Dragon’s Dogma Can Be Easier, If You Want It To Be

By Spencer . August 1, 2012 . 1:32am

dragon1Capcom said sales of Dragon’s Dogma "struggled abroad," but they aren’t giving up on their fantasy game. In fact, Capcom plans to make Dragon’s Dogma more accessible. A PS3/Xbox 360 patch scheduled for August 6 will add Easy Mode into the game. Players can switch between difficulty levels in the option menu at any time.


PlayStation 3 owners will also be able to download a new Dragon’s Dogma demo that lets players sample the beginning of the game. You start by creating a character, making a pawn, and fight all the way up to the hydra battle.


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Data from the Dragon’s Dogma demo can be imported into the final game. The new Dragon’s Dogma demo is slated for release on August 9.

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  • quasadra

    add a Hard Mode too, i could use the challenge. and increase the monster respawn interval, its a chore to “sleep in an inn to advance time” 3-7 times once i killed one of those major boss.

  • konsama

    Really, easy mode? Seriously Capcom, have you been reading what people want ever? The game is not hard at least from my view most friends and read around, it’s perfect, mixes a tricky but decent learning curve with less tedious farming systems like MH (i’m a MH fan, but not blind). What we need is the game HARDER, especially for subsequent runs, it’s so boring and tedious to start new runs with your level 60+ character and all the enemies for the first half of the game get OHKO’d, and level 60 it’s still considered very low, i can’t imagine the boredom higher levels players must get.

    Really i still find sad this game hasn’t sold as well, but really think at what kind of people you’re selling this, most people that took it are the kind of masochist player that got into Monster Hunter, Demon/Dark Souls and so on. And this game is way easier than those, getting the game even easier is not gonna help at all.

    • quasadra

       im lvl 16x now, everything except archydra and “that one room” is a pure pushover, i dont see the reason to lvl up anymore… to be fair i did put over 300 hours in it, i consider it money well spent and definitely gonna support a sequel if they release one.

      • konsama

        Exactly, the game has a serious potential, good gameplay, graphics, even story, etc… But the game feels so… incomplete or a je ne sais quoi that  leaves you like it shouldn’t be done or finished yet, i don’t know, and with that potential, even if it was as DLC they could really make it stand out. But seriously whoever is managing the game right now is a serious [insert word/insult here].

        • quasadra

           very true, the whole game feels like a prelude to something truly great. i would suggest to ditch the open world design and switch to dungeon crawler instead, expand the vocation type, add some coop. i suggest this mainly because i really like the combat system and i wouldnt mind if it concentrate on the Everfall section alone.

  • epy

    Yeah, that’s nice. Now patch in some horses so I can go places faster. They can be pigs if you want, just make them fast.

    • Barrit

      I haven’t played the game yet and this is really the main complaint I hear about it. Hell, they can even add a boar like Nier. That thing was super fast lol.

  • badmoogle

    The problem wasn’t its difficulty (you could hire higher level pawns if you wanted) but the lag in some post game levels in the everfal,made the game uplayable for me.Especially levels that had lots of magic spells going on…:/
    This annoyed me a lot and made me rush to the end.I didn’t even bothered to fight the Ur-Dragon…
    The game had many other problems as well,but overall i enjoyed it.However the sequel need to change (and fix) many things before i consider buying it.

  • popyea

    What!? It’s TOO easy! I don’t think I even died more than 10 times. I’ve never heard anyone describe this game as difficult.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Yeah, to be honest, the only deaths I had in the game were really cheap ones, like when the griffin picks you up and drops you.

      • Lol never had that happen to me, the Griffin usually buggers off by the time my pawns say “Master look, Griffin!”.

    • Showmeyomoves

      Strangely enough, I have heard people describe it as hard. And, to be honest, it’s pretty challenging in the beginning and post-dragon, when you’re underpowered.

      But yeah, fights with bigger monsters are over way too quickly. Thanks to Monster Hunter I’m used to epic 40 minute fights, followed by a sense of accomplishment and immense satisfaction. It’s hard to feel any of that if your target goes down when you hit it in the eye a few times.

  • AlteisenX

    It’s not that it’s a hard game; it truly isn’t compared to the games I play [KH Level 1 Critical Mode, Ys Nightmare/Inferno mode, etc], I just don’t support on-disc DLC and as such I won’t purchase their games until it’s gone. I’m moreso just waiting for a “All DLC included” version, similar to what Borderlands did, and a few other games.

    • badmoogle

      I don’t support it either.I just buy the game and not the dlc itself…i haven’t bought any DLC at all for DD.The game was more than enough…

  • Ronald Bixler

    Be thankful. They could have charged you for it.

  • Jirin

    Wait a minute…this isn’t Dragon’s Dogma at all!  It’s Doki Doki Panic 3D Adventure with sprites from Dragon’s Dogma!

    I’ll play Dragon’s Dogma just as soon as Gamefly lets me.  It’s been at the top of my queue for two months.  But from what I’ve heard, the only people who would ever think the game is hard are the people who mostly play social games and have never played an adventure game in their lives.

  • Marcelo Henrique Chaves

    LOL easy mode for Dragons Dogma? Seriously? Must be for the players that needed easy mode for FFXIII. >.>

  • MrRobbyM

    As long as it won’t ruin the normal difficulty or influence a possible DD2 to become much easier in general. The game isn’t hard to begin with. I think I only died once or twice during my first play through.

    • If you only died once you didn’t do much exploring initially. You’d almost surely die just from wandering into the bandit area by the woods and trying to kill all the bandits before going to Gran Soren. Those bandits were a lot of fun :(

      • MrRobbyM

        That’s the one time I remember dying actually. I got to Gran Soren and immediately after I went north only to fine a pack of wolves and the female bandits. They were a breeze after leveling up just a bit though.

  • This game isn’t hard at all.  I’m not saying there were some parts that didn’t pose a challenge, but if you use strategy you won’t have any issue.  The game even tells you to do something else if an area is too tough for you.  If they added a hard mode that would be nice, because New Game+ is too easy (is there a hard mode?.) I don’t know who would have trouble with this game… maybe someone who never played a game that’s not Angry Birds?

  • Selaphiel

    Lol, easy mode. The combat isn’t that difficult, a few of the larger monsters can be a pain but once you learn their pattern everytime you fight them it gets easier.

    What *is* difficult is the fact that fast travel is basically non-existent. What is there is just plain annoying and not even useful until NG+.

    I mean, we don’t “need” fast travel (yeah DD fans, I know,
    “casual gamers lol, fast travel is lame”), but if you’re putting in an easy mode you might as well add that.

  • Joe Cammisa

    I don’t care about that easy mode at all, but see that new demo they’re doing? The one where you play the beginning and can import that into the final game and pick up where you left off?

    EVERY demo ever in the world from this point forward should be like that.Every demo since Lunar 2 on the PSX should have ALREADY been like that. 
    It’s never made sense to me to make a demo a part of a game you’ll just have to re-play down the line, or even worse, make the demo the beginning of the game and then immediately have to play it again, tutorials and all. 
    Let me save at the end of the demo and pick up where I left off!

    • Akimitsu

       The only problem with that is that some games only last for 4-6 hours, so a demo that has its data imported into the final product might be hard to do for some shorter games.

  • Guest

    Wouldnt a quick travel patch make sense? I hear complaints about that..

  • A hard mode would be nice, but an easy mode? Is Capcom filled with idiots? Did they not see what happened with Gaiden 3? We don’t want easier games…

  • XiaomuArisu

    Dont make it easier!The game is fun!Whats next? Dante must survive mode?

  • idofgrahf

    I would prefer a quick travel patch over easy mode. The game is really not that hard, I died maybe three times in the first playthrough and that’s more due to me not paying attention than it being hard.

  • CirnoLakes

    How on earth has Dragon’s Dogma struggled abroad? It’s practically a wRPG!

  • John Szczepaniak

    So wait, let me get this straight, Capcom mistakenly thinks it’s not doing well abroad because it’s too difficult, rather than the fact that it’s one of the most generic, clichéd, stereotypical, and uninspired western style RPGs imaginable? I’ve already used the word generic once in this post, but crikey, is there a better word? The game is creatively bankrupt, a dull pastiche formed by pasting together pages torn from the medieval RPG cliché handbook. It’s not selling because it’s dull, not because it’s difficult. What a complete waste of development time and effort – it brings nothing new to the industry.

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