They are called Final Fantasy IX, Xenogears, and Chrono Cross. Oh wait, the most Square had cared about those games was their rereleases.

    How about a Xenogears remake in collaboration with Monolith Soft or a Chrono Break with Kato, Mitsuda, Monolith Soft and Squeenix?

    • Solomon_Kano

      I would wholly support a Xenogears remake. That would be incredible.

      • XiaomuArisu

         Wasnt Xenogears that game where SE said:We didnt had enough time,we cutted this and that.
        If yes they could include the cutted content in the remake.

        • Victor Terrero

          I’m sorry I have to be a dick here. But cut is already in the past tense no need for the cut-“ted”.
          Again sorry I don’t know if English is your primary language. So I don’t mean to insult.

        • Anime10121

           It was more like, they had enough time, they just lacked the personnel since they moved so many people from the Xenogears team to the FFVIII team to help get FFVIII out the door.

          Then had the nerve to say they would have made the sequels/prequels to the game if it had sold a million units (it was supposed to be a 6 game series kinda like Xenosaga was).  Kinda makes sense that if they would have actually kept the team members around to actually finish what they started on the second disc, it would have sold a little more ( although the end result is still better than ANY FF IMO).

          • Solomon_Kano

            If only. I mean, I know some people liked VIII, but they left a vastly superior title unfinished to complete what was (to me) the least of the PS1-era FF games.

          • Anime10121

            Yeah, i still am pissed that Xenogears sold about 800k copies and that they didnt turn it into a series because it was lacking about 200k.  That game was a masterpiece from the OST, to the characters, and the story.  I dont know how they didnt have confidence in that series/game moving forward, as it still sold incredibly well for something that didnt have the name Final Fantasy on the cover. 

            I’m just sad because I know that now that most of the game’s development team has moved to Monolith we will NEVER get another Xenogears game.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, they really dropped the ball in handling that. Considering how friendly that gen was to RPGs, I bet a sequel to Xenogears would’ve sold to their expectations. After the original was out there, between marketing and word of mouth they definitely could’ve passed a million on a sequel. Ah well.

            It is a shame that we’ll never get a sequel to Xenogears, but at least that team is still making amazing RPGs (can’t quite say the same for SE right now). At least we’ve got a spiritual successor or two. I guess.

  •  FFVII is sooo 1997 and we’re like what? in the 2012’s. It’s time to let VII stay in our memories, like what Cloud actually said to Sephiroth, and let memories be memories. But a game that CAN and WILL surpass ANY numbered title is a CHRONO game.

  • Well I’m glad a remake of VII will never happen but I guess on what KIND of remake. Would it be the same way as the first six with VII still being isometric with deformed 3D character models and no dialogue or a full 3D third person sandbox with loads of voice acting, no loading screens and full use of the Luminous engine to be like Advent Children. I think Square-Enix and the fans would rather the latter but I imagine it would take too long and would be too expensive.

    I think Wada has the right idea of making a Final Fantasy game that surpasses VII because the franchise shouldn’t be overshadowed by ONE game with ONE type of setting and ONE art style.

    At this point, Versus XIII mightn’t be that game because it still runs on the Crystal Tools engine (with only light use of the Luminous engine) but I hope it turns out really good in the end.

    Here’s a thought, maybe a remake of VII could be better done by outside developers instead of the 1st Department Studios, give those guys a rest! Let Hiroyuki Ito work on the next Final Fantasy.

    • Solomon_Kano

      It would be a complete and utter waste to leave FF7 in isometric view with the deformed designs in a remake. A serious waste. They might as well not even remake it at that point, and this is coming from someone who could care less about seeing it remade in the first place. That would just be a poor way to do it.

      Your latter suggestion would be most likely, because that would be the modern Square Enix thing to do. Take a long time and spend a lot of money.

      I’m not getting your insinuation that Versus could end up not surpassing VII simply because it’s not on Luminous though. That’s pretty absurd. Do I think it’ll surpass VII? I dunno, but that’s certainly no reason why it can’t.

      • I want Versus XIII to surpass VII, don’t get me wrong. The latter of the remake wouldn’t be VII, just an expensive prequel to Advent Children with the cheesy dialogue replaced by dull dialogue.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    I think many misunderstand here. Maybe what he means is they wanted to be able to create FF that is as succesful as FF-7 where it is able to spawn movies and many spin-off.

    If that what he wanted, i suggest Wada to work hard there lol.^^ As this generation of gamer is much difficult to please compared to us who followed you from Square Soft to Enix here.^^

    Well anyway, hope they will succeed here as no matter what people said, SQ still come out with good game even if they FF series is not doing really good atm. And who knows? FF-15 will bring back all the love we had for FF here.^^

    • Syn

      IF we are talking success then we have many FF games that beat it, FFVIII had the fastest selling rate of any FF game until FF XIII, both outsold VII, VIII,IX,X,XI,XII(which got 40/40 from famitsu) are all commercial successes that surpass VII, its simply nostalgia that people have for VII that gives it its love, for many(including me), it was the first amazing jrpg played, and so, it has that special place in our hearts, but if we are talking commercial success, many FF games have surpassed it.

      • No.

        FF7 sold 10 million units.
        FF8 sold 8 million units.
        FF9 sold 5.3 million units.
        FF10 sold 6.6 million units.
        FF12 sold 5.2 million units.
        FF13 so far has sold about 3 million units.

        The series sales have been in decline for years now.

        • Anime10121

           actually XIII sold almost 7 million units combined PS3 and 360.
          XIII-2 is the one that has sold almost 3 million units.

          • Syn

            Thank you for pointing that out, clearly many FF games have done better than  VII, hopefully it was an honest mistake on his part and not fanboyism.

          • Your right, those numbers are old. I didn’t realize that.

            Looking in to it some more, the highest numbers I’ve seen for 13 is 5.5 million, even that’s old atp. All those games, including ff7, are probably higher then that now given their psn re-releases if nothing else.

        • Syn

          The 8 million units for FFVIII is as of 2003, and the VII sales are those of 2010, if we consider that over 7 years, FFVIII ‘s sales have probably surpassed it, you should update your numbers, and what i was talking about where first year sales, you honestly cant compare the sales of a game thats been out for 15 years to FF 12 or 13, in 15 years time, both their sales are likely to surpass Vii by a mile. The decline of FF games is apparent, but from IV-X, those games had alot of heart, its a shame they lost that magical feeling they had, and before some one says its because i played them young i will say this, I played IV,V,VI after VII,VIII,IX,X, and i enjoyed them like crazy, but havent had that feeling since.

          • Tom_Phoenix

            “The 8 million units for FFVIII is as of 2003, and the VII sales are those of 2010, if we consider that over 7 years, FFVIII ‘s sales have probably surpassed it” 

            Based on what? What proof exactly do we have that an additional 2 million+ copies of VIII were sold in those seven years? Also, what reason do we have to believe that in 15 years time, the sales of XII and XIII will far surpass those of VII? Heck, what proof is there that XII and XIII are still selling NOW, let alone in 15 years time?

    • komiko12

      Actually, I think those who followed them from the start are the ones that are harder to please.

      Final Fantasy games are meant to shine their own light. Each being different from another. The well-loved FFs shined so bright that the other FFs were cast by its shadow. In short Final Fantasy tries to break free from its own shadow, but it has difficulty in doing it.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    … That’s one of the smartest things he’s said in a long while. I have absolutely no confidence in them to do a FFVII remake any justice until they’ve made at least one RPG that’s close to it. Whether FFvsXIII or some other game, I don’t see the remake coming any time soon.

    But, I’d rather they finish the full storyline hinted in Dirge than remake after remake… Just saying

  • Astrid Huang

    If SE wants to make a game than can surpass FFVII, just make the remake version of it. After Versus though.

    How is Noctis doing, SE? He’s growing old.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Halle-fudging-lujah. The last thing I want to see out of SE is a remake of FFVII. The fact that Wada wants to see them back making games at that level is such a good thing to hear. Even if it’s impossible. So hopefully they keep striving for that — and never remake FFVII.

    I mean, IX was better anyway.

    In other news, V and VI are still waiting…

  • kevinposta

    Just move away from FFXIII, Squareenix. The cow is already dead. There’s no milk to get anymore.

    • What about Lightning? If wasn’t a XIII-2, I would be mad on how Lightning is letting her sister have sex with that annoying Snow. Lightning should’ve punched Snow again when was asking for Lightning’s approval in the ending.

      XIII-2 ended on a better note because there was no Leona Lewis.

  • Fidelis

    You know, SE, there’s an easy way to do that..

    Final Fantasy 7, but with better graphics already surpasses Final Fantasy 7 by default

  • Derek E Nay

    It’s not going to happen. If they can make a game with as much content FF7 with FFXIII graphics, then it would work… Though we all know you need CRAP loads of funding for something like that now a days.

  • idofgrahf

    Played FFVII, it was okay, entertaining story, good graphics for its time though hardly what I would call a great game much less god like, people need to get over this FFVII remake thing, tbh I thought FFX was much better. I can’t say I’m looking forward to any square enix game in the foreseeable future. Not sure whatsup with the company lately, most of their games are mediocre at best. I hope they get their act together although I’m not betting on it.

  • pho_Enix

    They already have, it was called Final Fantasy VIII.

    • SeventhEvening

      Really? I do think they surpassed VII, but it wasn’t with VIII. 

      To me, the most impressive thing about VIII (aside from the graphics at that time) was the fact that is the only game I’ve played that featured a script that had more plot holes than it did plot. 

      • Syn

        Really, you are going to gripe 8 on plot holes, it took ffvii 3 extra games and a movie to help fill the plot holes it had, barely anything was explained about many things in ffvii. FFVIII was also designed to be that way, its the way Nomura usually wants the games so the fans would continue to debate and talk about the game, VIII definitely surpassed VII in terms of story in my opinion, the draw system was definitely a step back from materia but the summon and status system trumped VII, all in all, VIII had bigger improvements to VII’s already great setup. IX aced it, i only disliked the limit breaks, zidane should have had a multihit finisher, its become kinda a tradition for an FF hero to have a multi hit finisher(see dissidia), Cloud, Squall, Tidus.

    • Anime10121

       and FFIX.  Both IMO were superior to VII.

  • zephyrsword

    Wasn’t Final Fantasy 6 basically the same game with the the town names and characters switched around?


    • komiko12

      Haha. If you put it that way, FF6 indeed share many similarities to FF7. :D
      But they are still different. I mean Terra is not involved in a love triangle (or should I say square?) and Cloud doesn’t transform into a naked Esper right?

    •  Nice finding XD

  • Just like VII is a favourite for many fans, X will always be my go-to-game since it was my first venture into the FF series. I’m currently playing VII and enjoy my time playing it but I feel that VIII or IX (mostly IX) will probably be to my liking. 

    If popularity of VII is what holds it in high regard, than I would rather they just continue to better themselves and make games that achieve the success of previous titles as a whole. Caving into fans and doing what they want, is just going backwards, to me. FFVII has its moment in the sun, and more. Leave it in the past and focus on other IPs.

    If SE ever did a u-turn and did decide to make a FF7 HD-remake, I hope they sell it for a premium (the price of a new AAA title). To see whether fans of FFVII will either: Put up or shut up?        

    • XiaomuArisu

       FFX is great some call it easy and some hate tidus but I like it…
      only problem is that the sequel changed the battle system…and made Rikku a who%%

      • Probably “easy” due to the fact it was more in-line to a traditional turn-based game than the others since you have more time to think and the ability to change your equips and party members during a battle. 

        I don’t see why they would hate Tidus; I like all the characters. My only gripe with the games was that he had an established name but allowed you to change it, meaning characters would refer to him as “him” or “you”.

        The battle system had to be changed and made the enemies weaker stats-wise, due to the fact you only control three characters throughout the the game with an assortment of different jobs. I think Rikku was always going to go down that route, in my opinion, due to her personality in the first game.

      • Anime10121

         You didnt like X-2’s battle system?  Its generally held as the best ATB system in the series (my personal Favorite).  While I’ll admit that the changes in the world were farfetched considering it only took place a couple years later, the battle system was ace.

        And why must Rikku be a whore in FFX-2, just because of a change in wardrobe?  She has the EXACT same personality she had in X, except she’s no longer nervous/ashamed of her Al-Bhed heritage.

    • SeventhEvening

      I all honesty, I think X was a better crafted story and it was mechanically sound as well. It wasn’t the first FF I played, but I think it is one of the best ones. VII is great and really I think you’ll enjoy IX, but VII is the best of the PSX era FF. At least, that’s my opinion. But I also consider VIII the worst of the FF series, which isn’t an opinion held by everyone.

      • I hear that VIII has a exploitable battle system, that I’ve read from comments on previous articles. Is that a reason people partially hate the game.

        I can’t wait to play IX, I hear so many good things from the Siliconera community about the game.   

        •  The main reason why people dislike FF VIII is because it was released after the insanely popular FF VII, and completely changed what VII was all about.

          The game features a fusion system, which many believe to be boring and overly complicated. Basically you draw magic from your foes, and join the magic to your status. Different magic will make your character gain different stats. Some people believe drawing magic from your foes can be annoying (and it can), but I also think most people who say that don’t play Triple Triad much, coz if they did, they’d know that you can easily convert triple triad cards into powerful magic early on in the game, and that saves you from hours of mindless drawing ;)

          Final Fantasy VIII is my favorite game of all time (been playing since 89…early 90’s, so it is a bold statement on my part), but it’s one game you’d have to play for yourself to see whether you like it or not.

          • To me the ‘Draw’ system sounds really awesome. That is the forward thinking battle features I like to see in a game. I thought fans wanted a deep battle system? Also, thanks for the Triple Triad info will use that. :D 

            @Anime101210:disqus The thing is, even if gamers do find game-breaking aspects that make the game easier to complete, that doesn’t mean they have to use it. They could’ve made the game challenging by avoiding this broken feature. Thanks for tip concerning the SEED tests will do that. b^^d

          • SeventhEvening

            Triple Triad is actually where the game breaking mechanics are. If you’re good at the card game you can convert your cards into magic way above your level. If you’re clever, you can manipulate your stats using Triple Triad and become almost invincible only a few hours into the game. 

            Admittedly, that was one of my favorite aspects of the game. The draw system is really clever, but it is also the reason the characters are interchangeable and function totally the same during combat. It is pretty creative and interesting, although not without its flaws. 

          • Wow. Defeats the point of having a party then. Still will give the game a go.

        • SeventhEvening

          Actually, the only reason I beat the game was because I could exploit the battle system so hard that I could breeze through the game. If I had to put forth even the smallest amount of effort I would have decided it wasn’t worth it and put it down.

          The writing isn’t good at all, with many plot elements introduced to be shocking and then dropped without any warning or explanation. The plot has a ton of loose ends and dozens of plot holes. None of the characters are developed very much, and at times, you forget some of them exist, like Zell. Even though the characters have nice concept design, they are all identical in battle and the lack of development makes them bland caricatures. In fact, the most fascinating characters are actually bit characters like Fujin and Raijin. The battle system is irritating and boring if you don’t exploit it, and ridiculously easy if you do. The real antagonist is introduced so late in the game and her goals and motive are so vague, I had a hard time feeling any hatred towards her, and I felt no accomplishment after the game completed because I’m not totally sure what I saved or why. 

          It is really a shame. The setting (at least the initial setting) is a cool idea: a school that essentially teaches tactics and churns out mercenaries. And the aesthetics of the school and uniforms are pretty awesome. And I absolutely loved the card game. Also, at the time the graphics are completely fantastic, and, while they don’t look as good as modern games, I’m still impressed with what they did with the PS.

          But I can’t count the number of times I face palmed from some of the writing. 

          • The plot having many holes and an antagonist that appears to late to even care about. Ouch!

            Well, I’ll look forward to seeing Raijin and Fujin, at least. 

            I can’t wait to give it a try and begin face palming. :D

          • SeventhEvening

            In the end, your milage may vary. There are many people who love VIII. Back when the game first came out I bought it, but shortly after the first disk I just couldn’t do it any more and gave up on it. About two years ago I played through all the final fantasies again and finally finished VIII, but it still remains my least favorite. By the time I reached the end, I was pretty exhausted. IX was really refreshing afterwards. 

        • Anime10121

           Yep use Draw to get your magic to 100 and junction it to your GF’s and you can just about MURDER anything in the game!  Still a pretty good game though.  Oh and when you get your SEED tests (they are like an increase to your paycheck as a SEED mercanary), try to do them as early as you can, because if you do, you wont have to worry about money for pretty much the entire game. 

    • Anime10121

      I think you will enjoy IX more as it is a more “fun” experience.  Everything about IX is just charming and harkens back to days of old FF’s.  Its my favorite game in the series even though I didnt play games Pre-VII until a few years later.

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      “X will always be my go-to-game since it was my first venture into the FF series.”
      I knew I liked you! X is also my favorite regarding the FF series. I’ve played it at least 8 times and can’t wait for the remake.

      Also the second I read this article, I knew fans were going to blow up since Wada held 7 in such high regard over entries like 9 or 12, which seem to be the cool ones to favorite at the moment.

      • I like you too. I can’t wait for it either. I know that in the States, you guys didn’t get the Dark Aeons like the rest of the world but they’ll definitely have to include it this time round.   

        I hope they 12 remake as well. I only ever played as Vaan and Pamelo in FFTA2: Grimoire of the Rift, and that’s just sad. 

        Not surprised with the legion of nostalgia-fuelled fans that have contributed to Squaresoft now SE’s valuation with the spin-offs and movies. In-house I think they’d probably preferred the other titles in the series. It’s all publicity to mention FF7 whenever FF is mentioned. 

  • Paradox me

    Why Final Fantasy VII needs a remake is beyond me, especially if people don’t want them to even touch anything but the game’s graphics.

    It’s all nostalgia, that’s all it is at this point. Could you imagine a Final Fantasy game releasing today with VII’s writing, story, characters, etc.? We’d have a near Final Fantasy XIII-level meltdown on our hands, yet through the passage of time and the amazing power of nostalgia, people are now concerned about Square staying true to VII’s source material.

    You’re not worried about the source material, you want them to preserve the specifics conditions in which you played Final Fantasy VII for the first time. It’s a potent mix of childhoods, young adulthood; memories of “the good old days”.

    I love Final Fantasy VII, as I love all older Final Fantasy games (and countless other JRPGs), and I honestly feel that the term nostalgia is thrown around far too often these days, but I just don’t know any other way to describe the Final Fantasy situation anymore.

    • In FFVII’s case, the nostalgia is an epidemic, to me. 

      I picked up FFVI – IX off the PSN since I never played them before and see what all the hype around FFVII is about. I also picked up Alex Kidd cos I love playing it as a kid, but I know that game is nothing more than me wanting to re-live playing the game and to actually completing it.    

    • Anime10121

       I agree with you completely! But anytime you try to explain this (Ive tried) the FFVII fanboys will just attack every reasonable statement you can make about why FFVII is not the “masterpiece” the media makes it out to be.  It was a good game no doubt, but it is nowhere near the best FF or the best JRPG, by a long shot.

      Its a good thing the downvote system is gone for now, because that logical post you made, would’ve been downvoted to hell and back by VII’s fans with no one giving a logical response at all.

  • WAHAHAAHAHHAHhahahahah sorry SE but how are YOU going to do that?
    FF12-13 sucked monkey ass!

    Ow wait i know it.
    FF7-2 >_>

    • Don’t you mean Advent Children or Dirge of Cerberus? Oh yeah, they were GREAT(!)

  • Me want TYPE 0!!

  • Aoshi00

    I haven’t liked a FF that much since X, but I thought they’re on the right track if they stick w/ 13-2’s level of interactivity/mini-games/exploration and attention to details, it felt like an old FF w/ some Chrono Trigger to me.. just got the Ultimania Omega book, waiting for Fragments After..  I wouldn’t mind a FF7 remake at all as I liked 7 very much.. 13-2 restored some of my faith in SE and then there’s Mistwalker :)

    Also would it kill SE to get Uematsu do a numbered single player FF for a change, not that other composers are not good, but Uematsu’s music for older FFs had a lot of heart..

  • Luna Kazemaru

    There are other FF games better then 7 >.> & was just overrated as hell.

  • RmanX1000

    9 was better. 10 was better. 7 is so over rated. Its fanboys are just way too obnoxious. I’ll admit, a remake of 7 would be cool. I’d probably buy it. But really the game wasnt that great.

  • But FF 9 came out over ten years ago…..

    • Anime10121

       I know right!  Considering its one of the highest rated games (and my personal favorite FF) of the whole series, yes it has a higher average than FFVII, I’ll never understand how they keep spouting nonsense about FFVII, and when FFIX’s 10th anniversary came, nothing was said about it.

  • Eilanzer

    lol FFVI is a lot better than 7…Like everyone said here…Too much hype to a good game…

  • And that may be why we will recieve countless ports of the old games and new ones that will most likely never be on par with the old ones except Final Fantasy I and II.

    I really wonder why the hell they never talk about VIII and IX anyway, it seems like those two (which were excellent games) are some kind of bastard children of Squaresoft that nobody wanted?
    Yeah VII …first one to be 3D, first japanese RPG of SE that got to the PC and the PSone (after countless really good other RPGs and action adventures) yadda yadda yadda…

    The Square Enix/Squaresoft fans sure are lucky at least those guys still hear from their developer about the games they loved (or do love). … still waiting for the next Wild Arms/Breath of Fire/Xenosaga or Xenogears/Jade Cocoon game… *sigh* ^^”’

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    The staff would be happy making a remake, but as a company Wada wants to make a game that surpasses Final Fantasy VII..”
    They already did it. FFX was my favorite in the series. Or you talking about a game that sells over 10 million units? If so…. well, no remake

  • imaguni

    The major issues with most recent Square-Enix games comes back to one person: Toriyama. I can defend the writing and gameplay, the music and the graphics with enthusiasm but it’s been nothing but poor writing from him. It seems that the majorr complaint with recent games is obviously the storylines/writing, and Wada should pay attention to that before making such explosive statements. This has been an ongoing issue, perhaps as ongoing as the dwindling overall quality of FF games and other major S-E IPs.

    You probably saw this coming, but I’ll have to point to The 3rd Birthday and XIII-2 to prove my point. I had fun playing these games and I feel that both games had strong points… that unfortunately pale due to poor handling of characters new and old and plot.

    • Anime10121

       I agree that every game Toriyama (by hiself) has developed has been subpar.  They have been ok/good games but nothing to live up to the legacy of the series prior.

      Although I would like to say that I thought XIII-2 was a MAJOR improvement over anything else he has done and God forbids if they continue letting the man develop games in the series, if they keep heading in the direction XIII-2 went, I’ll keep playing.

      What I wanna know is where the hell Hiroyuki Ito (the director of VI, IX, and XII), the guy that Sakaguchi himself said could bring Final Fantasy back to its former glory.  THIS is the guy that I wanna see create an HD Final Fantasy game (even though I dont care much for XII, the other two are masterpieces, and besides, he only directed XII halfway through after Matsuno bowed out and its still critically one of the best games in the series).

      • komiko12

        Well if you look at the pattern: 6,9,12…
        Then I guess he would be there for 15. Kidding :D

        • Anime10121

           But let us all hope the pattern continues (even though technically XII was Matsuno’s baby).

      • imaguni

        I’m a big fan of FFX, but aside from that, his scenarios have been disappointing. Honestly, I am with you on XIII-2, I think that the game has been a great improvement and was able to really prove that the idea of XIII could work if done right… but that’s what frustrates me so much about it. It takes great steps forward, but it’s held back from being great by the scenario of the game. This is coming from someone who actually did enjoy XIII a good bit.

        To be honest, I’d love Ito to work on the eventual XV. XII isn’t my favorite either, but I’d still say that it’s a very well-done game even if it didn’t particularly appeal to me. It was definitely one of those games that I felt really explored the idea of and common concepts within Final Fantasy and interpreted in new, interesting ways.

        • Anime10121

          I’m a big fan of X too, but remember, it wasnt directed solely by Toriyama (It had three directors) and dont get me wrong, I thought XIII was an ok game on its own, but as a FF, its not in my top 9 (not including the online games as I havent had enough time to play them and judge them).

          Agreed with everything on Ito.  Since Kitase stopped directing titles, Ito seems to be the only one who can make top tier FF games and I hope that he is the one at the helm of the inevitable FFXV.

          • What if Kitase decides to direct another FF game? As in “director”, not “producer.”

          • Anime10121

             I would GLADLY accept the change, it seems to me that Kitase was much better as a director than a producer (as he is the one who appointed Toriyama as the successor to Final Fantasy, no idea why).  He was MUCH more competent as a director than Toriyama, and I’d say that I actually liked Kitase’s Final Fantasies more than Sakaguchis.

            IMO Kitases FFs: 6, 7, and 8 (all great)
            Sakaguchi’s FFs: 1-5 (good but I only really loved 1 and 4)
            Ito’s FF: 6, 9, and XII (6 and 9 are masterpieces and while I didnt personally like XII, I respect it for what it was, a good game, just not one that I liked)

      • SetzerGabbiani

        To your point on Hiroyuki Ito, after I read his wikipedia page a while ago, I had no doubt that he should be the permanent director of the FF series. He just has “it” apparently.

        • Anime10121

           Exactly, I see no reason for Toriyama to keep directing the series with Ito already having better credentials and acclaim.  They have such a capable director, but they dont even utilize him, I mean the last FF fully and completely directed by Ito was IX, he just took over XII after Matsuno became ill.  So how is it that a man who has created critically (and personally for me) the best games in the series, not had a game for 6 games (X, X-2,XI,XII,XIII,XIII-2).  It makes no sense to me at all.

      • So it was Ito that decided to add Vaan in XII? O_o

        • Anime10121

           No that decision was made by Square’s management, the same people who said Neir’s main character would not be likeable/relatable as an old man.  Vaan was already in when Matsuno was still the director.

          Blame Vaan on Square’s managers/board, it was not Ito nor Matsuno’s fault.

    • Toriyama should be concentrating on remastering X, not the same as a remake, it’s just the PS2 game with prettier graphics like Halo Anniversary.

  • Soran Kimihiro

    i really can’t seem to get how fans tend to overate this game,i played in chronological order first VIII,VI,VII then IX..at first i obviously loved VIII cause it was the game which brought me to the rpg world,thought it was the best even after playing the others..but replaying them made me realize how great both VI and IX were..there were masterpiece,i loved the deep story telling and the characters of VI and the feeling of a magic world in IX..so why are these always in oblivion like they never existed,why VII is getting too much hype,and i’m  seriously starting to hate the game and i might if they don’t stop it..VII is everywhere even in games not related to the fantasy series,i don’t want them to ruin a game like this.

  • KuroiKen

    But…they already made FFIV, is it an announce that they’re making another remake of it? I’d be glad.

  • zeta

     what 7 was god game? more like its the most overrated game by fans.

    • Fans (and magazines) ruined the story for me when I wasn’t even that well aware of the game.

      • zeta

        I think IX was the better bet for psone era FF. don’t know if youll agree with me for 8 as a boring broken sappy emo love story.

  • Anime10121

    Im just disappointed that they wont continue with a sequel to FFVII after Dirge of Cerberus’ ending basically confirmed one.  I know DOC wasnt that great of a game (ok it sucked) but there was potential for Genesis’s return to the “main plot” of FFVII.

  • Jee-Lok Yiek

     Good.. now let those final fantasy VII fan boys shut up..

    • OatMatadoQuatro

      More like the haters. There are a lot of comments here criticizing it

  • Okay….so. I like FF VII. I really do. It’s not my fav FF, but it holds a very special place in my heart for being the first FF and the first rpg I have ever played. And that’s why I don’t want it remade.

    SE should just keep focusing on new games, rather than coming back to FF VII. If anything, they should try to understand what made the game so good and popular in the first place, and do it with other rpgs they release in the future. The interesting characters, the huge, expansive world, the friendly user growth system…the game simply had everything going on for it at the time. They just need to implement these into other games they make. No remakes, no clinging on to the past.

  • ZEROthefirst

    Make a game that surpasses FFVII… what!? You mean the highly overrated game that honestly isn’t even that great and it’s hype and it’s popularity is mostly based around the relationship of Sephiroth and the almost completely emotionless Cloud still won’t get a remake? I can’t stand to live any longer *faints*
    Personally imo I’d look to some of the older FF games as needing some good remakes because they’re genuinely good games or if you want PS1 remakes give it to 8 and 9, they were great games and deserve it more than 7.
    *Prepares for FFVII Fanboy/Girl ranting*

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      For the record, Cloud was only ever emotionless in anything accept FF7. Seems like nobody remembers his sarcastic and joking side in FF7 anymore. They just remember the “;_;” version in Advent Children and everything else.

      • Safros9

        Yeah. Everyone seems to think Cloud was an emo in the game too. And if I recall correctly he was rather cocky throughout most of the game. Except for one part, but he recovered immediately from that. It is rather sad…

        •  And the worst part?  Square changed his personality in later works to match fan perception.

          • Another reason why VII shouldn’t be remade. Cloud won’t be crossdressing but will be moping all the time. Thank goodness for Lightning and her anger issues.

            Better a character be mad than sad.

          • Man, Cloud crossdressing is a GREAT part of the game. XD

      • Anime10121

         But he was the same as in the Compilation, that emo-Cloud that was in the wheel chair in FFVII? THAT was the real Cloud, the only reason he acted differently otherwise was because he mixed up his and Zack’s memories.  If you remember the scene in the mansion where it showed Zack and Cloud riding in the truck, Zack was full of energy, Cloud, he just sat there knees scrunched together like a child.

        The only reason he acted like he did prior to finding out the truth about himself endgame (and honestly he was already showing signs of the emo to come), was because he had drive, he wanted to avenge Aerith and defeat Sephiroth.

        • Spider-Man

          Cloud had spent a week floating in a pool of Mako. He was in a delirious state. He couldn’t function at all. Unless you’re referring to the Clouds in his mind from different time periods where Tifa was help rebuilding his memories. Even after the Zack persona faded, Cloud still didn’t act emo. He was nervous but still didn’t come off as emo to me. From explaining his former air sickness to Yuffie, to his “let’s mosey” phrase, etc.

          The scene where he was riding in the truck where he was “scrunched together like a child” was because he WAS a child. He was only 16, and was nervous about returning to his home town. Having not become a First Class Soldier that he promised he’d be. I’m sure he was thinking about that during the scene.

          • Anime10121

            Yeah thats the part I was referring to, ya have to excuse me as I haven’t played the game in a few years.  The only reason he didnt act “emo” after the whole memory situation ended was like I said earlier, because he wanted to avenge Aerith and defeat Sephiroth.  I mean if you remember Advent Children, once he found his resolve he started to really fight and stopped moping.

          • OatMatadoQuatro

            Even after recovering his original personality Cloud was still fun. The motion sickness scene from the submarine was so random. 
            In Advent Children Cloud had short time before dying due to his disease. That explains why he was so down. And when he recovers, he actually even smiles when fighting Kadaj and healing the children.

        • OatMatadoQuatro

          Do you even know what does “emo” mean?

          • Anime10121

             Yes, Im just using the word most other people use to describe the Compilation’s Cloud.  I know, I probably should have used quotations to better describe that, but I simply forgot. But my point still stands that Cloud was the same in both series, 90% of VII he was just remembering himself as Zack.

      • ZEROthefirst

        I’ve played through FFVII, Crisis Core, watched Advent Children, played the Dissidia games and everytime, Cloud is an almost emotionless character. His “emotions” in FF7 were due to mixing Zack’s memories, they weren’t his own. Cloud has basically been built up as an emotionless doll in each game he’s in, with a tid bit of something every here and there, but never enough to establish a defineable personality.
        I’m not saying 7 isn’t a good game, but it doesn’t deserve all the hype it gets mainly because of the 2 main characters. Attention should be brought to some older games and “some” of the newer ones.

    • MrRobbyM

      Thank you for your intelligent and very contributing comment. People like you make Siliconera a better place.

  • Jeez, beating on a dead horse much? The CEO already established that they want to make a game that surpasses FFVII, so do it. No second guessing, Wada. Keep doing what you’re doing.

    • Maybe Wada shouldn’t keep relying on Kitase, Toriyama and Nomura if that’s the case.

      • Meaning that he should throw away the three key players of this franchise or that they’re “holding him back?” I don’t think it’s either. Besides, I don’t see them talking about a FFVII remake, and personally, I don’t think they should.

  • Rogerrmark

    FFVII is one of my favorite FFs,however, if he wants to create a game just for the purpose of appealing,to attract imbeciles and gather possible fanboys around it,then he has a sad idea on his mind.

    FFVII may have the most appeal,but XI is the most profitable and lucrative,on numbers.

    It filled more their pockets than FFVII ever did,ever.

    Squareenix should just keep creating awesome new games (like Bravely Default) and don’t mind the hype.

    • FF XI = MMORPG + Franchise’s reputation = Subscription fees = Sustainable cash flow $$$

      I don’t think comparing an offline game to an online game is fair…

      • Rogerrmark

        A franchise,no,more than that,a company,lives by selling their product. Wada said he wanted to create a game more appealing than VII,yet XI still generates more money for them. XI is as much Final Fantasy as VII is,even if it’s online, and it doesn’t appeal to otaku people.

        Really don’t see a reason to keep following FFVII,since other games already proved they could sell better than it.

        • I can’t be sure about the sales of the other games but I’m sure FFXIII and the recent FFXIII-2 didn’t get past VII… FFX-2 sold more than FFXIII-2 by a huge margin…

          While I do like new games but if it’s a sequel, I expect some FF charms in it and the recent ones didn’t do well for me… It would have been better if the recent ones got a name change…

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      So, you think XIV was a good idea, then?

      • Rogerrmark

        Yeah,I think. On it’s release,it had lot’s of problems and sucked,sure,but less than a year after it, with the 2.0,FFXIV already starts do walk on the right path.

  • Cephrien

    Uhm. The World Ends with You?


    • Anime10121

       Agreed that its a better game, but I think Wada’s referring to making a FF that surpasses VII.

  • Raharu95

    Why do I heard nothing but FF7 is over rated? If so many people liked it and so many people want a remake of it, then it must be for reason…. Mmmmm *Thinks*

    • MrRobbyM

      It’s great and a classic, but it is overrated.

    • ZEROthefirst

      It is a great game, but it’s overrated from all of the attention it gets mainly because of 2 characters in the game.

  • Herok♞

    7 main FF games later, the 5 newer non mmo main games are better of then 7 and the 3 games right before it are better, so thats already 8 FF games (4,5,6,8,9,10,12,13) better then 7 without counting the spinoffs. What I like about FF is how every game is different that’s why I call BS when someone says something isn’t a FF game, the only thing that I can say is consistent is they are RPG, other then that I could take any random RPG like Chrono Trigger and call it a Final Fantasy game. Which is good because that means square isn’t just catering to old fans, does that mean some people will hate some of the games? Definitely, I love 13 even though some people think its the worst game ever made, but other people can’t stop me from enjoying it because its an opinion I made because every game is different and so is everyones opinion.

    • Someone defending Square!? What’s up, friend?

    • Eilanzer

      12 and 13 was and ok game at MAX…Not a good and memorable game for his time.
      FFVI was because of his story- Abortion, dead, prejudice in one package…Something entirely new at that time…And kefka =P
      FFVII – First FF for psxone…Amazing graphics at that time and a great twist in the plot.
      VIII – Graphics and the first to have a story entirely centered on romance.
      IX – A return to the origins of the series.
      X – First psx2 FF and a little of every element of past FF´s.

  • imaguni

    I think they should let VII go. If it’s truly such a great game, is it necessary to remake it? Is it truly impossible to enjoy such a “godly” game even a decade after its release?

    I think that truly, finally moving on from VII and really putting the focus on creating great new games, be it Final Fantasy, KH or new IPs, would be beneficial for them and for the fans. I mean, it’s been fifteen years and we’re still seeing the same endless debates on whether or not the game is overrated. Calling something “overrated” just means that you don’t agree with the fact that something is popular, by the way. It’s also as unnecessary as constantly yelling about how the game is the best and no others can compare.

    Both sides, those who like the game and those who don’t, need to accept to agree to disagree and put a very, very tired argument to rest.

  • João Madalena

    Honestly I wanted a remake of either 7,8 or 9, but now with this staff they currently have at square, it’s most likely they screw it up. So no thank you, i rather play 7 with all the mods available

  • “The staff would be happy making a remake, but as a company Wada wants to make a game that surpasses Final Fantasy VII.”
    That means we’ll never see a VII remake then…

    Final Fantasy Versus 13 is the only one I know capable of surpassing VII….

    • komiko12

      Actually, I think many Final Fantasies have already surpassed FF7 in their own way. :D
      Edit: But FF7 is on top when it comes to popularity

      • They do but VII stands out the most with its reputation around the world and its breakthrough when it was first released….

        Edit: SE tried to create an another breakthrough with FFX… It’s good but not great imo… Again, SE tried it with FFXIII but failed to deliver my expectations which I’ve holding on for like 3 years… People have their own favorites so I’m saying this for myself not others…
        The last thing I remember about XIII is that I felt a sharp pain after stopping at halfway of the game, realizing what a blind fanboy I was with the franchise, dissing any negative comments and criticism about it and finally opened my eyes to how my expectations never delivered…

        Now I’m less excited about the franchise and games like Persona and Legend of Heroes are on the top of my list…

        • komiko12

          Yes, it stands out since even non-gamers can recognize Cloud.
          Still, FF7’s reputation is a bit over the top for me.

          Luckily, it faces some competition.
          Among gamers, FF6 still has a loud and active fanbase and so is FF9.

          Since you edited your post, I shall edit mine as well LOL
          EDIT: It seems that they try to make a breakthrough with each generation. There is some sort of pattern I guess.

          The first game(4,7,10,13) would be phenomenal (either good or bad), recieving acclaim/criticism but nonetheless, remarkable(still either in a good/bad way)

          The second game(5,8,11) would also be good but not as loved as the one before it. They are not that talked about as much as the others.

          The third game(6,9,12) would end the generation of FF games with a bang.

      • MrRobbyM

        I agree. Imo, FFXII offered a more fun battle system and feeling of freedom. FFXIII simplified things a lot making for a faster battle system. The voice work was also well done(not the script). But I think VII was and still is the total package. I can’t remember who said this but very few games combine story, music, battles and graphics quite as well as FFVII.

        • komiko12

          Hehe. I would agree with you except for the graphics part.
          It has uglier graphics than the SNES era IMO.

          • MrRobbyM

            I didn’t mean all of those was great , I meant they were all really well combined to give the player a certain feeling. The top down camera and pre-rendered backgrounds were a big part in that.

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          FFXII had the worst battle system in the series. You could just hide in corner and let the AI do the work.

          • MrRobbyM

            That’s why I said “Imo”. Not everyone will agree with me, but I think if you went with a more turn based battle system, it would be much slower. I think of FFXII’s battle system as a more customizable and overall less restrictive FFXIII battle system. I also like to have fun with my games and actually take command of my battles.

          • I actually believe FFXIII has the worst battle system. I believe this whole team members being completely controlled by an AI is horrible (especially if you can’t change characters in battle, like other RPGs with AIs). At least in FFXII, you had the gambit system to help set a general guideline for them. Also, getting game over when the character you control dies is horrid. (Mind you, I haven’t played XIII-2 yet — it’s one of the few FFs I’m missing atm.) It’s also one of the issues I have with Persona 3&4. I normally have a decent stock of items in my RPGs, my teammates should be able to use them and resurrect me.

        • Final Fantasy came a long way from Tidus’ laugh.

          • MrRobbyM

            I try to forget that ever happened.

    • I was always interested in Versus XIII more than XIII because of the trailer was long enough and the setting was really cool and it helps knowing Nomura came up with the base of the setting and story like he did with VII before.

      • MrRobbyM

        This ^

  • I completely agree. Square Enix wants to look forward, but these damn nostalgic FF fans who bash anything that ISN’T a FFVIII remake keep ruining it. 

    Square needs to look forward and not giving looking back a second thought. Yes, try to be innovative, but as long as you give this next game the general FF charm, which every FF has it’s own, they should be good. 

    FFXIII did this, though fans again treat it like garbage, having the nerve to say “I beat this game using X,” not realizing themselves they did the same damn thing in 1997.

    • Syn

      you mean VII,not VIII, barely no one talks about VIII, even though in my opinion it was the better game. But i agree with your statement.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        VIII had the worst plot twist in the history of the series.

    • FFVII fanboys already had their time with the VII Compilation, which is finished. What is in now is the Fabula Nova Crystallis.

      • komiko12

        Makes me think that FFXIII might have the chance to steal FFVII’s spot if done well enough LOL. But you know, I think Lightning is more awesome than Cloud. :D

  • Buy Suikoden, hire Yoshitaka Murayama. Let FF dormant for next gen. Make Suikoden VI and show me all the 27 true runes. My life is complete. I can die.

    • Radiosity

      I agree with the sentiment but they’d have to hire the right people too, ie all the ones who worked on 1, 2 and 5. And then let them do their job without interference. Been wanting a Suiko 6 for far too long, pretty much given up hope on it ever happening though :(

      • Eilanzer

        I trade 5 in your list for 3 anytime ^^

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          Both 3 and 5 are great for different reasons.

          • Fairlee

            I think all of them are great other then Suikocrap 4.
            2 is still the best tough.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            Agreed on both counts, concerning Suikoden. Not sure why this is now it’s own post, though, and not a reply, like in the e-mail I received.

          • Radiosity

            Honestly 1 is still my favourite. Characters and story did it for me more than the others, though I admit there might be a little nostalgia there too given it was my first Suiko. 1’s Rune was total badass too, I felt 2’s were a bit watered down after that heh. Guess they figured it was TOO badass and toned it down a bit for the next games.

  • Safros9

    They already have… IX was one of the best RPGs ever made. X was also amazing. Just those 2 alone, in my opinion, far surpass VII. And I’m glad they’re aiming for making something better, remakes are fine and all but I’d rather play new games, especially ones like Type-0.

  • MrRobbyM

    I feel like that’s a pretty silly thing to say for, well, lots of reasons. Just make the best games you can, SE. Don’t try to live up to anything because you’ll just let yourselves and others down.

  • Setsu Oh

    that s so stupid! i could say that by working again on a story that good and a game that important they might at last find at least abit of what they have lost in their lust for money.
    instead they obssess about things they obviously can’t do anymore.
    try to imitate your own painting to understand again how you were so great at it.

  • Domii

    In terms of popularity there is no doubt that FF7 is the heavy hitter, but I can’t help to think that versus13 is gonna get a name change and it’s going to surprise us all. This is the only thing I can tell myself in order to not lose interest in the game since it’s taking so long.

    • Eilanzer

      I think the versus 13 (how it is being postponed) gonna be the next gen FF…Maybe 15 perhaps?!

  • Katamari Toys

    why set the bar so low? 

  • darkfox1

    You know what game I want a remake of? Final Fantasy V. Game is really unappreciated I believe. While there are quite a lot of people including myself who love the game there are a lot more who just skip over it not play it and say it sucks. I think a remake would do this game justice. 

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      Worst Final Fantasy, IMO.

    • Dylan Anantha

      FF V is my favourite game, definitely.

  • Dylan Anantha

    Does he mean in terms of gameplay or popularity I wonder. It would be incredibly hard to beat VII in terms of popularity, it’s the face of FF and SquareSoft. In terms of gameplay, it wouldn’t be that hard, Square hasn’t done much with the ATB system since X, since they have been dabbling so much with Auto-Battle (XII, XIII and XIII-2) and Hack-n-Slash(KH, Type-0, Versus). At least they are planning to redo the ATB system in Bravely Default.

  • revenent hell

    Surpass FFVII by not making anymore remakes and making games people enjoy playing. That should help.
    As long as versus dosent have a play style like XIII it might have a shot at being a good game..but from games XII to date I gotta say buying a FF game takes serious consideration on my part since ive been so dissapointed in them.
    I remember the days I would get a FF game and not put it down untill i beat it nowdays with these games I barely play them three days befor im like “yeah done with you on to something fun”…

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    Honestly, I don’t understand why this is even a debate. Just remake it. If it sucks, people will never ask you for a remake again. If it’s as good or better than the original, then you’ll always have a source of revenue to go back to (i.e. remaking previous FF games). Either way, it’ll make a ton of money.

    • theoriginaled

      Its been said many times before even by the ff brass it would take more resources and time to make a remake that met expectations than actually exist. NO FF7 remake can EVER meet expectations and as such is a failure before inception. The second it starts getting negative press there’s a massacre. Any resources they poured into it are wasted. Its a catch 22. The exact reason they can not make it are because people want it too much.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        Come on, do you really believe anything the FF brass tell you? Remember when it would’ve taken them seven years to render towns? And then, look at that, there’s towns in XIII-2 and it took them, what, two years to make that game.

        I honestly believe if Wada was not CEO, by this point, there would have been a FFVII remake and it would have been one of their most successful products. I have my own theories on why he’s so against a remake of FFVII, but since they’re just my own personal speculation, I’m not going to share them. But they have nothing to do with technical resources, at all.

  • SirRichard

    The thing some people seem to be missing here is that they’re not talking about surpassing FFVII in terms of quality (you could argue up and down that they’ve long since achieved this), but in terms of appeal, and honestly they never matched that. It doesn’t help that the countless “Compilation” additions have brought in people who’ve never played the original and Advent Children in particular has coloured perceptions and recollections of the original game, for the worse.

    Simply put, it’s pretty much guaranteed that whatever remake they do for FFVII (it’s inevitable, I would think) won’t live up to expectations, and they don’t want the series to take that reputation hit. Especially not now, what with the controversy over the XIII duo and the complete bombing of XIV; right now, the series needs faith restored in it, and perhaps the best way to go about that now is to go with something new.

    What I’m saying is hurry up with Versus XIII you gits, even just show us something more than a glimpse!

  • Spider-Man

    The only thing overrated about Final Fantasy VII are the people saying it’s overrated. When I see FFVII brought up into discussion, it’s always “FFVII is overrated”, “FFVII fanboys this and that”, “FF >Insert number< is better or needs more love/remakes."  

    I feel like Versus XIII could be better than VII. But we would know that if we got the damn game. 

    • OatMatadoQuatro

      I don’t get why people think so good of Versus XIII if it’s going to be an action RPG rather than a RPG? Not that I dislike such idea, but I still don’t get the anticipation

  • TiredOfMyOldUsername

    Making a game that surpass FFVII isn’t hard many game made since 1997 was better then FFVII in almost everyway, but what made FFVII what it’s today is that when it was released it was a revolution for JRPG, even for rpg in general, since then no other games was really able to do that.
    If there’s one game right now that have a chance to revolution rpg again it’s probably Versus XIII, but i can’t be 100% of that, before i can actually play the game…

  • Brandon001

    Remake VII?!  At this point it should be about where VERSUS IS, and when us players are going to at least get a Estimated RELEASE date

    Dammit Square Enix

    • What are you getting upset for? They just said they aren’t remaking FFVII, and would instead like to make a game that surpasses it in general.

      • Brandon001

        square wants to focus on making a title that surpasses VII, but they are doing ports of FF III, or focusing on IOS games, etc. instead of giving attention to Versus, which i think has potential to surpass the “god game”, and any title that has been in the FNC mythology for that matter

        and to correct you, i’m not upset, but annoyed buddy

        • Yes, but those ports are handled by different teams who wouldn’t work on the latest Final Fantasy game anyway. Different teams serve different functions.

  • I’m actually really happy to hear this news. All I want from Square is newer and different kinds of RPGs. FF VII was good and had its time, but now that time has long past. It’s time to move on and I think Wada is heading in the right direction.

  • esteban cartagena

    All I have to say to Square Enix, judging by the rout they have been taking after FFX they can keep dreaming in trying to make something even better than the first FF.

  • I was never really into VII THAT much anyway. When I was child, I saw my cousins playing it and I was curious about the guy named “Cloud” with blonde spiky hair and a giant sword.

    Alas magazines spoiled the story for me years later but I did enjoy Crisis Core though.

  • Christian Wright

    im honestly against remakes and sequels, especially if they are unnecessary. if square tried hard enough im pretty sure they can surpass the appeal of VII.

  • Michael Connell

    Well Square, if you want to release a Final Fantasy game that can surpass FFVII…then how about a remake of FFVI?

    • Fairlee

      Looking at how many remakes they’re making, I think VI’s remakes going to pop out soon. Won’t complain tough, VI is a great game. 

  • Carocaro4

    They just have to make game play more challenging and a story that wasn’t written by a five year old then I can be a happy camper. Oh and some unigue character wouldn’t hurt.

    • ZEROthefirst

      What you don’t want to be in control of an emotionless doll again?

    • revenent hell

      A good compelling story where the player feels some emotion/empathy to the charecters and battleplay where I feel my actions are important in some way. Thats all I want.
      I dont like playing emotionless charecters and while a linear story dosent bother me FF has been more in past games than “here this is what you do end game” I want to feel involved and a part of the game I dont want to feel like im watching a movie. SE needs to look at the past games and see why people love them and take those aspects and implement them accordingly.
      Oh and getting better story writers may help? I actually like the premis’ in the games I disliked but they played out so horridly with charecters I detested,emo ect ect dosent bother me but at least make them likeable

      • Carocaro4

        the FF games of  this generation where good games but not something that I would go out of my way to complete the game entirely. Oh and the fact that you had to PAY for the ending of FF13-2 was just stupid. SE just needs to  evolve not devolve. yes I’ll still pay for each new main game but it won’t stay with me for long after I finish the game.

        • LightZero

          You need to get your facts straight. There was no ending DLC for FFXIII-2. It’s getting really annoying to have people past along misinformation without checking their facts no offense. 

      • Paradox me

        Look, I like Final Fantasy as much as the next guy (maybe even more than most), but the stories this series has told were never written all that well.

        People talk about XIII like it’s the first game in the series that’s had some ridiculously wonky storytelling when that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Like I said in an earlier post, had Final Fantasy VII (or any older Final Fantasy) been released as a modern title then their stories would be torn to shreds by gamers and critics.

        I won’t argue that Final Fantasy XIII was the low point for the series in just about every regard, but the bar hasn’t been set terribly high to begin with. The biggest difference is that modern Final Fantasy games won’t have the luxury of being released at a time when such ambitious stories were fairly new, or when most of us were impressionable teenagers.

        • I still rather Square-Enix at their worst over Hyperdemsion Neptunia.

  • FFVII is so overrated

    • ^THIS. I know FFVII was a good game but damn.

  • malek86

    There is no way they can ever make a better game than FF7… because whatever they’ll make, people will still say “but you know, FF7 was just better”.

    Nostalgia is almost impossible to defeat.

    • Dyne

      There is a way, play ff7 now days and you find it hard to keep playing after a bit as your get bored of the old combat. do not get me wrong, it was a good game at the time(if not the best) and he need to do it for this time.

      • malek86

        But that’s my point. It’s not terribly hard to make a better game than FF7 today (although Squenix certainly is making that difficult too), but even if they did it, fans would still prefer FF7… which would kinda defeat the purpose.

    • l777l

      “Nostalgia is almost impossible to defeat.”

      It could be “defeated” by a remake. Doing that may actually be a good move.

  • konsama

    That’s the problem, they keep trying to make a better game than FFVII but still using the same character development. Know why people like FFIX? because it went to a different way the other FFVII “sequels” went.

    They should return to their more crud style of the SNES-PS1 era, FFVII to name it again, wasn’t part of the “let’s go on a happy adventure” the newest FF have, with cliché characters, predictable storyline, etc, though i won’t argue the actual battle systems have been better. I mean, they had funny parts, FFVII especially had a lot of them yet they could keep the seriousness in the story. 

    The newer FF try to keep serious, but all they keep making is look their characters look pretty in cutscenes and pose as much the can, but the actual character development? who cares…

    Sazh was the only character i liked from like the last 5-6 FF’s out (not counting spin-offs) since he’s actually the only character that reacts closer to like a normal human would, and has an actual decent and dramatic backstory, whatever people think it’s racist and all is BS, racism only resides on the people that want to find it anywhere. 

  • Kevi Johnson-el

    I agree I rather them try to make a ff game that beats 7 I mean I think they came close with ffx and I want ffv13 to be really good so yeah glad they are not trying to remake it to get free money 

  • Lol, Cloud is like “Whee~ I have a giant cookie on my hands!” :D


    Better quality than VII you say?

    In terms of gameplay quality that’ll be a toughie. Do a large world map, friendly game mechanics, lot’s of sidequest (NO DLC) and keep up with the current gen’s graphics will be pretty hard, developing something of that caliber will take quite the time to develop. *Stares at Versus* (Versus has to be something THAT good considering they are taking THAT long right?)

    Story wise after AC VII became very meh (IMO) so I believe they may come up with something better (My personal favourites are post VII anyway). While not Final Fantasies, look at TWEWY! The story was original and sweet. KH have one heck of a complex story but it has a charm that wants to make you find out more about it. XIII’s story was quite alright, too many cinematics but still okay. Dissidia for fighting standards it was a pretty good story! So yeah, they need a little push on that regard.
    Musically… well Im still thinking nothing will have the same touch as Nobuo but their current artists are pretty good as well such as Takeharu Ishimoto and Yoko Shimomura, they need a little bit more of variety but still pretty good.
    On the designing part… make the main heroes look like they are intimidating! Badass! Ready to kick butts! Know what Im sayin? I mean look at 97 Cloud and Dissidia Cloud:

    97: http://images.wikia.com/finalfantasy/images/1/1a/Cloud-FFVIIArt.png
    Dissidia: http://images.wikia.com/finalfantasy/images/a/af/Cloud_Dissidia_Artwork.png

    On Dissidia he looks like a depressed farmer than a SOLDIER, he’s not even holding the sword properly!

    And they should make the story not so serious, I mean do a complex plot, tragic moments and stuff but keep the fun and sense of humour once in a while!
    (Yeah, that’s Cloud!)

    So… yeap, that’s my thoughts/opinion about this :P

  • Roberto Armando Iraheta

    Hahahahaha!!!…Wait. He’s serious?

  • Katamari Toys

    So why they dont do it already? After FFVII there is betters FF, like XII, IX, X, etc and if you count others Square and SE games as a whole the list is too big, they should just say “Guys, the game is not so good to recoup all the money we would need to waste on a remake, so forget about it”

  • FFX has surpassed it. #fact

  • Mr Snausages

    “…make a game that surpasses FFVII….”

    They did, its called Final Fantasy IX and everything has been down hill since then culminating in a firey crash that is FFXIII-1/2.

    All the fans want is a CLASSIC style FF with less emo, less spray on abs, and more substance.  Just give it to us and we’ll shut up.

    • revenent hell

      I dont mind spray on abs but the charecter should at least be likeable…..Emo is fine,cloud was emo as was squall and alot of other charecters I loved but they played it out better than thay are doing now a days…They dont seem to get how to make the charecters induce empathy anymore……and it makes me sad playing charecters I want to see die because they irk me and arent emotion enducing. Its like playing papper dolls

      • Um… Cloud and Squall aren’t emo, there’s a diference between a serious character and an emo. (Although AC Cloud might fit that category)

        • BadenBadenPrinny

          Squall was the Overlord of emo in that game……

          • Would rather the rest of the main party in VIII? A genki girl and a boy with ADHD?

          • BadenBadenPrinny

             Tough call with nearly anyone, really. :(

            Though people with ADHD can make awesome games. Oh, who am I kidding. Divekick was made by hyperintelligent apes from another planet with ADHD


          • Whatever your concept of emo is.

            Emo to me is a person that is always crying and torturing both physically and mentally over problems every teenager goes through except they exagerate things up to the point they consider suicide as an option very often. They wear black and pink clothes, black hair covering an eye and uses make up on their eyes.
            Now does Cloud and Squall are anything like that? No.
            Squall while silent, deadly frank and clumsy in the way he express himself he does his duties steadily and never complains loudly about his problems unlike actual emos that shout out loud their problems and neglect their duties all the time.

          • BadenBadenPrinny

            The thing is there’s different types of emo and you just typed down the type that happens to be the most stereotypical. It’s quite possible to be emo while keeping silent; case in point, Vincent

      • Levin_Scorpius

        Emo isn’t exactly right word to use here, angsty is. And VII-Cloud can’t be really described by that word either, considering over the course of the game he went from being a conflicted, confused, partially insane young man into a heroic, optimistic, somewhat stoic guy. He never really had any angst at all really.

        Let’s completely ignore any version of Cloud that isn’t the original VII’s because they are all pretty much terrible.

        Squall is, uh, well… he’s kinda of a stoic jerk who jumps across vaguely similar personalities as the plot demands, mostly because VIII’s writing was handled by too many people for something fairly competent to be produced.

        • revenent hell

          …I find it funny how when FFVII and VIII came out everyone called cloud and squall both emo and now they arent simply because worse charecters have been made..I think people just throw out the emo word because they cant find a better descriptive term so I actually could kinda care less of who thinks what charecter is emo simply because at said time they dislike them. Personally I dont find any recent charecter from XII on to be emo they would have to have a personality for that and none of them do besides Fang and Sahz and theres so very little there either….Depending on what emo means to a person and to me it means a myriad of things I dont think any charecter could be defined in that from XII on simply because as I said somewhere here? The charecters are more akin to papper dolls than anything else….and for as much as I love the cloud and squall charecters yeah they are to me a mite emo no matter the reason for it

    • I’d argue things like Chrono Trigger also “surpassed” FF7, but that may be because most of the PS1’s 3D hasn’t exactly aged with grace, and my introduction to FF7 was via PSN just a few years ago.

      I’d be down with a remake for the same reason I was down with 1-6 getting updated: retranslation and a new coat of paint. It’s really hard to go back to 90s FF writing when you’ve been loaded up on all the updates. :/

    • Fairlee

      I completely agree with the IX thing. Classic FF is way better than those scifi modern one, well this could be just taste, but other than the theme, story (which is I still think is superior to VII), I still like IX’s game mechanics more.

      Too bad that it seems like FF nowadays focus more on graphic more than anything. 

  • Steven Higgins

    All the acclaim VII got and criticism every other Compilation game received imo can be boiled down to two things. Tifa’s boobs. The fanboys (not all of them just the immature ones) where all like “OMG that chicks tits are HUGE!” then the later entries made the characters more realistically proportioned. Now their all butt hurt about Tifa’s off screen breast reduction surgery. And then there’s the Cloud/Sephiroth yaoi fangirls. Let’s not even get into that.

    • l777l

      Uh-huh. Based on the quality of your analysis, you shouldn’t have gotten into anything.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Squere Enix likes to do opposite of what the fans want. 

    • badmoogle

      But since you are a fan as well this means that SE must do exactly what the fans want. :p

      • Crimson_Cloud

         Haha, indeed. ;)

  • Zero

    If Squaresoft back, perhaps, but that does not happen… Right Square Enix??

  • Jirin

    I like FFs 4-6, 9, 12 and 13 all better than 7, but I assume Wada is talking about popularity.

    That’s way harder now.  Back in 1997 the fan base was far less splintered than it is now.  (And I think a lot of the people who see it as a ‘god game’ are only judging it through the glasses of the expectations they had in 1997).  

    Can you make a turn based RPG which surprises people as much as FFVII, but is also as simple and intuitive to play?  You’re not going to do that.

    Maybe you can pick an audience, and make a game that specifically appeals to them way more than FFVII.  But the size of audience you can do that with is way smaller today than it was back then.  And if you aim for a primarily Japanese audience, you’re only going to hit a niche audience in the US.

  • l777l

    … right. Square-Enix’s responses to, or “explanations” of, why no remake of VII has been accomplished yet make a very nice collection of rather silly statements. Perhaps much of them have been taken out of context and have been translated poorly, but, overall, this is getting outlandish. Please come up with a coherent, consistent, and reliable explanation, or develop the remake.

  • Kyle Fedora

    They already did make a game better than FFVII, years ago. It’s called Dragon Quest VIII. Of course in terms of popularity FFVII is still king, but that’s just how people are, they grab and hold on to something tight from their past. Only way FFVII is going away is with time and our generation growing older and older, they aren’t going to be able to sweep it under the rug by merely making better games.

  • They better stop making FFXIII sequels then and FFXIV better have what made FF great.  A not overly complicated item/weapon system.  Fun old fashioned turn based real time battles.  Each character with unique breaks/special attacks.  A large set of impressive summon attacks.  The CGI/story/and music all take a backseat to the actual gameplay which they have wandered so far away from the formula used back in the PSX days.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      Uh, are you forgetting that FFXIV is already out on PC, albeit in a BETA state and is another online MMORPG like FFXI? It’s due for PS3 early next year.

  • amagidyne

    Does that mean they intend to make any kind of change? Change how they approach storytelling, gameplay design, any of that? I can’t see them “surpassing VII” without it. Any game that is at all like XIII or XIII-2 definitely won’t (that includes Versus, should it turn out to be similar to those two).

    A remake is still a bad idea, though. They’d have to tear the game apart for it to keep a reasonable budget. Square-Enix is a name that is still worth something in Japan. I don’t think they want to alienate *everyone* with a bad remake of their most beloved game (yes, yes, I know it isn’t their best).

    • Anime10121

       Versus is NOTHING like the other XIII’s. Have you seen the trailer?

      The gameplay will be similar (although different in that it will also have 3rd person shooter/1rst person shooter combat too) to Kingdom Hearts and the story is said to be much darker.  As seen in the trailer you can utilize tanks and mechs in-game.  There was also a trailer (albeit a few years ago) that showed the main character Noctis stab someone and blood splashed out, which was unheard of in a Final Fantasy game before Crisis Core, which showed that people do actually bleed when they are hurt.

      I have much more confidence (even with their being little information) in Versus because Nomura is directing and Shinji Hashimoto as producer. 

  • Yuri

    Someone tell him about Deus Ex: Human Revolution :-x :-v :-D

    But seriously, these are all just excuses and the remake is just a pipe-dream. No way is SE going to create a remake for FF7 as they think it’ll be admitting defeat to not being able to produce a more “liked and successful” sequel after all these years other than IX and XI.

    • neocatzon

      I think he meant a game developed by SE main studio. Though yes, why they won’t admit they already made better sequels. 

      • Yuri

         Haha I know. I was just poking fun at the CEO. Hence the smileys and the next sentence starting with “But seriously” :-)

  • badmoogle

    Just keep making XIII sequels and you’ll get there one day.

  • The_Real_Oyashiro

    Good!  I’d rather SE not try and remake it. I’d rather them not try to shoehorn in plot points from the other compilation games.

    And honestly people, stop arguing over what FF is the best. Everyone has different tastes. FF(insert your favorite entry number here) Is not better than any of the others, its simply your favorite. stop trying to belittle others opinions because they don’t match yours.

  • Nirun Rangraengjit

    They DID. It was called Final Fantasy X.

    • I’ll be honest, I respect your opinion. Everyone has a game they love and cherish dearly and nobody should take that happiness away.

      That said, I’m not in that same camp as you. I didn’t think it to be horrid, but it wasn’t something that was spectacular to me. For instance, I enjoyed the previous game, FFIX but I have a friend who hates it utterly. I still go back every so often to replay it simply because the plot, the battle system and the characters were all very special to me.

      So I’ll leave this at “let’s agree to disagree” and enjoy the FF series as a whole =)

    • Blaze Townsend

      I have to say that I like the Final Fantasy XII bandwagon. Yes, 12. I thought it was the most interesting and original story and battle system of the time, and gave new depths to the direction they should have taken. Then XIII came out… and it played its self for me… and I was bored, but I liked the story somewhat.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Gotta agree with you. Personally, I felt XII was the best numbered FF since the PS1 era. IX held the title for that era, but XII’s been the best since. Now this isn’t because it was set in Ivalice again, but the game’s tone had shades of Final Fantasy Tactics’ brilliance and that’s what made it so enjoyable to me. The story, at least. Beyond that, I’d say the game’s world was perhaps the most interesting of any PS2 RPG. So, yea, go XII.

        Gotta agree on XIII too. It definitely didn’t take XII’s spot. I loved the characters, liked the world, enjoyed the music, and… was bored to death by the combat. The rest means little if the game wasn’t actually fun.

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Much better decision. Not hard to find inspiration since tens to hundreds of games have surpassed it already. Some of them are in *gasp* SE’s own backlogs. Valkyrie Profile is one of them *hint hint*

    Now tbh I honestly think VII is the game that caused the series’ downfall. Just some people refuse to believe it :I Also the fact that they’ve done nothing but same thing over and over again outside of their skill systems.

    Simply put, the sooner we forget about a remake of FFVII the better off we’ll be

    • amagidyne

      Caused it how? What do you mean?

    • Blaze Townsend

      I don’t see how they did the same thing over and over again. 8 was different from 7. 9 was different from 8, touching back on its roots a bit. 10 was different than the previous bunch, and took to the future like world more than 7 and 8. We’ll skip over 11 because that one is seriously different from the rest. 12 had a whole new battle system which was real time. It also touched back on its roots. 12 was also one of my favorites. 13… kinda touched back on how 10 was done. So I felt like it wasn’t different enough. But I liked it more than 10. I could sit here and write an essay for you on how different they are. But honestly I don’t think they allow 5-10 page essays here. But I agree, when you have a Mountain to compare to a boulder, you really don’t look at the bolder and say, “That’s huge!” As soon as we stop comparing Apples to mango’s and get back to Apples to Apples, I think we’ll see something more interesting, other than, “But it’s not as good as Final Fantasy 7.” BS that people keep saying.

      • Kevin Lor

        FF12 felt like it was trying to be MMOish and I didnt like that one bit. FF13s battle system didnt go back to 10. 10 was turn base. But to badenbadenprinny I think he just hates FF7.

        • Blaze Townsend

          It may have been how fast my “turns” were over that it felt like I was in a turn based environment lol.

      • BadenBadenPrinny

          @amagidyne:disqus @facebook-1602387220:disqus
        I should expand upon it. Simply put the battle system, from IV-IX, X-2, and somewhat likely XIII the battle system has largely remain the same with little to no change at all (I consider the skill system to be a separate entity from the battle system in the case of FF). Even X’s battle system may even fall towards this generalization since it has heavy similarities with the first three games. The first time in over 10 years Square decided to try something completely new with XII (which actually looked pretty damn fun) and they were simply blasted for it instead of gaining praise for at least attempting to change their mechanics as opposed to furthering the series’ stagnation. All they were given is cries of “go back to the glory days of the PS1/SNES/ *insert old FF game here*” Leading us to this point

        Storywise, square devolved towards using nothing but a template of sorts when it comes to storyline, character roles, and who knows what else ever since VII or if you want to go even further back the SNES era if you look closely (sadly the flamebait of “VII is a gigantic ripoff of VI led me to this conclusion”).

        Graphics, I won’t even touch that since that seems to be their main focus ever since the ps1 era

        Though you are right on the settings of the games, it’s one of the few things that has managed to keep a sense of individuality over the decades.

        though tbh I may be going a bit overboard by saying VII caused the current situation with the series as a whole since stagnation doesn’t simply happen within a day and a lot of the things I have complaints about have existed since the snes days.
        If you feel I missed something go right ahead and mention it. It’s been a while since I’ve thought about the subject at hand to this extent and I’d like to hear your thoughts

        • Blaze Townsend

          I think you stated valid enough points. As for the FFXIII, I wanted to state that I found it easier to enjoy the game when I called it XIII instead of adding the Final Fantasy in front of it. Because when I thought Final Fantasy, my other favorite games in the series over shadowed it. It’s like watching Final Fantasy – The Spirits Within. When I took the Final Fantasy text out, and called it The Spirits Within, I found that I enjoyed the direction they took in the movie more. What I am saying, is that people have come to accept these story stepping stones that have existed since the beginning, when not all of what we expected from the previous generations are met, we find it difficult to enjoy the game or shows we watch. It makes it difficult to be original with a long running history, and even harder to break free of it the longer you run with it. VII was a peak in some peoples minds, it was original and revolutionary, bringing new definition to the series. However, unless you continue to make large strides, it will spell a list of criticism that will last from then onward. It’s like doubling the exponent required for effort each time a new game comes out.

  • Levin_Scorpius

    “Surpass” it in what sense though? Fanbase size? Sales? Number of (horrible) sequels? What are you aiming at here Wada? 

    If you want a game that surpasses VII, first off don’t make with the idea of ‘surpassing’ in mind whatsoever. Don’t try modelling the characters of a preexisting one, avoid blatant paralleling the plot at any point, don’t- you get the picture. Keeping VII in mind during development is sure to ruin the whole thing. Keep the whole thing new and fresh, you know? Stop rehashing 

    Don’t stuff the game’s plot with anime melodrama, design it so that the core plot is relatively compelling/interesting/well-thought out with characters (or the more important ones) who are well-rounded, likable, believable, and have backstories and motivations that compliment the ongoing plot. Additionally, don’t be all super serious all the time and let the characters have some down-time (or plot contrived silliness) to have some fun little antics.

    Get the people in charge of the game to actually be competent at their job. Someone who isn’t tainted by anime, someone can actually do their job to keep the game together (I am looking at you, XIII). Someone who can keep the feel of Final Fantasy while making it still feel like something new and original.

    Get a artist who knows full well what they’re doing and not making the outfits fairly nonsensical (read: Nomura post VII/maybe VIII). X is a noticeable offender in this area. The Complication of VII is filled with bad stuff. Someone who is knowledgeable of a number of different cultures. clothes, architecture, and landscapes from all over the world.

    Really in regards to the head staff get new people, maybe even some people who haven’t ever worked with Square Enix before who would also provide something fresh and unexpected to the table and make sure they are actually competent.

    … or y’know, try to bring Mistwalker into the picture because then you’d have Sakaguchi back to make sure you guys don’t make a sucky game.

    Overall: New competent people who aren’t tainted by anime and crappy stuff, don’t rehash, get an overall scope on the project before you actually start it, artist who is unique from past Square Enix productions, and stop putting the wrong people in powerful positions for the love of god. I understand it’s impossible to make a perfect game, but you could actually try to make it perfect.

    edit note: If I were to actually write a full explanation on how to surpass VII it would probably be hundreds of pages, and probably end up being completely wrong anyway.

    • Arrei

      Now, what do you actually mean by “anime melodrama” and “tainted by anime”? Do you mean a particular plot development used by many anime? Do you mean shonen anime plots?

      Considering anime is merely a medium and not at all indicative of content, those comments are rather vague.

      • Levin_Scorpius

        Yeah, by “anime melodrama” and “tainted by anime” I’m kinda meaning something along the lines of “a large influence of things commonly found from anime and manga works (usually ones that don’t have very good plots/feel like the plot wasn’t planned out and/or are problematic in other ways/aren’t good yet popular OR the work itself is misinterpreted in a fandom-y way) that negatively affect a work’s aspects for a number of reasons, such as but not limited to; applying of method of writing(?not really sure how to word it better?) that works for one particular medium but not any medium, using established tropes in places where they are either underdeveloped or are used in unsatisfactory ways (very much a fandom thing), taking concepts and half-baking them creating a horrible end product, letting misinterpretations of things warp the original product, ect.”.

        Sorry about being vague, I kinda avoided going all out in detail because then my post would be as long as a thirty page book and nobody really wants that. I used Anime as kind of the negative aspect because it tends to have the more vocal and noticeable fandoms of horrible things, I have nothing against it as a medium whatsoever.

        • Kevin Lor

           You typed that much already, no need to be vague anymore.

    • Blaze Townsend

      I doubt that he intends to keep (Final Fantasy VII) as his base or consideration during future developments. The comment required that he kept the pretext of the question in mind while answering to avoid confusion. He’s saying basically, “While yes, Final Fantasy VII is great, we want something else right now, something better than our past projects.” It’s like saying, “we have other projects envisioned,” without insulting the question holder.

  • Well you guys don’t exactly have a decent track record when it comes to living up to hype. Ya know, FF XIII, Versus XIII, FF XIV, and so on. Why don’t you try being humble for once so you don’t set us up for disappointment.

    • Anime10121

      They kinda are being humble by stating (although its not true) that they dont feel their current Final Fantasy games can surpass VII, and that they wont create a remake until then.

  •  Oh, why not make the FINAL Fantasy, like really, the FINAL Fantasy. Take a break for a while from anything FF and focus more on games like the CHRONO series or the MANA series, you know, the ones that made me FALL IN LOVE with you guys since Squaresoft? Seriously, SE has been trying to get the hearts of new people, trying to get a wider audience or fanbase, while leaving the fans who liked the classics, I don’t know, betrayed or left out? It’s like having a close friend who decides to say: “Look, those people over there are so cool. I’m gonna go and hang out with them for a while. Wait, is that cool for you guys if I hang out more with them? I mean, we’re still friends, right?”
    Why impress those people when you have US? I had friends back then when I say Final Fantasy, they’re like “what kinda ugly title is that” or “I don’t like anime” or “I’m more of an FPS kinda guy”, and the fact is, I can’t impress them even if I get to have them play the game itself or watch those beautiful cutscenes. They just don’t like RPG or JRPG.
    I don’t hate on SE. I’m just getting impatient with their arrogance. They say they listen to the fans; the fans want and demand a new CHRONO game, then SE would say, “But the sales, the sales don’t demand a new CHRONO game. Only the sales tell the truth.”

    • Anime10121

      But its kinda true, if fans wanted Chrono, then Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, or the Chrono Trigger remake would have sold better.  Fans cans say they like something (even with Chrono Trigger still holding the title of best jrpg for many fans/critics alike) but if that want doesnt equate to sales, then its meaningless for Square to continue.

  • MINT_FanFan

    I’m sorry, but i dont find anything special about VII except it’s one of the first “3D Final Fantasy Game”… The fact that it looks SO good (at that time) helps the overhype. Everything else was just generic and cliche’d, at least for me.

    IX’s atmosphere and Tactic’s plot, in the other hand…

    • Blaze Townsend

      It was actually pretty shitty looking compared to some other games of the time. Visually it left allot to imagine from the audience, leaving the primary driving force being gameplay and story. Final Fantasy VII may not appeal to you, but to many, its’ story was more than great, it was epic. It contained many elements of story writing that appealed to a great number of people. Love, hate, anger, confusion, anxiety, happiness, despair, and many other emotions could be felt in its story and clearly, leaving the audience empathizing or sympathizing with the characters. Anything that followed the similarities to Final Fantasy VII became the reason we may view the genre as cliche, including the game that brought great interest into the JRPG world for many Western and European countries. This is why it’s called the “God Game” by some, because it was the start of the line for many to the genre.

      • MINT_FanFan

        I see.
        Perhaps i didn’t catch those because it’s not the first FF in Playstation that i played (I played VIII first, Tactics, then VII, then IX).

        I played I, II, and IV, V, long time ago (before i played PS-era FF) though, so IX somehow gave me that classic FF feel the best.

        • Blaze Townsend

          I played Final Fantasy II (actually 4) first. And Secret of Mana (great game.) Then I played FFVII, Tactics, FFIX, then FFVIII myself. I personally agree that I like the classic FF feel better. Final Fantasy II (or 4) is still my most played game. I play it once a year. I haven’t played FFVII for 4 years now and I never beat FFV or FFIII (or FFXI as it were.) But I played them and have them still I am sure.

          • BadenBadenPrinny

             I personally started with X then I hopped on the time machine (going from VII,VII,V, IX, IV) until I played FFVI (which I have yet to finish, backlogs be damned).

          • Jason Handley

            I myself started with 1, then played 9, 5, 2, 7 and I just finished 6 last week. 7 was a great game, but there’s so many games that came out prior to it and since that blow it out of the water. The reason why FF7 is held in such high regard is because many RPG fans started with it. That’s why it’s considered to be the Holy Grail of RPGs. The game brought RPGs out of the niche market that they were in and managed to please casual gamers. Why it managed to do so, I’m not sure. Possibly due to the commercials?

            Personally, I enjoyed 6 more than I did 7 and 9 is my favorite because it reminds me of the LUNAR series. And I can actually see why 6 is considered to be one of the greatest RPGs of all time and also one of the best Final Fantasy games and I’m inclined to agree. 7 is overrated, really. I will tackle 3 & 4 sometime later this year.

            That said, I would love to see a remake because when I first played it in 2004, I thought the graphics were nice. When I played it 2009 and finished it completely, I felt the graphics were horrid but only the in-game sprites. Everything else held up and looked beautiful.

  • Jack Oz

    Final Fantasy 7 seriously wasn’t that great… they exaggerate it too much. 

  • Kevin Lor

    Oh the music, the materia, the chocobos, the character, the world, the story… so much good things when I think about FF7. Ahh my first step out of Midgar and I hear this beautiful music playing in the background. I dont really care too much about a remake since I already have the original and every year or so I would start a new game just to finish finish disc 1 lol :)

  • TheSwordUser

    I understand that they wouldn’t want FFVII: The Remake to suck because of “success” of recent titles, but I think that they’ll be better off if they’ll let a third party dev handle Final Fantasy series (or at least just this remake), like EA let Criterion handle Need for Speed recently. 

    Oh wait, this will never happen. Crud.

  • Surpasses it in terms of quality, or in terms of sales? Knowing Wada, I’m afraid I already know the answer…

  • The “surpassing” thing Wada is talking about I think is not just about sales or quality or high reviews etc. Yes it is about those but also about something intangible. FF7 was released years ago and right now people are still talking about how it changed everything for Square. I think that is the intangible part – they want a game that will be the talk of everyone for years to come, a game that will radically change the way we see a certain video game genre, a game that when we look back we can actually say as one of, it not, the greatest games in the world.

  • On another thought, I hope some people in their investors’ meeting will bring FF6 to their attention too. I love that game more than 7, more than any FF game I have played, more than any game I have ever played. I play RPGs just to find that very game that can make me say that it outmatched the story of VI. But that is just personal opinion of course. To each his own. :)

  • Darkchao45

    It was a good game, but that’s it. There were waaaaaaay better games that came out during that time. SE’s problem is that they are trying to appeal too much to the western audiences. People like JRPG’s because well…. they are JRPG’s. I don’t want something Japanese to become Americanized…. it defeats the purpose.

    • Solomon_Kano

      I doubt that’s the problem. XIII definitely wasn’t Americanized. XIII-2 either. The games just aren’t as good. That has nothing to do with them supposedly being “Americanized”.

    • SirRichard

      They weren’t trying to appeal to the West, though. If they did, XIII wouldn’t be as linear as it was. A lot of WRPGs make a point of being open-world, for instance. Plus, they stated in interviews that they didn’t consider Western focus groups’ opinions during development, instead preferring Japanese ones. Hell, they even dismissed negative critical reception over here as “playing with a Western perspective”, which is a dodgy thing to say.

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