Behind The Scenes Of Agni’s Philosophy, Square Enix’s Realtime Tech Demo

By Spencer . August 20, 2012 . 1:15am

You’ve seen Square Enix’s Agni’s Philosophy tech demo right? If you haven’t watch it, it’s pretty amazing. During CEDEC 2012, Square Enix’s Luminous Studio team explained how they created the tech and it’s a mix of East and West.


Concept artwork for Agni and the summoner were shared during the session:

image image

Agni was designed by Ryo Iwata, Lead Technology artist, while the summoner was a created by Brian Horton from Crystal Dynamics.


image image image

Final Fantasy XIII art director Isamu Kamikokuryo and Brenoch Adams from Crystal Dynamics contributed environmental concept art.


image image image

To get Agni’s hair right, the Luminous Team used a model and HDR camera.


Here are some shots of cloth testing…

image image image image image


… and facial animation tests.

image image image


Square Enix nailed the design of the wolf-like creature shown in the demo. They had fur animation tests for all of the creatures too.

image image image image image image image


They even got a dog to do motion capture work for the wolf-like monster!

image image image image


Here’s a look at the facial capture work based on Visual Works’ technology.

image image image image

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  • Peace Legacy

    What I am sure people actually care about is what kind of graphic card and chipset were used to play and capture that demo, or was it huge machines with tubes

    • It was the render farm from The Spirits Within, now conveniently available as a Sony laptop.

  • I like the idea of mo-capping a dog.

    Also, I wish I could take a closer look at these concept arts. Any HD images or some kind of a source site or something like that? :X I want to see more. MORE. MORE. MORE.


    • Yeah that’s great. Maybe one day they’ll hire my dog too, lol.
      And hopefully this mean more games are using dog/animal as main character.

  • This is awesome.
    Hopefully this mean that they can spawn 10+ home console title from first production department next generation.

  • Oni123

    The facial capture guy looks like he’s in pain lol

  • riceisnice

    I wonder if we’ll ever get past motion captures.

  • I wonder wht Mo-cap doggie-kun gets for salary XD
    *Plz help w/h the dog meme pic lol*

    AP seems lk a good idea for a new game….. Hopefully we will see it again as a game in the future.

  • SirRichard

    I’m still hoping something good comes of this, more than just a new engine. There’s potential in the world they presented in the demo, with so much ambiguity and an interesting clash between tech and magic.

    • Barrylocke89

      Although a new engine is also interesting too. It’d be cool seeing this applied to an existing franchise.

      • Syn

        Versus XIII( if it is ever released) will utilize parts of the engine such as the lighting.

  • Now this is some cool stuff ^_^

  • Kevin Lor

    Hopefully games doesnt take 10 years to make now! I love seeing beautiful graphics but I just hope they dont forget about gameplay/story.

    • yes ,if the gameplay and the graphic is playable (a playable graphic : is any graphic better than megaman 9) then the story is the most Important thing to me

  • I went bonkers when i saw the old man in this vid, as expected of square very high detail..

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