Tales Of Xillia 2’s Debt Repayment System In Action

By Spencer . August 10, 2012 . 1:52am

tox2-6Poor Ludger. Because he owes 20,000,000 gald, the protagonist in Tales of Xillia 2 is trapped. The GHS system keeps track of debtors and restrict what parts of Elenpios they can visit. If you want to expand where Ludger can travel you have to give money to Nova, one of Ludger’s classmates who works at the loan office.


tox2-30 tox2-31 tox2-29 tox2-28


Ludger can earn money and titles by taking on quests. Certain titles allow Ludger to take on higher ranking quests, which should yield larger rewards. While Ludger doesn’t have to pay back money at any set time, the game will send agents to collect gald by force.


Alvin from Tales of Xillia returns with a unique "charge" command in battle.

tox2-1 tox2-35 tox2-33 tox2-4


Motor Fire, a resonance art with Alvin and Ludger.

tox2-25 tox2-26 tox2-27


Leia is also a playable character and she brings her staff mastery talents into battles.

tox2-3 tox2-34 tox2-36 tox2-5


Leia and Ludger combine attacks to make Ensen Juraku.

tox2-20 tox2-21 tox2-22 tox2-23


Julius, pictured below, is Ludger’s brother.

tox2-2 tox2-32 tox2-37



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  • Dyne

    can you fight the agents?

    • Stranger On The Road

       I sure hope so, I don’t mind getting a fine if I defeat them, as long as I get to have extra EXP point when I do!

      • If you could fight the agents, I bet they would probably be similar to un-winnable bosses.

        • Draparde

          i figure they’d probably be nearly un-winnable, tales of usually sets it up so the boss *can* be beaten…but only if your crazily overlved or on a new game+ lol. 

          but either way…if they are beatable…i hope they drop gald >) 

  • Solomon_Kano

    Huh. So progression is tied to repaying Ludger’s debt, at least in part? I like when there are actual story reason’s to be had for certain mechanics to be had in a game as opposed to it just being like “NO!” so that’s pretty cool. Even cooler that we actually have to pay his debt down. I expected that to be a story-only thing when it was originally announced, but that also plays into the gameplay. You even get debt collectors sent after you lol.

    Yea, this is sounding good. Can’t wait for Xillia to hit the states, so it’s good to know that the next game up is sounding good too.

  • I can already see the DLC
    Buy 20Million Gald for 600Yen

  • I wonder what Ludger do with all the money he borrowed…?

    • keithmaxx

      That was money Julius used and was passed on to Ludger, IIRC.

      To answer the question, Julius might have been spending too much on experiments. (I’m getting a Time Travellers vibe all of a sudden.)

  • landlock

    Not really a fan of this type of game. Ones that are going to force you to do loads of really pointless missions just to progress the storyline a little before being forced into loads of missions again. 

  • Laith Rem

    So Ludger is the Tales of version of Crow Burst.

    Ludger has just taken my interest.

    • LynxAmali

      He’s not really Crow until he has someone who constantly keeps him in debt.

      Picture somewhat related.

  • XypherCode

    I still can’t much grasp the plot and storyline of this sequel. :P
    Anyway I see that the battle system is improved :)

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    The wink! It gets me every time. I’m keeping my eye on her

  • Oooooooooo, hello Nova! (Winkes) =^_^=

    She can take my money any day =P

  • Alexander Aubert

    no new playable character yet

    • Ludger is new

    • Same with Julius.
      EDIT: >.> Nevermind, haven’t been paying attention to details. XD Could be a temp playable, like Flynn in the 360’s Vesperia… Especially since we see him with weapons in his picture. (Unless he’s a baddie.)

  • Vampiric

    please localize this close after xillia

  • Darkrise

    Why did they give a name like Nova to someone who is only in charge of collecting your debts and does nothing else? Aside from that, it’s great that there’s more party members to play as but I’m hoping for at least one or two new characters aside from the previous main cast.

    • Sardorim

       Who’s the say that she wont join the party later?

      • Draparde

        maybe after paying the 20mil she joins!…at least i think that would be cool lol. sorta like a reward for doing it. (beyond the extra areas n stuff)

  • Göran Isacson

    Looks like the little girl Ludger’s taking care of has SOME presence on the battlefield, even if she’s not an actual playable aprty member. Interesting. Less interesting: the system for repaying his debts. On the one hand it IS a more valid excuse to throw a bunc of side-missions and force grinding on the character for cash, but I do hope that the missions don’t end up feeling like a chore in the end. We play games to ESCAPE those, after all.

  • neetloaf

    I’m getting some Rorona/Totori/Meruru vibes from this debt collection system.
    And I’m lovin’ it.

    I haven’t been following this game as much as I would like, so I’m curious about the debt collectors though. Since you don’t have to pay at a set time, is there prior warning to their arrival, or do they just show up once the game decides you’re taking too long? What happens when you can’t pay? Game over?

  • Jirin

    Quests, huh?

    …Are they real quests, with story content payoff, or are they just like fetch quests and ‘kill this monster’?

    If you have to do quests in order to advance the game and access different areas, if those quests have story content that’s 100% fine, but if they’re just fetch quests or monster kill quests, hell no.  I hate games that make you do repetitive boring crap.

    Or even worse, they could be ‘Collect uncommon item drops from monsters’ quests like in Persona 3-4. *shudder*

  • MrKappa

    Looks kinda fun.. but I also thought that about the first game and then it turned out being a cut under the rest of the Tales games.
    I’d really like to see some videos but if anything else I can’t wait for that demo. Need to try this out.

    •  @completely accurate description from the first game.. It was bad compared to Vesperia PS3 ver, and Graces F….

      • It wasn’t bad at all, they just rushed the game too much, i played this and vesperia at the same time, this story got my attention more, while vesperia’s chars got me more, still, vesperia’s graphics are more into my liking because its more animeish, but Xillia’s battles and fighting style won me over too, the fighting styles were really different between chars and had more impact, anyway, Xillia’s wasnt bad at all.

        Saying what game was better or not is kind of unfair, i really like all of tales of games individually, but if i had to mention one of the ones you mentioned, i would say i enjoyed graces more, because the story felt so awesomely complete, with the future arc that game became soooo good.

        But in xillia’s case, because of the rushing it felt incomplete, especially by the end, including other char’s stories, they kinda gave some BG story about Leia’s childhood days without Jude but never got deep into it, like if they wanted to leave it for later, but at the end they never got into it. That is why im happy they are putting the chars from the last game here too, it just seemed they left so many stuff about them out, so im hoping to find more about them here.

        I still remember how they left key story parts about the chars with some side quests that appear after you beat the last boss *sigh* it was too obvious they were in such a hurry…

  • This game just seems like a huuuge departure from all the other Tales games. Please don’t go the way of FF did after FFVII!!

  • Hmm. Ok then. For some reason, I feel Leia needs to ride around on a bike. Dunno why.

  • wasn’t really interested before, but beating loan sharks to death sounds like my idea of a good time.  Sign me up, Bamco.

  • Masengan

    I’m so excited we’re getting Xillia 1!

  • So we hv to pay to open up areas to explore??? Man being in debt sucks. And I hope Nova can join the party if you fullfill requirement.

    He can leap through dimension but stuck cuz he’s in debt. LOL

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    20.000.000 gald debt.T_T Hayate himself never seems to have this gigantic bet here lol.^_^

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