The Meaning Of Final Fantasy XIII-2’s Lightning DLC Ending Will Come "Soon"

By Spencer . July 5, 2012 . 12:04pm


Final Fantasy XIII-2 director Motomu Toriyama teased that there may be even more Final Fantasy XIII coming in the future. At Game Developer’s Conference Tapei, Famitsu asked Toriyama if we would see anything related to Final Fantasy XIII at the 25th anniversary art exhibition in Shibuya on August 31.


Toriyama gave a cryptic reply saying Lighting’s DLC ending left a mysterious and hopeful feeling at the end. Perhaps, the day when the meaning becomes clear will come soon.


When Square Enix released the Lightning DLC episode and moogle costumes those items were supposed to be the final pieces of Final Fantasy XIII-2 downloadable content. Final Fantasy XIII-2 was the first game in the series to have DLC and Toriyama said he heard comments about adding additional content from all over the world. He knows some fans want to have all of the content on disc, but this poses a dilemma since it would increase development time. Toriyama says we’re in a transition period and he will continue to listen to requests from users.


At E3, Square Enix showed off the Luminous Engine, which Toriyama says has the visual quality of computer generated cutscenes. The technology is still in development, but Toriyama believes Square Enix is moving forward with their preparations for the next generation. Toriyama praised Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs and thinks more games will incorporate online elements in the future like Dragon’s Dogma and Journey.


Famitsu also asked about Final Fantasy X HD, which hasn’t been mentioned since Tokyo Game Show. "Concerning the HD conversions, there are various things we need to look into, please wait a little bit more," Toriyama said.

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  • Aurizen

    I’m done with FFXIII, I want verses and FFXHD now.

  • “Concerning the HD conversions, there are various things we need to look into, please wait a little bit more”

    Wait a minute… conversionS? So there’s more than one?

    • Revorse

      Well FFX is supposed to come to PS3 and PSV, maybe those are two different conversions.

  •  I’ve had more than enough of XIII. I’d much prefer them to move on to something else, anything else.

  • awaiken

    Stop the nonsense where is Versus?

    • LynxAmali

       In development.

      Or should I say, Development Hell.

      Okay. That was low. Sorry.

      • awaiken

        Technically they just started development a year or two ago. They literally put Versus on the back burner for several years.

        Leave it to square to stall the project that has their fan base excited the most.

  • Settsuo

    I don’t care for FFXHD, give me Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac Job System HD and I’d praise Square Enix for the rest of my days <3

  • Xapth

    I don’t get it, I loved Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2, but it seems like a lot of people really didn’t care for it. The ending of XIII-2 really had me excited about the possibility of a XIII-3 or whatever is going to come next. Maybe it’s just me…

    • Herok♞

       I am all for XIII-3 as well because I personally feel XIII-2 handled dlc well and shouldn’t have any more.

    • AuraGuyChris

      Honestly, this game doesn’t deserve a third entry. It’s begging for a real closure after all the absurd amount of depressing alternate endings.

      It sounds infuriating, but the true final ending should be released as DLC and close this entry once and for all.

      • LightZero

        Like hell it should. I rather get a FFXIII-3 than see SE stoop to that level. No game should ever get a “final ending” in a form DLC. Fortunately, they are smart enough not to do something as stupid as that.

        • Anime10121

          Exactly, thats the MAIN thing people were complaining about when the game was announced to have DLC (and people are STILL saying that the ending WAS DLC when it was not).  Dont even know how a DLC ending would even be plausible with what happened endgame, there’s no way it could be resolved in DLC or even multiple packs.

          I actually liked the way XIII-2 ended as it didnt have the usual cookie cutter fantasy ending where the heroes save the world despite doing things that should damage the world (i.e. time travel).  Though I like the way it concluded, I would like for them to FINALLY save Fang and Vanille.

      • LynxAmali

        See this?
        Stop it.

        People were complaining about the DLC and now you’re saying it to give a DLC ending?

        I’d kill for a third game. But then again, I’ve loved the XIII games so far, the only FF games I’ve enjoyed since IV.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    They need make voiceovers for the FFX HD release. The original had a cast of rookies and they improved a lot over the years (just hear Tidus in Dissidia or Auron in Kingdom Hearts II).

    Meanwhile, we can all start calling Versus XIII vaporware if FFXIII-3 is released before it. Poor Noctis.

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      They were hardly rookies nor was the VA actually bad. What they should do though, is try to re-dub it so they don’t have to make those awkward pauses in the middle of a sentence. They never lip-synced it for US dialogue, which is what I think the main issue is.

      • OatMatadoQuatro

        The issues I mean is that Yuna’s voice actress sometimes seemed bored, while Tidus’ actor couldn’t keep a constant tone between serious and fun.

        • LynxAmali

          Didn’t they have the same VAs in the second Dissida game or am I missing something?

          If they did, they definitely improved.

          • OatMatadoQuatro

            They are the same but better. Taylor now keeps the same tone all the time while Budress sounds a lot more emotional. Probably the best part was that we heard for the first time Yuna saying Tidus’ name XD

          • Kefkiroth

            Yeah, I’m glad they took out naming your protagonist in later FFs. It made voice-acted games like FFX weird since no one refers to you by name…

        • AuraGuyChris

          Yuna’s VA didn’t sound bored.

          She was LITERALLY trying to lip-sync her quotes.

      • landlock

        Well back in 2001 some of them were Tidus (James Arnold Taylor) had only done a few bit parts at the time and Tidus was his first main character and biggest part by far.

        Yuna’s voice actress had never done a voice over before.

  • Domii

    You know something at this point I don’t know what to think of Versus anymore. I’m just as disappointed with the media for not pressing Square with more Versus13 questions, as I am with square themselves.

    • KHSoraKeyBlade

       Well it doesn’t really count here as Famitsu couldn’t have asked Toriyama about Versus as it is nothing to do with him.
      However, whenever people ask Nomura about it he just says stuff like, “I want to tell you guys! Honestly I do! but the guys won’t let me…” or “Regarding Versus I would like the fans to please be patient and wait for our upcoming announcements” I am sure as well he’ll laugh somewhere in between as well.

      • Anime10121

        Agreed Nomura common quote ” In regards to vs. XIII It takes a while when you’re trying to do something new, so in regards to that game I would like to ask for your patience (wry laughter)”

        My questions for Nomura

        How long is a while?

        Is it really all that new?  It looks to me like KH gameplay in bigger environments  with a little shooting and vehicles mixed in.

        Patience?  Patience started wearing thin 2 years ago (I know it only started full development last year, but they shouldnt have announced it 6 years ago).

        • KHSoraKeyBlade

           They really shouldn’t have announced it at the time they did, but I think that they were smart to announce it when they did, after FF13’s reception and the whole mess they made with the games (not saying they are bad) I think if SE were to have announced Versus now people would have been really hard on them given how FF13 turned out. Strangely enough people are putting way too much faith into Versus as being the “saviour of SE”, when I don’t think they need a lot of saving. I can almost be certain when Versus gets released the western gaming sites will just label the game with the same problems they did with KH, “omg too much button mashing and horrible camera control” I only say that though because like you said it is KH’s gameplay but in a bigger environment :P 
          The only thing that annoys me with Versus is that it is delaying KH3 development, while I do love all the games we have gotten while we wait I just don’t like how Versus has been not an important project to SE and they consider giving fans games like 13-2 (maybe 13-3) when it was not needed at this time. That and they have no plans to even care about a Type-0 English release and just like Versus they refuse to comment on FFX HD which will most likely take another year to come out. I don’t get why SE feel the need to release only 1 massive title a year, they are relying way too much on Eidos for games right now.
          Though we all know when we will get Versus news…. Like 3 months before the release date SE will just flood us with so much news like they always do, if Versus doesn’t get shown at TGS this year I won’t care about the game any more.

          • Anime10121

            Please break paragraphs :O (sorry but the wall of text is kinda hard to see)

            I can understand where you’re coming from, they are relying far too much on Eidos.  I think that Nomura is one of Squares best directors and the results of his teams games are awesome, but I’m starting to believe that he and his team aren’t competent enough to work on current gen hardware.  I mean his team hasnt released a single game this gen (the handheld KH games have been developed by the Osaka team and Jupiter).

            I also agree that my main issue with them working so long on vs is that until they finish vs the KH trilogy (or should I say saga) cant be completed.  They’ve been working SO LONG on vs and especially with KH3D releasing and connecting to the inevitable KH3 they kinda need to start working on it if they plan on releasing it while 3d is still in people’s minds.  Dont get me wrong though, I do want Vs too (its my most hyped FF), but its taking them too much time away from what I REALLY want, a console KH.

            Square really needs to get their priorities together, in the last two years since they’ve bought Eidos, Eidos has released 4 console games.  Square Enix proper on the other hand has released 3, this WHOLE GENERATION (all the rest have been simply published by Square and developed by Tri Ace, Cavia, or some other company).

            Square is really doing something wrong since they cant even give out information on an HD Remaster, understandable if they were Remaking the game, but they are simply remastering it, in a year and a half.  Hopefully Square will have something to show for next year as far as console games go, because they really need to get some product out there.

          • KHSoraKeyBlade

             Oops sorry about that D:

            I always just thought, why don’t they give KH3 to the Osaka team to start it off and then when Versus is finished just hand it back to the KH team to complete. It would cut the development speed in half, sadly though I believe it was Nomura who said the Osaka team were busy with other projects at the moment. It doesn’t help that part of Nomura’s team had to go help the FF13 team and stuff in that games development.

            Haha, the problem is that Nomura and his team have been working on one game this entire generation xD What makes it sound even worse is that I believe the idea for Versus to be made was way back in 2003. I really do believe though that SE doesn’t care about its projects that are currently in development, I mean they have shown with FF13-2 that they can make a game relatively quickly but I dunno they just don’t..

            FFX HD is getting the same treatment as Versus in regard to being announced when it really shouldn’t have, though one could probably blame Sony for that, they probably wanted the public to know that FFX was going to both PS3 and the then not released Vita.

            Ah well, SE will always deliver on the handheld market though I got Theatrhythm today and it is really fun, KH3D and Bravely Default all are there as well. I would say Type-0 but unless I learn Japanese I sadly won’t get to play what is supposedly a very good game.

          • Anime10121

            I agree with everything you said, I think the Osaka team should be given the chance to make KH3, as I have found their games to be BETTER than the ones from the actual KH team (although that may be because they’ve been on handhelds and thus were easier to make).

            And yes you are correct when you said that Vs. concept was started around 2003, it (along with FFXIII proper) was actually supposed to be a PS2 game.

            Although the reason XIII-2 was released so fast is because the engine was already done.  The engine is the heavy work, and it helps that characters, npcs, and music were reused in the sequel.

  • Paradox me

    He knows some fans want to have all of the content on disc, but this poses a dilemma since it would increase development time.



    AHHHHHHHH! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    What is wrong with this industry where we’re using DLC as a means to ship a game sooner? Of course it increases development time, that’s what happens when you make a complete game!

    It’s to the point where I really don’t care if you’re selling me bosses, equipment, items, etc., just stop using DLC for story content. If you’ve got a story to tell, tell it in the main game.

    • Herok♞

       To be fair the story dlc, just focused on characters from the first game, so the main story of serah and noel was completed in game making FF13-2 a complete game.

      • Godmars

        Thing is that story DLC suggest that a full story wasn’t presented. That’s the frustrating, head-banging stupidity of XIII, that its story was told so poorly and yet its lead developer keeps going on about how there’s more of it to tell.

        • Herok♞

           I know what you mean but, I do like the way SE did it because, the dlc doesn’t matter if you don’t care for it because they all unneeded side stories except maybe lightning’s.

          • Godmars

            But I’m not talking about all of the other erroneous DLC like costumes, weapons and extra characters. Just Lightning’s, which offers explanation and impact to both 13’s and 13-2’s plots.

            Just as 13’s ending, not matter how bad it was already, became improper closure with the announcement of 13-2, 13-2’s became crap with the Lightning DLC. Now yet another loads looks to be dumped with 13-3 which will likely retcon 13-2’s ending further.

            The extent with which Square is ignorantly exploiting its – remaining – fanbase is literally becoming insulting.     

          • Herok♞

             I wouldn’t go as far to say exploiting, since these things happen all the time, 4,7,10,and 12 all have additional games that expand on plot.

          • Theodore Smith

            as much as i liked ff13-2, i agree, it wasnt needed.

          • Godmars

            All expansions came after the S/E merger.

            Also all but one largely sucked, and all failed to truly add anything to the original stories.  

          • Herok♞

             Which one are you saying didn’t suck?

          • Godmars

             FF4. Likely because it was done by a small team which could coordinate their actions.

            But again, even there noting of any real significance was added to the original story. 

          • Herok♞

             Really I thought you were going to say FF7 because Crisis Core was really good.

        • Theodore Smith

          story was told very well. yes, Hope is annoying, but it was still told very well.

      • (whiny voice) But I wanted to play as the COOL characters like Lightning and Saaaazh!

        • Tien Ron

          play 13,that’s why it’s there 

      • Tien Ron

        I totally agree with you, the game was complete serah’s story is over and the DLC were extra’s you don’t need them to complete the story.

        people need to stop moaning, no it shouldn’t be free because you don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to the DLC just enhanced the story it didn’t take away or add more.

    • They should at least make it free.

      Lightning’s story should be the main story in the game while Serah’s should’ve been DLC due the major difference.

      Lightning, a warrior goddess, fighting a powerful villain, in a world where time no longer exists seems FAR grander than “The Adventures of Meany Miss Farron and the unfunny moogle who kupos too much.”

    • Nitraion

      I agree with you bro (shake hands)

    • *Bows and takes hat off*

    • Theodore Smith

      or offer it free….

  • KingGunblader

    I enjoyed XIII and XIII-2, but I’ve had quite enough. As far as FFX HD, I’m disappointed that (seemingly) no progress has been made on it, as I’ve never had the chance to play it. As a result, I’d much rather have that then XIII-3, but I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Syltique

    I can’t wait for XIII-3!!!!!

    And he even complimented Dragon’s Dogma.  :) yay

  • I can just never understand people complaining about Versus XIII. 
    Okay, so it was announced 6 years ago. I don’t know, I just always had it in the back of my head and never gave it much thought. I was hyped when I saw the trailers, and then it went back to the back of my head. 

    Am I hyped? Hell yeah. 

    But is it killing me that they haven’t released it yet? Not really. 

    I don’t know, I think it’s just me.

    • Anime10121

      Understandable, especially considering we had no idea how it would even play (besides the vague comments about it being similar to KH) until last year.  I still think they showed even that trailer to early considering they still were’nt ready to talk about it yet. 

      The thing is though, that Square gets people hyped with trailers and then they say nothing.  They need to stop releasing trailers if they are not gonna talk about the game (seems like they finally learned their lesson since they haven’t shown a trailer since January last year). 

      If they aren’t ready to talk a release frame at TGS this year, vs. needs to skip it, I dont wanna see a trailer for it only for it to vanish for another year or two.

    • Paradox me

      It’s frustrating not only because it was announced six years ago, but also because they’ve been drip-feeding information about the game in the form of vague interviews and once a year trailers.

      On top of that, the most polarizing entry in the series’ 25 year history looks as if it’ll have received not one, but two direct sequels when all is said and done. Before we’ve even seen Versus XIII running on PlayStation 3 hardware.

      It’s maddening. I don’t even hate Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 like most folks do (nor do I think the series is dead), but this instills no confidence whatsoever. It only serves to drive home the impression that this company has absolutely no clue how to run their business or manage their intellectual properties.

      Not to mention this rift forming between the company and its fans, large enough to run the length of the Grand Canyon.

      I’m a massive Square fan and they’ve put out some truly great games this generation, but enough is enough. It’s time to sit down and re-evaluate your business, because what you’re doing right now is not working.

      • Syltique

        Direct sequels is just the reality of modern game development.  I think we’ll see every numbered FF game planned as a trilogy from now on, including FFXV.  FFIV got a sequel, FFXII got a sequel and they tried to hire GRIN to do a second sequel (and this is in addition to all the other Ivalice games out there that are more numerous than FNC in its entirety), and FFVII got a whole collection of spin-offs as well, and a movie.  So none of this is as unprecedented as people make it out to be. 

        Everybody else is doing it, with games that are way, way shorter (like 10-15 hours in some cases even):  Uncharted 1-3, Gears 1-4, Mass Effect 1-3, Assassin’s Creed 1-3 (hell, even Assassin’s Creed 2 got two direct sequels – AC2-2, and AC2-3), Modern Warfare everything, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Dragon Age 1-3, and on and on and on.

        SQEX will make a new trilogy each console generation for their numbered FF games, as they should.  They don’t have to reinvent the wheel every single time.  In the meantime, you’ll still see other original console games on top of that, and in addition to their vast portable catalog.

        • Paradox me

          I couldn’t disagree more. It would be a horrible move to lock Final Fantasy into trilogies each hardware generation. Final Fantasy XIII’s was shoehorned in to recoup costs of a haphazard development cycle, not out of some necessity due to changing times. It’s the result of incompetence.

          They don’t have to reinvent the wheel either (which is strange coming from you, seeing as you were a proponent of reinvention during discussions over at Kotaku). They kept similar structures between IV, V and VI and VII, VIII and IX, all without sticking us with the same characters, universe and story for ~10 years.

          Also, most of those series were designed from the start as long-running, direct continuations. Final Fantasy has, for the last 25 years, been about completely separate adventures with recurring themes.

          “Everybody else is doing it.”

          • Syltique

            Nothing was shoehorned in though.  They announced from the very beginning that Fabula Nova Crystallis would be 10 years of content.  Yeul’s prophecies were in the first game.  Furthermore, XIII-2 ended with a “to be continued,” further showing that they planned a XIII-3 from the start.

            “Also, most of those series were designed from the start as long-running, direct continuations. Final Fantasy has, for the last 25 years, been about completely separate adventures with recurring themes.”

            FNC was designed from the start as a long-running direct continuation.  So was Ivalice Alliance, which nobody ever complains about.  People actually ask for more games all the time (Final Fantasy Tactics, FFTA 1, FFTA 2, Vagrant Story, FFXII, FFXII: Revenant Wings, Fortress (canceled).).

            And the series is still about completely separate adventures with recurring themes.  That’s why FFXV will be totally different.  But you can’t just pretend that nothing in games development has changed.  Oh I want 3 original FF games instead.  Well so do I, but no one can afford it.  Even the biggest western companies are not doing this.  This is reality, and they have limits they have to work within.  

          • Paradox me

            You can’t tell me that Final Fantasy XIII-2 was planned from the start. You don’t end a game like XIII and begin XIII-2 the way they did if it was pre-planned. XIII-3 was obviously planned during XIII-2’s creation but that’s hardly proof of its existence prior to XIII’s release.

            Fabula Nova Crysallis wasn’t planned with any direct continuations in mind, though it was a long-term project. FNC is a central mythos that was intended to be the foundation for various interpretations across multiple original titles.

            Square has said as much and the compilation’s original titles make this very clear. Final Fantasy XIII, Versus XIII and Type-0, based on the same mythos, entirely separate.

            As for Ivalice Alliance, it’s closer to FNC than any of the aforementioned Western developers’ series. They’re set in the same universe, but few actually continue the stories of their predecessors directly, as you seem to be proposing for Final Fantasy’s future. I doubt anyone would even realize that it’s the same Ivalice if you didn’t point it out. Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy XII, Tactics and Tactics Advance might as well be standalone.

            Besides, if you’re planning a trilogy of games then it’s not much of a stretch to assume that those resources could be spent developing original titles. Unless your direct sequels reuse the same exact assets then you’re still going to be doing roughly the same amount of work for three titles. Three games worth of art, dialogue, story content, etc. Unless Square has finite creativity, I don’t see three (or even two) original titles being any more of a strain on their budget than a trilogy.

            They got off easy with Final Fantasy XIII-2 because at least half of the game was simply palette swapped areas. No overworld, no cohesive world design. They just strung areas together via the Historia Crux because they could. There were also relatively few original characters with any kind of substance to them, and most of XIII’s important characters were either dead or make mere cameos.

          • Theodore Smith

            yes, 10 yrs of content. not 10 yrs to make a single game

    • Perhaps Square-Enix should’ve announced the game WHILE it was in development by the time of what the game should be like is made playable just like Watch Dogs.

      That is what Square-Enix should take aboard when they make Final Fantasy XV, announce it when it’s in a good bit of development and the base of the story and characters are set in stone..

  • I’m not exactly sure how you flesh out a 40-50 hour game with the main storyline being Lightning seeking to chop off Caius’ head.

    Maybe this could be a CGI movie or the Luminous engine for a 50-90 minute in-game cutscene… Final Fantasy XIII-3-D?

    As long as it’s about Lightning this time and she retains her original voice actress, then I’ll just be fine because I’m pretty more people will favour seeing more of Lightning looking beautiful than Tidus’ laugh… IN HIGH DEFINITION!!!

  • kool_cid414

    While versus xiii sounds cool and has been known for years I personally want to see what happens in XIII-3 and will it bring exciting changes the same way the sequel improved upon the original. Who knows versus might tie in somehow with XIII-3 by the time it comes out.

  • imaguni

    I wanna be more enthusiastic but XIII-2’s storyline was quite a letdown overall. I feel that nothing was truly resolved… and I felt that this was blatant and deliberate. It’s quite a shame since I thought that they had otherwise taken some good steps forward and implemented some great improvements otherwise. I don’t feel that there’s much to add in order to resume the storyline… and I feel that Square-Enix hasn’t used their second chance well enough to guarantee that many players will want to give them a third chance.

    And yes, Versus, where, get on with it already, etc.

  • revenent hell

    Im saying this once and only once NO Squeenix do not do a XIII-3. Just No…and if you do I wont buy it .I think this may be the dying days of my Final Fantasy purchases.

    • LightZero

      You have the right idea just don’t buy it. Just let people who want the game buy it. Problem solved.

      • revenent hell

        Exactly but thus im entittled to state it as well

    • RablaAndrews

      Don’t buy it then. We’ll all have fun playing the game and you can have fun not playing it.

    • revenent hell

      Oy I simply do not want a XIII-3 developed simpley because I feel ive been milked enough as a fan of Final Fantasy..and let down enough and severely so with the XIII series. I will also state here it has nothing to do with the game being linear I was/am 100% fine with that and accepting of it prior to its release,even linear games can be enjoyable.

      As a fan I love my FF games and enjoy building my collection of them,within reason I dont do remakes and ports realy if I have the first run game,and normally I have enjoyed them all..up to a certain point.

      Im just going to write out my likes/dislikes dislikes being first with the games

      The reasons I disliked XIII

      1) Battleplay did not realy need a person to play just a turbo controller,yes I know you could manually chose what your charecters did but why bother? Nothing realy interesting happend enough to warrent me to want to look at the screen barring once or twice when Hope did not heal the leader and I realised it was on a game over screen but lord only knows how long it was there for. I also know most games even past FF’s boiled down to button mashing but the biggest difference here is I actually wached what was going on and cared wich brings me to..

      2) The charecters barring Sahz and Fang where so emotionless and non empathy enducing to me,I honestly couldnt bring myself to even care wether the story had a happy ending for anyone or not simply because what was the point? None of the charecters seemed to care why should I? Well perhaps thats wrong in a way…Nothing in their actions or words made me care about them,there was nothing there that made me feel like I even wanted to care,except for Snow I hated him with a passion the idiotic hero complexed indaviduals who think their actions are ok since they are doing the right thing have always rubbed me the wrong way . There was just no solid connction feeling between the majority of the cast of charecters and myself.

      3) Customization it made me think “Why bother including this?” I spent weeks “farming” materials to gain enough money just to costomize one weapon and ingot farming …getting the dolls from monsters was easier for me no matter what catalogue I equipped. That option just took so ungodly long since getting things to sell off took way to much time early on wich killed any fun for me since I do enjoy “customization” of weapons and such in games. Honestly I ended up finishing the game not caring about this aspect. I normally enjoy building up as soon as the option is available in this game its almost mandatory for you to finish the main storyline first befor you even attempt this aspect.

      4) The game felt more like an interactive movie than a game to me. I enjoy cutscenes and normally I like alot of them but this game shot way over the bar on that scale to me

      What I liked was..

      The story aspect it was very intriguing and deep to me,I found the mythos of the game entirely lovely and very well thought out.

      I also realy adored the graphics and charecter art,minus Snow he reminded me of a hobo,even so all the charecters looked very unique and yet they blended together quite well in a group but perhaps the diversity of the environments helped to mirge everyone cohesively since in every landscape someone fit in perfectly.

      Now I was not pleased to know a XIII-2 was on its way..I was tolerant and happy enough with the ending I did get in XIII but anyhoo.

      XIII-2 Dislikes

      1) DLC-yeah I know its a trend now,but realy? Useing it to enlangthen a game is fine but I hoestly think ending/alt endings should never be DLC for any game those should already be on the disc at time of purchase in my view. Anything rather redundant,costumes,some weapons/armor,items i’ll give you,make the dlc for that but if theres time to create DLC scenarios and locales befor the games release why not just you know put it in the game disc or say give it away free since its impactfull to the story? I know it makes to much money so this will continue to be an irk of mine.

      2)The story…Is rediculous. While time traveling and alternate dimensions is nothing new for a Final Fantasy game I found these “events” less believable than transforming into a pink furry lion…Perhaps it was how the charecters acted or the repeted events of endless clones in time and dimensional rifts…It was just to much without a point of “we will stop here it is enough”. Even how you “traveled” from one.location in time to another just seemed to fragment everything to me,nothing felt connected even if the story elements changed based on your actions it just felt so far apart..It didnt feel cohesive.

      It was just a big mess of questions followed by more questions without actually getting any answers

      3) Battle system. Still I dont feel like its a necessty I actually bother being involved,though I think after my XIII expierience this here is not so much a let down as much since I knew it would still be here in the game.

      4)Cinematic Events. Redundant. It dosent matter if you do well or not the end result apparently is the same more or less regardless of your actions durring these. Perhaps if there was a genuine impact based on wether you succeded or not this wouldnt have been added as a dislike.

      5) Still way to many cutscenes.

      6) The talk options….They realy arent important either. It dosent realy have an impact,the “feel” of freedom and choice dosent matter if there is no impact.

      The likes for this game would be…

      The monster adding to party option…Im fond of it thanks to the tactics games so I was warmly receptive to this.

      I continue to like the charecters art.

      This games “world map” screems FFX/X-2 to me so I became rather fond of it even though it felt far more restrictive in this game than it did in X/X-2 to me I still think of it fondly.

      At the moment I cant recall anything else I like/dislike because in all honesty I havent botherd to get overly far in the game it just bores me.

      As I said I wont buy a XIII-3,those whom want the game do go enjoy it but it does deeply sadden me as I have always loved the FF series and to see it fall in quality like this does deeply sadden me even if some dont agree with me,no two people are the same after all,but for me the XIII series has just been a blight to the Final Fantasy name and I honestly didnt think it was possible for me to like XII…but these games make that one sparkle like a gem to me I mean I at least enjoyed playing it.

  • Solomon_Kano

    I really hope it’s not a XIII-3. The least appealing part of XIII was probably its story, and XIII-2 did nothing to right that, so I’d prefer they don’t keep dragging it on. I think this might be the first gen where I wasn’t just like “Yay, more Final Fantasy!” XIII was serviceable, but you can tell they had no intent for a XIII-2, much less a XIII-3. And in this span of time they’ve made a more interesting PSP entry in the Fabula Nova Crystalis mythos and a more-interesting-albeit-non-existent-PS3 spin-off. If there are people that would enjoy a XIII-3, then cool, but I’m done.

    That said, the wait on X HD better mean they’re trying to do more than just pretty it up. If not, they need to pass it on to Bluepoint and be done with it. It sounds like they’re making it more difficult than it needs to be, unless they’re planning some additions.

    • revenent hell

      Actually I did and do rather like the story of XIII the premis behind it had me interested…I liked the mythos within the game and actually I enjoyed myself more reading about the story than I did playing it…I think it just played out realy badly…

      • Anime10121

        Yep and I think its because Toriyama’s in the director’s chair, with the mithos of the XIII universe I think Kitase could have directed a MUCH better game.  Toriyama is just really incompetent as a director and have no idea how he still is “director” and hasnt had his position changed to something less.

        • Solomon_Kano

          It disappoints me to no end knowing that this is the guy they put in charge of this gen’s main FF, while a vastly superior director gets put on a PSP entry (not that I’m lamenting Type-0’s awesomeness).

          • Anime10121

            Yeah, I’m hoping next gen, there’s a switchup like there has been every gen since the SNES.  Toriyama does NOT need to be the director of any of Square’s First Department development team games.  He is the one who needs to be relegated to handheld only entries (not to say I necessarily want him there either considering what people say he did to 3rd Birthday).

          • Solomon_Kano

            From what I gather of The 3rd Birthday, it just looks like Toriyama needs to be kept away from anything dealing with story. I’ve heard a number of people say that game was fun enough but the story is where it fell apart. That’s true of XIII as well for the most part, so he just needs to be kept away from any future title’s story. I hope that next gen sees Tabata directing some of the 1st Production Department’s major efforts, as he’s definitely proven himself capable.

      • I agree. The story’s premise was interesting, and the setting is my most favorite out of all of the FF games. However, I feel the game was executed wrongly and left a whole bunch of potential untapped.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Don’t get me wrong, I liked XIII’s premise as well. The writing of the game’s actual story is atrocious though. That story is terrible due to its execution, despite having a good setup.

  • This is not surprising at all.
    I love XIII and XIII-2 and would love XIII-3.
    I just hope that if they do DLC just make weapon, costume or monster.
    Don’t make Requiem of Goddess.
    And I’ll predict the ending of XIII-3. Lightning will become new
    goddess and the portrait of Goddess Etro you see in Versus trailer is
    her and they’re gonna linked the game one way or another.

  • FFmax

    I would love a Final Fantasy XIII-3 we need a good conclusion to this story. I really want to know what’s going to happen next. I don’t really get why some people hate this series so much.

  • João Madalena

    I don’t get it all these requests for a better ending, i thought it was fine as it is, when FFVII was released it had a far worse ending than this one, and it wasn’t such a big deal at the time.

    • Anime10121

      Internet makes small problems big ones.

      FFVII time= internet small
      FFXIII-2 internet BIG
      Connection, I think so ;)

      • João Madalena

         Looking that way it may be true, or maybe people are more demanding nowadays than at that time.

  • Levin_Scorpius

    At the very least we know if XIII-3 does happen it will probably be the biggest sausage fest ever, since the only women we really know are all dead (Serah, Jihl, Alyssa, Nora) or are crystallized (Lightning, Fang, Vanille). The other two (Lebreau and Chocolina)… well no one cares about them.

    Now, I assuming that Lightning will come back, which leaves us with a main cast of Light, Noel, Hope, Sazh, Dajh, and Time-Cop Snow (since he is missing from XIII-2’s ending we’ll assume he comes around one way or another). So, thats 1-5 female-male ratio. Unless Chocolina and  and NORA come back (and hopefully more useful and with new outfits), then its a 3-7 female-male ratio, which is better I guess. 

    Our villians on the other hand amount to Bland Boring Caius and the Evil Hive Army of Yeuls, so in terms of interest it doesn’t inspire much confidence for the antagonist’s side…

    • LightZero

      Fang and Vanille could be de-crystallize thus problem solve. Plus there is Lightning and a possibility of a new female character too. 

      • Levin_Scorpius

        How would they de-crystalize, though? Etro is dead, so any deus ex machina she pulled out in XIII’s retconned ending is not a possibility.

        Lightning is pretty much a given, since she’s suppose to be XIII’s “main character” and all that jazz.

        A new female character is very unlikely, since we’d have to go the whole introduction dance with her, and XIII-2’s ending doesn’t really leave a lot of working room there for her.

    • Aqua King

       I like Lebreau :/

  • Skeima

    screw versus xiii and ffvii remake! i want xiii-3,.~

    • PitaChan

      That’s the dumbest thing that has came out of your entire existence.

    • RablaAndrews

      That is the GREATEST thing that has come out of your entire existence!

    • Syn

      TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL………………….LOLOLOLOLOLOLO… Realy now, thats some pathetic attention seeking right there.

  • LightZero

    I look forward to playing FFXIII-3. I see a lot of potential hopefully they won’t do something stupid. I enjoyed both FFXIII and FFXIII-2 so I have no problem with it. So long FFXIII-3 end it once for all. 

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Lol Toriyama is going to make all the FF-13 hater here.^^ Well if it really come out(FF13-3), i hope that it will be able to improve 13-2 where it has already improve some of the aspect which is lacking in FF13 but story aspect which is kinda dissapointment.

  • versus

  • PitaChan

    Motumo toriyama sucks as a story teller, and his games are stereotypical and lame.
    Poor lighting, she has never been the protagonist of her game, we barely know anything about her.

    Such a terrible game. Enough Toriyama wanking.


    • Chiupon

       I hope you don’t think Nomura is any better…

      • PitaChan

         Better than Toriyama? Heh, countless times better.

  • komiko12

    Hehe. Read some interesting comments.

    @LynxAmali:disqus  mentioned about the possibility of VersusXIII being in development hell. It would be funny if Noctis ends up like Asagi of Makai Wars; appearing in other games as cameos/ dlc.

    • As much as I’d like to see that happening, I can’t see it happening.

      • komiko12

        Still an intruiging idea though.

  • splintered

    I enjoy that there’s technically more announcements for XIII-3 than VSXIII… *quietly sobs*

    • Chiupon

       the v stands for vapor

  • OathkeeperSoraXIII

    usually the 3rd game in a series have the biggest improvement gameplay wise imo, story wise Toriyama has a very good concept but how it’s told in the games is very poor. hopefully they can blend all the best parts about XIII and XIII-2 and then improve them further for XIII-3 (assuming it’s coming out) I think the paradigm system is fine as it is, an actual 3rd party member would be nice though. I think if there was more open worldness and a lot of side-quests where you could get items & weapons from (like in XIII) and not stupid crystal fragments it would improve. also extra bosses (not the DLC ones) I mean if they made the game very open world they could introduce airships and what not and we could revisit places to take on harder bosses etc…it’s the little things like that which can improve a game to no end. 

    I look forward to hearing more. I’m hoping for a XIII-3 rather than more DLC because in my head I can imagine it to be a major improvement and like someone else said I hope they flesh the characters out more (more about their past rather than how they’re feeling at that time and what they look forward to in the future)

  • A note to the future purchasers of FFXIII-3:

    You do know that the next sequel will have DLCs again, right??? Remember the “Coming soon for downloadable content” in-game message for the existent-but-not-playable Casino area???

    • Herok♞

       I know I don’t mind seeing as I only bought the 3 pieces of dlc I wanted for FF13-2

  • Fabula Nova Crystalis will never end… never!!! >:D
    But seriously, Square Enix needs to move on. The more they try to “fix” the series, the higher my right eye brow rises. LOL. 
    The thing is, you can’t please all people. People have different tastes. I like and love FFXII but a lot of people don’t. And it just happens that only a few people likes FFXIII and/or the sequel. It’s just up to them to create the perfect formula to make a numbered title be liked and loved by a lot more people. Agni’s Philosophy could be a good start.

    • Theodore Smith

      not tru. just as many ppl like ff13 as those tht dont. just the ones tht dont r more vocal. also, the story 2 13-2 wuz really good, just short and a little more complicated than past FF games. bring on 13-3.

  • Monsley

    I’m quite disappointed to hear there’s no news on FFX HD. I’ve been wanting to play it again lately, and I wanted to wait for a shiny HD release instead of settling for our 50Hz, black bordered PAL conversion.
    Oh well, I just hope we will hear about it soon. And I’m still hoping for a FFX/X-2/XII HD collection! :D

    On the other hand, I’m really excited to hear that they’re still working on the FFXIII series! I really hope they’ll release a full new game instead of a story DLC…

  • Im down for a Final Fantasy 13-3 if the story is as good as 13 and the gameplay and sidequest are like 13-2…

  • Clifford Pierre Louis

    This all sounds good except for the “He knows some fans want to have all of the content on disc, but this poses a dilemma since it would increase development time.” I mean what else are we paying 60$+ for these games, YES we want all the content on the disc(blu-ray can handle it)…*sneezes*sorry allergic to Bull $#!+

    • Aqua King

      I’m fine with DLC that is developed a year, two years after the game is
      released to extend gameplay and add more options (like Dragon Age DLC
      with more trophies, etc.) Most DLC is developed -with- the game, can (and should) fit on the disk it is released on, and is finished well before the game goes public (but is systematically delayed in release over the next few months) I agree that comments like that are ‘bull’ as well as the ones that claim spacial limitations. :/

    • revenent hell

      Uhm it obviously dosent increase development time since  they have other “groups” focus on the “dlc” at the same time as what goes on the disc is being created,I do remember them stating as much in an article that the DLC got focused on while the game was being developed.

  • hahaha XIII haters will never get over it.

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