Are We Seeing A Hint Of Romance In This The Last Story Trailer?

By Ishaan . July 2, 2012 . 12:30pm

Xseed have released a new trailer for The Last Story, which is due out this summer. Unlike previous trailers, this one actually gives a slightly better look at the story, and you can watch it below:



The Last Story will be released for the Wii this summer. Xseed will publish a limited edition version that comes with a 44-page art book and custom box for $50.

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  • badmoogle

    Yes we are.:p

    Btw (random i know) but Syrenne was my favourite character,followed closely by Dagran! :)

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Syrenne’s VA did an insanely good job for her. Better than all the others, IMO.

      • badmoogle

        I agree.
        Zael was the worst IMO.He sounded completely lifeless.

    • KHSoraKeyBlade

       Syrenne was a total badass. In fact, all the characters were great.

  • ArtIristic

    I can’t handle looking at The Last Story. :(

    I don’t say its a bad game, its a GREAT game. In fact I love pretty much everything in this game, especially the characters. 
    But everytime i see this game I keep getting reminded of the fact that I haven’t, beaten it, or can’t beat it. 
    Aside from that, I hope America can enjoy this game just as much as I did.

    • Unknown

      i cant look at this game cause i dont have a wii…

      • Guest

        get one

        • Unknown

          yep spend $100 for one game… seems reasonable

          • Guest

             Fine I’ll get you one

    • badmoogle

      Why you can’t beat it?

      • ArtIristic

        I won’t try to spoil anything, but I will tell you what others have told me, when I told them I couldn’t beat it.

        • badmoogle

          I think you probably rushed through it.The key is to always upgrade your equipment,(there are certain places that give you the right materials) and take advantage of your vast array of choices in battle.

          I know though that the game can be a bit overwhelming at first due to all the combat mechanics that you have to learn.Tutorials sometimes are a bit unclear but once you know what to do then everything falls into place and the game becomes enjoyable.

          • ArtIristic

            My level is pretty high, considering where I am in the story. My equipment is unbalanced, but no underleveled mind you. I gave up on the game long ago, because of sheer frustration, and the fact that I didn’t want to start from a previous save file. 

    • You couldn’t beat it?

  • Guest

    As far as I’m concerned, this is the Wii’s “swan song” (not DQ X since I doubt thats even coming here; probably for Wii U if anything plus lol mmo. And not Epic Mickey 2 since thats not an exclusive anymore)

  • I have mine pre-ordered already, and simply cannot wait to play it. This trailer succeeded in drawing me in and making me even more impatient until its release. =^_^=

  • Nyandroid

    Ive spotted Ganondorf in this trailer!

  • How can I make my hair like that?

  • Bruce Phillips

    when does this game come out

  • revenent hell

    Haha I always like romance added into the games I play. Be it a little or a lot but for a game called the last story how could anyone think it wouldnt have some romance involved?

  • For those of you who have played The Last Story, does the trailer inadvertently contain any major spoilers?

    On another note, this trailer made me hope it was a release date announcement—though I’m sure we’ll be seeing one soon; however, I’m hoping it’ll come out at least a week before Kingdom Hearts does, so it’ll have a slight edge on it in terms of release, while at the same time being available for purchase when the new KH game does arrive, as people will actually be popping in to game stores, and might see that new, shiny Wii RPG on the shelf.

    • Hatsuu

      Almost all the footage taken is from up to a third of the way through the game at the latest. At best, it reveals one of the primary directions of the plot, but isn’t necessarily spoiler-ish. There is one brief cutscene from after that, but it has no spoilers, thankfully!

      • Thank you. I appreciate it!

  • LightZero

    I hear Alvis (Xenoblade). Hopefully the guy with his voice have a decent enough role. Alvis had a cool voice. 

    • domonkun

      Wait, which guy did you think sounded like Alvis? The guy who said “She is my betrothed… Stand aside”?

  • I wish I have a wii, this game looks incredible and finally an rpg with real romance, oh well I guess there’s always youtube lol.

  • VWinds

    As someone who played the European version ages ago I can say this is a game to look forward to. The story’s decent, the romance good, and the banter’s outstanding (all of your party feel like true bros to each others).

    Is the game as good as Xenoblade? Not even close. But it’s a short, fun, and enjoyable romp that feels more like a eastern Gears of War or Mass Effect with swords than a Final Fantasy game.

    • domonkun

       Wait, it’s not as good as Xenoblade? =-O I was totally gonna compare the two!

      Did you get Pandora’s Tower? If so, how does it compare to the other two?

      • Bear in mind that’s just his opinion! For me personally, the MMO-like auto-battle in Xenoblade is extremely unappealing, whereas the action RPG-like, highly cinematic (and a touch strategic) battles of The Last Story are simply amazing.

        But your mileage may vary!

  • Be sure to enjoy this game, America ;) And hopefully ya’ll get Pandora’s Tower next!

  • keithmaxx

    I played the JP version and the story’s REALLY good. However, I don’t think it got fully expressed with this trailer.

    Enjoy The Last Story, guys!

  • Mago Iichi

    I think this game has one of the worst stories out of all the games made by Sakaguchi and I would go so far as to say that even the Final Fantasy Spirits Within movie had a better plot than this game.

    I’ll enjoy playing dress up with the characters and trying to find some challenge to what I consider to be Sakaguchi’s easiest rpg game.

    • puchinri

      Well, it’s a good thing that taste is subjective~. The battle system looks to be a lot of fun at least too, either way.

      Also, isn’t adding game a bit redundant?

      • Mago Iichi

        Yeah, it’s a good thing I can decide for myself what is good or bad instead of looking at others opinions.

        • puchinri

           Indeed it is! ^u^

  • I absolutely loved Xenoblade but I also enjoyed The Last Story. Each RPG gives its own enjoyment! :D
    The Last Story is quite short in comparison to Xenoblade though and much more linear (tho you can revisit places). I’m not a fan of real time RPG combat (it generally irritates me) as I prefer turn based, but in Last Story it wasn’t too bad (I did find myself wrestling a lot with the camera), and I found Xenoblade’s the easiest to get into.

    Anyways, enjoy the game :) If you are interested, get it and play it. 

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