Capcom: Downloadable Content Sales Higher Than Projected In Q1

By Ishaan . August 1, 2012 . 11:30am

While some may not appreciate it, downloadable content is what’s helping Capcom maintain their revenue from traditional games.


In an earnings report and Q&A for the first quarter of their ongoing fiscal year, Capcom reported that, while packaged software sales in Q1 were lower than expected, DLC sales helped make up for it. DLC sales increased from 700 million yen in Q1 2011 to 1 billion yen in Q1 2012.


Downloadable content was one of the primary factors driving revenue from both older and new titles. In particular, Capcom say that DLC had a favourable effect on Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and Dragon’s Dogma, as far as new games go.


As previously reported, Capcom forecast an increase in DLC sales from 2.8 billion yen ($35 million) in their previous fiscal year to to 3.5 billion yen ($43.8 million) for their ongoing fiscal year, which ends on March 31st, 2013. Capcom have said that, while packaged game sales themselves won’t see an increase beyond a point, factoring in DLC will account for growth, making it an important source of revenue.


In another part of their Q&A, Capcom say they still feel confident about their goal to sell 7 million copies of Resident Evil 6 by the end of March 2013.


“We actively showcased Resident Evil 6 at E3 and other game shows to overall positive reviews, and we believe we are in a position to positively achieve our 7 million target,” Capcom stated with regard to Resident Evil 6’s forecast.

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  • ResidentMetroid

    Damn you Capcom… Damn you.


    I did just actually purchase DLC for XIII-2, not all DLC is bad.

    • Domii

      The fact that you bought 13-2 to begin with, is worst than anything bad that Capcom has done lol. 

      • That’s what people told me about Call of Duty Map Packs and Online Passes.

        Look who’s laughing NOW!

        • Domii

          Dude, I was joking.

          • So was I, to which you didn’t get apparently. Come on man; CoD Map packs, Onlines passes?

            Can I be any more obvious!?

  • Ed

    ¬_¬. . . 


  • Go2hell66

    HAhaaha i lol’d at the rage comments below

    can’t say i’m too happy either about them profiting off their dlc scams, but i’ll forgive them since they’re bringing back my beloved vampire saviour <3

    also i'm sorry i love you capcom but RE6 will not sell 7million copies :/

    • malek86

      Wouldn’t be so sure. RE5 sold 5 million copies in three months, launching in March. RE6 could manage 7 millions, since it’s launching in November, right near the holiday season. Also the 360/PS3/PC userbase is larger now, and they’ve added more multiplayer stuff (which seem to be all the rage nowadays). Granted, competition in that month will be pretty fierce.

      But I say it has a shot.

      • MrRobbyM

        It definitely does. At least in Japan.

        • Domii

          Wait, you’re not talking about 7mil in Japan alone right?

          • MrRobbyM

            I’m talking about the chance of RE6 selling well in Japan.

          • Domii

            Oh ok.

    • ResidentMetroid

      Wait they are bringing Vampire Saviour? When was this?

      • Go2hell66

         well its not official yet but surely you seen all the “Darkstalkers are not dead” teasers that capcom’s been throwing around, at this point there’s a 90% were looking at a darkstalkers 4

        • ResidentMetroid

          Oh that’s right! I just hope they aren’t trolling everyone.

    • Domii

      Like I mentioned above, It definitely has a huge chance of pulling it off. I might go as far as to say that if its high rated by critics and love by consumers around, the positive reception might help it sell even more than 7mil.   

  • Nicolas Vasquez

    i dont like this heavy DLC policy, but you cannot blame capcom when people do actually buy the DLC, afterall this is business and the number show theres an actual demand.

  • MrRobbyM

    I’m not happy to hear the news but I can’t say I’m surprised. If Capcom makes good DLC, people will buy it. Even it IS stuff that should have been in the game to begin with.

  • malek86

    People: we don’t want DLC!
    Capcom: actually, it looks like you want DLC.

  • Domii

    Holy crap 7 million!? I thought their goal was 6mil. Well I wish them good luck because they seem to be advertising the game a whole lot on TV, online and events. Now all they need is RE6 to be really good in order for those expectations to be met.

  • All of Capcom DLCs, Themes, Avatars, everything they’re selling in PSN Store are extremely expensive…. maybe the most expensive compare to any publisher in the world. I’m ok with DLCs but they should have fair prices.

    • They are? The avatars are 49 cents like the rest of the premium avatars aren’t they?

  • cj_iwakura

    So uh, why’s it taking them so long to get Nyu’s games onto Steam if they have all that cash?

    • What does having cash have to do with getting Nyu Media’s games onto Steam? 

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Oh ishaan such a troll

    • Blame @malek86:disqus. It was totally his fault.

    • Huh?

  • AlteisenX

    Well considering I’d have to buy the dlc to get the rest of my game… No wonder?

    I didn’t buy any of their dlc, and I haven’t purchased a capcom game in a long time. Probably since pre-SSF4. it’s a shame really, because I would’ve liked to play Dragon’s Dogma… but I can live without it to show how much I hate dlc like this. I prefer expansion packs that were $10 and you got a lot more than a bunch of colours I won’t ever use.

    • konsama

      The funny thing is even though the Dragon’s Dogma DLC is on the disc it’s very bad, and most of the content DLC’s are to buy stuff you can already get in the game if you bother to play it. And it’s not even that good stuff, more like to get a “better” start on it. The other was the Monster Hunter weapons that AREN’T MH weapons, just lookalikes, which is even false advertising.

  • James Smith

    But are DLC sales an extra bonus to the usual sales or are they only making up for the lost revenue of reduced game sales due to DLC ?
    I’m implying that gamers might be saturated by  slapped on DLC and such practices might be having an adverse effect on game sales.
    With game prices going higher and DLC just driving that even further up I see many players opting for a “wait and buy the game used when it’s less expensive or when the full version is released” option.
    And Capcom’s the kind of short sighed company that could make such mistake.

  • What a great way to start my day finding out that people patronize Capcom’s BS DLC. 

  • Oh God this will get ugly soon down there……

    I mean, they r not FORCING you to buy them.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Indeed lol.T_T It is fans who “Loves” buying DLC there.T_T

  • RmanX1000

    Great. With all this money, they should start MegaMan Legends 3 up again…. right?

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Capcom: Nope.^_^

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    ……It seems DLC is still  going to go strong there lol. Considering that fans really “LOVE” DLC lol.^_^

    To all that does not buy DLC, prepare yourself for more DLC there.*Prepare himself a bunker*^_^

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