How To Play Game Arts Adorable Belt Action RPG Picotto Knights

By Spencer . August 2, 2012 . 5:57pm


Game Arts, makers of Ragnarok Odyssey and the Dokuro, are working on their third PlayStation Vita title. Picotto Knights is a quite different since it’s 1.) network focused and 2.) free to download.


The game is described as a "belt action RPG" so it’s kind of like Capcom’s Dungeons & Dragons arcade games or Dragon’s Crown. You move your custom Cocoroid Knight with the left analog stick or the d-pad. The square button is for weak attacks and the triangle button is for strong attacks. Circle makes your knight use his/her shield to block and X is for jump. Hold L/R and you can toggle skills assigned to the face buttons. Players can set skills using the touch screen. Players learn new skills as their character levels up…


kokoroid_thums01ss weapon_thums03ss


… and there are eight different weapons to master.

imageFrom left to right: blade, spear, axe, hammer, claw, chakram, rod, bowgun.


Picotto Knights supports online multiplayer through Wi-Fi and 3G connections. When you’re offline CPU controlled knights will fill in the empty party spots so you have a full group of four knights. While Picotto Knights is a free download the game will have virtual items for players to purchase. Details about item pricing hasn’t been announced. Neither has a North American release, but Picotto Knights sounds like it’s going to be pretty easy to pick up and play.


picotto7 picotto1 picotto2 picotto3 picotto4 picotto6 enemy_thums01ss multiplay_thums03ss multiplay_thums02ss multiplay_thums01ss kokoroid_thums03ss kokoroid_thums02ss weapon_thums02ss weapon_thums01ss enemy_thums03ss enemy_thums02ss


picotto8 picotto9 picotto10 picotto11 picotto12 picotto13 picotto14 picotto15 picotto16 picotto17 picotto18 picotto19 picotto20 picotto21 picotto22 picotto23 picotto24 picotto25 picotto26 picotto27

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  • Chris Downes

    I hope this comes over to the US PSN! It look’s very entertaining, and fun!

  • xavier axol

    does it play like castle crashers? ’cause it looks like i could get addicted to it, and those cute characters are adorable!. bring it over to the u.s. psn please!

  • Vampiric

    Just seems so shallow, and bad. But thats what Id expect from a monitization rpg

    • ShinGundam

       Maybe F2P is the next step for JRPGs especially devs aren’t interested in premium console RPG or plot centric RPGs

      • Vampiric

         I will take that as a joke, as its clearly untrue

        • Raharu95


  • harmonyworld


  • *Groan* Just take my money already, darn it!

    • Code

      They don’t have to, it’s free to play oヮo~!

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Hmmm…. i don’t really see how this game is related to Dragon Crown though.T_T Well, it looks not bad there but not really my cup of tea there.T_T

    Ragnarok Odyssey seems to interest me a lot though.^_^

  • Code

    I saw this the other day >3w<~!

    • It’s not too big of a surprise because social gaming on Japanese social network platforms (Gree, Mobage and Mixi) uses the exact same business model for pretty much all games. A lot of potential customers are already used to it, so it was probably to be expected that it was gonna spill over to other platforms besides cellphones. By the way, this development has become such a huge “threat” to traditional console gaming that Nintendo pulled out their Nintendoland – basically a social network of their own – as one of the Wii U’s main selling points.

  • Now if only I didn’t have to factory reset my Vita just to sign on to my JP PSN account…

    Edit: Could I download this off the JP PSN on my PS3 and transfer it to my Vita? That would be really cool.

  • miyamoto

    BackGround artwork could use a little work though.its like drawn by an angry toddler.

  • T-X

    Am I the only one who sees the Wind Waker/Kingdom Hearts art direction here? (maybe even some Bomberman 64)

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