The Best Pokémon Cosplay We Saw Had Pokémon Robots

By Spencer . July 14, 2012 . 9:27am


San Diego Comic-Con is packed with people dressed like Pokémon trainers. If you really want to stand out from the crowd you need to do something awesome like making remote controlled Pokémon robots. Charmander is on a stand with wheels while Bulbasaur has legs that move. I think, so far, these are the best video game costumes I’ve seen at Comic-Con.


IMAG0564 IMAG0563

It looks like a Pokebattle is brewing!


Meanwhile, outside the convention center…


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  • ToshiChan

    I imagine that uses a ridic amount of batteries

    • Kanamion

      Maybe Ivysaur is solar-powered and it’s readying up a solar beam?

  • ivysaur

  • Steven Bambic

    It’s Ivysaur :p

  • Charmander used Flamethrower!…Uh oh…

  • Kanamion

    You’re not supposed to have a source of light behind the subject you want to photograph. :c

    • But they look more epically ominous that way. :P

  • Kitestwinblades

    It totally evolved when the shot was taken XD
    I REALLY like that last photo. Ingenuis!

  • Dat sign XD

  • Wht exactly does tht Payday move do again??? Raining moneys? And tht cat can do it?

    • It’s a move that’s exclusive to Meowth and Persian, it’s an attack that raises the amount of money you get after the battle is over.

      • Sheimi12

        It was a TM in gen one and purlion (the purple cat thing) can learn it from egg moves

        But mostly meowth and co.

        • Completely forgot about the TM, my mind just goes to Meowth and Persian since they’re the only ones who can get it by level up.

          • Sheimi12

            Yeah gen 1 tms are so stupid!

            iirc one of them was water gun… Good thing they changed most of them

  • Christopher Nunes

    That’s just bloody awesome! Robot-control Pokemon and Pokemon Trainer cosplayers? Genius!

    And the last picture is hilarious! Aw… I wish I could go to these Comic-Cons. 

  • They need to make more and put them on sale (✿❛◡❛)ノ

  • I would love a small robot Jotik

  • Now all we need is a Jigglypuff that hops around and I’ll be set.

  • LynxAmali

    Reminds me of all the Poke-mecha images I’ve seen.

    That and the one episode of the anime.

  • Yaminess

    I love this! Those robots look awesome for being home made! c:

  • I saw those guys on Friday. Ivysaur’s back actually opens up to reveal a cooler with their drinks and snacks.

    It was amazing.

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