Pokemon Black/White 2 Give You A Bit More Control Over Breeding

By Ishaan . August 25, 2012 . 3:00pm

Despite the games having been out for a while now in Japan, a new discovery has been made just recently in Pokémon Black/White 2—one that changes how the games’ breeding system works, according to Serebii.net.


Since Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire, Pokémon have had “Abilities,” which are special attributes that have different effects during battle. The could include preventing the opponent from fleeing, or a natural protection against Critical Hits, or eliminating weather effects and so on. Abilities are passive in nature and activate automatically during battles.


Each Pokémon has a single pre-designated ability, and there’s no way of changing what this is. However, some Pokémon are capable of having one of two pre-designated abilities, and in this case, the ability is chosen at random when you encounter the Pokémon in the wild.


Up until now, the same also applied to breeding. If you bred two Pokémon and hatched a baby Pokémon that could learn two abilities, it had a 50-50 chance of being born with either of the two abilities.


In Pokémon Black/White 2, this has changed. During breeding, the baby Pokémon’s ability is now dependent on its mother. If the mother is a dual-ability type, the baby has an 80% chance of inheriting the ability its mother has, and a 20% chance of inheriting the other ability that the mother doesn’t have instead.


Additionally, you can now 100% guarantee that your Pokémon will inherit a  nature from one of its parents as well. This is done by giving one of the parents an Everstone to hold. The parent that’s holding the Everstone will pass its nature down to the baby.


More details about breeding mechanics can be found at the Serebii.net link above.


Update: Nature inheritance details added. Thanks to Jazlynn Lim for pointing them out.

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  • But does it work during Masuda Method?? O.o

    • Most likely yes.

      • KotaroInugami

        Oh, in specific I meant the everstone trick. Because in the current games the everstone trick won’t work during Masuda Method. (Same person. Had the wrong account on earlier.)

        • Ah the everstone trick… hm… I dunno there is so many complex algorithms xD

  • Solomon_Kano

    Oh? BW2 really do sound like the best Pokemon games yet. One of these days, I’ll pick it up. One of these days.

  • Oh God, YES!

  • SirRichard

    Oooh, these are some very nice changes. It seems Game Freak are slowly getting the hang of streamlining these games at last, what with this and that repel feature mentioned in one of the playthrough logs on here. Maybe the next time around, the incubators won’t need you to have beaten the E4.

    Or they’ll just be gone as Game Freak relearn everything on 3DS, whichever.

  • Anime10121

    This keeps sounding better and better:)

    I’m so glad that B&W brought me back into the fold:)

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I have a crazy feeling gen 6 will have crossbreeding. “eh” who knows 

    • TaintedSeraph

      What do you mean by crossbreeding?

      •  Breeding two different species to create a new/hybrid species I assume.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        mating with a pokemon or oppset type

        • TaintedSeraph

          … You can already do that. Pokémon don’t need to be mated with the same species or type. They just have to be in the same Egg Group. Example: You can mate a Charmander with a Bulbasaur because they are both in the Monster group or whatever.

          • ShawnOtakuSomething

            I meant like mating a Charmander with a Dragon type to get a fire/dragon egg

    • highly improbable, but i would LOVE to see that. there would be an almost endless number of possible poke-combinations.

    • SerebiiNet

       When Spiky-Eared Pichu was revealed, I postulated an idea about crossbreeding for Pokémon. This had the species remain the same as the mother, but the Pokémon would gain attributes from the father such as the Spiky-Ear. I was convinced this was happen, I even created a template for it

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        See that’s what I meant. That would be a awesome idea

      •  That would actually be interesting to see. Full blown crossbreeding would just be a mess IMO.

  •  This might just make breeding harder than easier. It could be more difficult to find a mother with the right ability index than it would be to 50/50 gamble an egg, especially if you aren’t able to catch it in the wild. In addition to finding the right nature, which the father may or may not be able to carry if you are limited because of egg move breeding.

    • SerebiiNet

       If you just have it breed with a Ditto, then you can 50/50 it

      •  That’s relieving to know. Ditto isn’t always the ideal parent of choice but it’s still better than always being limited to 80/20

  • Jazlynn Lim

    You forgot to mention that if a parent is holding an Everstone, there’s a 100% chance of that parent’s Nature being passed down to the offspring (also from Serebii.net, in the same entry).

    • Oh wow, I did miss that. I’ll add it in.

    • Wasn’t it 50% before with the Everstone?

    • that is super awesome.

  • komiko12

    And when I thought Breeding can’t be more complex.

  • Asura

    Now tell us about how RNGing works in BW2.

    • SerebiiNet

      RNGing, in the eyes of The Pokémon Company, is against the spirit of the game. It’s wrong to do and is essentially softhacking

      •  I’m curious, when and where did TPC express their opinion on RNG exploitation?

        • SerebiiNet

           Various e-mails and statements at tournements

      • Asura

        I could care less about the “spirit” of the game. I don’t play for the mediocre shallow as hell story, nor the pushover opponents which you don’t even have to think about if you happen to overgrind a little on your way to them.

        I used to spend 10-15 hours breeding a single Pokemon with 3 to 4 IVs of 31, and the rest above 20, and the ability/nature I wanted. I think it was the most boring thing I’ve ever done, the word chore doesn’t even begin to describe it. If that’s the spirit of the game for you, **** that spirit. If TPC simply got rid of IVs, everything would be so amazing. But as long as they include this stupid component of the game, people will be forced to RNG.

        I play for the competitive battling, and while Pokemon Showdown is a great simulator, it is still fun to actually battle with a handheld. I’m especially eager for the next Wii game (WiiU by this point?) to allow us to battle on the big screen.

        Besides, TPC allows RNG’d Pokes into their tournaments.

        • MrSirFeatherFang

          This RNGing sounds like a huge time saver. Though when I find out how to do it, I would opt not to use it during the in-game stuff, because it would ruin the fun.

          • Asura

             The in-game stuff?
            It would ruin 0 fun. It would cost you time though because nobody in the right mind EV trains while doing the playthrough, so even if you RNG’d a wild or bred Pokemon to have all 31 IVs, you would either have to make it again or berry its EVs down.
            Also, having a Pokemon with perfect/proper IVs won’t make the game any easier whatsoever. RNGing doesn’t create the Pokemon or its level, it simply allows you to capture/breed one with the right IVs.

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            Wow, looks like I thought it did more than what I thought it did. It would seem like hell to breed a pokemon with perfect IVs.
            However the way I see it, just going through the game and capturing pokemon (regardless of the nature as well) and adventuring up to the pokemon league just seems more natural to me. But as you can see, I’m no EV training/PvP expert.

        • This sort of attitude from simulator regulars who are too high and mighty acknowledge the larger part of the games which make Pokémon, Pokémon, is becoming increasingly off-putting. While competitive battling is great, it is still a metagame full of flaws and imbalances. It is not the shining crown of the franchise.

          And I don’t think that the problem is that IVs exist – they actually add a sense of variety and uniqueness to Pokémon in my opinion – but the fact that the game is a fully stand alone client and can be RNG’ed or even hacked for perfect Pokémon – which requires people to do the same if they wish to be competitive.

          Also TPC neither allows or forbids RNG’d Pokémon. There is no way to prove that a Pokémon is RNG’d. Even Pokésav Pokémon can get by as long as they have legal move sets etc.

          FYI just to be clear I have nothing against RNG’ing, I just disagree with some of your points defending it.

          • SerebiiNet

             Exactly. TPC has no way to see if it’s been RNG’d.

            They do seem to be stopping it though. In B2W2, they’ve done something that many people think is a glitch, but in my eyes, they managed to block RNGing Eggs.

            Getting rid of IVs would not do anything except make the game incredibly bland, with Pokémon only being unique via EVs. While personally I’d make it so to have 1 IV of 31, they have to have an IV of 0 so it all balances out, but that too would kill unique.

            We are not meant to have Pokémon with max IVs all over the place.

            IVs have been in it since the very beginning too, it’s not something they randomly added halfway through

          • Asura

             What makes it “unique”, or this uniqueness a good mechanic? Do you like having to place even MORE luck into battling – guessing what IVs the other Pokemon has instead of being able to tell who goes first/what should kill to make the game strategically stable.

            IVs don’t play too much a role, but they do serve to turn a stratgeic game toward a  party game. As I said, not by much at all, but by a small margin. And really, how would this uniqueness even apply? The dedicated people would just breed to have 31 IVs in everything important anyway.

            And every game has different mechanics to RNG. It became SO easy in BW, I could use your logic to say TPC purposefully helped RNG become more widespread. Give it a little time, people will figure out how to RNG eggs, though how difficult that will be is beyond my scope to judge as I don’t have BW2 nor do I have programming ability. But I can guarantee the ability to RNG eggs will remain.

          • Asura

            I could care less what it “is”. What makes Pokemon Pokemon can be a ton of different things to a ton of different people. For many people it IS the competitive battling, there’s no one thing that makes Pokemon Pokemon.
            Well, no, there is – it’s the Pokemon (DUH).

            IVs don’t add a sense of variety or uniqueness. Most people never check them or even know of their existence. All it creates is unneccesary imbalance that is either overcome through exploits or hacks, or creates an environment where those people who waste 10-15 hours of their lives have better Pokes in some instances (I was one of those people until I bred 5 diff nearly perfect Pokes and vowed to never again waste my life that way. I ended up loosing that cartridge too…).

            I have nothing against you treasuring the game for whatever other aspects it holds, I just disagree with your notion that I have to acknowledge a personal aspect of what makes something fun. Come on, you seriously can’t think people can’t draw the most fun from whatever they individually find fun? I never said everyone has to be like me, or even enjoy competitive battling in the first place. I’m not high and mighty. I’m simply bored by one aspect of the game, while I greatly enjoy another. That you can’t deal with such a thing is what I find extremely “off-putting” (what am I putting you off from exactly? I’m using the phrase sarcastically, because my enjoyment of the game doesn’t change based on other people’s opinions like yours apparently does).

      • Lucy Romana

        Serebii mad he doesn’t know how to do RNG tricks

        • SerebiiNet

           No, I do know how. I just choose not to as it’s cheating

          • Asura

             Have fun riding your bike for 10 hours to get almost the same result to circumvent “cheating”.

      • In the eyes of the Pokémon Company, yes, but not in the eyes of the majority of the community. It does not take away from the spirit of capturing/breeding and training your Pokémon. It cuts time from the former, but these elements are still retained. It is not hacking either, it primarily for predicting IV spreads.

        Ironically, most of the “competive players” who join the Pokémon Company’s own official tournaments nowadays can’t even be bothered to RNG and use Pokésav – which is in fact cheating and takes away from the spirit of the game.

        Also ironic – a lot of the Pokémon of the Week entries on your own site feature strategies that require perfect IV spreads. I know you don’t write them, but still. And don’t get the wrong impression, I’m not trying to disrespect you – it’s quite the opposite; I’ve referenced your site for a decade and it’s been invaluable to me – I just disagree with your position on RNG’ing.

        • SerebiiNet

           The sets on my site don’t require full IV spreads…they can work with any.

          IVs are not meant to be like this. We’re not meant to have maximum ones on all stats

          • Any Pokémon that require any maxed stat to 1 hit KO, outspeed, or survive any other specific Pokémon reference this. Also anything that includes Hidden Power. Maxed is not always synonymous with perfect.

          • Asura

             IVs are not meant to be like this? So they’re meant to have between 3 to 5 IVs of 31 in the stats that matter most, while the remaining 3 to 1 IVs are still above 20 (excluding monoattackers which need not care about the other attack stat)?
            How exactly is this so significantly different in your mind? Do explain.

            As I said, I can spend 10-15 hours achieving that through normal breeding methods. Or I can spend 5 – 10 minutes to RNG it while also getting 31 in the less important stats. Why would anybody do the former even if it is “meant” to be that way? If you love riding your bicycle, collecting 75 eggs, and checking their stats so much, it doesn’t mean everybody else does. And I have to say, the majority of people want to play Russian roulette in those 10-15 hours to at least make it interesting.

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