PlayStation Vita Sales Sales At 2.2 Million As Of June 2012

By Ishaan . August 21, 2012 . 8:30am

As of June 30th, 2012, the PlayStation Vita had sold 2.2 million units worldwide, Sony have revealed to CVG. Prior to this figure, the last worldwide sales update on the Vita was at the end of March, when Sony announced that the system had sold 1.8 million units worldwide.


Doing the math, this means that the Vita sold 400,000 units worldwide during Sony’s first fiscal quarter (the April – June period). For the full fiscal year, which ends on March 2013, they hope to sell 12 million units of PSP and Vita combined, worldwide.


On the subject of the PSP, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO, Jim Ryan, pointed out that Sony still have “a significant PSP business in many markets”. In fact, the PSP has been outselling the Vita globally at a ratio greater than 2:1.


Sony still have hope for the future of the portable device, however, expecting a Christmas line-up highlighted by Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation and Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified to help move Vita systems this year.

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  • epy

    The Vita is weird for me. I want it to succeed, I really do, yet I’m not doing anything to support it. I really like its design and what it can do. There’s already five games on it I really want and more are coming, so that’s not an issue. I guess I’m really wary of making an investment of 250 bucks plus those ridiculously expensive memory cards when it can have a sudden price cut or a new hardware iteration without notice. I already have a gigantic backlog so I can’t justify that.

    • kupomogli

      There’s always a deal offering a free four gb memory card and a free game with the purchase of a Vita.  When you’re getting a card for free, the high prices of the cards really don’t matter.  I’m sure you can delete and add other content until the 32GB comes down in price.

      As soon as the price drops to $200, the free memory card and games deals won’t be around.  That’ll be what gets people to purchase the system, but when you think about it, the cost they’re paying will overall be exactly the same once they go out and purchase a memory card and a game.  The system will sell once the price drops and they’ll pretty much be purchasing the system for exactly the same amount or not too much less than someone who got a deal on the system.

  • onilink888

    Current expectation is 8 million PSV units sold by the end of the fiscal year, correct? That’s… still reaching, honestly. I see them revising forecasts once more. Best case scenario (with its current lineup in mind), I see them hitting ~6 million units.

    • I once held that same assumption myself; that the 12 million was 8 million (PSV) + 4 million (PSP). Now, I’m not so sure. It could be 6 + 6, or even 7 + 5, with PSP being  responsible for the majority of sales.

      • onilink888

        Ah, so 8 million was just a common assumption. And yeah, 6 + 6 and 7 + 5 are 
         much more reasonable.

        • Well, back when the forecast was 16 million combined, Kaz confirmed that it was 10 million (PSV) + 6 million (PSP). So when they revised, I guess most people just naturally assumed that the majority sales would still be accounted for by PSV. But yeah… that isn’t looking as likely now.

        • malek86

          I too believed 8+4 because I thought the PSP was on its way out (this quarter in Japan it’s sold only around a third compared to last year). But maybe I underestimated its western sales. I guess the low price is helping.

          I think 6+6 or even 7+5 is looking much more likely now.

  • malek86

    The PSV numbers are insanely low, but if the PSP actually managed to ship 1 million units this quarter, it might be the one to pick up the slack left by the PSV and eventually get the two consoles to that combined 12 millions total. It’s not that easy, but not impossible either (their previous 16 millions prediction was way too high though).

    Of course, considering the PSP and PSV together is only good to keep the investors at bay. Sony surely realizes that the PSV selling this little is a really bad thing. The PSP should be going out now. I wonder what they do have in mind to save the situation (if they even have anything).

    • And to think that chart I threw together was the most optimistic Vita forecast one could ever imagine. I suppose it’s still relevant, if you take the totals out. I’m kind of tempted to post it in the comments, just to see what people’s thoughts are…

      • onilink888

        I’d like to take a look at it. :D

        • OK, I’ll see if I can post it in here a little later. :)

          But keep in mind, it’s just a bunch of “best case scenario” forecasts! 

    • Domii

      Games, games and more games. Didn’t you see Gamescom?

      • malek86

        Nope, I was on vacation :P

        I tried to catch up, but the only thing I noticed that seemingly could have helped, was the cross-play initiative (and I’m not sure how many developers will accept it). What else did they say of importance?

  • XypherCode

    Good games just aren’t coming to the Vita. “Hardcore” games aside like AC and CoD, almost all of the good games are from Japan. I’m still waiting for a killer app from the west so to speak. The only games that keeps me playing my Vita are Disgaea3, P4:Golden(JP), ToI:R(JP)and DW:Next. Some of the games I own doesn’t have much replay value in them. I hope that’ll change in the next coming months and by next year. In a sense having no good software for a while is good for me because of the cool line-up for PSP and 3DS, I can save up money on those while I wait for good Vita games to come along. :))

  • Xapth

    I feel the PS Vita needs a stronger line-up to help sell the system.

    It’s really a beautiful and powerful portable system. I’m confident in its potential.
    That’s more or less why I bought one.

    I think titles like Persona 4: The Golden and ACIII:Liberation will help attract more fans of the RPG and Action/Adventure genres respectively. I’m really just waiting for Square Enix to announce a Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts title for the system!

    • Herok♞

       Since you included the P4 Port, SE did annouce a FF game, the FFX remake but the thing is you can also get it on the ps3 when it releases.

  • Domii

    I’m still very optimistic that Sony will meet their 12 million goal. With the Vita being the major contributor. I know I’m in the minority here, but I still believe that Sony has a good enough software line up to make a great Vita run this holiday. If only they would lower those ridiculous memory card prices, It’ll be a guaranty that the Vita will sell incredibly well this holiday.

  • Manny Being Manny

    The problem is that they were kind of in no mans land with the PSP. Its still very strong in Japan, yet the West was basically done with it and wanted a new system. This leaves us with Vita not getting as much Japanese support, and for handhelds Japanese games are critical for their success. Hopefully PSP dies down soon in Japan so their devs can start focusing on Vita instead.

    • badmoogle

      What if instead of switching from PSP to Vita they jump ship to 3DS?

      There’s no guarantee they will continue developing for Sony’s handheld when the 3DS’s user base is much bigger than Vita’s.IMO Sony needs to take some initiative in order to get some big games coming to their system from third party publishers.

      • Domii

        Hey, they gotta start somewhere right? Like I said above, it’s Sony’s job to entice third party support. Look back at history, the DS completely stumped the PSP in terms of sales, but that didn’t stop Capcom from launching MH on it. The same can be said about the PS1. The Nintendo brand had the upper hand in the gaming industry in the 80s and early 90s, in till the PS1 came out and everyone jumped ship to develop for it even though Nintendo systems were more popular before it. My point is, that it has to start somewhere eventually, its just Sony’s job to pull the trigger and convince third party devs like they have done in the past.    

        • Capcom launched MH on PSP because there was nowhere else to put it. Monster Hunter wasn’t a calculated success either. It was a fluke (although, Capcom were very quick to figure out how to turn it into a reliable franchise).

          The problem here is, the difference between the 3DS and Vita is nowhere near as vast as the difference between the DS and PSP was. Both DS and PSP, individually, served different needs. The 3DS is an amalgamation of both systems.

          TGS will hopefully give us the real story on Vita’s future prospects as far as third-party support goes.

          • Domii

            True, but who are we to say that the Vita won’t have that surprise killer app that past Sony systems have had? I think time will tell eventually how Sony will get third party devs on board. We just have to remember that they have done it before, and I believe they can do it again despite the 3DS being more popular at the moment.

          • ddsfan2

            I agree that the demographics for the 3DS and Vita are more convergent than before, (the upcoming games in the 3DS library make it far more enticing for me than the Vita) but the specs of the systems are substantially different, perhaps even more so than last generation.

            The 3DS is only slightly more powerful than the PSP, and the fact that Nintendo has published very vague specs on the device is indicative of this.  The resolution of the 3DS’s main screen is actually lower than the original PSP, and the processor isn’t much faster (if at all) than the PSP when some people took it apart and determined that it was only running at about 300 mhz, not the 900 mhz that some people believed.

            I think the main reason why graphics conscious consumers don’t notice, is because they were used to the DS before, and they probably just used the PSP for emulating old systems.  If I were Sony, I’d market the system specs difference more considerably, but Sony is Sony, and they don’t seem to know how to market the Vita.

          • I agree that if you want to look at it from a strictly technological perspective, the Vita is far ahead of the 3DS. That said, there is nothing that Vita can do that couldn’t realistically be replicated on 3DS or vice-versa (with a few compromises, of course).

            In the case of DS vs. PSP, what was possible on one device was largely not possible on the other. DS had two screens, a touch screen, and an inconvenient-but-workable online system. PSP had a single screen, no touch screen, far better horsepower and a completely ineffective online solution.

            That difference in terms of design is nowhere near as vast between the 3DS and Vita, IMO. Both devices are capable of the same kinds of games and the biggest one that counts (Monster Hunter) is already being done on what some would claim is the inferior device, based on specs.

            Also, I don’t think marketing system specs would help at all. The average consumer simply does not care. It makes no difference to them whatsoever.

          • ddsfan2

            I agree in terms of the games made, in that Japanese handheld developers probably don’t have the budget to fully utilize the Vita, (most of the new Japanese games made for the Vita have PSP level graphics with much higher resolution, which I personally am fine with) and in Capcom’s case, they knew they could make a popular big selling game on a lower budget, which makes perfect business sense.

            Of course, if Capcom wanted to make an HD Monster Hunter, they would have made a “from scratch” game for the PS3, and then ported it to the Vita, so I would assume that they are actively avoiding it.

            When I said they should market it terms of systems specs, I meant primarily because that is the “gimmick” of the system, and what makes it distinctive relative to its competition, besides its varied controls.  That type of marketing seemed to work well for Sega’s US division in the 90’s, (and heck, the Genesis/Megadrive wasn’t even very powerful) though I don’t know if people care any more, so you may be right.

            Personally, my main complaint about handhelds and pre-HD consoles are their horrendously low resolution, (even though I’ve been primarily a console gamer since the NES, the low resolution has always bugged me) so I hope that the Vita gains a decent install base.

    • Domii

      Agree. This is what I been saying for a while now, although It’s Sony’s job to entice Japanese devs to jump ship and go to the Vita. I agree that Japanese support is essential for any system to succeed, but don’t forget that it wasnt in till GTA release that really helped the psp takeoff here in the west.    

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    “Hmmm” Well done I do like the Vita only thing I don’t like is that  memory cards are a bit over priced. Other then that that’s great its doing well.

  • More games more sales.

  • Not bad considering the Vita ain’t a big focus than the PS3…

    Again, games sell systems… AC3:L will help push the units but wish I can say the same to CoD:BOD since I’ve been hearing mixed reactions about it….. But then again, Killzone:Mercenary could pick up the slack if CoD fails…

    • Domii

      Yeah, the news that Nihilistic studios are the ones behind COD:Declassified kinda kills the buzz in my opinion. Who knows though, maybe it’ll still sell well because of the brand power alone.   

    • James Beatty

      Not sure a spin off of AC and CoD would move a ton of units, but it’s possible i guess

      • XYZ_JolteonZ980

        Bundling AC with a new white colored Vita, out to move units. Certainly with vita sales, I imagine the months of release, we will see that PS Vita sales increased over 200% over the pervious month, once the bundles bundles release.

    • ForteWily

      As much as I would have some faith into Killzone. That brand as a bit of a history of being ignored. Since the way the Vita’s users base has grown slowly, I would expect that to continue.

  • Kibbitz

    I’d love to own a Vita but I don’t feel like buying it just for P4G. OTOH, I’m surprised I actually ended up buying a 3DS because of Project X Zone. Sigh.

  • SirRichard

    While it’s all well and good to simply say “It needs more games!”, the Vita’s problem is that no-one wants to make games for it. Sony said as much themselves a while back, that getting support for the platform was proving to be a difficult task. And it would be; why would Capcom put Monster Hunter on the Vita for an audience of 2.2 million globally when it could reach an audience twice that size in Japan alone on the 3DS?

    I’m honestly not sure how Sony should go about this; brand names help, obviously, and the one-two punch of Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty is a serious boon for any platform, but I can’t help but think both Liberation and Declassified are just going to get overshadowed by their console counterparts. Sony are literally giving games away for free now, if they can get that word out there they could probably help it at Christmas time.

    I hope they turn it around, because the Vita’s a fantastic bit of kit that deserves better.

    • Domii

      I think Sony is slowly pouring their first and second party studios on the Vita. I do agree though that they need more third party support, but that starts with a great boost from their first party line up to help pave the way for that support. Just look at the 3DS and how Mario & the gang helped get things started when it came to third party support. The question is, which Sony franchise has that brand power to push Vita’s at an incredible rate? They might not have that franchise, but they sure have enough talent to make several first party games that can combine to create the awareness the Vita needs.

    • Lunar_Outcast

      They should lower the price of their overpriced proprietary memory cards or bundle one in with every system. Final Fantasy X HD would seem like a system seller, but Square Enix keeps dicking around and won’t release ANY information on it.

      • XYZ_JolteonZ980

        But they do have bundles coming. I guess an additional solution would get third party cards. But I dont think cards at 19.99 are as costly as people make them out to be.

    • XYZ_JolteonZ980

      “why would Capcom put Monster Hunter on the Vita for an audience of 2.2 million globally when it could reach an audience twice that size in Japan alone on the 3DS?”
      I think this statement is baffling to say. At that rate, how would you answer, “why would capcom put monster hunter on the 3ds for an audience of <20mln, when it could reach an audience much larger than that on the PSP/Wii globally?"

      If developers dont put software on systems then of course systems dont grow. Software begets hardware sales, as people dont buy hardware for the sake of hardware alone, so it would make sense for a third party developer to put their game on new hardware in the hopes that the hardware explodes in sell, and they can establish series toos on that platform. Really, they shouldnt make any exclusive games.

      • SirRichard

        Simply because the 3DS is the newer thing on the block, and it’s going to be around for a while. It’s what you say later; establishing themselves on the platform. 

        Plus, the PSP’s audience is very small outside of Japan and the Wii’s massive audience has proven time and again that it rarely ventures far from Nintendo’s offerings at the most. While the PSP has a larger base in Japan than the 3DS, it will be outlived by the 3DS.

        Thing is, when hardware has proven unpopular to the degree the Vita has when compared to its competitor, why bother with that risk? Companies like Capcom want guaranteed good returns on their software, and if one platform has an install base of 2.2 million compared to the other’s 15 million, why bother with the 2.2 million? Yes, there may be larger audiences elsewhere, but they’re fickle or fading out, and you want to keep costs low. The 3DS has a larger install base and is cheaper to develop for, so why would they bother with the Vita?

        What you’re saying would be nice, but without exclusives why buy one over the other? If the 3DS and PSV had the same games, people at large would go with the cheaper 3DS anyway, leading back around to the current situation in which to cut costs and get guaranteed returns, the third parties go where the money is. There are examples of what you’re saying in action (Assassin’s Creed Liberation and Black Ops: Declassified), but it’s not so clear if they’ll work.

  • idrawrobots

    I am glad Sony gave one because right now Gravity Rush is just not enough for me to want to buy one. Waiting desperately for PSO2.

    • AnimusVox


      Edit: Nevermind, can’t delete comment. Ignore me.

  • I’m really sad to hear this! As much as I love my 3DS, I really have to say that I like my Vita more. It just feels more comfortable to use.

    I hope things get better after the 1.80 firmware update and holiday season. It’s really a fantastic device.

    • XYZ_JolteonZ980

      Although a platform can feel or be more comfortable, without software there is really no use to getting it. Hopefully more people can experience it this holiday and keep the platform from just being a niche product as from my experience it seems good, Im just waiting on the software this holiday to come, as I find its library a bit more enriching to me, since I think Ive grown beyond just about all of the first party nintendo properties, and more experimental new concept games seems to be populating the vita at this point in time.

  • James Beatty

    The whole system has been fairly disappointing for me. I got the system and i couldn’t play it for like 2 days because i didn’t buy a memory card and nothing seems to work without it. To make the system work i needed to pay $25 bucks+tax and the only game i got was resistance:BS…so you guys should know i haven’t had too much fun with it. The only things that seem interesting are available on other platforms (except for gravity rush, which i played through before i got the system) After getting my 3DS XL I think the vita is going to be put away for a couple of months. No real need to take it out :(

    • XYZ_JolteonZ980

      It seems that that type of disappointment could have been avoided by just picking up the system later, or nabbing it a month or so later when retailers were being generous with what they offered with the system. Definitely, there is also the fact that well the release slate was already barren for much of the summer once we exited launch window. Hopefully more games that are pleasing can be released this holiday as well as hopefully companies have a much more enrished slate of games for the post holiday season and year two.

  • OK so, since @onilink888:disqus asked, here’s something I just happened to throw together last night. Attached to this post is a very vague breakdown of the kinds of Vita sales Sony would need to reach 8 million units sold by the end of this financial year.

    A few points to keep in mind before you look at the attached image:

    1. The chart only represents Japan and U.S. in detail.

    2. Current PSV sales for the fiscal year are at 400,000 globally as of June.

    3. Devs have leaked on Twitter that PSV sold less than 50k in U.S. in June.

    4. PSV estimates are based on 3DS performance post price-cut and with MK7/3D Land. 

    5. So yes, the chart is a VERY optimistic “best-case scenario” for PSV sales.

    Again, this is in no way a realistic scenario. It’s just meant to give people an idea of what kinds of sales we’d need to see for Vita to achieve 8 mil. sold this financial year. Right now, I have my doubts that the goal is 8 mil. at all. 

    It’s more likely that the 12 mil. PSP + PSV goal will be divided up with PSP selling more. Perhaps 7 + 5 in favour of PSP, or 6 + 6.

    • onilink888

      Thanks for going through the trouble. Yeah, I can definitely see why 8 million couldn’t likely be their expectations for the system. This should also be an eye opener for everyone else. 

      There’s just no way I can see the Vita carrying the majority out of those 12 million units.

      • Domii

        Why not? They certainly have the games to do it, it’s other things that will have to factor in for the Vita to meet those numbers (i.e; marketing, memory card prices, bundles, etc…).

        • No, they don’t. A CoD spin-off and Assassin’s Creed spin-off and PS All-Stars aren’t going to compare to Mario Kart 7, Mario 3D Land, Monster Hunter Tri G and an enormous price cut. No way.

          That’s why I said this chart is a “best case scenario”. It is the highest Sony could ever hope to reach with Vita sales from now until March. That doesn’t make it a realistic or likely scenario, though.

          • Domii

            I don’t know Ishaan. I’m not saying they will have Nintendo like holiday numbers, but 8mill seems pretty reasonable to me, specially since they have already sold 2.2mill up in till this point and have a pretty decent holiday line up with special bundles. Unless you’re talking about 8mill in their final quarter alone, now that will be virtually impossible in Vita’s current state. We’ll just have to see what happens. Like I said below, I’ll remain very optimistic about their goal if they can take care of some of those issues I’ve listed.       

          • I guess we’ll find out. November and December will be the two months that make the most difference. They’ll have to make most of their sales count during those months.

            I just don’t see it because, well, I feel like I’m being generous with those forecasts. I mean, the Vita is selling 40k per month in Japan right now. It would take a hell of a lot to get it to a point where it can more than double its monthly sales outside of the holiday season.

          • Domii

            @ Ishaan
            Agree. Japan is definitely the dark horse here. Im not too worry about how the Vita will perform in the US and Europe, but japan? Let’s just say that I’m putting more faith in Soul Sacrafice than I realistically should hehe.

          • Oh, I just notice you’re counting the current 2.2 million as part of the 8 million. It’s not. The 8 million is for this financial year. So they’ve only sold 400k out of the 8 million so far. The chart I made was an attempt to show the kind of sales they would need in order to reach the 8 mil. figure, and it does kind of rely on “Nintendo-like” holiday sales to achieve that.

        • onilink888

          Looking at current sales trends and the potential of upcoming titles, I’d definitely place 6 million in the upper limit of what they can realistically achieve.

          It sold 400k worldwide in their first quarter. Mull over that for a few minutes. The PSV is in the kind of dire straits that Monster Hunter itself would have a hard time getting it out of.

          I’m sorry, but 8 million does not fit the current narrative barring some sort of deus ex machina miracle.

          • Domii

            So you telling me that from now in till the end of their fiscal year you see Sony moving just 3.8 million units world wide? I’m sorry but if that’s your definition of “realistic” numbers, I would hate to see your optimistic ones.

          • onilink888

            I assure you, it’s far more realistic than the predictions of 8 million that are grounded in nothing but sugary optimism. :)

          • Domii

            @ Onilink888
            I’m sorry, but you can’t assure me anything regarding sales forecast, neither can I. It’s all predictions in our part. I think I made an interesting case as to how Sony can easily achieve those 8mill Ishaan optimistically predicted. We’ll just have to wait and see.

          • onilink888

            Well, I had previously assured other people that 10 million Vita units was not going to happen, calling it delusional, in fact. Sony thought so as well, seeing as how they revised their forecast downward.

            You’re right, though; I can’t claim anything I say is fact. What I can say, however, is that, once again, I feel very confident in my stance that it won’t hit 8 million. And I firmly believe that the current market reading supports that theory.

      • XYZ_JolteonZ980

        I can not really imagine their sales division actually forecast new platform selling more than their old one during year one, how long did it take for 3DS to outsell DS?

        • Kevadu

          Um, the 3DS outsold the DS since it launched.  It lost some momentum shortly before the price drop and did actually dip below the DS for a couple of weeks, but it has outsold it every single week post-price drop.

          That’s kind of normal for new hardware.  We’re not talking about game sales.  The DS (and the PSP…) have been on the market for years and most people who want one already have one.

          • XYZ_JolteonZ980

            Well I think you already indicated one issue with the 3DS, it was selling so low that they had to force a price drop and take several measures, so it most likely would not have outsold ds in yr one with no price drop.

        • SirRichard
    • Kevadu

       While I don’t have a problem with most of your chart, calling 100K for Japan in August a “best case scenario” is ridiculous.  It’s going to break 100K the week Project Diva f comes out alone.  Don’t forget that there’s also a (totally sold out everywhere) hardware bundle.

      • Perhaps. It remains to be seen what sort of effect Project Diva f will have on it. Either way, if my August estimates are low, I’m going to say I’ve more than made up for it with my ridiculously high December numbers.

        edit: And the fact that sales are mysteriously hanging on in October.

  • Herok♞

    I really think Sony shot themselves in the foot at launch with the Vita, Next week we finally get (some not even all) the psone classics, about 6 months after launch for U.S. and 8 months after launch for Japan. Also I have only bought 2 games for my Vita, BBCSE(which is more comfortable to play on PS3) and Touch my Katamari. basically its been sitting there because nothing really makes me want to rush to the store to buy the games myself, the next 3 games I know I am getting are  GR(my friend is getting it for me eventually) Ragnarok, P4G. the thing with those 3 games were they weren’t at launch. The PSone classics will finally give me a reason to use my Vita again which is good.

    • XYZ_JolteonZ980

      Well I think it just shows that even this late in video game history, companies still fail to adequetly handle how to pace releases during the first year of their systems. Launching before summer seems to not be wise since most companies seem to ignore the fact that people are interested in games during the summer so nothing gets released. Fall unfortunately doesnt seem to look that bright but then when has a fall for a systems first year looked good. At least this means it will be easy to out perform year one when we enter year two of Vita.

      • Herok♞

         Right like if Vita gets another Gravity Rush level of game later in the year then it would be really good for them but then they would still need to keep making good games that aren’t ports or remakes like most of the current line up.

  • Vita is such a great handheld, i dont get why people say it has no games.
    Disgaea 3, BlazBlue, Lumines , Gravity Rush ,  uncharted , and soon YS and Ragnarok.

    and psp games on the Oled screen looks brilliant.

    Sony..dear Sony..Please don`t start focusing on kids games to make the vita sell.

    • Three of the games you just mentioned are ports. The others have no mainstream appeal. This is the problem.

      • In terms of mainstream, i guess your right.
        Maybe thats why i like it so much, far away from first person shooters.
        Not for long it seems.

        Though blazblue is the only “clean” port.
        Disgaea 3 has added contet and all dlc included.
        Lumines is not a port.

        • Ah, not Lumines. I was referring to Ys, but then I realized I was thinking of Zero no Kiseki.

  • darkfox1

    I want to play Persona 4 The Golden because I missed out on the original for the PS2. But to play that I need to buy a Vita. I know I am eventually gonna get one but if I get it when P4G comes out… That’s over 300$ right there. The Vita itself, P4G, and of course I cannot forget the memory card. :( It sucks being a cheap person…. I wonder If I can get someone to buy it for me hehe……

    • XYZ_JolteonZ980

      The bundles are slated to come with a memory card, and that game can be had for less than $39.99, so you may not pay that $300.

      And with P4G coming in November, well there has to be deep discounts for the holidays.

  • riceisnice

    CoDeclassified: Black Ops for School Survival.

  • Marcelo Henrique Chaves

    Well, we all know that if you wanna sell any hardware you need to please Japan. And if Hatsune Miku doesn’t do that, the only hope is Monster Hunter.
    So far the only titles that have some appeal are: Soul Sacrifice, Ragnarok, P4 and LBP.
    Tearaway looks interesting but its not a console seller.

    What Vita needs is triple A games exclusives. And Sony has to stop making Vita a portable PS3 and differentiate it from the other systems.

    Titles like FFX remake, Type-0 US, Patapon 4,God Eater 2, and since Square said they wouldn’t release another Dissidia; it would be awesome a Square fighting game that stars characters from all their games. I think that would be a hell of a system seller.

  • Sony, numbers aside, had bad luck with this system. The Japanese industry wasn’t ready for it, thanks to the super-strong presence of the PSP, but the Western crowd couldn’t wait, because the PSP had a horrible lack of games for Western gamers. 

    Seems like they’re appealing to Western audiences with the system more, because of that, and I’m eager to see how we’ll react when there are more games out for it.

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