Monster Hunter In The West: “Some Sort Of Information” Coming This Year

By Ishaan . July 9, 2012 . 5:02pm

Capcom have been secretive about if and when Monster Hunter Tri G or Monster Hunter 4 will be released in the west. Capcom USA have strongly hinted at a western release numerous times in recent months, but have stopped just short of confirming one.


Today, however, Capcom USA’s Christian Svensson provided another update on the situation over on Capcom’s forums. In reply to a fan asking why there was no sign of Monster Hunter being at Comic-Con, Svensson shared:


Ok, part one, I’m not aware of anyone from Capcom saying "wait for comic-con".  Perhaps fan speculation.


I will be more clear than I have ever been… Western MH fans should have some sort of information before the end of this calendar year.  I can’t say more than that unfortunately though I would love to.


Note that the underlining of “some sort of information” was part of Svensson’s original quote. In the past, Svensson has also made other statements hinting at Tri G’s release in the west. He has also stated that a localization announcement for Monster Hunter games is likely to be led by Capcom’s Japanese division, with Capcom USA following it up, and has discussed the importance of online play for the west as well.

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  • Vampiric

    hes a tease

  • Herok♞

    The only question is, is he talking about Tri G or 4

  • Red Veron

    I don’t trust Capcom any more. If you want something similar on Vita, get Ragnarok Odyssey. Its got online multiplayer!

    • Could you guys give it a rest with not trusting capcom!

      It’s the higher ups that make the bad decisions not the Game Devs, So far they’ve made Games that are Quite okay to Awesome.

      your patience might have run thin but mine sure as hell hasn’t(This might seem directed at you but it’s more of a general message)

    • Hinataharem

      Yup Capcom is soooo untrustworthy with free DLC quests in every game.

  • Carocaro4

    IS tri G a bad game? The one on the Wii was okay. I hope that the 3DS won’t drop the frame rate or something. Other than that I’m game.

    • Tri G’s framerate is smooth as heck even with 3D. <3

    • Sheimi12

      Almost as much monsters as FU, more weapon types than both tri and even FU

      And it even has better graphics than both of them

      However weapons need some balance ( I am looking at you bracci/slime weapons) but its rather minor and camera can be iffy without the CPP

      All in all though it’s one of the best entries to date

  • Ladius

    Given how many MH hints he gave in the past months, he must be as frustrated to be unable to make any announcement as the series’ fans are about the lack of news. I think we can safely expect good news in the near future, though.

    • Exkaiser

      Knowing how much Sven loves MonHun, I’m sure it’s killing him.

  • Guest

    I really hope we get both. They both look so good! 

    • I hope we get both too, I am gonna buy a 3DS XL especially for MH.

      Monster Hunter needs to be played on a bigger screen ( Tri is good but i’d rather have MonHun Portable)

  • Marcelo Henrique Chaves

    To be honest the confirmation of this speculation it’s what will determine  which portable device i’ll buy, if they don’t release MH in the west i’m gonna buy the Vita, at least i’ll have Ragnarok, Soul Sacrifice and Phantasy Star to play.

  • Blesmi

    3G w/ online play would be preeeeeetty rad, but I could see them skipping 3G in favor of bringing 4 over instead.

    • zeta

      better not skip 3G we MH fans must boost the western sales for MH for more constant and earlier western release.

      • CrimsonalCore

        That would be nice, but there is one problem, and that is the sales charts. MH3 is already released for the Wii to the west, so this made people feel like they won’t have to buy it again since they already owned it. Without online, people would rather not buying 3G, sure, extra contents are nice, but that wouldn’t be enough, isn’t it? For Capcom, if they already planned to release this game to the west and if it doesn’t do well, there won’t be MH4.

        Looking back, there’s MHP3rd/HDver. that hasn’t release to the west…

  • PoweredByHentai

    Those of you who have a Vita and are waiting for a Vita version of the Monster Hunter games, you guys should really try out Ragnarok Odyssey when it comes out (courtesy of XSEED Games).

    The action is faster and more fluid than Monster Hunter and you also have more tactical abilities to get yourself out of a mess.  That and Ragnarok Odyssey has local WiFi coop and online coop play.

    This isn’t to say that I’m crashing Monster Hunter’s party or anything, but if you had any gripes about Monster Hunter’s more deliberate gameplay, those gripes are answered with Ragnarok Odyssey.

    •  Already have Ragnarok Odyssey preorderd when Newegg had the $10 off preorder promos.  I’ll take an actual release date (which is soon) from another company over Capcom’s insanely vague ones.

      It’s going to take forever and a day for anything MH to hit NA, considering I was waiting for MH3P to hit NA and basically went unofficially vaporware after a really really long time…

      • PoweredByHentai

        You know, I’d honestly bet on Capcom not bringing any Monster Hunter title over to the US.

        Monster Hunter is a game that is best played with friends, especially if you have a local gathering place.  In high population density areas like East Asia, especially the ones that have efficient mass transit systems, Monster Hunter-type games are an instant winner.

        Here in the USA where you generally need a car to get anywhere, having online coop makes more sense than being within ad hoc wireless range.  =/

        It’s also difficult to play as a group if one of you has to drive.  Over in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul, getting from place to place in the city was easy and I could play Monster Hunter with my friends throughout the entire length of the way via public transit.

        I understand that Tri on the Wii sold pretty well but I don’t think that Capcom was pleased with sales on the portables here in the North American market.  They “value” the market as untapped potential but the infrastructure is just much too different for local wireless coop to work.

        • I wish you would stop talking out of your rear end. When a publisher has said they want to bring a game over, it means they want to bring the game over. Why would you assume otherwise? 

          “This isn’t to say that I’m crashing Monster Hunter’s party or anything…”

          Except that you come into nearly every Monster Hunter-related post parroting the exact same thing about how you think Ragnarok Odyssey is better. Look, people get it. You love your Vita. I’m sure Ragnarok is a great game, too.

          But not everyone wants it. Some people just want Monster Hunter. You coming into every other MH post and derailing it by demanding that everyone buy Ragnarok instead isn’t achieving anything.

          • PoweredByHentai

            @Ishaan:disqus :
            When a publisher says that they want to bring a title over but they don’t give an estimate on a release date, I believe I have a right to dispute whether they intend to follow through with it considering that it was last September when they mentioned that they would “try” to bring it over, you even bugged them again in April and the response was “method to the madness” and now this article comes along and all we have is “wait for Comic-Con” and “you’ll hear more later this year”.

            If they at least said, “we’re working on it” or even a “here’s the current status”, sure, I’d be perfectly accepting of that as meaning that something is getting done.

            Except that you come into nearly every Monster Hunter-related post 

            Every other MH article?  I advise you to re-read through the comments on the other MH articles because this is the only MH article that I’ve bothered to comment on for the past half year or so as I have spent most of my commenting time in the OT section.  Furthermore, the only other times I’ve ever talked about Ragnarok Odyssey are in the RO articles and the XSEED articles, both of which were completely relevant.
            I recognize that talking about RO in this article has annoyed you, but you need to get a better grip on remembering who has said what and where.

          • I don’t have the time to go through your entire posting history I’m afraid, but if you did this in other posts and I mixed it up with the Monster Hunter ones, I apologize for that. 

            The reason I brought this up is because I often see snide remarks from you against the 3DS in general, whether it’s to do with region locking or how much you like Ragnarok more than Monster Hunter or anything else. At first, it was informative, but then it started to get a little annoying and I see from a quick Google search that you parrot these comments often on other sites as well. 

            I thought it would be wise to point this out because that sort of repeated behaviour can lead to people not taking you seriously as I just did. 

          • PoweredByHentai

            @Ishaan:disqus :
            I admit that I honestly dislike the 3DS’s region-locking but I don’t go around lambasting the 3DS’s region-locking in every 3DS article.  I do make the occasional off-hand remark about the 3DS in the Vita articles though but mostly in the OT section.

            I am well aware of the comment section’s rules and I do stick by the rules laid out by the site.  This was one of those “well, since we still have to wait for Capcom to surprise us, how about giving some of these other titles a go?” moments.

            That said, I recognize that this may not have been the wisest thing given the circumstances but I honestly felt that it might be worth it to at least have a discussion about how people feel about other games within the same genre.

          • It’s all right, and I appreciate when you take the time out to explain your stance, as you did in the comments above when describing just what it is about RO that you like so much over Monster Hunter. I was just pointing out that, within the context of all the posts you make, the general negativity toward MH/3DS can get in the way of some of your debates.

            As for publishers not announcing things explicitly, I don’t really think it’s all that rare for publishers to not commit to something concrete. Everyone from Xseed to Nintendo to Capcom often make statements like “Nothing to announce at this time” or “We’ll think about it” or “Under consideration” or “Stay tuned” and so on.

            I believe we mentioned that in the article as well. Any Monster Hunter localization announcement that happens will come from Japan first, and Capcom’s American/European branches will follow it up with their own screenshots and press releases. That’s why the USA branch can’t say anything right now. They need to wait for Japan, who are extremely over-protective of this franchise.

          • PoweredByHentai

            @Ishaan:disqus :
            Well, we had The Last Story being kept in the dark for a very long time, especially from NoA and it ended up being brought over by a third party publisher.  It was like a broadside from out of nowhere even though it was Nintendo that was being blunt about not planning on bringing it over.

            Regarding MH, even though it is entirely a Capcom property, it still isn’t impossible for the localization to be done by other parties.  That is a possibility that I’m actually keeping an eye on.  It is an edge-case scenario, but given what happened with Demon’s Souls and even Last Story, it isn’t something that can be ruled out entirely.

          • Monster Hunter is never, ever going to be brought over by anyone that isn’t Capcom. Capcom Japan don’t even trust Capcom USA with it fully (although, they do trust them with things like community effort, marketing etc). They won’t just hand it off to some random publisher. :P

          • PoweredByHentai

            @Ishaan:disqus :
            Hahaha, that is most unfortunate that Capcom Japan doesn’t trust Capcom USA.  From an organizational point of view, that would be pretty fatal to any organization, especially if it cannot trust its subsidiaries.

            Put them on a leash, sure, but not trusting them completely?  >_<

          • Maybe “trust” isn’t the right word. They’re just very protective of Monster Hunter. I agree it’s a little extreme, but hey, whatever works for them. Tri did the best numbers in the series and they have Nintendo’s support now, too, so clearly the Japan guys are good at negotiating deals that benefit the series as a whole.

          • PoweredByHentai

            @Ishaan:disqus :
            My take on it is that Capcom had to arm wrestle a Nintendo executive’s arm in order for Tri to even show up on the Wii.  That or slay some Nintendo monsters.  :P

          • Why would they have to arm wrestle a Nintendo executive to put Tri on the Wii? That would imply that Nintendo were actively discouraging Capcom from putting one of their most lucrative properties on their console, and is quite an absurd idea. 

            Again, what you say makes no sense. I wish you wouldn’t make statements like these without doing your research or giving it some thought (or letting your personal biases get in the way).

            Capcom themselves have stated that the simple reason Tri was on Wii was because of lower development costs. Nintendo went out of their way to make the stars align for Tri to have a big marketing push in the west as well, which worked out to both their benefit and to Capcom’s as well.

          • PoweredByHentai

            @Ishaan:disqus :
            First of all, it was a joke.

            Second of all, prior to Tri being on the Wii, have there been ANY Monster Hunter games on a Nintendo system?  Yeah, just the one Monster Hunter G, which was a port of the very first Monster Hunter game and being released just 4 months before Tri in 2009.

            After Tri, were there any other Monster Hunter games on any Nintendo system?  Nothing until Tri G on the 3DS and that came out in December of last year.

            This is in contrast to there being a Monster Hunter game on a PlayStation on a yearly basis since the very first game with the exception being 2009.

            Obviously, some arm wrestling had to be done in order to get the game on a Nintendo system.  Whether someone at Nintendo had to be persuaded or someone at Capcom, it doesn’t change the fact that Nintendo did not have any Monster Hunter games until 2009.

            Does this answer your question about my doing my research? Because I would really appreciate it if you would stop trying to paint me as someone who speaks out of my ass.


          • Games/series switch systems all the time, depending on success, development budget and so on. I don’t see why there would need to be arm-wrestling involved at all. It would mean more money for Capcom, so they would readily make the shift. It would mean more software for Nintendo, so they would welcome it with open arms. Conspiracy theories have no place here.

            As for Monster Hunter G, that game was specifically ported to the Wii in order to prepare people for Tri. In Japan, G came with a demo version of Tri if I recall correctly.

            Now, the reason Portable 3rd was on PSP is because that’s where Japan’s Monster Hunter market was at the time. 

            Freedom and Freedom Unite had both helped create a sizeable audience for Monster Hunter on PSP, and since the DS wasn’t strong enough to run a Monster Hunter game, Portable 3rd was on the PSP as well. If the DS had been powerful enough to support Capcom’s vision for Monster Hunter, I’m sure they would have put the games there, just like many other Japanese publishers put their major franchises on the DS.

            Development of Tri G and 4 happened in parallel and began in 2010, which means both games were being developed at the same time as Portable 3rd or when Portable 3rd was nearly done/shipped. This would mean that Capcom made the decision to invest in the 3DS well ahead of time, likely based on what they felt the 3DS had to offer them and perhaps on their fruitful relationship with Nintendo in the case of Tri. 

            So again, it’s not as clear-cut as “PlayStation” getting yearly releases and Nintendo systems not getting them. If we’re going to be making up ridiculous theories, one could say things like, “In recent years, PlayStation systems have never seen an original Monster Hunter game, whereas Nintendo systems have seen two (Tri and 4).” Since Portable 3rd is based on Tri, that statement would be entirely accurate, too.

            Finally, if it was a joke, what was your point? Did you have one at all? Because this just seems like another off-topic rant from you.

          • PoweredByHentai

            @Ishaan:disqus :Yeah, games development switch systems all the time and partly due to a variety of factors like the ones that you mentioned.  What you seemed to continue to ignore is the fact that Monster Hunter was so late in showing up to any Nintendo platform at all.  Hell, Resident Evil showed up on the Wii as early as 2007 even if it was an on-rail shooter.

            Regarding Monster Hunter G, yeah, that Wii port came with a demo for Tri.  It still doesn’t change the fact that it was a port of a game originally made in 2005 (the original MH came out in 2004, MHG on the PS2 came out in 2005).  In fact, why did MHG even need to come out 4 months before Tri?  To raise awareness?  Amongst a large fanbase that was already well-versed with the Monster Hunter series?  That and the fact that MH G was strictly limited to Japan says quite a lot.  I don’t think that you can just waltz over to Nintendo and say that you’d be bringing both a port of an old PS2 game over to the Wii as well as release a new numerical entry into the series within 4 months of each other.  Furthermore, there was a whole marketing blitz for MH Tri itself so there really wasn’t any purpose to having MH G even hitting the market.

            MH Portables were really what developed the fanbase.  Playing MH in your limited free time at home?  Why bother when you can play MH Portable with your friends at school or anywhere outside of the house?

            As for the DS not being as “powerful” as you say it is, I doubt that “power” was the real reason for the DS to not see any Monster Hunter releases.  I would say that the controls on the DS make having a Monster Hunter release highly unlikely.  This is true for the DSi iterations as well.  You can argue that you can move or change the camera angle via the stylus but then you come across the issue of how inconvenient it is to have to switch between stylus and non-stylus gameplay in a game that is built around a deliberate sort of gameplay.

            Also, that “power” thing about the DS?  Call of Duty 4 managed to get adapted to the DS and is still a first person shooter.  While the graphics were terrible, they were still cleaner than the graphics for the N64 game 007: Golden Eye.

            Tri G and 4 getting on the 3DS still comes back to the “gameplay control” issue.  What did the 3DS have that its predecessors didn’t have?  The 3DS crucially had a slide pad.  The fact that Tri G even launched in a bundle that included the Circle Pad Pro says a lot about how important “gameplay control” is.  You could play Tri G without the CPP and it wouldn’t be all that different from a PSP experience, irrespective of what you customize your touchscreen to display.  However, with the CPP, what does Tri G feel like?  It feels like a home console experience, doesn’t it?  And yet Monster Hunter didn’t even show up on the Wii until after the financial markets had imploded.

            As for the PlayStation systems not receiving any “original” Monster Hunter games, so what?  Do the people who end up buying the many iterations of Freedom and Freedom Unite or even Portable even care if the game was an original game?  You said it before, people just want their Monster Hunter and nothing else mattered to them.  Well, Tri G and 4 are now on the 3DS, gee, wonder what suddenly made Capcom decide to jump on the 3DS?  Oh wait, I’ve gone through this already (it’s the gameplay controls).  By the way, Monster Hunter Diary series were original entries on the PlayStation, even if they are spin-offs.
            Regarding the joke part from my prior comment:What?  You mean to tell me that that “monster slaying” part and the smiley face didn’t already clue you in that the remark was meant to be taken light-heartedly?  Or even the Arm Wrestling reference?  There was no sarcasm nor cynism nor snide remarks in that statement.

            How is it that you took this:
            My take on it is that Capcom had to arm wrestle a Nintendo executive’s arm in order for Tri to even show up on the Wii.  That or slay some Nintendo monsters.  :P 

            And completely misinterpreted it as something completely twisted?

          • There are a bunch of points in your argument that I really think need addressing, but something tells me that this debate is just going to go on forever if I do that. 

            As for your little “joke,” you’ll forgive me if I have trouble telling your jokes apart from your snide remarks. As I said before, to be safe, let’s make sure you keep any of your off-topic remarks in the OT. 

            Literally just minutes after I requested that you stop bringing the region locking subject up so often, you did it again in this very thread. Let’s make sure that sort of thing doesn’t happen again. I understand you may feel that I’m being harsh, but I think you’ll also understand that within light of your posting history and your pro-Sony/anti-Nintendo agenda, a lot of what you say could and will be perceived the wrong way.

          • PoweredByHentai

            @Ishaan:disqus :
            First of all, your request that I stop bringing up region-locking was around 8:19 PM PST last night.  My response to someone else within this thread regarding region-locking was at 10:03 PM PST last night.  That is not within “minutes”.  If you feel that I should have responded to his misconceptions about region-locking (he was blaming Sony for “starting” region-locking) in the original thread or article, fine by me.  But this was certainly NOT within minutes of your request.

            Here’s where you made the request with the timestamp underlined:

            Here’s the comment that you seem to have lost track of time on:

            Second of all, I don’t have a pro-system anti-system bias.  If I did have such biases, I would not be able to speak so fondly of games on systems that you believe that I “hate”.  I simply dislike region-locks and generally things that make it obscenely user un-friendly like being locked out of an iPhone if I don’t have a SIM card to activate it after an iOS update even though it was already unlocked/activated at the time of purchase at its non-subsidized price tag in Singapore (my iPhone was a gift from my mother).  Every system has their own set of BS-es, some more anti-consumer than others.  To a lot of people, the PSP and Vita’s propriety memory storage solutions are such examples of BS purely from a money-conscious perspective.  To me, those proprietary memory storage solutions aren’t that big of a deal; expensive, yes, but I can afford them and at least I can use my PSP or Vita however I see fit without needing an additional system or unit.  With the DSi and 3DS, the region-locking automatically removes a fair chunk of those systems’ utility.  Hell, that instance with my iPhone is one particular BS that I was not amused with, even the Genius Bar folks had no solution to that other than to suggest that I try a friend’s SIM card.

            If it isn’t obvious to you already, I understand the Japanese language, I import my games, and sometimes I even buy my games when I am actually not in the USA for an extended period of time.  I had a 2 year stint in Hong Kong not too long ago, would a region-locked portable console have made any sense to me back then?  Nope, it still doesn’t make any sense to me now.  

            In fact, I’m going to be over in Singapore visiting the family matriarch at a hospital later this month and that means I’ll be out for several weeks and generally VPN-ing into one of my desktops due to Singapore’s stringent laws.  Gee, what games are coming out this month in Japan?  Oh wait, I can’t play those games if I get an American unit and I can’t play North American games if I have a Japanese unit.  Does it even make sense for anyone to carry two units of the same portable console around on international trips?  Nope.  I got frisked by US Customs as I was coming home from Hong Kong for Xmas exactly because I had two DS Lites with me (one that I’ve been using for myself, the other for my sister).

            As a consumer, I am not that difficult to please.  I take a holistic approach to enjoying my entertainment mediums and evaluating them based on their own merits and flaws.  It is really as simple as that.

            Oh, by the way, I don’t even have a GiantBomb account so if you see anyone using a BlazBlue avatar, that is not me.  I’ve only really been using this name since 2008 when I started using it at Kotaku.  Heck, most of those other accounts on blogspot and whatnot aren’t even mine.  I’m saying this exactly because you took a quick Google search on me and seem to have come to the wrong conclusions about a great deal of things.

          • In case it wasn’t obvious, I don’t care exactly how long it was between my telling you not to do it and you doing it again. I won’t repeat this a third time. Knock it off.

    • zeta

      but still not as good as Monster Hunter…

      • PoweredByHentai

        In what way is it “not as good”?  I need specifics here.

        • KotaroInugami

          “It’s not monster hunter,” is my incredibly biased answer as a die hard fan. :)

          • PoweredByHentai

            You should still give Ragnarok Odyssey a try.  They are different for very specific gameplay-related reasons.

          • KotaroInugami

            I’d put it like this. There are a lot of social networks out there. They are basically the same concept, so why join them all? In that sense, there are a lot of this hunting genre (Monster Hunter, God Eater, MGS Peace walker, Fairy Tail Portable Guild, Nano Diver etc.), so at least for me, I really only need one or two. Or maybe it’s easier to say how people normally choose ONE shooter like COD versus Battlefield. At the core, it’s the same concept. Once you have your favorite. Everything will always compare to it as if it was the original.

          • PoweredByHentai

            Fair enough.  Try not to complain when your favorite series doesn’t “innovate” or anything though because it will really make you look bad.

            Personally, I like to try out different things to get a feel for the peculiarities of the item or system in question.

            Going by your example, it would be like me taking a look at livejournal/xanga/myspace and never joining, signing up with Facebook and rarely using it, and then switching over to Google Plus and using that on a daily basis.

        • zeta

          That one wrong move you are f*cked up moment when playing MH.

    • Dont Forget that Gods Eater 2, Lord of Apocalypses, Soul Sacrifice, Phantasy Star Online 2 are also coming to the Vita

      • PoweredByHentai

        I’ve actually been playing Phantasy Star Online 2 on my laptop and it actually runs, plays and feels excellent.  I kind of wonder if I am at all connected to the Japanese servers because I live in Los Angeles (read: there is NO lag).

        I’m still curious to see how the Vita version turns out though.  :D

      • ZEROthefirst

        God Eater 2 will be on the PSP not the Vita, unless they change last minute and go for the Vita (that would make me happy to see).

        • Taron

          Anything recent release for psp will be available for ps vita as well, however it would be nice to see it in the HD format.

      • mintea

         Please don’t compare MH with PSO.

        •  Why not? they are both “Action RPG” kind of games

          • Solomon_Kano

            Not of the same style though. The comparison between Gods Eater and Lord of Apocalypse works but PSO, while containing some similar elements, is another sort of game apart from MH.

          • For me the biggest differences are that Phantasy Star can is played online (Like Monster Hunter Frontier Online) and the futuristic setting, different from MH medieval setting.

            If you compare the portable version of Phantasy Star (Phantasy star Universe) the games get even more similar.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, the portable Phantasy Star games share some things with MH, that’s why I said PSO. The portable games are based on PSU’s formula.

    • Sheimi12

      From a gameplay video I saw it has Air dashes, lock on, and is even more hack and slash looking, and appears to require less calculating when attacking…

      Not impressed at all… I just saw a video mind you but it’s like everything I dislike about MH clones all rolled into one except I did not see quick times so that’s a plus

      Perhaps if it was not being compared to MH I would be a lot more tolerant as it looks somewhat decent but for my tastes MH blows it out of the water

      Perhaps the person with the guild sweet heart icon is being biased but even but even when not considering MH nothing really jumps out at me

      • PoweredByHentai

        I believe that I have explicitly mentioned that MH has a more deliberate style of gameplay already.  While I am fine with deliberate styles, I would appreciate it if the game would at least afford me the option to break out of an encirclement without too much difficulty.  There’s a lot of stun locks involved when trying to run past a mob.

        Demon’s Souls has a similarly deliberate gameplay but at least I can still make a run for it without getting completely destroyed.  In the event that I screwed up and my character dies in Demon’s Souls, I just own up to it.  It is much easier to accept fatal mistakes in Demon’s Souls than it is for MH, at least for me.

        Not sure if what I said makes any sense to you but that is kind of the gist of it.

      • revenent hell

        I understand RO being compaired to MH was probably off putting,I think the suggestion here was just done …….differently than how I would do so.When I suggest a game I attempt not to put another one down,or what can be viewd as a put down by others, in any way because you dont want to alienate the fans of that game you want them receptive ,not that I can say much between these two games as ive never played RO or a MH game…yet,but my impression of RO actually is a pretty decent one since I greatly like the charecter art,I am fickle, and I do enjoy hack and slash every once in a while so I think I would definantly try it out if you found anything at all slightly appealing. I myself plan to hunt down some more gameplay vids,thus far out of everything ive seen the only thinkg  im not to happy with  is how most of the monsters look so I do plan to look more in depth in to that,though I think it appears to be a pretty fair game overall.

        On topic somewhat Im actually looking forard to MH4 because it looks realy good to me and im dying to try it out,the monster design is just so awesome looking! I hope word of it coming over comes at some point because this would be my first play of an MH tittle and I have to say I look forward to that happening

        • PoweredByHentai

          Yeah, I am (unfortunately) a very direct/blunt sort of person.  I understand that I could have phrased the whole thing differently but on-the-fly eloquence is not my forte.  =/

        • Sheimi12

          If I had a vita I would as the reason I looked it up is because it sounds interesting

          And as I said before it looks to be a decent game and I will add that it would even be worth playing (if I had a vita) but MH fits my tastes a lot better

  • kylehyde

    I hope that is about MH3G and if this is the case, I hope that they have worked on implementin on-line on the game.

    • ddh819

      hm, has there ever been a game that did not have online play in Jpn but had it added for the US? Seems very unlikely that would happen.

      • kylehyde

        Yes, Tatsunoko VS Capcom.

        • ddh819

          well so there’s hope!

  • I really wanna play one of the expanded Monster Hunter games with all that extra content so I REALLY hope it’s Monster Hunter Tri G. I mean I’d love an MH4 confirmation as well but…I want Tri G.

  • konsama

    Meh not holding my breath for anything now, by the weekend they will surely have backed out this announcement.

  • That “some sort of information” better not be an official announcement that Monster Hunter won’t be released in western shores ever again.

    • They’d really be douchebags if they did that, build hype then slap on the face.

    • Hraesvelgr

      It won’t, because companies don’t make announcements to say “we’re never releasing a game in this series again.” That would be, quite frankly, nonsensical.

  • Luis Edgar Flores Gutierrez


    • As long as it is in English I don’t importing it from anywhere.

      • Solomon_Kano

        On 3DS it takes a bit more than simply being in English for us to be able to play it though. Region locking and all that.

        • Oh that, almost forgot, mine is EU, my brother imported the US. My point is it is possible to play.

    • revenent hell

      On a map it is. Take a look at a world map sometime we are definantly WEST because the USA is located in the western hemisphere. Hence why most people refer to America as west.
      The Western Hemisphere includes about half of Antarctica and all of North and South America which includes the Caribbean and Central America as well as Greenland. The Northern Hemisphere includes all of North America, the northern reaches of South America, about two-thirds of Africa, all of Asia excluding (parts of Indonesia) and all of Europe.
      While we are technically “north” America we arent as north as some other countries hence why the USA is commonly refered to as west since we are prodominantly located in the western hemisphere.
      the Eastern Hemisphere includes most of Africa, about half of Antarctica, all of Asia and Australia/Oceania, and most of Europe.
      The Southern Hemisphere includes most of South America, one-third of Africa, all of Antarctica, a small sliver of Asia (parts of Indonesia) and all of Australia/Oceania
      Geography is our friend and you might want to edit your post asking “Why the USA is considerd West?” Instead of what you have there since its very uninformed.

      • It is you who is the uninformed one. I suggest you Google “western world” and take a look at the Wikipedia article that tells you what “the west” is.

        “In the contemporary cultural meaning, the Western world includes many countries of Europe as well as many countries of European colonial origin in the Americas and Oceania, such as the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, etc. ”

        I live in New Zealand – I don’t live in “the east”.

        • revenent hell

          Not trying to be rude but if you want “contemporary cultural” meanings feel free to look them up. I based what I said on geographical location and fact. Not current treds of what people commonly view such and such as.Your western world wiki even states it was based orriginally on geography so thank you for agreeing with me? Oh and your wiki defines “western” based on cultural influences/culture….So yeah ……thats not why I would define the USA west,if its the way you choose to so be it,because you yourself state USA is Western above regardless, I shall stick to what ive learned in geography,science and history thank you.

          The world is round so anything can technically be east or west by ones own view but facts remain facts,The USA was traditionally termed west stemming from its location.
          And yes in my view you live in the east because your located in the eastern hemisphere as well as southern.

          • Kevin Lor

             The world is round so technically its your choice on which is east/west *JOKE xD

          • revenent hell

            I appreciate this ><

      • Hraesvelgr

        Well, unless you look at a world map from Japan, where North and South America are misleadingly shown east of Japan (which they technically are, just in case).

  • Domii

    Oh, I feel sorry for my best friend if capcom decides to bring any 3DS MH over. Because I will borrow her 3DS and never give it back. 

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      ……buy one for yourself?

  • Solomon_Kano

    So it’s confirmed that we’re seeing a Monster Hunter game localized within the next year. I’m not the type to get my hopes up, but Sven definitely wouldn’t have given this response if it was just another “nothing to see here” deal. So I’ll be prepared with bated excitement.

    I’m expecting them to announce 3G. I’m hoping they announce 3G. Seriously. It needs to be 3G. Beyond not getting to play Tri, I’d like them to bring 3G rather than skipping straight to 4 because it affords them an opportunity to test the waters for how well MH can do on 3DS and to build that audience further before releasing the next numbered game. Y’know, the reason that Capcom made 3G in the first place. I’d hate to see them bring MH4 just for it to flop, so I really hope they bring 3G first.

    • PoweredByHentai

      I think that for 3G or even 4 to work here in the US, Capcom would need to have a way to implement online coop.  It might not seem like much but it sort of matters if your friends are scattered across the US.  =/

      I have no idea about Canada though but considering the broadband caps all over Canada, it might also be a difficult market.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Yea, MH in and of itself is a series that kinda goes back on where western gaming has been headed for a while by not having online and that’s definitely gonna lose it some purchases. Kinda hard to enjoy a mulitplayer game that requires you have someone with it in your immediate area.

        Still, if Capcom keeps their expectations in check (as Namco appears to recently have learned to do with Tales), they should be able to achieve a number their happy with for 4 by using 3G to build up to it. If we’re lucky they’ll include online for the west. If not, well… I’ll still buy it, but the series isn’t going to be doing any better now than it was before.

        • PoweredByHentai

          I think the surest bet would be to see what Capcom does with 4 when it does release in Japan.  I honestly doubt that they would add online multiplayer to 3G though after this many months.  What happens with 4 and whether it will have online multiplayer will come down to what Capcom decides to reveal later this year, though I doubt they would talk about 4’s features at Comic-Con.

          My bet is to wait until TGS to hear more about what is going on with 4.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, they definitely wouldn’t make such an announcement at Comic-Con. All we’ll probably hear out of Capcom at that event will be about Marvel vs. Capcom Origins, RE6, and maybe Lost Planet 3 with a side of DmC.

            I honestly don’t expect 4 to have multiplayer, so Cacpom either adds multiplayer for the west or they don’t; if they add multiplayer for the west alone, then it really doesn’t matter which MH they choose since they’d have to do it for either one. If 4 doesn’t have it then they’ll likely release it as is.

            TGS is definitely a good time to expect to hear more about what’s happening with 4 though. Even if that’s what they’re localizing, that’s the earliest we’d hear any more about the game.

          • PoweredByHentai

            I think 4 will still have ad hoc local WiFi multiplayer, but online multiplayer is really the big question.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Oh yea, I meant online. 4 is guaranteed to have multiplayer over ad-hoc/Wi-Fi. That’s not something Capcom would get rid of or, if they did, not something that would make sense for them to.

          • PoweredByHentai

            I think what would be really interesting is to see if VOIP gets supported in the event that online multiplayer gets added.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I would hope online means VOIP, though I could certainly do without it.

          • PoweredByHentai

            Online without VOIP is certainly doable, but might get messy if you have to coordinate against a boss, kind of like Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls.  The Vita has a Party Chat app that can be setup and run in the background, separate from the game itself, but I don’t recall the 3DS having a similar feature even with the built-in microphone and whatnot.

            It is certainly a possibility and something that would be of benefit to MH4 though.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, the 3DS doesn’t have a feature like that. Being able to talk to people would definitely be important for the game’s online though. At present you’re always in a situation where you can communicate since the game currently requires you be in close enough proximity to somebody else to play multiplayer in the first place, so it’d be pretty stupid if they put it online and kill that communication. So, yea, if they do online it would be smart of them to include VOIP.

          • PoweredByHentai

            If they do include VOIP for online multiplayer, does one person become the host server?  That is the other question of interest that I have for Capcom.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Hm… yea, I’ve gotta wonder how they’ll do it. I guess we’ll see if and when the time comes. Well, supposing they’re willing to talk about that anyway.

  • the9reen9uy

    Whyyyyyyy doesss it takkkkkeeee sooo looooooooonnnnnnngggggg??

  • Peace Legacy

    I have a best friend who have been playing MH with me for 5 years, we started hunting together since MHF1 to MHF3…
    Now he is around one ocean/+10,000 km away from me, and will keep being so for the next few decade or so
    Even if the new MH4 come to the west, I hope it have Wifi play, otherwise, the whole series just feel empty for me T_T
    I will end my rant now

  • I don’t think if it’s end of year we will get 3 at all.  i feel like they will announce 4.

  • Let’s assume the worst case scenario and he’ll only be able to give a proper announcement by december. That means they’re considering the localisation of a title for 2013. In combination with Monster Hunter being absent from this year’s E3 listings, it’s safe to say that the rumours about a september release for TriG were completely unfounded after all.
    Makes you wonder why they won’t let him come out frank though. He’s been “teasing” fans about Portable 3rd forever and that didn’t work out ultimately. As a consumer, I’d want Capcom to at least tell us when they’re NOT going to publish something here so I can import the game from Japan without regretting my purchase when they DO localise it later on.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      I thought here, he did mention that they had no plan to release Portable 3rd since the release there? As PSP is not really a good platform to release outside of Japan?

      • I’ve been following pretty much all Monster Hunter-related updates since Portable 3rd was announced, but I don’t remember ever seeing such a statement… Though I might have missed it if it was ONLY mentioned in the Capcom forums (which I don’t frequent as much). All I remember is him repeating “Stay tuned, we’ll have some news on the matter soon”. Of course they dropped all plans for a western release when the PSP has come into such dire straits. Most game stores where I live don’t even sell games for that console anymore.
        Ironically Monster Hunter is basically to the PSP what Pokemon Red/Green was to the Game Boy back in 1996 (Nintendo was about to drop handheld gaming altogether if Pokemon hadn’t come out). Due to Monster Hunter’s incredible popularity in Japan, the PSP sold rather well over there – while it totally bombed in the West. And if you take a look at the sales figures for the 3DS, a console that was still unsteady till the end of 2011, you’ll see a very distinct increase of one million more systems sold in the one and a half weeks when TriG was released in Japan. Something that not even the price drop in august nor the new Super Mario Land had achieved (though they certainly facilitated such a development)! So maybe the question should be, is Monster Hunter unpopular in the West because the PSP doesn’t sell, or is the PSP unpopular because Monster Hunter doesn’t sell here?
        I think it might not be TOO farfetched to say that Monster Hunter has the potential to make or break a platform.
        Which basically means the Vita could potentially bomb as well if it doesn’t get a Monster Hunter pronto.

        • Actually, they fully intended to bring Portable 3rd HD (the PS3 version) over by 2012, but those plans got scrapped because Sony required that they overhaul the online to support PSN instead of going through Adhoc Party, which would have been a considerable amount of work.

          By that point in time, Tri G and 4 were already well into development, so my guess is, they simply didn’t have the resources/manpower to spare for undertaking that sort of workload.

          If you ask me, it wouldn’t have been worth it either. I mean, realistically speaking, outside of hardcore fans, how many people would have picked up a PS3 port of a PSP game, you know?

          • Solomon_Kano

            While I’ll agree that that amount of work wouldn’t have been worth the return they’d see, I can’t imagine that Portable 3rd HD would’ve sold any less than if they’d brought Portable 3rd on PSP. Would it have sold more? Probably not. Would it have been worth the effort? Probably not. But then, from the way Capcom makes it sound, this series has never really been something they got a particularly good number of sales from in the west.

            So I suppose what I’m saying is, and I say this as someone who’d like to see the series do well in the west, I doubt whatever MH they localize for 3DS will do much better than what return they’d have seen bringing that. Considering the series history and Capcom’s own awareness that it doesn’t really sell, it seems negligible at this point. It seems less about the sales potential of an individual entry versus the work put in and more about Capcom USA looking at the series moving forward.

            Really, more than lacking the manpower to handle such a project (though I don’t doubt that they lacked it), it’s plausible that Capcom decided it just wouldn’t have served any purpose to bring 3rd once they hit that snag with the series next entry being on 3DS anyway. They could either aim for something on the series new main platform and start building that audience for the foreseeable future or bring the one-off PS3 version. That’s how it looks to me, at least, though I dunno how clear this comment actually is lol.

        • Solomon_Kano

          I think it’s pretty easy to look and say MH isn’t popular in the west because the PSP isn’t popular rather than the PSP not being popular because MH isn’t. MH is big in Japan because of the multiplayer and Japan’s structure affording lots of opportunities for people to be in the same space for them to get together and play the game. As I understand, it’s not uncommon to see people playing their PSPs on trains in Japan. MH took advantage of that and created a social game structure out of a portable title. That’s at least part of MH’s appeal in Japan.

          Were the PSP as ubiquitous in the US (I won’t speak on Europe because I don’t know the situation there) MH might have been more popular but, even then, the draw of its multiplayer still wouldn’t exist. Due to the US generally being more spaced out than Japan and not as many people commuting in the same fashion as the Japanese, the social aspect that so many of the Japanese seem to enjoy in MH wouldn’t exist or, even if it did, it wouldn’t exist on the same scale.

          Moreover, the hunting genre overall is more popular in Japan than the US (though I suppose you could look and say it’s because we don’t have as many of those games). Any other game could’ve come along in the west and took advantage of what made MH popular and filled that gap. Several did actually, and none of them changed anything for the PSP in the west. Phantasy Star Portable, Gods Eater Burst, and Lord of Arcana all hit that Monster Hunter spot and none of them had an impact. Now maybe that’s because they weren’t as well made, didn’t look as good, blah blah blah, I’m not trying to get into opinions. Logically, there’s no reason why any of those titles couldn’t have filled Monster Hunter’s spot in the west. So it’s either that the PSP held MH back or that genre doesn’t have as much of an audience. Or both. Considering that none of the games I mentioned made a dent (Arcana apparently didn’t even sell well enough for SE to have interest in localizing its sequel), I’m inclined to believe that genre simply lacks the same appeal in the west that it has in Japan.

          The PSP was unpopular due to spotty publisher support, a lack of unique experiences, an insignificant number of unique entries in large franchises to supplement those unique experiences, a rampant piracy scene which led to the previously listed reasons, and stiff competition from Nintendo’s DS which had no problem with any of those things I just listed (apart from perhaps piracy, but its popularity was enough to make that insignificant apparently). Its unpopularity had nothing to do with MH, but it can certainly be said to be part of why MH isn’t popular.

          tl;dr version: Yes, MH didn’t sell because the PSP didn’t sell, not the other way around and there are a number of reasons why each didn’t sell.

          • Actually, I think I have to agree.
            Except for one thing: Even though they are imitations, comparing God Eater and Lord of Arcana with Monster Hunter could be a little misleading. God Eater has quite similar combat mechanics, but the visual style and overall aesthetics only appeal to a certain, younger demographic. Lord of Arcana on the other hand follows the same core principles as Monster Hunter, but the combat mechanics and overworld system differ so much from the original that I find it hard to lot them together in the same genre. Expecting that one of these games could fill the “empty spot” that MHP3rd left on the western market simply because they are similar won’t just do. After all, neither of these games did particularly well in its home country either. Meanwhile Monster Hunter did in fact become more popular with each new instalment; sales increased by 100.000 from Freedom through Unite till Tri in the US. Going with this trend, MHP3rd should have been able to sell about 1 million outside of Japan, possibly a little more with the PS3 port. If that would’ve netted Capcom enough profit to warrant the hassle with PSN online/Adhoc party is questionable. At the very least I believe it could have increased the fanbase further, so much that under more favorable conditions (e.g. on the 3DS?) a later instalment could become a true success.

          • Solomon_Kano

            No doubt they didn’t do as well in their home country, since the Japanese actually had MH. What would they want imitations for when they weren’t missing out on the real deal? I don’t think their differences are enough to put them out of MH’s genre. Those seemed more like things done so nobody could say it was the exact game. God Eater’s aesthetic differences and Arcana including an overworld aren’t really things that would take away from them or add to them over MH, they seem more like they would boil down to personal preference.

            I really can only see them (and MH itself) not doing well in the west because that genre simply isn’t as appealing here. Its popularity in Japan is largely owed to its social nature and that’s something that’s simply not as easily facilitated in the west. Tri got around that by being on a console and actually letting people play online together, something none of the prior entries had. I would imagine the increase in sales is owed at least partially to those factors.

            Past Tri’s differences, MH also saw increased sales by simple virtue of the series name being out there longer. With 5+ prior entries released in the west so, yea, it would certainly be fair to expect that 3rd would’ve done better as well. That said… 1 million? That’s a bit much. Has the series even sold 500k off of a single entry in the west yet? I can’t picture that one title suddenly drawing enough interest for the series to be a million seller outside of Japan. The PSP’s situation guarantees that even if 1 million people wanted the game, it wouldn’t be 1 million people that actually bought the game.

            I can definitely agree that, no matter how it did, it could have done well enough to increase the fanbase further to set up the series next entry to do better. As it stands now, Capcom either throws out 3G to prime people for 4 and increase the fanbase that way, or they just throw 4 straight out and see how it does. 3rd would’ve helped, but oh well.

          • It has! Tri sold 0.99 million copies outside of Japan, while Freedom Unite sold 1.21 million. 550.000 + 440.000 from America, and 340.000 + 470.000 from Europe respectively, plus 100.000 + 300.000 from the rest of the world. (
            Not too shabby!

          • Solomon_Kano

            Ehhh I’d like to believe that, but VGchartz is a pretty unreliable source. Supposing they’re right on those numbers though, I can’t imagine Capcom would be so skeptical when it comes to localizing the series if it was doing that well.

            The last PSP entry does over 1 million outside of Japan and they decide not to release the next game? Tri does about a million and they beat around the bush regarding future localizations?

            Capcom makes questionable decisions, I’ll grant that, they don’t do the illogical though.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Didn’t that rumor come from a European magazine? If so, that wouldn’t make the game’s absence from E3 all that surprising since that’s a conference meant for the US first and foremost. Provided that rumor actually did come from a European source, the more likely place to make that announcement official would be Gamescom. A game coming the EU doesn’t necessarily mean it’s coming to the US and that’s E3’s primary purpose. Now if it didn’t come from a European source, well, that’s that.

      As for Capcom (and other publishers for that matter) not always coming right out in telling consumers when they aren’t bringing something though? On the one hand, I’d imagine that it’s because they don’t absolutely rule some of these games out at any point. Portable 3rd was probably a very real possibility for a localization (its HD port certainly was until Sony said no). On the other hand, it’s probably because announcing that you’re not bringing something doesn’t usually happen.

      Should these publishers shoot it down any time someone brings up a game they aren’t bringing? Perhaps but, as I said before, those decisions likely aren’t set in stone. Usually when a publisher goes that route and says “we have no plans for ______ at this time” but then they turn around and do it people complain that they lied and it leads to the very thing you said, which is consumers importing and regretting their decision. There’s really no way to win beyond not saying anything, and even then they don’t win.

      • Yeah, wanting them to announce even their dropping of a project is really just my personal clamor for convenience. Somewhat related though: The other day Svensson did make a statement about no more X-Men contents from Capcom’s side due to licensing problems. It seems that in some rare cases, these kinda announcements are possible after all.

        And now that you mention it… it’s true, that was all European talks! I forgot that Europe and America sometimes don’t get the same games. Thanks for the heads up, I guess I’ll just be a little more patient until august then.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Yea, in the X-Men case, it’s probably more because they didn’t have any choice. They couldn’t try to give an ambiguous answer since that was a case of there being absolutely no chance at it happening rather than a maybe. Understandable, since Activision has had the rights to Marvel’s properties for some time now (that’s why MvC3 took so long to make happen, from what I understand).

          But, yea, if there’s no news at GDC then we’ll really have to wonder where that 3G rumor came from.

  • gquain

    i already stop hoping something to be localized by Capcom.

  • Onizuka Gio Hikari

    I don’t understand the point in just coming out and saying its coming or not SEGA did the same thing… with Pso2 they waited forever to announce it I’m guessing Capcom is doing the same

    • Solomon_Kano

      I’d imagine they choose not to announce anything until they have it set in stone. There’s no guarantee that these games are coming until an executive decision is made and I’d imagine that, in considering the pros and cons of bringing any title over, these parties take a good deal of time.

      On top of that, even once it’s decided, they don’t just instantly make these announcements either. Lots of other stuff behind the scenes that we don’t know about before they work up to these announcements. Sometimes it’s due to the publishers wanting to show something with the announcement (see: Ni no Kuni’s localization announcement coming with a trailer) or for reasons we can’t see (see: PSO2’s localization announcement coming with… nothing).

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