Atelier Ayesha Sells More Than Totori, Less Than Meruru

By Ishaan . July 7, 2012 . 3:00pm

Last week, Gust released Atelier Ayesha on the PlayStation 3 in Japan, and the game sold 60,548 copies in its first week. Let’s see how that compares to the other Atelier games’ first-week sales on the PlayStation 3:


(2009) Atelier Rorona – 43,243

(2010) Atelier Totori – 53,871

(2011) Atelier Meruru – 82,585


Sales tracker, Media Create, also reports how much pre-orders contributed to the first-week sales of each of the PlayStation 3 Atelier games:


Atelier Rorona – 35.12%

Atelier Totori – 59.90%

Atelier Meruru – 59.90%

Atelier Ayesha – 58.70%


Overall, that puts Ayesha in between Totori and Meruru in terms of sales and just a bit lower in terms of pre-orders, which isn’t bad all. It appears as though Gust have a series they can churn out annually and bank upon for surefire results every year.

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  • It must be that wavy pink hair…

    Seriously, why are Meruru’s sales so explosively high by comparison? Did it have more promotion than the others? More fanservice? Did something in Meruru cause fans to not come back for Ayesha? Answers Please!

    • Maybe it was because it was the end of a trilogy? :X

    • Herok♞

       Its most likely the fact that it was the end of the trilogy.

    • malek86

      Well, one chance is that they switched artists. Maybe people liked Kishida Mel’s artwork more.

      Another possibility is that Meruru benefitted from all the people who had liked Totori and Rorona, being in the same trilogy. Ayesha is a new series instead.

      As for having less fanservice, I doubt it: both Meruru and Ayesha are rated Cero B (unlike Rorona and Totori, which were Cero A). So I doubt that’s the case.

      Finally, it may just be a normal oscillation. People may have got a bit tired of playing a similar game for 4 years straight (though that didn’t happen with COD yet, so who knows…), or maybe there were more releases that week and people thought of spending their money on something else…

    • Kevadu

      Maybe it’s just because it’s a great game?  I’m absolutely loving Meruru.

      • Alexander Aubert

        i love meruru, BUT mimi is brocken

    • Nitraion

      Must be because fans know the char already and want to know what happen to the char…. XD

    • I know people are joking about this, but it very well could be the moe. I’m sure little-Rorona attracted plenty of that crowd. 

      I’m not sure about the whole “end of the series” thing, since Meruru sold a good deal more (relatively) than Rorona and Totori. The numbers tell us that more people pre-ordered Meruru, but that doesn’t account for why the sales figures are so much higher.

      That’s why I think there could be some merit to the idea that the extra-cuteness/moe attracted new buyers.

      • So you mean to say there’s less moe and cuteness in this one? I suppose can see that, especially in the way of the series-standard fanservice. Ayesha and her pals are pretty well-covered up and modestly proportioned in comparison to, well, Pamela and Lionela, for example.

        • Judging from what I’ve seen, yeah, there does seem to be less pandering.

          •  There is a fair bit less. There’s still Wilbell, but most of the characters in this game are adults and the story is quite a bit more serious than the decidedly silly plot to Meruru.

          • Ladius

            I don’t think there was anything wrong with the Arland games’ plots, personally. Slice of life narrative has the same dignity as heroic fantasy, all that matters in the end is how well it’s executed.

            Also, for all the pandering talk I think the Arland games (and the traditional Atelier games, barring most of the Iris and Khemia ones) are the most progressive jrpgs in terms of presenting female characters and protagonists as persons with self-fulfilling goals and ideals, just as Trails in the Sky and very few other games.

            They obviously had a really cutesy character design and a somewhat otome-like feel, but I think most criticism (aside from one optional event in Totori, maybe) was most by people who never gave the series a chance and judged it from the outside.

      • malek86

        I’ve also noticed that user reviews on Amazon don’t appear to be very high. I know it doesn’t mean much. But since I assume these games will be mostly voted by the same series fans (unlike say, DQ9), perhaps it’s indicative of a drop in perceived quality?

        • PoweredByHentai

          Problem with Amazon’s review system is that ANYONE can make a review without having purchased the item in question.

          The worst part about Amazon’s review system is that it aggregates the scores of all the reviews, including the ones from people who weren’t “verified Amazon purchase”.

          • Testsubject909

            It’s also always a hassle going through the reviews when searching for high quality recording equipment. The reviews are detailed but so different in statement and it’s just annoying trying to dig through it all for facts and fictions.

          • malek86

            That’s why I said “perceived” quality. Perhaps the reviews are just choke full of “no Kishida, no buy – 1 star”. But at least that would tell us why they didn’t buy it.

          • PoweredByHentai

            No, it wouldn’t.  You’re talking about the value of each individual review on Amazon whereas I’m saying that Amazon’s entire review system is flawed and therefore completely untrustworthy.  

            Remember when the Japanese Dragon Quest IX came out?  There was a coordinated review bomb of the game on Amazon and it had a review score of ONE star up until other people flooded the page.  And the kicker there is that most, if not all, of those one-star reviews are from accounts that did not purchase the game at all.

            Forcing people to sort through the BS reviews from those who have purchased the item is not only a hassle, it is also complete BS.

            TL;DR version: Amazon doesn’t filter reviews at all so troll reviews are rampant.

          • Ladius

            Yeah, as sad as it is user votes on most sites are rigged and compromised by trolls with multiple accounts, fanbases “attacking” their rival series, boycotts, exaggerations and in general a lot of drama and angst that has nothing to do with actual gamer expressing their views regarding a title they bought and played.

            Regarding Atelier, recently Metacritic’s Atelier Meruru page saw its user score went from 7.5 or something like that to under 3.0 thanks to dozens of fake accounts spamming 0 and 1 votes in less than an hour (things like this were reported for lots of other jrpgs, Tales of Graces f for example). Luckily, this time Metacritic acknowledged the issue and restored the old user score.

        • Could be, yeah. There could be any number of reasons, from the change in art style to the decreased focus on moe/fanservice, to having new characters altogether. I’m inclined to think it’s actually all of those. But I guess we only need to wait another 11 months to find out if the trend continues. :P

  • Anime10121

    Wasn’t that interested in the Arland series (well other than dat ART), though I do wanna try this one out.

  • gaiahatergaia

    Atelier meruru had more moe.
    if this had more moe, it would’ve sold more.

    moe pls.

    • Timothy Solis

       No, this game has PLENTY of moe xD

      • Alexander Aubert

        i thought this game was the manliest atelier, well i don’t mind with the moe

    • ivanchu77

      Oh, but there was moe, quite a lot.

      About the sales, there´s a big difference with Meruru…. but I remember than Totori was considered a “success” and this game has sold more.

      But still, the ideal situation would have been if it sold at least the same than Meruru, not very happy with these sales

      • gaiahatergaia

        Yeah, i know pretty much all of the “Atelier” series have a considerable amount of moe, but it needs more, you know what i mean? xD

  • DanteJones

    Makes sense being a new game with several things that have changed from the Arland series. Some people might be waiting to see how it does before picking it up.

  • Loran Cehack

    Any plans in the future if there’s going to be a bundle of the Arland trilogy?

    • They’ve already done bargain edition bundles.

  • Manny Being Manny

    I think it mainly has to do with Robotic Notes coming out same week, along with a batch of Spring anime titles. These games are aimed at the anime fans after all, and they only have finite money to get both anime and new video games coming out.

  • Hmm I’m hoping this one does well. I really like the older main character style. I mean cute is awesome and well cute but, it’s just nice it have a switch every once in awhile. Not saying every game from now on should be older main character or anything just don’t overdose me on the moe (._. ). Can’t wait to pick this game up (✿❛◡❛)ノ

  • Spectacularity

    I wonder if this game will get a sequel… (I know most Atelier games have at least two games in each sub series, but for some reason I get the feeling this one won’t.)

  • “Overall, that puts Ayesha in between Totori and Meruru
    in terms of sales and just a bit lower in terms of pre-orders, which
    isn’t bad all. It appears as though Gust have a series they can churn
    out annually and bank upon for surefire results every year.”

    That’s what everyone, including Gust, used to think back at the turn of the millenium… and then Lilie and especially Judie blew up in their faces.

    I really hope they don’t get complacent, but given how excellent Ayesha is, I’m not too worried about that

    • Ladius

      I think Atelier’s fanbase simply never considered the handheld entries as legitimate chapters, as sad as it is. Seeing Lina bomb so hard was really painful, and considering NIS America never brought us anything Atelier on DS or PSP after Annie I guess that wasn’t a success, either :

      That said, the important thing is that the series has managed to thrive, and that its following seems to be rather stable.

      •  I wasn’t even talking about handhelds. Lilie was the first of the PS2 Ateliers, coming off the insanely strong quarter-million start both Marie and Elie had; Judie, in its initial release, was the second. From Elie to Judie, Atelier went from selling somewhere between 180k-250k (depending on the source) to 60k or less. Judie’s practically the reason the Ateliers have been annualized for so long.

        Seeing the handhelds bomb for the franchise has also been depressing (and really bizarre given Japan’s modern proclivities), but the franchise has ridden high only to crash before. I’d really, really hate to see history repeat itself.

        • Ladius

          Yeah, I meant to continue what you were saying regarding the series’ situation by mentioning the handheld Atelier disasters because they’re the most recent commercial failures in the series, and show how risky it is for them to try new venues and how the series’ fanbase is still rather frail and hardware-based (who knows how Atelier would have fared if PS3’s jrpg offer had been bigger). The fact that the DS and PSP entries bombed regardless of being ports like Judie or Violet or original games like Lina is also pretty telling.

          I don’t think we have anything to fear, though: at this point, if Gust handles the PS3home entries as they are doing I doubt they will see huge drops and return to the disappointing sales of some PS2 entries.

  • Ladius

    I’m happy about Ayesha’s sales, Gust has shown how a low budget company can keep improving both graphics and systems with each new game, something that sadly can’t be said of far more relevant series. The drop from Meruru was probably to be expected (new storyline, the ragequit of those who were aboard only for Kishida’s artworks), but still Ayesha managed to retain most of the Arland fanbase, which bodes well for its LTD numbers and for its eventual sequel.

  • Crap. I see a time limit in the top corner. I read from a few folks that there wouldn’t be one. ~_~() Ah well, I’ll still get it.

    • raymk

      That’s not a time limit thats just a calendar to keep track of events.

  • Kai2591

    Gust just keeps getting better and better :)
    Unfortunately i still have yet to finish Rorona :(

    tbh i prefer the style of the Ar tonelico series rather than the more relaxed style of Atelier games. I sure hope Ciel no Surge will get localized soon, then I’ll finally have a real reason to get a Vita~

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      I never check the NIS forums, has anything been said at all? Like, people asking for a localization or something~?

      • Kai2591

        lol I don’t check NIS forums either, but I’m sure some are asking for a localization.
        Anything’s possible these days I believe, so its very much possible it will get a localization :)

        • Ladius

           NISA already announced they will localize Atelier Ayesha at AEX, rejoice :)

          • Kai2591

             lol yeah I know but I was talking about Ciel no Surge ;)

        • I don’t think Ciel no Surge is really possible.. it’s basically twitter + visual novel, there is little gameplay at all… you mostly navigate through menus… the story is cute & interesting, the game looks incredibly georgous – but everything else besides that isn’t really that great.. I don’t think anyone would bring this to the West, tbh. ^^;

          • Kai2591

            You have a point, but lately I’ve seen a lot of seemingly impossible localizations come true. So I believe that nowadays, anything is possible ;)

  • Even with all the buzz going around about the “MOE”, I still believe the total sales of Atelier Ayesha will be very good, but we will just have to wait and see. Until then I will sit here impatiently waiting for yet another masterpiece of a game. =^_^=

  • $2445837

    Despite the outward apperance, Atelier games are very tame in terms of their warped deviations and fetishes. They’re very approachable games, oddly enough.

    Gust is also the only of their peers that can crank out legitimately good games. I’m sure some people dig ’em, but honestly everything Idea Factory and Compile Heart makes is pure shit, it’s Otaku fodder of the worst sort, whereas Gust makes legitimate titles.

    I hope they keep refining their efforts and I wish them the best.

  • Guest

    Also, the current artwork is a massive upgrade over the previous, anyone quitting over it has some pretty crap taste. :p Everything looks so much more natural and cohesive now, Mel loved to vomit terrible color palettes and moeblob expressions on everything which was one of the few warts the last few games had.

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