Kingdom Hearts 3D: A New Dimension To Exploration

By Laura . August 18, 2012 . 4:30pm

The Kingdom Hearts series has always had impressive openings that give you a glimpse of what’s to come and what’s important to the game—what events lead up to the current game, how the beginning of the game came to be, what other games in the series are important to understanding this one, and so on. Kingdom Hearts 3D is no different.


It was with excitement that I saw events from every other installment, from the original Kingdom Hearts to Birth by Sleep nicely tied together in a gorgeous and fluid (perhaps even understandable) animation. (In fact, even Re:coded gets a mention later, during the game itself) However, I was also a little hesitant because, although I’m a fan, I can’t say I remember all the events crystal clear to this admittedly convoluted series.


In true Kingdom Hearts fashion, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance introduces yet another angle new to the series. Sleeping worlds are just what they sound like—worlds locked away in dreams. There, they are safe from Heartless, but instead are plagued by beings called Dream Eaters. These come in two varieties. Nightmares like to feast on happy dreams, while Spirits like to munch on Nightmares for snack.


Since Sora and Riku have to go through their Mark of Mastery Exam but no one’s around to mentor them, Yen Sid proposes they kill two birds with one stone. In place of a traditional test, the two are to wake up the sleeping worlds while searching for “the Masters wandering in sorrow and slumber”. This brings the two through several worlds—in parallel, so although they visit the same worlds, they never see each other—we’ve never seen before as well as some that have only been mentioned.


KH3D’s focus seems to be not only moving the series past the events in Kingdom Hearts 2, but also to link all the games together, as the opening hinted.  It’s almost like the game is gearing up for a great climax by reminding players of what’s happened thus far as well as bringing all actors to the stage. I didn’t really need to worry about getting lost either, since the game does a great job bringing players who’ve skipped a game or two in the series up to speed. When events from one of the other games are mentioned, an optional “Chronicle” appears and you’re given the option to read a clear and concise summary of the events in that game.


Optional content like this isn’t just limited to previous Kingdom Hearts games. Previous events in the Disney worlds—those that take place before either Sora or Riku arrive—are also detailed. I really liked this feature, even though I didn’t use it. The ability to skip the video sequences would probably save a lot of time on replays, and it also has the side effect of making these videos replayable at any time from the menu. (In fact, I used them to bring myself up to speed about the picky details on the sleeping worlds and the Dream Eaters!)


Like with other games in the series, I enjoyed playing Kingdom Hearts 3D. Battles are a constant flurry of action, but don’t degrade into mindless button mashing. The battle system follows a deck system similar to those found in the previous portables (where you move with the analog pad but use the D-pad to select special commands), but there are three new features to KH3D that bring new strategy to the game.



The first is the Reality Shift. This move is unlocked when you stand near certain items or after you’ve wailed on the enemy for a few combos and can be used either to find hidden treasure chests or deal enormous damage. The fun part about these is that they change with each world. In Traverse Town, you get to fling the opponent or barrel you’ve targeted at other objects.  In the Three Musketeer world, you follow a set of directions shown on the comic strip on the bottom screen.  In the Fantasia world, you follow the instructions on the bottom screen to a mini rhythm game.


Some bosses require this move, too, so while it isn’t my favorite, I had to grow accustomed to using it. The only trouble I had was with activating Reality Shifts, since Sora and Riku seem to have to stand still for them to be used.


Even more dynamic, though, is the Flowmotion, which is a versatile feature that can be used both for combat and for quick travel across areas, allowing you to slide along ziplines at rapid speed, or battle. All you have to do for the latter is press the A button after bouncing off a wall or swinging off a lamppost. This is in fact the easiest way to win fights—it’s so powerful that it may make the difference between a challenging game and one that’s far too easy.


(I’ve taken to trying to fight battles without Flowmotion, since zooming around the map with it makes you an almost indestructible force. The only time you can’t brainlessly spam them is with boss battles, and even then, you may get away with it if you’re lucky. Just… don’t try it on the Tron: Legacy boss. I learned that the hard way.)


My favorite part of Flowmotion, though, is that you can also use Flowmotion to explore your surroundings, further than you could ever before.  Previously, you could only walk left or right, jump up platforms, perhaps glide from one tall platform to another. (In a few rare worlds you could swim or fly, but those were few and far between) Now, though, you can also jump as high as you want by using Flowmotion to link jump after jump.  Platforms that seem to high to reach or are hidden in nooks and crannies high above camera reach, exist aplenty in this game, dotted with treasure chests common and rare. While none of this exploration is necessary to finishing the game, it is satisfying to find a large treasure chest with a rare Dream Eater recipe that you previously would never have reached.


Dream Eater spirits are the third new aspect and by far the most expansive. Spirits are cute creatures clad in the colors of the rainbow (as opposed to their darker palette counterpart Nightmares). You can either create them by following a recipe or experiment with new combinations of items yourself. The items used to create them—Dream Fragments—are rather common drops from normal battles, so you won’t find yourself lacking. However, the more extra items you use, the stronger your initial spirit will be, so it’s encouraged that, even starting from here, you pour on the tender loving care and indulge.


Spirits require lots of attention, like any pet. You can poke and pet them with the touchscreen and enjoy their reactions of happiness and bliss, or you can play games with them. These earn you affection from your pet as well as the occasional EXP and LP. Affection doesn’t usually have a direct impact on your Spirit’s performance in battle, but when it drops down to 0, your monster starts throwing tantrums in the middle of battle and becomes very unhelpful.


LP (Link Points) are used in each spirit’s Ability Link Grid, where you can unlock special abilities that come equipped whenever you have that spirit in your party. There’s no other way to get these abilities, which include resistances to certain elements and Attack or Magic boosts, so Spirits are very important in both direct battle as well as support. In addition, as you get closer to your Spirits, they will change their disposition.  Aside from turning their eyes very freaky colors and shapes, this changes the Spirits’ battle strategy and can occasionally unlock new routes on the Grid… so pet and nudge away! I think I spent about a fourth my playtime on this. Their reactions are so cute!


(Did I mention you can take pictures of your Spirits?)


As mentioned above, in battle, Spirits fight alongside you. You’re allowed two per party, although you can also enlist a third one as backup.This Spirit never fights but still gains EXP, which is handy for low-level Spirits. If you’re like me and created all the Spirits from recipes, then they will be very weak for quite some time. As you keep them in your party, you can fill the Link Gauge by attacking the same target at the same time as your Spirit. Once it’s full, you can execute a powerful attack that is specific to each Spirit.


Spirits can also spot hidden doors, which can be useful for advancing in a map.  The doors are hardly visible otherwise, so it’s important to pay attention to the top screen where news announcements are made (“Your Dream Eater has noticed something!”).


There’s also the Flick Rush minigame, which are 3-on-3 battles between you and another team’s Spirits.  There are tournament cups as well as a wireless battle option that you can have fun with.  I really enjoyed the battles, which is like a strange version of Chain of Memories but laid out so that you see four cards at a time.  Your goal is to use cards with higher values than your opponent, but you can combine cards to get higher values than before. You can also consume cards to defend yourself. In addition, you can switch out your Spirit on the fly for one whose deck is still untouched while the Spirits in your roster slowly recover their decks.


Finally, there’s the Drop system.  Basically, after a set amount of time you will automatically switch between the two main characters, Sora and Riku. It can and will happen whenever the Drop gauge runs out, regardless of what you’re doing, whether it’s running through a field or bam in the middle of a boss battle. Usually this isn’t much of a problem, unless you’re really unlucky and are one hit from killing the boss when you’re dragged to the other character’s point of view. If this happens, you’ll have to start from the beginning of that battle again.


Drop honestly isn’t of much consequence to me.  The enemies regenerate when you return to that point of view, but it’s not like you’re taking damage when you’re “unconscious.”  There’s no penalty for dropping off in the middle of battle. Of all the different aspects of the game, this one affected me the least.  I mostly looked to it as an excuse for a change of pace.


I did, however, find the way Sora’s and Riku’s perspectives were handled interesting.  Like in Birth by Sleep, the events that happen in both are complementary.  Only by watching both can you understand completely what’s happening (if you haven’t seen the movie before).  In addition, because you might not progress at the same rate with Sora and Riku, you can actually have the two on different worlds.  The worlds are grouped in sets of 2 or 3, though, so you can’t jump too far ahead.


All in all, I really enjoyed Kingdom Hearts 3D.  I think the part that made me happiest, though, were my two favorite worlds—Traverse Town and Fantasia. The former is for its writing—for some reason (probably because there’s no pre-made script to follow), the dialogue feels much more natural—and the latter for its music. The Fantasia world comes equipped with complete 9-10 minute orchestral pieces from the Bulgaria Symphony Orchestra that rotate, and instead of the usual sound effects, you get the crashes of tympanis and cymbals and whimsical harp chords.


Food for Thought:

1. While KH3D has wonderful 3D, I tend to move the 3DS around a lot while playing, so I had to turn the function off after a while.


2. Instead of gummy ship travel, Sora and Riku dive directly into the different worlds.  Each dive has a different objective such as “gather xX points” or “defeat this boss”.  They’re fun, but I’m obnoxiously bad at them. Thank goodness you’re not required to do well in them. The one time I did get an A, though, I got an item as a reward.


3. While I am glad on some level that all the characters are gathering for what I can only surmise is a final showdown… I’m not sure I’m that happy that they brought back almost literally everyone. Doesn’t that cheapen their previous accomplishments? That’s just part of the Kingdom Hearts mythos, I suppose…

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  • Hinataharem

    I am having a blast with this game. I love the cute little dream eaters, although I miss Donald and Goofy as party members

    • AuraGuyChris

      But having two T-rexes feels so refreshing. Right, Fluffyfangs?

      • Ben Sylvia

         I wouldn’t know, I can’t get enough materials to get a Skelter-Wild.

  • Herok♞

    I can summarize this game in one sentence: This game is awesomness in motion, if you have a 3DS buy this game and if you don’t have 3DS buy one and then get this game. 

  • Well Flowmotion is only OP in the earlier worlds, later it’s just useful for dealing a smidge of damage because at that time you’ll have better commands.

    • tbh i found the flowmotion to be a double edged blade, because it landed me into the crocodile’s mouth more than doing any good, but its still fun to use it to travel around

      • Yeah I know what you mean, Got me killed a lot of times in The Grid

        •  then again, its not as bad as the dash extension ability, because it has lower invincibility frame and you recover slower from it than doing a normal dodge roll

    • Anime10121

       But it’s still a fun and fast way to travel :P

      • Oh I wasn’t bagging on it, I think it’s a Great addition!

        I’m just using the Attacks to deal bits of damage in the latter part of the worlds.
        Cuz I mostly use Firaga Burst, Meteor and other High end commands

        • Anime10121

           Oh I know, its why I liked your original comment, because I completely agreed, I’m just just really adding some thoughts :)

  • Anime10121

    Best description of the game I’ve read!  I really do adore this entry, its my second favorite in the entire series (only behind BBS because of gameplay).  It by far has the best and most genuine dialogue of any game in the series.  I also like how its more similar to the first game with its handling of the Disney worlds, I just hate that you only fought 3 of the antagonists from the Disney worlds (but considering there was only 5 Disney worlds total, I guess that wasnt too bad).

    The gameplay in this one while fun, does seem to lack some of the polish from BBS, but I love how you have to actually organize your Spirits to actually make best use of your abilities.

    As Laura said though, DAT OST, MY GOD, Yoko really brought out the big guns for this game.  It truly has some of her best work yet!  Every single world (well didnt care much for Tron’s music) has some truly exceptional tracks, and I really loved Sora’s Pinnochio world songs and the 3 Musketeers songs, and of course Fantasia’s music was exceptional!  Even some of the reused tracks from previous games have been completely rearranged, and sound glorious!

    Love the story, as like Laura said it actually pulls a MGS4 and manages to tie the story together rather nicely before the final story in the Xehanort saga.  The end does throw some rather “loaded” plot details at you, but I think thats just part of the series charm, and if you pay attention, it does make sense, you just have to think about things that have happened in the past in the series and some of the minor details like a certain person crying, or even how a touch or certain connections can form keyblade wielders.  It’s really subtle sometimes, but the series does prepare you for many of the things that happen in newer games, you just have to pay attention.

    Welp I guess I’ve pronounced my profound love of the game enough times already so I’ll just leave it at that.  Good write up Laura :)

  • i love this game with a passion, started off in proud mode, felt it was as hard as kh 1, and grinded through to be able to beat the bosses, now i’m in critical mode and i’m getting my arse kicked by hobgoblin (i think that’s its name, can’t remember) because i didn’t have second chance

    to those that are considering on getting the 3ds, don’t forget to buy this game, its that worth it

  • Game released, and I still don’t have the it, much less a 3DS… meh… and then I have to read comments like the ones below. Curse you, wallet…

  • Ben Sylvia

    Since the WiiU has the controller with a screen, I kinda hope that they remake Days and Re:Coded on the WiiU with the ability system of Birth By Sleep and 3D.

    Because having to use up ability spaces to level up is kinda silly and I never played Re:Coded.

    Also the Heartless from Days would look more awesome in HD.

  • scratchbach

    I seriously loved this game. My second favorite in the series, aside from KH2. This one had some of the most fun music in the series, great difficulty, and Flowmotion was super fun. 

    One complaint though- while I didn’t hate the Drop system, it never really added anything to the experience for me. Dropping during boss fights is really annoying, although it’s also really easy to reset the meter before going into battle. The problem is that because its so easy to refill your drop meter, a lot of the tension it’s supposed to create is kind of lost, and it ends up as sort of a wasted opportunity, I think.

    • Anime10121

       I never once used a drop me not as I thought they were kinda pointless if one of the gameplay “perks” this time was the tension that the drop system caused.  But it did piss me off once though, the ONE time it did decide to drop me during a boss was right before I was about to kill the first of Riku’s four final boss’s, and that was after I had died like 12 times.  I had almost killed him and Riku falls  asleep, I was like ARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHH

      • scratchbach

        Oh, I so I know the feeling. After failing three times, the same thing happened to me on Sora’s final boss!

    • Hinataharem

      I used the drop system mid-boss to change commands if they weren’t working well :P

      • scratchbach

        That’s one way to use it to your advantage!

  • i am really enjoying this game. i will say, though, that the 3rd part of riku’s final boss battle is crazy and keeps killing me right before i win. lol.

    without spoiling, does anyone know if there is any postgame value in this game? since its so short, im considering selling it right after i beat it(something i almost never do, but im poooooor, lol).

    •  there will be an NG+ and you will unlock critical mode after finishing the game once, and when you do an NG+, you will be given the choice to keep your DEs, but that’ll be all, i’m on my second playthrough right now on critical with the DEs i got from first playthrough

      • thanks! XD its not a whole lot, so i may sell it anyway, and rebuy it when i am not so poor and can afford new games. >.<

        • Herok♞

           I would say don’t sell it, you lose the abity to street pass with people plus you lose the dream eaters you loved and cared for.

          •  define love and cared for =9

            i sacrificed all of my rare dream eater (the one from the AR cards, and for those who doesn’t know, they’re re-scannable) to create the strongest dream eater for each character XD

          • Herok♞

             so wait I can kill them and get what? and then just bring them back like nothing happened?

          • you can’t directly kill them, but you can just leave them to die, just let the nightmares drain your DE’s hp to zero and it will induce a timer, once the timer goes to zero, your dying DE dies and in turn will produce materials.

            The bonus card DEs will give you good materials needed to create ryu dragon, one of the strongest DEs in-game, and yes you can just rescan them and they will return as if nothing happened, and its a better farming method than actually going and killing 50+ of the nightmares just to get the rare material (yes, it’s that rare)

        • did you get the mark of mastery edition, or the normal one, because the mark of mastery edition is sold out from main sellers and can only be obtained from resellers (at the cost of $100+++), so if you have the MoM edition, either sell it for 80-100 (someone will be willing to buy it), or keep it (just don’t sell it to GS, they offered me only $10 for it >.>)

    • Curan_Altea

      Are you talking about Ansem? Not to spoil but that’s not the final boss……


        not really, but its obviously as far as i have gotten. lol. 

  • Shadowman

    This is the BEST game I have ever played but the second ending was the best ending I have ever seen.

    • Anime10121

       While I wouldnt say its my best, its DEFINITELY up there! But to be fair, I just place the KH series as one entry on my top 10 list as they are all just great to me (well besides Days, I just dont really care much for that one)!

  • YoshEE

    Great games! And finally got to finish the KH3D too.

  • As great as this game is, i think it’s safe to say we’re all waiting for a new kingdom hearts announcement at TGS, I don’t care if it’s a collection of past games or Kingdom Hearts 3 but we need a new announcement or this series is just gonna lose more fans…Also Pixar world

  • Emmanuel Bagirov

    They didn’t bring back everyone, it was time travel. So basically, you did originally defeat them and it didn’t take it away. 

  • Niermyico

    For anyone that haven’t played the game yet or just started. Story-wise its best to go to Prankster’s Paradise before going to The Grid.

    • I have learned that the hard way, the excitement got the best of me x__x

      • Niermyico

         I was about to make that same mistake because I was following the Lv on the worlds. Good thing I picked that up on gamefaqs boards.

        • Well, since I don’t like to rely on guidance (Unless if things gets cryptic) while Im walking my way through a game I completely didn’t minded that detail :P

          • Niermyico

            I usually read the discussion topics. I didnt needed a guide for this game. Well, maybe for material locations for DE.

          • That is guidance.

  • Paradox me

    I adored the game, just like Kingdom Hearts, KHII and Birth by Sleep. Flowmotion was an excellent addition that I really hope Kingdom Hearts III keeps and expands on (just imagine what they could do with the system on current or next gen hardware) and just about everything else was spot on.

    I was a bit disappointed that certain boss fights were recycled for both Sora and Riku, as well as them both getting the same exact keyblades. The lack of actual party members was also kind of a bummer once we saw a number of Disney characters participate in our quests, but only from a story perspective (i.e. Sora and Riku would be accompanied by other characters in cutscenes, but during gameplay they were nowhere to be seen).

    The Drop system started out as a pain. I thought it had you going back and forth far too often and completely discouraged exploring the worlds, taking your time, etc. However, after Traverse Town I began finding Drop-Me-Not commands and had more than enough munny to stock up on them. They took up a space on the Command Deck but they pretty much free you from the Drop system entirely. I began playing through worlds one character at a time and it was just so much more enjoyable. I didn’t feel pressured to rush through, instead taking my time and goofing around. I’d still say that the Drop system was a horrible design decision, but they were smart enough to make it manageable to the point where you hardly even notice it exists.

    Still, like I said above, Flowmotion was great, combat has essentially been refined at this point (based on Birth by Sleep’s fantastic Command Deck), the Disney worlds were all very nice and I really couldn’t be happier with where they’ve taken the story. They’ve managed to take the unbelievably ambiguous plot that Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II had going and then sort of gave it structure with both Birth by Sleep and now Dream Drop Distance. 

    I cannot wait for Kingdom Hearts III, because this game set it up perfectly and I think it’s gonna be amazing.

    • Kefkiroth

      “They took up a space on the Command Deck but they pretty much free you from the Drop system entirely.”
      Thanks for this, I was worried about that when deciding to get the game. I’m definitely getting it now.

    • Sebastian Lothian

      I liked the drop system since it forced me (in a way) to progress through the game with both characters at approximately the same pace instead of just focusing on one character.

  • Niermyico

    Also, I just hope Utada comes back with a new song for KH3.

    • This. So much this.

      Man, listening Sanctuary and Passion in the ending no longer feels unique anymore :S

    • Anime10121

       As long as she returns from hiatus in time, I have no doubt that she will be back! Nomura said she’s the only voice for the series and I agree, anyone else, after all these years, would just feel wrong.  God I hope Hikki comes back in time!

      • Niermyico

        I hope she comes back too. How long has it been already, 5 years? I just know if she does make a new song, it’s going to be as memorable as Simple and Clean and Santuary.

        • Anime10121

           Nah, its actually only been about 2, but she has been tweeting pics of a studio recently, so there’s been mumblings that she’s working on a return, but who knows if it will be any time soon :(

  • thundergodCN

    I think the people who played this, would agree it went “inception” especially towards the end

    • Mike

       Hey, I like Inception.

      And just like Inception, if you pay attention, you should have little trouble understanding the story.

      • thundergodCN

        lol I wasn’t dissing inception, just comparing the tiny similar concept I happened to notice during playing.

        • Mike

           oh i know i was just sayin

          i had the same “did kingdom hearts just go inception?!” reaction that a lot of people had

    • Paradox me

      It went a little Inception, yes, but with Leonard Nimoy. 

      Frankly, Inception, like most things in life, would have benefited greatly from having a bit of Leonard Nimoy.

  • imaguni

    My expectations for the game were pretty high, so I’m happy to see that they were met in the end. I think that I really appreciated the amount of care put into making the experience as rich as possible, from gameplay to tying the storyline itself. KH3D is an appreciated and necessary refresher and I’m excited to see what the upcoming games will bring, based on what the story’s been setting up for. I really hope that the next release isn’t a remastered HD collection, though: I think it’s a little too early for that and and it’s always better to move forward than back.

    I thought Dropping would be a huge pain, but I discovered quickly that it’s not /too/ hard to balance your time with each character. I had a moment near the end where I was forced to drop because I had progressed too far ahead with Riku, but aside from that, things turned out pretty okay overall.

    My only complaint lies with the entity (I guess we might as well call him that at ths point) that is Xehanort. I feel that as story progresses, he becomes less and less compelling to me. A mere quest for power gets a little… dull after awhile. Plus, I’m a little worried about the prospect of some other villains being lost due to his 13 darkness plan. That’s why I ended up being a fan of Vanitas, his motivations were a bit more personal and therefore more compelling.

  • I played every handheld KH games except Re:coded, and I played them religiously, but for this one, I didn’t feel like finishing it, stopping at The World That Never Was. I dunno why, but it’s probably because I’m under-leveled by the time I reached that place where I get killed plenty of times, and I don’t feel like grinding. Also, my OCD wants me to make every Spirit to get every Abilities and Trophies, which I felt overwhelming. Someday, I’ll get back to it and finish it eventually.

    • Anime10121

      Let me tell you, you’re stopping at the worst spot,  TWTNW is beyond awesome in this game (plotwise and setting wise), I was actually a bit underleveled/lacked necessary abilities (Second Chance and Once More) because I was trying not to use a faq to figure anything out (like which dream Eaters had the abilities, but I caved), you NEED both abilities if you ever hope of beating some of the final bosses!  But trust me, I died like a cat on the last world (even with those 2 abilities).

      Im actually glad about the difficulty in this game, because I usually breeze through KH games on their hardest difficulty and only have trouble defeating the secret bosses (Terra’s Lingering Sentiment and Larxene [the rest of the data battles were easy]-KH2FM+, Young Xehanort and Armored Xehanort- BBSFM, and Xemnas in KHFM [just because he fought so differently from the rest of the bosses and you actually had to guard].  This game was whooping my tail from the beginning and I loved it :)

      • I had the wonderful experience of getting to one of the final bosses, beating them (without aforementioned abilities) … except for the last “form” that I had to go with … and then I left the game alone for a day and someone pulled out the cartridge =(

        I actually need to grind…  Sigh.

        • Anime10121

           Yeah trust me I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about, either the second form of the kid, or the second battle with the older guy (trying not to spoil).  But the older guy basically has a move that’ll throw you in a sphere and reduce ALL your energy and then throw projectiles at you like a professional pitcher, while the kid just attacks and attacks and attacks like NO FREAKIN END in his second phase!

          As I said, even with my experience in the series, without those two abilities, I think I would have thrown my 3DS out my bedroom window (especially considering I STILL died a lot)!  But yeah, grindings also a really good idea :P

        • Paradox me

          If we’re thinking of the same boss form as Riku then Dark Roll pretty much makes the hardest part of that fight a non-issue. 

          It was really the only boss in the game that gave me much trouble as I thought DDD’s bosses in general were pretty tame.

          • Anime10121

             I thought the same (at least boss wise) until I got to the final world, those bosses were some of the best/hardest final bosses (the only other final boss I’ve ever had trouble with was Terra’s in BBS, and that was just due to being underleveled, and not because he was actually hard) in the series to me!  While I felt the overall difficulty was a big improvement over previous games (I actually died, YAY), the final world amped up the difficulty to extreme levels, and I loved every bit of it.

  • XypherCode

    I held off getting a copy of the game early ’cause I’m waiting for my 3DS XL to arrive. This game is one of the reasons why I’m upgrading to an XL. I really prefer playing RPGs on bigger screens. Gonna get my copy tomorrow + NSMB2. So excited! :)

  • Sebastian Lothian

    I’m not sure if you tried, but reality shift is easy to activate if you press x and a together instead of using the touchscreen. 

    • Anime10121

       Yep, and i also found gently using the tip of your fingernail to actually USE your Reality Shift functions FAR better than grabbing for a stylus every time! :P

  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    Naturally I loved the game I can’t really have any complaints other than “Lea/Axel fangirls(boys) you really should thank Nomura for what he did”.

    The question probably remains is it better than Birth by Sleep? Well it does some things better than BbS but I think it just misses out on being better than it. Though I still found it great even if I had to re-watch the Org13 plot again from the Theatre mode to wrap my head around wtf just happened xD

    I am really excited now for TGS and while I don’t believe KHIII will be properly revealed I do think that something Kingdom Hearts related will appear. Fingers crossed for a HD Collection! :D

  • Claire Oga

    As much I love KH series, but KH lost one fan here! I played the first KH when I was twelve and now that SE has announced that this game the introduction to another saga, I am not going to wait probably another ten years for this game to finish. KH ends at KHII for me.

    • Anime10121

      This game isnt the introduction of another saga, just the next to the last episode of the original Saga.  Think of it this way, this is the next to the last episode in a tv season, with KHIII being the last episode.  Everything from KH1-KH3 will be part of the same saga, but after KH3, they will create a new “season/saga”.

      But by all means, you are fine quitting at 2 if that’s what you want, as KHII did properly conclude the series as a whole until the arrival of BBS.  BBS is the sole reason we are getting a KH3 to begin with (because like I said, KHII was a pretty conclusive story- at least so we thought), as it introduces a new goal for Sora/Riku and the others to overcome.  If you haven’t played BBS (and if you havent shame on you, IMO its the best entry in the series so far), there really is no need to want to play 3D or III, as you’ll have no attatchment to the characters that need to be saved, or the villians that need to be defeated.

      • Claire Oga

        I did play BBS and I like it. And I do want to see Xehanort dead. I loved the KH stories. I even read the manga. It just that SE is not going to wrap up this story anytime soon and I don’t have the patient to wait probably next three years for KHIII or another decade for this story to be finish. This is ridiculous SE!

        • Anime10121

          Oh then I can understand where you’re coming from, as it will be guaranteed to be at least another 3 years before we see KH3, and by then, this saga will have went on for 15 years, I mean I was 12 (I’m now 24) when the original came out and when I first became so enthralled with the series and I’ll be almost 30 by the time this “saga” is almost complete.  Square has really taken their time moving this series forward, so I completely understand your frustration, but hey I’m Square’s and to a lesser extent Classic Disney’s (insert horrible word of your choice here) and I cant let myself abandon this series :P

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    I never understood Ansem and Xenmas’ return. Are they really the same from previous games or they were actually destroyed and Xehanort travelled in time to recover them? Also, I bet Terra is one of the new Organization members (but he is still in Xehanort’s control)

    I’ve been wondering who could be the final boss from KHIII. Master Xehanort from Birth by Sleep? I guess Square will bring a new form.

    • Saraneth

      Ansem and Xemnas traveled to the future before they were defeated by Sora and will probably return to that point in time after Kingdom Hearts 3. Most of the Organization members already have Terra’s body, including Ansem and Xemnas.

    • Anime10121

      Yeah, its like Saraneth said, those were just the different forms of Xehanort gathered through time by Young Xehanort to try and gain their 13th member (which failed in the end).  Remember when Master Xehanort said “It looks like our time is up, we have failed to gather our 13th member” etc etc?  Well that was all the time they had left on that time plane and they all were vanishing to return to their original time periods.

      I also think Terra will unwillingly be one of the new Organization members too. 

      And I am absolutely positive that Square will have a new form of Xehanort waiting for us as the final boss to 3.  I mean, they’ve done it in every game just about, so I’d be surprised if they didn’t come up with something new in 3.

      • OatMatadoQuatro

        So when Xemnas and Ansem from Sora’s timeline were defeated, the original Xehanort that possessed Terra’s body should have reborn. Maybe Terranort will be older than in Birth by Sleep.

        By the way, have you noticed that when the young Xehanort fought Riku his personality changed a lot and wielded a Keyblade unlike in Birth by Sleep where he used two blue sword? They say he was being controlled by the old Xehanort so I doubt that the kid Xehanort will be back due to his inexperience.

  • On restrospective I would’ve liked it if Prankster Paradise would’ve have more characters like Honest John or Gideon as seen in the missing stuff in 358/2 Days.

    And on Country of Musketeers they definetely missed up this:

  • Göran Isacson

    Having finished this game and nearly hundred-percented it (I am insane like that), I can say that I like it. It has a ton of content with minigames and treasures and Dream Eaters to train but OH GOD is the bar to entry ever high. I didn’t get how you changed Natures until I read it in an online guide, and navigating the menues can be an exercise in painful frustration. I don’t really know what to call a game when all it’s features HAVE a point and can be fun, but managing them all still feels like a chore. And when the Special Portals are randomly generated and you’re forced to drop time and again to get the correct one just so you can get your hands on the rarest materials and build the swankiest Dream Eaters… eech. At least they’re kind enough to show you what random combination of materials create what Dream Eater.

    Combat feels like it’s much more based on hitting and running now. There is so much more space to move around on and so many more enemies with so many different tactics that dashing in and out and zapping enemies with strong spells or attacks is often the best way to win. It’s… not bad, again, but it feels kinda bloated. The combos of KH and KH2 are naught but a memory now.

    And the story… well, the story suffers from the same thing as the combat- too bloated.


    Suddenly time travel! How can Young Xehanort timetravel when it’s a power exclusive to those who have discarded their physical bodies? He got the power from his Heartless self! And how did this transfer happen? Never mind that, NOW IS FIGHTY TIME! Is this power-transfer the reason that Young Xehanort can use Xemnas’s Void Sabers, Old Xehanorts magic and Heartless!Ansem energy spears? Because how else would a Young Xehanort have all those powers before he started his Keyblade training? What’s up with Mickey Mouse- why do we see him in Symphony of Sorcerer, when Yen Sids tower is NOT a Sleeping World? The Mickey we meet in Musketeers recognize Sora as a Keyblade wielder, yet it can’t be his home-world because THAT’S not a sleeping world either. And was all that stuff about The Grid not being a sleeping world because “data can’t dream” just Young Xehanort lying to confuse Sora? Did we lock Traverse Town twice? Why did we travel back in time to Destiny Islands destruction in the first place? Sometimes I feel like the only answer to a lot of questions this game gives me is “Because Nomura, that’s why.”

    And that’s a shame, because the central story of Sora, Riku and how the others prepare for war is interesting- I really like the developments that happened there. I liked how we got a lot of answers, even if they were all boxed together in the end. But the script was so clunky (I have gained an all new respect for Mickey Mouse for surviving the relentless barrage of Yen Sid’s BABBLE during his training, because oh God I didn’t understand ANYTHING of what he said until Sora reworded it after PRanksters Paradise in much smaller words) filled with characters going on and on in expository monologues.

    In the end, Kingdom Hearts 3D is a strange beast. I definitely had fun with it- I am having fun beating the secret bosses and raising Dream Eaters, and I am REALLY looking forward to KH3 what with all the revelations dropped here. But there were times when I just sat and stared slackjawed at the logical triple-flips the plot sometimes did, and I really feel like the game was incredibly BUSY all the time. There’s so much stuff in it that it feels extraneous, so many menues, so many special things to keep track off… I do hope that they take a Less is More approach with KH3. Less systems to keep track off, More thought and polish of the script so everyone doesn’t sound like robots.

  • Alexandra Cordes

    Best part of this game? Bromance, yo.

    • Göran Isacson

      Ha ha, yes I cannot really deny that. I’m surprised I’ve not found a single video on Youtube with Sora and Riku set to “Guy Love”.

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