Monster Hunter News For West Still Coming Before The End Of The Year

By Ishaan . August 16, 2012 . 11:55am

Some were hoping for Capcom to announce localization plans for a new Monster Hunter game at Gamescom, whether it was Monster Hunter Tri G or (less likely) Monster Hunter 4. That announcement didn’t happen at Gamescom, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get Monster Hunter news in the near future.


Capcom USA’s senior vice-president, Christian Svensson, took to the Capcom forums to address the topic this week. Svensson writes:


A few weeks ago, I told MH fans on this forum that you’d hear something before the end of the year. Nothing has changed on that front. You’re also assuming that when it comes, it’ll be at some event you can see coming from a mile away. That’s not necessarily a correct assumption.


While I appreciate the passion, I can’t help you if every possible industry event leads to build up and crashes in anticipation. If we somehow get to Dec 31 and you do not have more visibility, then please be mad at me.  Until then, I’d request the benefit of the doubt and your continued patience.


Thanks for being such great fans.


In the past, Svensson has stated that he feels Monster Hunter has a legitimate chance at being a major Capcom brand in the west, but that it requires certain features to be in place for the western audience, such as online play.

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  • miyamoto

    Bye Monster Hunter, Hello FF XIV!

  • I think it’s the opposite, i don’t think Tri is likely at all, i think 4 is much more likely.  Why would we get the older game and not the newer one?  I think they just skip 3.

    • KotaroInugami

      Cuz Tri G is technically the newest and even Japan doesnt have a 4 release date… At least not that I recall.

    • Tri G is already localized to a large extent (due to Tri), which would make it more likely. 4 would take longer to localize, so I can see us having to wait for that one for a little while.

  • Why you guys arent taking into account Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

    • Because they’ve already said Portable 3rd isn’t going to come over. It won’t be coming over on the PSP for sure, and while Capcom did attempt to bring the PS3 version over, Sony required that changes be made to the game before it could be brought over.

      Specifically, they require the addition of Trophies and overhauling the game’s multiplayer to function over the PlayStation Network, as opposed to the Adhoc Party application. It was either that, or that the Adhoc app that Japan has isn’t available in the west.

      • Last I checked, adhoc Party was indeed available in the West.

  • KotaroInugami

    Seems like the correct thing to say. This way they have no obligation to have it said by any day other than December 31. If it’s a cop out, it’s a damn good one.

  • I see… well this is pretty congruent with the recent comment by Capcom community manager Yuri L. Araujo:”There’s a right time and place for everything… but I assure
    you that, as a MH fan myself, I don’t like making you wait; but I have
    to. Sorry. Good news: there is an end to this madness. Bad news: just
    like I said in the other thread, I hate making you wait… but I have to.
    =(“So all those rumors about a Tri G localization in september 2012 spread by European magazines should be 99.9% debunked with this. I mean, when else would they announce it if not at Gamescom?

  • maybe i’ll abandon monster hunter and play soul sacrifice or ragnarok odyssey instead

    • Herok♞

       Just play all 3, each will have things unique about it to make it fun.

      • Syn

        Make that all 5,( waves goodbye to social life). All these games are awesome in their own ways, hope they all come west.

    • Same here, I’m just tired of all this mess. I’m just waiting for those games to show up (In addition to Lord of Apocalypses and Phantasy Star Online 2) so I can finally cut any connection with MH.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Gotta love Sven.

    As for which we’re more likely to get, I dunno Ishaan, Sven’s comments are probably more than just thinking aloud. Suggesting that online is necessary and not following that with anything would be odd on their part. The addition of online sounds much more plausible with the still-in-development MH4 than Capcom having some people go work it into Tri G separately. I mean, it happened with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, so it’s certainly not outside of the realm of possibility, but that’s a rare case.

    • Yeah, it really could go either way, honestly. I don’t see them skipping Tri G and jumping straight ahead to 4, because so much of Tri’s framework is already in place (including online code and English text), but that’s just me. We’ll find out soon!

      • Solomon_Kano

        Yea, there’s not a clear winner, so it should definitely be interesting to see which it is. Soon indeed.

  • Herok♞

    Whatever it is I am guessing they are waiting until they are finished before saying anything, which is a good idea considering capcom’s recent history.

  • Marcelo Henrique Chaves

    Oh that’s good news, so basically we’ll have to wait for the announcement that’s gonna make us wait a “little” more till the game finally release.
    I think this gen Sony’s handheld will still be the better hunting games platform. PSP did not let me down, so i think i’ll stick with Vita for the time being.

  • News Announcement on 12/31/12: “We will NOT be localizing either Monster Hunter Title.”

    just kidding; as long as that ^^^ is not the localisation news that we get, ill be satisfied. even though i no longer have any friends i can play MH with, im sure ill still enjoy the slaying and armor crafting that i have grown to love over the past few years. >.<

  • James Beatty

    MH 3G being released as a digital title and MH 4 being released in late 2013 early 2014

    • Why would they release it as a download game…? That’s bizarre.

      • James Beatty

        To cut down costs? They would have to send physical copies everywhere and they really don’t have much translating to do since it’s already done. Of course, my guess only makes sense if Capcom doesn’t thinks that MH 3G would make enough money in the west. 

        • It wouldn’t cut down on costs, it would only cut down on profits.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Capcom: Heres the news we are putting  Megaman in this game…….*wait for it…* as a monster called Megasmants’xoverus oh and we are NOT saying we are not going to  localize this yet  

    guy in the background: Hey can I add Ryu too 


  • konsama

    At this point i no longer care, even if their announce is to say “We’re not localizing” it’s still a clearer answer than all the ambiguous things they told us for almost a year.

  • Luis Enrique

    They’re going to make the announcement right on Dec. 31, aren’t they?

  • One thing publishers should keep in mind, especially those that bring over imports, is that the longer you wait to bring over a franchise the higher chance that a competing product will have built upon the foundation that the original franchise has created and thus makes the original appear to be an out-of-date facsimile of the competing product… so in other words, bring out MH asap warts and all, and build in those western features later… just a thought.

    • konsama

      Agreed, imagine the sales for Nintendo and Capcom if they localized it ASAP, instead now that Souls sacrifice is coming to Vita and it looks quite great. Even if they localize 3G some people will have been over it and just moved to Soul Sacrifice/Vita.

      • Fango

        I’m more excited about SS than MH4. I think the concept of sacrificing items and parts to perform various weps/spells is great. Monster Hunter is just more of the same thing since 2004. Visuals haven’t improved much in 8 years either.

        • konsama

          Well i never been a graphics person, i could care less if it looks awful or as PS1 graphics as long the game has a great gameplay as MH does, and i think in this case it’s fine that they won’t change radically, go back to 2004 and the games have certainly changed, especially on the 3rd Gen, that despite not everything being good it certainly did some good changes. And that’s what i like, if they just did a WTF change like RE3 to RE4 i would certainly hate it.

          Oh and i’m also interested on SS, and looking on the gameplay vids i like how it feels like an Avatar (Nick one obv) game with the elemental spells and such.

        • konsama

          Well i never been a graphics person, i could care less if it looks awful or as PS1 graphics as long the game has a great gameplay as MH does, and i think in this case it’s fine that they won’t change radically, go back to 2004 and the games have certainly changed, especially on the 3rd Gen, that despite not everything being good it certainly did some good changes. And that’s what i like, if they just did a WTF change like RE3 to RE4 i would certainly hate it.

          Oh and i’m also interested on SS, and looking on the gameplay vids i like how it feels like an Avatar (Nick one obv) game with the elemental spells and such.

  • Patiently waiting. =)

  • scratchbach

    Capcom tries a little too hard to make me hate them sometimes, but I genuinely like Sven.

    Looking forward to this news with anticipation!

  • Sorry, don’t buy it. Capcom’s been telling us something is coming since Tri’s release. I really think they’re just stringing us along.

    We’re not getting MH3G because they feel it will fail without online. They won’t implement online to it because it’s too much work and they’d have to rerelease it in Japan too because the japanese fans would flip tables over Capcom giving us something like that but not them.

    And they’ll probably have some excuse for MH4 too.

    To me, the franchise is done outside Japan.

    • I wish people would think before they type. Sigh.

      • I’m not sure what I said that makes it seem as though I didn’t think. I merely spoke from my point of view, which I don’t expect anyone to believe more credible than anything else. Regardless, we have been getting this “there’s MH news soon!” for almost 2 years now and nothing ever materializes. I’ve just thrown in the towel.

        MHP3rd, fine. It was on the PSP which was on the way out. Disappointing but understandable.

        MHP3rd HD, apparently couldn’t happen because Sony blocked it on the basis of a “no trophy support” stipulation. Ok, fine, I can believe that. Sony can be pretty boneheaded sometimes.

        But there’s no excuse with MH3G. If they are waiting for another game with dedicated online in order to publish here again chances of that happening on the 3DS are slim to none, due in large part Japan is perfectly content with local connectivity. It’s possible 4 might have it but unlikely given it’s still a portable MH. They won’t cater the series to the west at the expense of alienating the biggest buyer base they have with major game mods like that.

        But given how spectacular MH3G is, I think Capcom could really turn some heads if they marketed it here correctly.

        But let me clarify, I WANT to be wrong. I want to believe what they post, and a small part of me still does. But again, these are the same things we’ve been getting for a long time now with absolutely nothing to show for it but more vague PR lines. I really don’t see any end to that anytime soon either.

        • A LOT of this has been explained before. Yes, we were supposed to get a Monster Hunter game sooner. Portable 3rd HD Ver. was supposed to come over, but was blocked. By then, the team was already busy at work on Tri G and 4, development of which began in late 2010.

          I’m not sure what your complaints are regarding Tri G? How do you know we aren’t getting it? How do you know they aren’t adding online to the 3DS version, or maybe it porting it to elsewhere, where they think it might be better suited to the western market, or coordinating with Nintendo in some fashion, or any number of other reasons for its delay? 

          With Monster Hunter, there are so many things that need to line up in order for the next game to come over and be successful, so that the Japan side may be convinced that there’s a future for the series here. Capcom USA don’t appear to be taking the series’ future lightly at all if you ask me, and their president told this very site that he considers it an important franchise.

          They aren’t a stupid company, which is where my “I wish people would think…” remark came from. Capcom USA’s president wouldn’t be stringing people along for no reason if there wasn’t genuinely some reason for it. The fact that he’s saying this stuff at all is a huge deal. I would imagine the Japan side wouldn’t be pleased at all if they caught wind of it, because they lead the charge on Monster Hunter 100%.

          •  “I’m not sure what your complaints are regarding Tri G? How do you know we aren’t getting it”

            I don’t. And I hope I’m wrong. But I just don’t know if they’d go so far as to modify the game in such a large way and not do the same for Japan. To be honest, part of me is baffled as to why Tri G is taking so long given most of the game is already translated thanks to Tri… and MH isn’t text heavy to begin with! So who knows, maybe they are rebuilding it.

            But I think it’s more likely 4 will be built from the ground up with online. As every first entry in a MH gen has been online. I think we’ll likely get that over Tri G at this point, but that’s just me.

            “They aren’t a stupid company”

            Not by any means, but they have done a few boneheaded things this gen that sometimes don’t inspire confidence in their company – fan relations.

            Sven sounds like a cool guy though and a MH fan himself, and I want to believe him, I really do. But 2 years of frustration just makes it a bit hard to work with.

            Anyhow, apologies for lashing out. I guess I’m still buttmad over there being nothing at Gamescon.

  • Carocaro4

    I can wait. I mean that gives me more time to play Unite and Tri. :}

  • gquain

     i feel a bit sorry for those unable to play these nice games, i wish for you all to enjoy MH TriG and MH4 when it comes out approxi. summer next year.
    I dont know if i still play that game with this heartloved community by the time it comes out in US/EU, but when i do, i am sure to give you all directions, so we all have a good time.

  • Matt Eli

    MH TriG might have got me to buy the Nintendo 3ds.  A new HM game or upgrades to the current on-line HM tri would help keep me involved.  HM Dynamic for iphone – got bored really fast with it’s constant arena mode and very little customization of equipment and upgrades.  As it stands – I’m lost in Skyrim now, and probably for the next year with the expansion.  We will see what they do and when

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