All About Bravely Default’s Job Change System (And How To Make A Super Mage)

By Spencer . August 1, 2012 . 7:06pm

While this is technically the fourth Bravely Default: Flying Fairy demo, this is only demo that lets players explore a dungeon and try out the combat system. I’d say it’s the first real demo since the other hands-ons had a small slice of the game.




In this demo, Tiz, Edea, and Lingabel explore a cave filled with monsters like giant beetles and conjurers (with owl heads). I was eager to tryout the new jobs so I made Tiz a Superstar, Edea a Magic Knight, and Lingabel a Red Mage. Instead of the standard red cape and hat, Red Mages look like flamenco dancers with frilly shirts accessorized with roses. Mystic Knights have an Arabian style and Superstars dress like Elvis Presley impersonators. If you make Edea a Superstar she gets a bunny costume.




None of these classes are new, but Square Enix made some changes to them for Bravely Default. Let’s start with Superstar, which essentially a souped up bard. The Superstar class starts off with a song that restores one BP (brave point) for an ally. One way to use this ability is to "pass" your turn to another attacker who went over the limit and used all of their Brave. (Check out this post for an explanation of the Brave & Default battle system.) Superstars aren’t a slouch, though! They fight with swords instead of harps and like all class can dual wield too. Level up Superstar and you’ll learn a tune that boosts the entire party’s defense and Power of Life, a melody that boosts attack. Yeah, they’re a buffing class, but the true usefulness of Superstar is their inherent ability to cut MP cost in half.


Now if you pair that with a Red Mage’s ability to use white and black magic… you have a super mage.  Like Final Fantasy V you can equip a command ability so you can have a Knight that can cast white magic or a Thief that can sing. Players also have three support ability points to select skills like Aspil Sword, which makes your standard attack deal less damage, but absorbs MP. You have to learn that skill from the Mystic Knight class. Just like in Final Fantasy V, Mystic Knights can enchant their weapons with spells so you can hit enemies with fira, blizzara or negative status spells like fear with each attack.


Magic in Bravely Default is tiered to different levels so when you start with a Mystic Knight you can only use level two sword magic – poison, silence, and sleepel. Mystic Knights have an innate skill to increase magic damage, so if you want thundara to hurt more this is your class. Red Mage has revenge as their class ability, which awards them 1 BP if an enemy strikes them. Knight has cover which automatically protects allies on low HP and Freelancer has "Late Bloomer" an ability that increases your character’s strength depending on how many jobs you mastered.


That’s right, Freelancer has specific skills in Bravely Default. They can learn an ability to restore an ally’s HP, scan (let’s you see an enemy’s HP and weaknesses), endure (you may survive a fatal attack with 1 HP), and an ability to boost the encounter rate. Speaking of the encounter rate, Bravely Default has a lot of random battles, but since you can fast forward animations and overload on brave points it’s possible to finish most fights in 10 seconds. Major enemies like the Land Turtle that blocks you from moving forward appear on the field.


Knights are a tank class with Chivalry skills that let you ignore an enemy’s defense when you use a physical attack. They also have support abilities that allow you to equip a sword in both hands or a shield in both hands. While you can double your physical attack strength with the "Both Hands" ability, dual wielding seems equally as effective.


I think the ultimate magic using class in the demo is a Superstar with Red Magic as a second ability. Overlimit (boosts magic attack damage if your BP is less than 0), Fire Wall (a chance you’ll counterattack with a fire spell), and Aspil Sword are good support abilities. I turned Edea into a super fighter by making her a Knight with the Mystic Sword ability and giving her two swords to wield. Her support abilities are Voltage (boosts defense and attack) and Endure.




Wow, that’s a lot of customization options and we’re just talking about a demo. I think Final Fantasy V fans are going to dig Bravely Default: Flying Fairy when it comes out on October 11.

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  • I understand that they made the red mage look like a flamenco dancer to separate it from Final Fantasy but the superstar should have had that outfit. The original red mage outfit is so awesome… If they at least had their hat…

  • Suicunesol

    Brace yourself. It’s over an hour.

    I actually like the costumes. They’re different, and while the traditional Red Mage costume never goes out of style, I appreciate that they went with something different. (Don’t like the Superstar costumes though >_>)

    • Solomon_Kano


  • DuskSharkEX

    Prepare for the return of Spellblade Flare + Rapid Fire combo! Oh god, imagine the carnage someone can create once they blow all of their BP…

  • leadintea

    Oooooohhhh! I’m loving this!

  • Solomon_Kano

    Bit by bit, this game just edges up higher on the anticipation scale. As I’ve said before, I really hope this gets localized.

  • Lunar_Outcast

    I hate the costumes, but still want this game badly.

  • Paradox me

    The game sounds like it’s gonna be amazing, and that art direction. Oh my.

    Hopefully we end up getting some of these demos if/when the localization is announced.

  • Prinnydoom

    Really starring to like the look of this now its gonna be great >__<

  • neetyneety

    Another Bravely Default sneek peek, another slew of “localization pls!” comments. Meh, if it helps at all, then I’ll join in. Please localize this SE~!

  • As if I needed any more reasons to love this game, reading this just made me want it even more. Now that’s how you work with a job system, I’m glad they’re reusing some assets from FF V in the job system department at the very least. It’s still the best job system in the series, imo.

    Oh and Spencer, when you said “Aspil Sword”, you prolly meant Aspir sword, no? I know the L/R kana can be romanized like this, but Aspir was always translated with an R in the FF series, and it kinda makes fits with the whole Osmose theme to it (sucking up MP from your enemies and whatanot).

    I know, no one cares, but I couldn’t help but notice that :3

  • Jake_Indiman

    Does anybody know that this is the indirect sequel/prequel to Final Fantasy 4 Heroes of Light? I love that game! I wonder if this will have that same chip tune soundtrack? I will keep my eyes peeled for an announcement for NA localization.

    • Suicunesol

       No, it doesn’t have the same chip tune soundtrack. If you watch the footage you can hear what is sounds like. :)

  • Localization + Collector’s Edition = Day-one purchase!

  • leadintea

    4 new job enemies revealed! We’ve already seen 2 of the jobs, but the other 2 are new:

    I think the top hat guy is a Time Mage, but I have no idea what the moon guy is.

  • can’t wait to make the ladies into Mystic Knights~

  • esteban cartagena

    wish this was on the PS VITA

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