Square Enix Backing Ouya With Final Fantasy III Slated As A Launch Title

By Spencer . July 31, 2012 . 1:47am

imageFrom DS to iOS to Android and soon PSP, Final Fantasy III is everywhere. Well, almost everywhere. It isn’t on your TV. That’s going to change in March 2013 when Ouya launches.


Square Enix announced they will back the Android OS console at launch with Final Fantasy III as a launch title. The publisher also said they will consider to release other games on Ouya in the future. Crystal Defenders, Imaginary Range, and the original Final Fantasy are also available for other Android devices.


Speaking of Final Fantasy III for PSP, Square Enix made new package art for it showcasing the CG models instead of Yoshitaka Amano’s artwork.



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  • malek86

    FF3 is already available on every Android device. So what they actually mean, is that they’ll add joypad support, I assume?

    Anyway, if the Ouya can get more support, good for them. It’s better if they make it essentially an extended Android device, rather than trying to get exclusive games of their own.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      “It’s better if they make it essentially an extended Android device, rather than trying to get exclusive games of their own.”

      How exactly is that better? One of the biggest problems that Ouya is facing is precisely the lack of exclusive titles, since it gives consumers little reason to purchase an Ouya over the myriad other Android devices.

      • malek86

        Because trying to make exclusive games for it will almost surely result in failure (the userbase will be just too small, and nevermind the pirating issue), with the consequence that developers will just lose money and then leave the system.

        At first, just focus on making it a viable platform by giving it existing games optimized for the joypad.

        The appeal of this platform should be to make Android games playable on TV too (the whole point in the Kickstarter page was “development has switched to mobile, but we still prefer to play our games on a TV with a joypad”), not to make something entirely new.

        That said, this is also assuming that it will have a shared marketplace with Google Play. I don’t know if it will be the case. If not… well, I can’t see it being too successful.

        • Tom_Phoenix

          But you need exclusive games in order to ESTABLISH any significant userbase in the first place. If “Android games on your TV” is the only thing that Ouya has going for it, then OF COURSE the userbase will be small, since only a handful of people actually give a damn about that.

          • malek86

            Well it’s not like many developers will actually bother making exclusive games for an userbase of 45.000.

            This thing seems more aimed at technical junkies who like the idea of having a completely open platform. Imagine the emulators (and imagine the piracy). It will probably sell a bit just for that, but I don’t expect those people to buy many games.

            So the only way to make a profit on this, will be to just re-work existing games. That will require a lot less money than developing something from scratch.

          • Tom_Phoenix

            “Well it’s not like many developers will actually bother making exclusive games for an userbase of 45.000.”

            True, which means its important to have first party development or at least the ability to secure exclusive titles. Without those, the userbase isn’t going to grow much beyond those 45.000.

            But yeah, as things currently stand, only tech junkies will care about Ouya. Even then, maybe not all of them, since we already have completely open platforms (such as the PC).

          • Malek are you European? You used “.” instead of “,”. So I can only assume you’re European.

          • malek86

            @auragar:disqus … yes, but I don’t think that means much. There are many times when I use the comma instead. It depends on my whim at the moment.

  • Go2hell66

    so this ouya isn’t a scam then?

    • malek86

      The number of high-profile people behind it essentially means it’s not a scam. I have no doubt it will be made, although I still mantain that it will probably be delayed quite a bit.

      The problem is whether they can get enough support to make it a worthwhile purchase.

      • Shinrow

        If Square Enix support the OUYA, I sure hope other devs and publishers will support it too. I personally can’t wait to have the OUYA !

        • Mystena

          More like it’s shovelware onto the Ouya. The hard work porting it to the Android was already done. Might as well flop it on another ‘platform’ to get more bang out of the buck spent in the porting process and at the same time grab a bit of free press by sticking a tag onto the flavour of the second.

          I’m of the opposite camp when it comes to the Ouya. I don’t believe it’ll fly, in fact I’m waiting for the vultures to attack its desiccated corpse and for it to be hushed up faster than the Virtual Boy. The entire exercise to me reeks of naive idealism and opportunistic publicity.

          • Shinrow

            Well, you may be right. But if it works for Square Enix to do that, I think they’ll look more into OUYA afterwards.

            Why are you so pessimistic about it ? I think that, if OUYA is released, they would have everything to have success.

    •  All I seen that it will have is ports from games you probably already own.

  • ragnarok989

    Hey maybe this’ll mean that Square will finally release various games on Android now instead of only putting them on iOS…such as the entire Chaos Rings series and the remake/update to Secret of Mana and many more as well as give controller support to all of their already existing ones (yeah I doubt that’ll happen) It’d be nice to see normal android phones to have controller support though so we could play it on our TV with HDMI out cables though

    • malek86

      I wouldn’t count on it. Their support will probably only be extended to games that are already on Android… we may probably see the original FF, but that’s it.

      • Shinrow

        EDIT : Oups, wrong place ^^”

    • Shinrow

      I’d really like to have Secret of Mana (iOS version) on a big screen with a controller ! :D

  • Tom_Phoenix

    “From DS to iOS to Android and soon PSP,Final Fantasy III is everywhere. Well, almost everywhere. It isn’t on your TV.”


  • Vampiric

    I already own this on wonderswan and ds

    why would I buy this thing specifically for it?

    • Tony F.

      The CANCELLED version for Wonderswan? Okay…

      • Vampiric

         sorry I meant ios and ds, I had wonderswan on the brain

    • You…wouldn’t?

      Other people are allowed to though

  • CirnoLakes

    I’m torn on the on the Ouya. In that, all it basically seems like is a really bad PC for the TV. And taking the indie gaming market further away from the PC which I don’t want. Indie games are among the many reasons I love my PCs. Heck, I don’t want any less energy going to the PC in general.

    On the other hand, I’ve never owned an Android device before, and a good controller costs between $30-50. And I do want to play Android games. And I don’t actually know of a good Android emulator, though I have heard they exist. Now if I could just find a way to play those Japan-exclusive Android games. Like that Tales Studio Android game.

    But Square, do you know what I’d really like? Final Fantasy III on Steam.

    • Blaze Townsend

      I see it as taking the indie game market from the iOS and Droid phones and tablets. That’s whay Ouya is kinda aiming for, with additional support for many other games for the future.

    • James Smith

       I doubt games will leave the PC behind, it is still the biggest gaming system.
      But support for a weak and easy to develop system like the Ouya could be a good way to bring many PSP, DS, iOS and Android games to one single system with good capacities.
      And that can be a good step towards bringing those games to the PC later on, one thing  the Japanese publishers are having a hard time doing since there’s really nothing stopping the PC from playing pretty much every game ever released, only the willingness and the ability to port it well.

  • Godmars

     Between the domination of FPS and all of the remakes this gen, the
    mindless push for graphics regardless the effect has had on costs, the
    industry is stagnating. Ouya is just another sign.   

    Square jumping on their bandwagon, when they’ve failed to truly grow, yet one more.

  • MrRobbyM

    Okay. NOW I think it’s safe to say complete global saturation.

  • Blaze Townsend

    *Dances* I am happy to see that the Ouya device is going to get support from Square Enix.

  • Red Veron

    Its not really much of support from Squeenix since its already on android and requires almost no effort on their part to bring it to OUYA (which runs on android).

  • Jonathan Keycross

    I´m sure somewhere I read that they were selling the units at a loss, hoping to earn profits by royalties and software market…which I think is a bad idea considering the whole “free to do anything with it” philosophy behind it.

  • Good on them! It’s good to see a big name supporting the Ouya. It gives hope that (assuming it does get released) people are actually going to jump onboard and give it a chance for success.

    I’ve always preferred my RPGs from a couch and TV anyway! =P

  • Its not really saying much to port one of your older games that a phone could run. The Ouya is the biggest scam I have ever seen.

  • noooooooooo, I prefered the yoshitaka amano artwork. It’s the differencial for the FF covers.

    • DCBlackbird

      i guess they’re doing the yoshida thing
      most nomura covers: main character in cgi
      most yoshida covers: party on the cover
      most of sakaguchis covers: beauty or throw up if you’ve been spoiled by nomuras art

  • So Ouya is getting a port of a remake?


  • Levin_Scorpius

    Final Fantasy III will have been released 7 times. For comparisons (including things that have yet to be released, downloadable versions, multi-platform releases and international releases) and additional data (character cameos, sequels, expansions and the like (Type-0 and Versus XIII are included under XIII’s umbrella and XIII-3 is presumed to be a thing)) to establish which games SE favors the most :
    15 = I: 12 + 3 (D/T)

    11 = II: 8 + 3 (D/T)

    10 = III: 7 + 3 (D/T)

    13 = IV: 6 + 3 (D/T) + 4 (TAY)

    13 = V: 9 + 3 (D/T) + 1 (anime)

    8.5 = VI: 5 + 3 (D/T) + .5 (KH)

    28.5 = VII: 5 + 3.5 (D/T) + 7 (KH) + 11 (Compilation) + 2 (IS)

    15 = VIII: 3 + 3 (D/T) + 7 (KH) + 2 (IS)

    7.5 = IX: 2 + 3 (D/T) + .5 (KH) + 2 (IS) 

    14 = X: 4 + 3 (D/T) + 1 (X-2) + 5 (KH) + 1 (IS)

    17 = XI: 3 + 3 (D/T) + 10 (Expansions) + 1 (IS)

    10 = XII: 2 + 3 (D/T) + 1 (RW) + 2 (IS) + 1 (TA2) + 1 (T:WOTL)

    11 = XIII: 3 + 2 (D/T) + 2 (XIII-2) + 2 (?XIII-3?) + 1 (Type-0) + 1 (Versus)

    3 = XIV: 1 + 2 (ARR)
    (some numbers might be off/wrong because i’m very good at counting)

    FFIII is the fourth most re-released main game, and the ninth most milked. FFI is unsurprisingly the most re-released and FFVII is obviously the most milked.

    FFVI and FFIX are basically the least favorite children of the Final Fantasy Family while FFXIV is the new baby that was born with a terrible disease.

    EDIT:ed because the comment imploded on itself.

    • DCBlackbird

      im not quite following your chart 
      wait those are acronyms i thought you were speaking some crazy hylian

      • Levin_Scorpius

        Numbers to the left of the Title number with = sign (ex; 
        15 = I: 12 + 3 (D/T)) is the total number of re-releases and related works. So, Final Fantasy I is involved in a total of 15 different works by my count.

        Numbers to right of the Title number (ex;  15 = I: 12 + 3 (D/T)) are the accumulative number of works that I associated with that title. So, for Final Fantasy I, the main game itself has been released a total of 12 times, and it’s properties have been notably represented in the Dissidia games and in Theatrythm  a total of 3 times.

        The main game release count includes multi-platform releases as seperate, Playstation Network/Wii Virtual Console releases as seperate, and International versions.

        D/T = Dissidia, Dissidia Duodecim, and Theatrythm.
        KH = Kingdom Hearts series
        TAY = The After Years
        IS: Itadaki Street games
        RW: Revenant Wings
        TA2 = Tactics Advance 2
        T:WOTL = Tactics: The War of the Lions
        ARR = A Realm Reborn

        • DCBlackbird

          Seems legit

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