When A Pirate King Princess Demands Flynn From Tales Of Vesperia To Protect Her

By Spencer . August 24, 2012 . 5:00pm

Funny things happen when Princess Devilotte de Deathsatan IX from Cyberbots and Flynn from Tales of Vesperia meet in Project X Zone. The spoiled princess demands Flynn, an honorable knight, to escort her. Devilotte says she comes from a universe far in the future and crossed space-time like other characters.


20120824_1329114 20120824_1329115


There’s another silly scene between Morrigan and Chun-Li who are partners in Project X Zone and the game’s original characters, Mii and Kogoro. While trying to solve a case, Kogoro spots a beautiful woman up ahead and is shocked when he finds out Morrigan is a succubus!


20120824_1329116 20120824_1329117


Alisa and Soma from God Eater run into Gemini Sunrise and Erica Fontaine from Sakura Wars in an area destroyed by Aragami. From a distance they look like a cowgirl and a nun, so Alisa and Soma ask if they’re God Eaters and they respond with, "well, you could say that."


20120824_1329112 20120824_1329113 


Sounds like Project X Zone is going to have some amusing meetups when the game comes out on October 11.

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  • gaiahatergaia

    This project X Zone should be released on Home consoles, or at the very least, the PSP/VITA.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething


    •  It must hurt to know this is 3DS exclusive.  :D


    • Grenalie

      Too bad you don’t make the decisions.

    • SetzerGabbiani

      I feel a warning coming on.

    • ign0z

      Monolith Soft is a subsidiary of Nintendo now. If anything, the closest they could do to fill that wish is to put the game on the Wii (U).

    • This game is basically Nintendo-developed. There wasn’t any chance for your wish to happen in the past 4 years, this year or the next.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Is there a chance we could still get this in the sates?

  • z_merquise

    Haken: OK, (kanji letters) princess, . . .

    I wonder what kind of description Haken had for Devilotte.

    • Matthew Conrad

      He is mistakenly calling Devilotte “the princess of this castle,” which Devilotte is quick to correct him on.

  • Learii

    Morrigan look hot there

  • Luis Camargo

    I would love to see this released in the US. Please, any of the three companies localize this.

    • Benny Tormoes

      seems like every 2nd comment around one of these sort of games is like this.

      seriously, its getting repetitive.

      • Go2hell66

        maybe if we say it enough times our wish will come true :D

      • Ladius

        Well, what do you expect American fans could think when confronted with a promising Japanese game on a region locked system? Requests for localization may be repetitive, but they’re also a given in this context.

        That said, this game is probably a licensing nightmare and I imagine there is no chance for it to cross the ocean :

    • NTaiyokun


  • Sardorim

    Chun-Li is nice but Sakura would have been a better addition.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      Why is that? Considering the cast already includes two Chinese female martial artists in the form of Ling Xiaoyu and Pai Chan, Chun-Li makes for a perfect fit.

      • Sardorim

         So because there are 2 other Chinese fighters they should throw in a third? That’s pretty faulty logic. If Chun-Li had the personality for this than great but she just doesn’t. Sakura and her antics would bring far more to a game like this than Chun-Li ever would.

        • Tom_Phoenix

          “So because there are 2 other Chinese fighters they should throw in a third? That’s pretty faulty logic.”

          Well, I’m not saying that the cast should consist of nothing BUT Chinese fighters. That said, the fact that they have somewhat of a common origin and theme does offer some crossover potential. Plus, compared to the other two, Chun-Li is the oldest, most experienced and most cool-headed, making her a great role model for the other two.

          Not to mention that Chun-Li is an Interpol agent, which serves as a good excuse to have her involved with the events of non-Steet Fighter characters, such as the Tekken and Resident Evil characters (Mishima and Umbrella Corporation dealings and whatnot).

          As for Sakura…..I don’t know. In Namco x Capcom, a great deal of her appeal came from her chemistry with Karin. Due to their extremely different personalities and quirks, they practically operated like a comedic duo, reflecting off of one another with their remarks. Without Karin, Sakura’s ocassional comment would still be somewhat amusing, but her role in the cast would be greatly diminished.

          With Karin not being in this (at least not yet), I’m not sure if Sakura would really contribute all that much to the cast. Sure, there is her connection with Ryu, but considering how Ryu is a loner that tends to keep to himself, there wouldn’t be much of a chemistry going on there.

          Overall, I think Chun-Li has much more crossover potential than Sakura. That said, we don’t know the entire cast, so anything is still possible at this point.

    • ign0z

      Chun-Li is much more of a Street Fighter icon than Sakura has ever been. No way they’d have chosen her instead.

      • Sardorim

        Chun-Li hasn’t been entertaining or relevant in awhile. Sakura would offer far more entertaining interactions than Chun-Li. Chun-Li’s character just doesn’t fit into something like this all that well compared to someone like Sakura. Who is just as much of an icon for SF now.

        • Matthew Conrad

          1. Odd that you can talk about what does or doesn’t fit when we already have demons, androids, zombie hunters, mech pilots, medieval knights, etc. all mashed together.

          2. We already have a Sakura on the roster. Having two might be good for a laugh or two, but might also lead to some unneeded confusion.

          3. The full roster hasn’t been revealed yet. It’s possible that more Street Fighters may still be on their way. It’s not necessarily an either/or thing.

          4 (the big one). Everyone has their own idea of who should or shouldn’t be included whenever a crossover title comes out. It’s not only pointless to argue about it, it’s exhausting to hear it. Just accept it and look forward to the game, please.

      • Theofratus ‘Geese’ Lester

         Or Cammy.

  • Soma!!! *hug*

  • French

    Learning Japanese !! Better than wishful thinking, haha !! Would be nice to get it localised though !

  • Reading this really made me think that this was a fan fic lol.  

  • Göran Isacson

    Devilotte and Flynn together. The potential for comedy is deliciously vast in this one. Also, seems like that guy from Namco X Capcom is teamed up with Pai Chan, for some reason…

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