Go Busters Game For Nintendo DS Has Combat, Platforming, And Mech Battles

By Ishaan . August 26, 2012 . 10:31am

Namco Bandai aren’t done with the Nintendo DS just yet. Now that All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2 is out of the way, they’re preparing to bring a Go Busters game to the system. Take a look at the trailer for this below:



Tokumei Sentai Go Busters is slated for release on September 27th in Japan.

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  • Revorse

    I guess kids in Japan are still toting around DSs. Didn’t they already make a Go-Busters game though? Guess Go-Busters is doing pretty well over there.

    •  you’d be surprised, there are still many people in Japan who still plays the NDS and the psp

      • Eliézer Dos Santos

        The PSP still have MANY great games to come and the PSVITA have so few games. I understand them perfectly in that case.

    • PS2 games are still being made particularly for India and Brazil, transitions form one platform to another are slow.

    • Unless there are other toy-based TV games already, this is pretty much the first Go-Busters game I’ve heard of.

      As for how well the TV series itself is doing… The ratings are pretty low, I hear. I don’t take that as a sign of a lapse in quality though, because Go-Busters is quite different in formula and structure from the formulaic approach Toei had been using consecutively for the past three and a half decades. So I wouldn’t be surprised if long-time viewers feel detached from it. Personally, I like the fresh approach Toei is trying to take.

      • LynxAmali


        It’s not bad of a show at all. It’s just not clicking with the target audience for the most part.

        • I know! This happens with Tokusatsu series from Toei that try to break from the norm, due to how formulaic Toei usually lay things out. Reminds me of Kamen Rider Ryuki.

          That being said, the series does have a few formulaic aspects, particularly how the end each episode with a joke/punchline. That and amount of story progress per episode being a bit less than average SS series. But I’m not sure if that’s what’s driving kids away. At least it’s a more thoughtful series than, say, Goseiger.

        • Revorse

          Yeah it’s not bad at all. The one thing I really dislike is Stag and Beet Buster. I woulda rather had something like new recruits that joined them.

          • Hm. For me, the show became much more enjoyable after they joined; before that, I was more like “Hm, okay. Go on.”. Especially Masato, because of how much of a walking talking pile of snark and cheer he is – which is something the core three was lacking, and also pointed out in-series by Commander Kuroki.

        • Just adding one more thing: Thanks for bringing up that blog! It has really interesting and well-explained analyses on the industry and genre! I don’t think I’ll ever be paying attention again to fanboys aruge on a random video/news comment thread (in hopes that I’ll find something resembling substantial info).

  • It won’t happen but, give me an Akibarangers game and I will be VERY happy and buy it even if it will cost me double.

  • Mech fights remind me somewhat of the Hurricanger/Gaoranger games for the PSX……after 10 years and it’s back somewhat.

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