Dimps Reviving The Rumble Fish Series With Updated Arcade Game

By Spencer . August 7, 2012 . 12:15am

trfa-4Dimps, the developer behind Street Fighter IV, obtained the rights to The Rumble Fish series which they developed years ago with Sammy Studios.


Their first plan is to bring The Rumble Fish 2 back to arcades. The 2D game uses their Smooth Animation system and has destructible costumes like Senran Kagura. The Rumble Fish 2 has been updated with modern features like support for NESiCAxLive and retuned for its arcade return. Dimps rebalanced the game and added a new double impact cancel system.


The Rumble Fish 2 is out in arcades now.


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  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Really nice news there for Dimps.^_^ And considering Arcade is still much alive in Japan, hope they will be able to get profit there.^_^ And of course come out with Rumble Fish 3 in the future.^_^ More 2D fighting game goodness is always an okay for me.^_^

  • Loli Desu

    WANT! a console port is fine too…

  • Tee Niitris

    C’mon Dimps, stop holding out on that PSN release. This is easily one of the best obscure fighters around.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Rumble Fish?
    That name is easy to rememberXD
    Is the game really good?

    • Andrew Austin

       Really good? No, not really. Even back in the day the whole being able to rip and tear clothing was pretty gimmicky and thats really all the series had going for it.

      I kinda wonder why they’re just going to release an updated version of 2. When I first heard they purchased the license I thought they’d be working on a full blown new game. Kinda strange, I don’t think this series was ever too popular but it just seems odd to acquire the rights to then go out and release a port..

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Considering they are focusing on the arcade front in Japan there, i believe they are serious in making this IP into big IP there lol. Considering arcade in Japan is still much alive and banging there. Not mention that Arcade in Japan is source of highly competitive battle there.^_^

        • Andrew Austin

          I disagree with your assertion that porting a obscure seven year old arcade game is the best way to attract a new audience or a serious attempt to make an IP big. I can almost assure you that the game will last about a month in arcades before its completely carted off and forgotten.

          I guess its a fairly cheap way to test the waters to see if the series is still viable though. The NESiCA hardware is pretty cost effective from what I’ve heard.

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            I think you underestimated Japanese Arcade market there. Considering some old arcade game like Ghost ‘n Goblin is still played heavily there, Arcade is surely a better front to try there in Japan.

            Not to forget that they just get this game IP recently. Of course releasing a prot and upgrade will be a better choice there as it is impossible for Dimps to come out with the third series there in a month.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Quite good fighting game on PS2 or Arcade there.^_^ Which makes me hoping for more here lol.^_^

    • Tee Niitris

      From videos I’ve seen, it is good. The first was a bit slow and left quite a bit to be desired. But the sequel (the one being re-released) sped up the gameplay and fixed a few quirks. For an obscure fighter, it’s really good.

      There’s a reason Capcom went to Dimps to collaborate with SF4. ;)

    • It’s… Okay at best? I haven’t played Rumble Fish 2, but Rumble Fish 1 had weird animations. It’s like watching Gundam Battle Assault where the limbs are animated differently from the main body.

      They’re just trying to ride the fighter wave. The game was mediocre at best.

      • Casey McMahon

        Rumblefish 2 is basically a upgrade to part 1. Few more characters and some move / balance tweaks. I love both games. They are far from Mediocre and maybe the best fighters on AW other then KOF XI.

  • doubletaco

    Why make new fighting games when you can just re-release your old ones?

    • Casey McMahon

      They are busy working on Street Fighter X Tekken on PSP Vita.

      I doubt they have time right now to make a full fledged game. Best to get the name out there and fresh in people’s minds and then go from there. I am sure we will see The Rumblefish 3 at some point after they get done making money from Capcom (Street Fighter) and Sega (Sonic) respectively.

      G.rev did the same type of work on Ikaruga for Treasure and then brought out Border Down on their own.

  • zferolie

    Looks cool. I’ll try it out if it has a PSN or Live release. Can’t really play it on an arcade being there are few near me(closest over an hour) Plus I doubt they would have this.

  • play this in japan awhile back good game

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