Another Peek At Time And Eternity’s Battle System

By Spencer . August 23, 2012 . 2:42am

You’ve seen what Towa can do when she meets a monster in Time and Eternity: Toki Towa right? Now it’s Toki’s turn. Imageepoch explained Princess Toki is supposed to be better with long range attacks and magic.


Looks like Time and Eternity has a Xenosaga-ish battle system where players press X, square, and triangle to do different attacks. She has commands like Magi-ground, Magi-inferno (a fireball attack), and Trinity Bullet. Drake, Toki’s talkative and occasionally lecherous, sidekick can attack enemies with fireballs. Time and Eternity: Toki Towa comes out on October 11. Hopefully, Imageepoch will tell us a bit more about how the battle system and time magic skills work before then.

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  • Keitaro004

    It just keeps getting more and more tempting

  • Jezzy

    Doesn’t look like they’ve improved the framerate much since the last trailer.

    • Peeka Chu

      Oh see I was just thinking the opposite :)  The first trailer was exceptionally bad, like stop motion animation almost.  

  • “Lecherous sidekick”, huh… Come on, Imageepoch; have a little class. First a heroine with a mini-skirt and upskirt shots (to make no mention of the skin coverage/revelation ratio), then a hot spring event, and now a lecherous character that pretty much officially opens up the channel for fanservice. I know it’s the “norm”, but this is hardly subtle.

    When Valkyria Chronicles put in a beach scene, it was an understandable breather, the girls weren’t just posing for the camera, and characters still conversed with the same personality as they do in other scenes. If TokiTowa doesn’t have other substantial factors other than fanservice, I don’t think it’d end up being remembered for notable substance – aside from the 2D-3D blend. It would also depend on how the characters are handled.

    Another thing I can’t help but notice is regarding Toki’s marriage. I would say it’s a fresh idea for a young girl character to even get close to the concept of marriage in a Japanese popular fiction aimed at the usual (i.e: largely Otaku) crowd… but then the guy dies just before completing the ceremony and she’s “untouched” again. What kind of implication is that?! Is the idea of a young wife as a protagonist that unthinkable?

    • Ummm… you talk a lot about fanservice for someone that seems to express disinterest by it, or just unsatisfied? Ummm… i guess it has to be really good for you, your tastes are getting too refined i see, i guess you are more into the looking natural factor eh?, like those accidental that nobody expects pantsu shots.

      I see… I see…

      Also, you talk as if young girls getting married is weird now days lol

      • If that’s sarcasm, it doesn’t make sense. I made it pretty clear that I’m not impressed by Imageepoch’s unsubtle attempts to shoehorn in fanservice. Sure, I have my own preferred fanservice tropes, but I’ll be damned if I let my member do the thinking for me instead of my brain. If your implication is that I’m criticizing the fanservice here because I don’t like it, that’s a low blow; I criticize pandering – full stop.

        And read my 3rd paragraph again: I didn’t say young girls getting married is weird; I’m saying young girls in Japanese popular fiction getting married and still remain a protagonist afterwards (that is if they ever were in that position in the first place) is a rare sight – as if creators consider that concept an unholy ground that mustn’t be treaded. If you know of any female protagonist that is also a young wife, in Japanese popular fiction (especially in works aimed at the Otaku fanbase), feel free to make a list; getting married at the end of the story doesn’t count, because then there’s no capacity to show the perspective of a married person anymore.

        • Have you played Jade Cocoon 1? That “holy ground” has been crossed a while ago, they marry in the prologue of the game, the main girl isn’t the protagonist, but she is pretty much a main character in the game (especially since the MC doesn’t talks lol), you can really say she feels a lot like a main chara from the beginning to the end, and well, i guess harvest moons or rune factory could count? …I think you are kinda exaggerating that part… And everything else lol, just sayin’ it really doesn’t seems that big of a deal as you make it look. And don’t worry, the only one that i am 100% sure that doesn’t likes fan service is reby, i didn’t meant to say that you are whining over the game having fan service.

          And as I’ve always thought, that kind of enjoyment is mostly optional, i mean, it actually depends on you if you want to -enjoy- that right? 
          I think the story itself is pretty romantic based enough, and at least with a decent level of deepness for people to enjoy the game ignoring pretty much some pantsu shot in a battle, or some “bathing scene” (that probably is hard to find/get and optional, like ALWAYS).

          They show that stuff and talk about it when they talk about the game because it’s japan, and its proven that at least with a bit more of fan service it does sell more… But as far as my experience says, it really isn’t that big of a deal as they make it look, and not worth of getting mad/disgusted or whatever over it. I prefer to read about the game itself more than side stuff.

          • I’ll take your word on Jade Cocoon. But I wouldn’t say Harvest Moon and Rune Factory count, mainly due to the fact that the relationship dynamic – whatever little their dating systems can provide – is largely the same even after marriage. Your spouse in those games doesn’t start acting any more mature either – technically, neither half of the couple exhibit any significant change in personality, but the player character’s monotony is understandable.

            I’m not saying a married woman as a major character hasn’t been done before, but it’s still quite obviously a rare occurrence. I’m just lamenting the fact that Imageepoch narrowly let go of that trope, which could boost the game’s uniqueness a bit, for more generic fanservice that at least a couple of Anime shows are already providing every season.

        • “If you know of any female protagonist that is also a young wife, in Japanese popular fiction (especially in works aimed at the Otaku fanbase), feel free to make a list; getting married at the end of the story doesn’t count, because then there’s no capacity to show the perspective of a married person anymore.” 

          I don’t mean to “cut in” between yall’s debate but I wanted to add Armitage, “The Dual Matrix” installment in particular.  It’s a pretty old anime, but if I remember correctly it depicts her as a young mother and wife.  Tenchi Forever may count as well, except the character Haruna is an antagonist rather than a protagonist.   
          Interesting theory though, its been done before, but I wouldn’t say often.  Always open to more depictions of that scenario though.

          • @Tsunami_13:disqus @wildarms:disqus I’m not surprised that it’s been done before; just that it’s abysmally rare.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      I want to know why is everyone blowing this out of the water like its going to be there every 3 seconds. Its like as soon as someone sees one or two CGs I see ” OH SEXISM” or “WELL GAME RUINED” my god man..

      • I didn’t say anything about “sexism” or “ruined”. Other may have, but my target is different; this is my straightforward questioning of the direction Imageepoch is taking. First is making a character’s personality into what’s basically a door to fanservice scenes; the other is swaying away from what could be a unique element to the protagonist’s character.

        I’ll make judgement on the game as a whole once I’ve actually played it myself; for the time being, I’m just talking about the pandering as well as distancing from what could make the game a more memorable work aside from its sprites.

        And keep in mind: I’m a huge fan of Imageepoch’s (currently) latest release, 7th Dragon 2020. I’m not stepping on them; I just want to see them do a good job again with dignity.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          I said I see Drakos dear I never said you was a army of drakos posting the quotes I made lol. Wait what does dignity have to do with it…

  • NISA, ATLUS USA, I’m looking at you.  No particular reason /deep evil stare.

    • Darkrise

      Namco pretty much has this one in their hands and there’s interest on their side for localizing it.

  • Make it so, localizers.

  • I’m sorry the overworld looks absolutely limited as heck. I understand that it’s an animation game.  But honestly, if I had the money I would pay Namco to scratch this entire game, and restart it from scratch and have maybe a company who can belnd CG a lot better like Ufotable, or the Macross Frontier scene.

    • LynxAmali

      It IS Satelight, the people who animated Macross Frontier.

      And animating a game like is probably something they don’t have much experience with (if any at all) so of course, they’re going to have hiccups.

  • Peeka Chu

    They cleaned up the animation quite a bit.  Not so herky-jerky any more.  That first game-play trailer had me raising my eyebrows, and not in a good way.  

  • I’m still not completely sold. I want to see more of the overall gameplay. The premise is good and all, but I’m still not convinced enough to make me want to play this.

  • LazuliteLiamz

    It looks beautiful but the animation, camera movement, and other motions seems a bit awkward. This kinda reminds me of Flash games somehow..

  • TiamatNM

    This is starting to look pretty cool…

  • hadjimurad

    i’ve liked this from day one. the animation is fine. there’s always going to be trade-offs, and i’ll take this over a smoothly animated 3D model (not that those are bad, per se, but this is unique).

  • they sure have improved the flow of the game, it does not seem so static anymore.
    not totally smooth, but way better.
    the artwork itself is right up my alley.

    • raymk

      Yeah It kinda does seem that way.  Maybe I can actually play it now instead of for the artbook.  Still mad there’s only one playable character i’ll never get that decision. 

      • Well… technically 2 with towa

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Never seen sprite’s used like that before its new however, the motions seems kinda odd  and the Overworld might look stunning  but it also looks dead.

  •  kinda unique..animation looks cool somewhat the old concept of ff13 suppose to be..XD

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    I wish they would show is a scene of a full battle playing, rather than just cutting out to other things. Looks pretty good but I just wanna know how it works.

  • DesmaX

    Is that how normal battles works? You just hit something?

    … At least it’s not random battles

  • $30632660

    The battle system looks like an advanced version of Pokemon’s.

    The overworld travel looks flatout wierd.I can’t tell if there will be exploration or linear paths.

  • I don’t know about most, but I can’t wait for our awkward, time traveling, beautiful looking, unique game to come out. Its something new and interesting, and that in itself adds to the fun =^_^=

  • Darkrise

    Looks somewhat improved, though the way she walks is still a bit odd and some parts of the attack animation but that hasn’t changed my decision in wanting to play this.

  • Alphabet Soup

    This video looked better than the last one I saw.  Come on Imageepoch!  I believe in you!

  • IshimaruKaito

    im not to sure how i feel about this game…i may get it cuz it has a different style to it than other rpg’s

  • lorelai4cuties

    i love the battle system looks unique and beautiful..i hope it release in the us  

  • Some nice music there.
    Lecherous sidekick… As long as the fanservice is not lk those fanservice show and doesn’t appear too frequently, why not?? Plus lecherous sidekick is fun….. (Teddie, Yosuke)

  • Levin_Scorpius

    Why doesn’t she actually face her opponent in her combat stance? It’s incredibly off-putting and really awkward. And that the one scene there where you have a bunch of people standing perfectly still with their hair frozen dramatically while occasionally blinking is just really, really bad.

    But I guess the animation isn’t ‘THAT’ bad overall, but it’s still really mediocre anime animation when it comes down to it. It just doesn’t look all that well put together, really.

    • Hraesvelgr

      “Incredibly off-putting” and “really awkward” describe this game rather well, it seems.

    • Crevox

      If she was directly looking at her opponent you wouldn’t see her face.

      • Levin_Scorpius

        Why would I need to look at her face? There are cutscenes for that. It isn’t very practical to be fighting some homicidal beast and be facing away from it, unless she really wants to be killed or something. She not even looking at them!

        • Crevox

          Because it makes it look nice, and a lot of people do want to see her face and reactions during combat.

          • Levin_Scorpius

            Except when she’s actually attacking she then does actually face the correct direction, so in the end you can’t see her face anyway, making the whole ‘see her face and reactions’ thing entirely moot. 

            More infuriatingly when she use’s that rifle thing of hers she isn’t even actually shooting at the enemy and her face is entirely stoic throughout the whole thing, further driving the ‘face and reactions’ excuse further into the pit of ‘not even an excuse’.

  • The animations still look pretty damn awkward. It’s also awkward the way she turns as the camera moves and how she isn’t looking directly at her enemy in battle.

  • $24431191

    I’m still really looking forward to this game. Some may say the animations look odd, but I say we give them a chance. Even if Imageepoch fails, I’d like to see more developers try stuff like this. And for the record I actually think the animations look fine. Obviously there not gonna be as smooth as an actual anime.

  • Covnam

    This looks better then the last trailer, but the characters look very odd when they are out in the world.

  • Zoozbuh

    I dont get how it’s SOOO “awkward and off-putting”… If I was actually playing the game myself, I probably wouldn’t really notice any of those flaws. The presentation/style is pretty unique, and I’ll still be getting this if it gets localized!! I <3 Imageepoch~

  • The game has improved alot since the last trailer so I can only hope that it can only get better. A game like this is a dream come true for me so I pray it has alot of success and comes overseas.

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