Monster Hunter 4 Has Multiple Villages

By Ishaan . July 8, 2012 . 2:08pm

The keyword for Monster Hunter 4, according to Capcom, is “adventure”. As previously reported, Monster Hunter 4 has the most NPCs of any Monster Hunter game to date. This is being done in order to create a greater sense of immersion for the game’s single-player campaign, but it isn’t the only new feature.


New to Monster Hunter 4 is the idea of you being a nomadic hunter. Instead of there being a single village that acts as your base, you travel in a caravan that concept art shows turning into a camp. Using the caravan, you’ll travel to different villages. Yes, there are multiple villages in Monster Hunter 4, Capcom tell, and each one has its own chief and its own culture.


The first village in the game is called Barbaré, and it has all your standard facilities. However, villages you visit later in the game will have their own unique facilities that you can’t find anywhere else.

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  • Domii

    Like some have mentioned before, Capcom have really mastered the 3DS like no one else have.

    • heartless141

       dude, the fact that they have 4 villages doesn’t have anything to do with the 3DS.

      • Domii

        I’m not only talking about the villages, I’m mainly talking about everything I’ve seen of the game so far. Also, look at Capcom’s track record on the 3DS and see how gorgeous each game looks on the platform compare to the others.    

        • heartless141

           fair enough i suppose. got a few things to say, but it will just turn into another console debate thing so i’ll stop here :)

  • Peace Legacy

    Monster Hunter 4 have multiple village?

  • Rudy Soto

    Oh My God, I’m crying.

    The more I hear about Monster Hunter 4, the more I want it. I just pray that Capcom will bless us with a localization.

    • Christopher Nunes

      I’m hoping for the Monster Hunter Tri G for the 3DS… I hate that the 3DS is region-locked. :<

      I really hope this game comes out, but Capcom doesn't want to do so for some reason. 

  • gquain

    Sometimes i wish Capcom would just go swim in our money all day long.
    They are currently holding a string, connected to a bag full of money.
    They just need to pull it to them now (in other words, localization!)

  • aoihana

    I expected as much where from the caravan concept art,  but I didn’t expect how lively it would be. 

    Using the caravan, you’ll travel to different villages. Yes, there are multiple villages in Monster Hunter 4, Capcom tell, and each one has its own chief and its own culture. 

    That sounds absolutely amazing! I haven’t played any Monster Hunter games(other than the Tri G demo), but just knowing that the focus of Monster Hunter 4 will be adventure is very exciting. 

    I love adventure games, but it’s not really an adventure without the immersion and detail of not only the world, but the surrounding mechanics, too. 

    NPC’s are very important, I feel, they bring life into the world, and it’s reassuring that Monster Hunter 4 will have the most NPC’s in the series to date. It just proves their focus on the world. 

    The most interesting to me is the fact that the villages will have their own chief and culture, that’s just brilliant. I would love to see how each village differs from one another, in terms of how they live their lives, but their chiefs influence, too! 

    Are they more peaceful and welcoming people, or are they more prideful and cautious of outsiders. It’s exciting to think about! (*≧m≦*)

    • Luis Enrique

       You expect too much. This isn’t Final Fantasy, the villages aren’t important at all.

      • aoihana

        Perhaps they aren’t particularly significant, at least in the previous games, but obviously Capcom thinks the contrary. I mean they’ve added 4 villages, each with their own chief and culture and made adventure one of the focuses.

        Granted villages may not be as important as in Final Fantasy, but they’re an important asset of the game to me, which was my whole point. (◕‿◕✿)

        • Luis Enrique

          There aren’t for a reason, all you need from them is the farm and crafting, which if you ask me, could be better if we got rid of the NPC and just cut to the chase and let you craft yourself.

          It all just sounds like a gimmick to me, I just want to hunt monsters, not meet Flora McFlower and have her tell me how pretty her flowers are.

  • Jonathan Keycross

    The only thing that I didn´t like that much of these kind of games is the existence of only one city or village where you can do all the non-hunting stuff.
    This is a nice addition and I hope it´s well implemented. They could use what they learned from their experience with Dragons Dogma in this case.

  • konsama

    I wonder if the cities are al new or we’ll get the chance to visit older game villages too, also maybe depending on city the quests and monsters will vary, that would be a nice addition i always wanted.

    • At least now we have some idea of what they’re going to add when Monster Hunter 4G comes out a year after this game! I would honestly like to see them add Tri G’s Moga Village, but somehow, I don’t think they’d do that. They’re more likely to add new areas instead.

      I’m sure there are Nintendo collaborations planned for 4/4G as well. That would be a real missed opportunity if they didn’t do it, considering Portable 3rd’s Peace Walker collaboration was pretty well-received.

  • OMFG. Capcom makes me wonder why they develop it on 3DS, though, I think vita is more capable of this things. 

    • Herok♞

       Hi I am Herok and since you are new I want to let you know that in this communtiy, system wars aren’t appricated, you can read the rest of the rules here:

    • Please read our posting guidelines as Herok mentioned below. We don’t allow for complaints about what system a game is on around here. Please don’t do that again.

      • Domii

        Very disappointed that you removed my comments like if I said anything hateful. Its really unfortunately that we can’t see eye to eye on this topic. Oh well, moving on I guess. 

        • Sorry, but as we’ve said before, there is no room for debate on this subject. Rules are rules. The “I wish XX was on YY, instead of ZZ” comments are pointless as they will never change anything and will only do more harm than good. People making comments along those lines will be warned/banned accordingly, and further comments along those lines will always be deleted.

          • I disagree. The more people who express their desire for a game to be released on another system, the more chance it becomes a reality. *see Dark Souls PC* Now there is a question of “is this the most effective place to achieve that?” No, it isn’t, but it certainly still helps. People read this, consider, oh I would like the game on X system too! Then they go post elsewhere, other people see their comments, continue to spread the word that people want this game on X system. And so on. The devs probably won’t be looking at siliconera but if enough people continue expressing their interest on many different sites around the internet, word will get out. I don’t understand your “do more harm than good.” I understand not wanting people to argue over what system is better, those are stupid conversations. “XBOX BETTER THAN PS3! psvita sux!!11! I hate Nintendo wii!” That’s just stupid. But saying that you wish a game could be on another console too isn’t stirring up any arguments. All that it means is you like the game and you wish you could play it but you can’t because it’s on a console you don’t own. Or, you own both consoles but you’d prefer to play it on X console instead of Y console for whatever reasons.

            As long as you aren’t putting a system down, I see no harm in advocating a games release on another system too. Unlike console flaming/wars which are purely negative, this is purely positive. Expressing one’s excitement for a game and desire to play it.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Sir, a handful of forum posts regardless of how many sites they show up on is not going to magically make a company spend what is now millions of dollars in extra dev time. These companies have already spent money on far more effective research for their titles.

            Welcome to the site, but please be aware console requests/whines do nothing but polarize and do not encourage serious levels of discussion. We want folks to think about a game, their own gaming habits and our hobby in general. It is why we have that rule, and are so strident in asking the community to follow it.

          •  Oh and for the record, I’m not referring to the specific comments on this thread (like Lawrence’s or Ayais), but rather just in general if you are purely positive I see no harm in “I wish this game were on X system” comments. What’s wrong with “Monster Hunter 4 looks like it’s going to be a great game! Big improvement over previous entries! I hope they release it on Vita sometime though or I won’t be able to play it =,( The old entries were on PSP. Well I can still hope ^^ Maybe I’ll just have to get a 3DS too =P”?

            Doesn’t sound hurtful at all… and if enough people show the publisher they would be willing to buy the game on X console, maybe it will become a reality.

          •  Also the “Each console, in every generation, has exclusive titles and also misses out on select games.” is certainly true. I wouldn’t comment on a Super Mario game “This would be great on PSVita!” That’s because certain games are traditionally console exclusives. I wouldn’t ask for Halo to be released on Wii U either. But there are many games which are traditionally crossplatform. If a sequel to a crossplatform game simply hasn’t been announce on one of the systems, there’s a good chance it will eventually be released on both. Those are the games for which advocating the release could be beneficial.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Sir, this is the third comment in 10 minutes, all of which say largely the same thing and which could have been handled as edits of your original post.

            This just is not a subject that as Ishaan noted there is room for debate on.

          • “Sir, a handful of forum posts regardless of how many sites they show up
            on is not going to magically make a company spend what is now millions
            of dollars in extra dev time.”

            Dark Souls.

            “a handful of forum posts”

            I did not mean to imply a handful of forum posts alone will influence a
            dev to make such a significant investment. Rather, the forum posts
            influence the consumers and can create a snowball effect. The more
            consumers who decide they would like X game on Y console, the more
            likely consumers will use other media to get the word across to the
            devs. For example a consumer and youtube producer, TotalHalibut, heard
            this idea (Dark Souls to PC) as it spread across the internet.
            Eventually the movement, which undoubtedly started in forums and comments on news articles, gradually
            took off from there when users started making things like online
            petitions. This youtube producer then also contributed by making a video
            which now has 700,000+ views. This is just one way forum posts or comments can
            spark larger acts like petitions and online videos which then snowball
            into more and more initiative by consumers.

            “please be aware console requests/whines do nothing but polarize”

            It is pretty sad that a community can be polarized over game consoles. Some people are so immature. Different game consoles have different games, different pros, different cons. If I want to play X game I’ll go for Y console. I’ll never understand why people get so up in arms over the console itself. Consoles are for playing games. I just want to play games and not argue over a console. Seems to be missing the point entirely. Some people… =P

            But I understand, when people are so immature and vehemently defend their consoles for no apparent reason, it could benefit the community to maintain this kind of strict “no console discussion” policy. It’s just sad that something like consoles can polarize the community in the first place -_-” Especially when you’re not even arguing about which console is better and simply saying that you’d really like to play X game on Y console because you own Y console.

            But again, I understand… oh well. Every day the internet increasingly makes me lose faith in humanity. People are so sad it’s pathetic.

  • Hinataharem

    There is an insane amount of potential behind this idea.

  • Onizuka Gio Hikari

    Very nice improvement im looking forward to MH4 

  • Redsumo

    I’d actually care if we still got these titles in the states. Capcom hasn’t invited us Americans to the party for a while.

  • AyaisMUsikWhore

    IIt sucks that it will be on the 3DS but it doesn’t matter because I will still play it. However I feel the controls and the screen space as well as the processor in the Vita would do this game justice. I get they don’t want to completely miss the mark with the vita but if Capcom knew they were the deciding cate for the vita, they should… I hope.. Reconsider. Either way, I can’t wait for this game xD

    • Please read our posting guidelines for future reference. We don’t appreciate complaints about what system a game is on around here:

  • Godmars

    Don’t mean to start anything, but I’m still waiting for the MH where your actions/hunts create new settlements and has you taming certain animals into riding mounts.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    My dream has been fulfilled.^^*Dead*

  • revenent hell

    Oh I realy like how this game is sounding,I may just have to purchase it.
    Ive never been an ubber monster hunter fan but this does sound to my likeing.

    Edit: If/when capcom decides we are worthy of this game

  • ZEROthefirst

    How I want this game and how it saddens me that if we ever get this it won’t be for years down the road v_v

  • i neeeeeeeeeeed this…


  • 猫 黒

    Hope they can add different events like item shipments, big monster attack, maybe partially destroyed village if you don’t visit in ages?  And they can have NPCs mention it like “oh btw I heard there’s been A monster attacks near village B lately.”   Otherwise there’s not much point in having multiple villages.

  • hongisfire

    Kokoto, Yukumo, Jumbo, Moga, Mezorta, Dondoruma, Minegarde, Pokke & Loc Lac. Multiple villages inded

  • This is it.I am going to buy a 3ds.Never though I would say this after watching the first trailer…..never judge a book by it’s cover I guess(it is time I learnt my lesson)

    • hongisfire

      Nah, more like never judge book from it’s alpha product.

  • Reno Evangelista


  • Must sacrifice more virgins to acquire 3DS and the games in my growing list…

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