Hitman Absolution’s Nun-Assassins Examined In A Profile Video

By Ishaan . July 8, 2012 . 3:04pm

Remember the Saints, Hitman Absolution’s group of leather-clad assassin-nuns? The game’s last trailer showed an encounter between them and Agent 47, with the Saints getting the short end of the stick. This week, IO Interactive have released a profile of the Saints, which gives a little information on their background training. You can watch this below:



Hitman Absolution will be released on November 20th in North America.

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  • Mago Iichi

    I could’ve sworn 47 killed the black girl too, gotta rewatch that video.

    47 went beast mode on them chicks.

  • Göran Isacson

    You know, just because you belatedly join in on the criticisms doesn’t exactly take away that you DID dress them up in fetish costumes to begin with… also, the “nuns can walk around undetected because no one expects nuns to pull out rocket launchers”-argument might work if they were dressed as actual nuns, and not participants of the local S&M festival. Just sayin’. had they remained in their military apparel to begin with, or just worn something sensible, you guys wouldn’t be in this much hot water to start with… and it was all just to set up that one Saint as some revenge-driven recurring mini-boss? She’s gonna have to work pretty damn hard to earn any kind of respect since 47 took out her whole damn squad solo.

  • Jungo

    Wait… they’re a recurring thing? They’re not just a one-time joke?

    Man, I’m really worried about this game now.

    • Closet_Ninja

       you’re worried about the game now because of one saint… doesn’t make a whole lot of sense bro, hitman is one level, one or more targets kill them so the saints girls are probably just one level. so never fear, don’t lose hope in this game that has been in development for 6 years over leather tights 

  • I love how “What’s with those fetish costumes?!” is circled. Because really… what is with those fetish costumes? I get it: They’re Saints, and Saints are related to nuns. But it doesn’t exactly make a ton of sense.

    47 wears a suit because he blends in well with other suit wearing people, and he’s classy.

    Sexy nuns blend in with.. well.. No one really, if there are a pack of them, all together like that.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      These guys are still convinced they are cooler than the rest of us. This material was not hastily done for damage control, h*ll it looks even more in-game quality than the shaky, pixelly nuns trailer. Are we supposed to just accept the stupidity of it all just because we now have 4 sentences of written text sharing their background?

      • I’m starting to wonder if this is actually an attempt to take the game in a  Quentin Tarantino-y direction. Y’know, where you get that feeling that it’s kinda realistic, kinda awesome, almost humorous, and totally unbelievable – but you let it go for the sake of fun.

        But the thing is… Hitman has never really been like that before. So maybe that’s why it’s harder to really accept, right now.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          One could argue that was how the Olyphant movie was handled. Perhaps they are targeting that audience. This wouldn’t be the first major series that saw a switch from stealth to blow everything to hell as of late.

          • Augh. Yeah. That’s a real shame. Stealth is a real dying genre now.

        • amagidyne

          This is less Quentin Tarantino and more Zack Snyder. “No, you guys! The fetish nuns getting guro’d is supposed to be, like, meaning something! It definitely isn’t problematic fanservice! Definitely!”

    • Mr_SP

       They’re only sexy when they take the costumes off. Costumes on, they’re no different to 47 the Butcher, or 47 the Police Officer. I mean, who gives nuns pat-downs, or treats the idea of them being a threat seriously? Then BAM, knife between the 3rd and 4th vertebrae.

      • I guess that’s true. I guess such a big part of the trailer was spent with robes off, that I kinda forgot that they usually keep those on. :P

      • Guest

         If I saw a bunch of sexy nuns walking by I’d probably think to myself ‘lol theyre not nuns this is some gag spoof’

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