The World Ends With You: Solo Remix For iOS Has A Few New Features

By Ishaan . August 26, 2012 . 8:15am

Square Enix’s countdown for their The World Ends With You announcement has come to an end, and it is indeed for an iPhone and iPad version of the game. Alongside the announcement, Square also released a new trailer for this new version of the game. You can watch it below:



Titled The World Ends With You: Solo Remix, the game still lets you control two characters, but on the same screen. The iOS version also has 60 songs included, a new fusion system, and redrawn HD art. More details can be found here.


The World Ends With You: Solo Remix will cost $18 on the iPhone and $20 on the iPad. It’ll be available as soon as tomorrow, August 27th, in both English and Japanese languages.


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  • Peeka Chu

    Looks nice and sharp.  Wonder how it plays.  If they get the controls right, it could be a great port. 

  • kuroneko0509

    wish i didn’t learnt about the teaser site in the first place

  • AnimeRemix

    You know what? Forget it. Even though it’s not a sequel on 3DS, I just don’t care anymore. As a proud TWEWY fan, seeing TWEWY getting more exposure is what makes me really happy. People can now play the game on handheld or on IOS device. 

    I must really admit that I’m kinda upset… I actually wish this would be released on Android as well because I would seriously go and buy this once again and enjoy the living heck outta it, XD. Ahem. Not the place to post my desire wish for “this game should be on X system”. Anyways~ It sure does look beautiful! =D

    • SE seems to start making iOS ports first, then move on to Android phone ports later. It’s been their routine lately.

      • AnimeRemix

        If that is indeed true, then awesome! =D I could really use another game on my Toshiba Tablet. >w<

        • damn hell it would look good on my Nexus 7. I’ll be waiting for the android version :P

  • Vampiric

    so this really was it? Now I officially am pissed

    1) Its not a sequel
    2) Its on a platform that CANNOT do the game justice

    I usually stick up for square. I cant with this one. Its pure what the hell are you thinking

  • Holy Cow, look at that Dislike Bar on the Video. 

    • Luis Enrique

       Don’t forget to flag the video for promoting terrorism or violence.

      •  Seriously…? Ok, I’ll admit, I chuckled. But I did so in dismay. Are people actually doing this? Just…wow.

      • Luna Kazemaru

         You are honestly a sad person if you are doing that.

        • Luis Enrique

           You’re honestly a plain and boring person if you can’t understand the jest in that.

  • rinalicat

    …I have no emotions; I’m glad TWEWY is getting exposure but…at the same time I don’t think a port is enough for a teaser site. Plus, I have no money and can’t buy it. >:P

  • But mine is a Samsung phone……

    So this is the “Overclocked” ver eh…
    Well I guess this is the time 4 those of you who hadn’t played to to get the game.
    And it looks GOOD!
    I’m curious how the control play out??

  • Detrimont

    they changed the whole genius that was the battle system, meaning the story must have been changed slightly as well (minor dialogue.. but still)

    •  From what I was able to gather, the battles weren’t changed much, besides having both characters fight in the same screen instead of using two screens, and tweaking around the fusion mechanics. It still seems to play exactly like the DS version, so they wouldn’t need to change the story much I believe.

  • SolidusSnake

    Looks awesome, and it makes perfect sense considering how reliant the original game was on the DS touchscreen. It’s too expensive though, like all of Squenix’s mobile offerings. At this price point, it’s pretty much only going to be a purchase for people with prior knowledge of the game but no DS, or diehard fans. Whereas at a cheaper price everyone and their granny would have potentially bought it.

    • malek86

      Yeah that’s too bad. Such a high price, way too above the typical iOS standard, will ensure that very few people outside of already-fans will even bother looking at it.

      •  Same with FF Dimensions, even though we’re expecting this game to reach a broader audience (expecting that to raise the odds of a sequel ever being released in our lifetime, lol)

        Anyway, SE usually drops the prices on their games from time to time, so hopefully that’ll get some people on board.

  • Tales_of_Master

    So much for “wait until the end of the countdown”. I guess the game being sold for 2$ more on the Ipad is kinda new. Still, the game seems to be better than how it was on the DS, and since I never played the original, I might pick this one up. It’s defiantly easier than getting a copy online.

  • PandanPanda

    Just.. so much.. DISAPPOINTMENT D:

    Well, I suppose an iOS port isn’t all bad, it’s nice to see TWEWY get some love. Not too sure about the changes to the battle system though..

    If anything, at least it’s kinda amusing to see the rage rants from a pissed off fandom xD

  • It could have been worse, but still disappointing. Plus no Ipod Touch…so I am out of luck.

    •  Hmmm…I wouldn’t worry much about that. I can think of a whole lot of games product information pages that don’t mention an iPod compatibility, and yet you can perfectly play the games in those systems.

      Tech wise, the iPod touch isn’t that very different from an iPhone. Minus the obvious phone functionalities and whatanot, they are both perfectly capable of running the same games, so if this is available on the iPhone, it it’s prolly also available on the iPod touch (assuming you don’t have an old generation version.)

      I may be wrong though….

  • KotaroInugami

    Oh come on Square. You had a count down for this? You foolish factoring hectopascals! :/

  • DesmaX

    … I thought NOISE existed in two different places

  • Vampiric

    Ok, the initial shock is over and I just dont get it

    Ok, you get hd sprites, thats somewhat better

    But is that worth it at the cost of the battle system? at the cost of the gameplay?

    20 dollars? seriously


  • Elemiel

    Good thing my standards were lower than before it was leaked to be an ios port. It didn’t hurt at all this time!

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    The pricing seems rather high though I guess this was expected. Perhaps if I do find myself back on iOS products, I may invest in this. They ought to have made it android, and digital game store compatible as well, why limit to iOS in this day and age.

  • 9thsage

    Aw come on.  They really DID have a teaser site just for this iOS port?  I mean, good for people with iPhones and such, but really?  We needed a teaser site for this?

  • I’ll give it this: The game looks very nice in HD.

    But I am very disappointed. This did /not/ require a countdown site and teasing. If they had just announced it, they would really not be getting the backlash they’re getting now about it.

    I really doubt the game’s going to control very well– they’d do themselves a favor if they put up a Lite version of the game so people can try it.

  • SirRichard

    It’s quite the overhaul, that’s for sure, and I guess full HD Retina-display TWEWY would be pretty cool to see, but was a 7-day countdown really necessary for this? Like, it seems like a cool port and if I had an iOS device I’d certainly buy it (even with Square’s dodgy pricing for iOS stuff), but a seven day countdown?

    • malek86

      I don’t see why console games could get a countdown whle smartphone games can’t. At this point, iOS has become a gaming platform as much as any, whether we like it or not.

      And Squenix is not new to countdowns for ports. Didn’t they do the same for Chrono Trigger DS? So I guess it’s par for the course for them.

      • Vampiric

         big difference

        1) The ds is a legit platform with real controls so it had the potential to be the best version ever

        2) ios isnt a game platform, its a multimedia service, with games as 1 option

        So in conclusion they ruined the series

        • Oh, come on. All they did was porting the game to another platform. Even if it’s not as ideal as the first release, “ruined the series” is just overreacting – considering it’s the same game. Not like this affects the DS game in any way either.

          •  Granted, I was playing the DS version not long ago (Tin Pin is kinda fun), and the game was perfectly playable still. I was afraid the game cartridge would burst out in flames, but that was not the case, so I think we’re safe for now :3

          • Vampiric

            all they did was port it to a non platform with broken controls for the game.

            they did ruin it

          • Don’t mince your words please. The context you used above is that the series is ruined, not the iOS port. And if a less-than-ideal port is what counts as “ruining the series” for you, then you’re just ruining your own experience.

            And nobody has even touched the game yet; saying “broken controls” is reaching way too far at the moment. I wouldn’t know how it’ll turn out, but until it comes out, nobody else does either.

            As for the “non-platform” argument, I’ll just remind that games are, at their very core, mere programs – just that they’re made for entertainment purposes. There’s no “non-platform” when it comes to gaming devices; as long as a device has enough hardware capacity to run a program without errors, that counts as a successful run. Of course, some devices are made specifically for game software, but all it means is that they’re not multi-purpose computers. Also don’t forget that the earliest form of video games started from office/workspace computers; speaking of which, we use PCs for a lot of purposes, but they’re still considered machines capable of running games, and even considered a platform on their own, aren’t they?

      • SirRichard

        My issue is not the platform, my issue is that it’s a seven day countdown for a port (a very nice port, granted). I don’t have an issue with platform itself, plenty of cool things have come out of it, it’s just the port bit that gets me.

        They did, but people didn’t rage there because Chrono Trigger hadn’t been touched for generations (least, I didn’t hear of any rage and I think that’s why). Hoped it was a chance at revival, perhaps.

      • ShadowSmidge

        The difference between Chrono Trigger and TWEWY is CT was 13 years old or so and the port opened the game up to a new generation and Europe, where it had never had an official release. The problem I have with it being on iOS is that it was never made with that intention and can still be played on current consoles, presumably for similar prices. 
        Also the countdown was unnecessary  for an announcement like this as the only ones who would watch would be people who were already fans.

      • TheRealMalek

        New games could get one not port…

  • A new game would have been nice, but this will look great on my third generation iPad :D

  • malek86

    Actually this looks pretty cool. I thought it would be just a port, but from the look of it, it’s gonna be quite different.

  • XypherCode

    I still think the DS gameplay is still the best but because there’s additional content/features here I guess I’ll give this a go. :)

    • $3587643

       There’s no real additional content. They removed the dual screen mechanic because iOS has one screen. Your partner is now AI-controlled. They replaced controlling your partner with obnoxious minigames to power up your fusion attacks.

      Do you know what they actually added? Twitter integration. yay.

      • XypherCode

        I might’ve used a wrong term there but yeah I meant the added songs and the new gameplay mechanics.
        I’m not really fond of Twitter or even FB integration in games, but still kinda cool. 

      • Your partner is not AI controlled (unless you want it to), according to the game’s official website. Here, I’ll quote them directly on this:

        “Control Neku and his game partner on the same screen and take the combat up a notch.”

        I was afraid that was going to be the case, but they quickly dismissed my worries, it’s all under the “New Features” tab. They’re also overhauling the way the fusion attacks work, and by adding a Sync indicator in battle you can tell when your fusion attacks will actually be used with full power (which does come in handy).

  • natchu96

    I guess I’m an Atlus fan now.

    I’ve personally never shelled even a quarter of that for something on iOS. Now they’re just being capcom.

    • zeta

       Im with you bro.
      Atlus now.

    • Shane Guidaboni

      You should have always been an Atlus fan. 

  • ChromeOrihara

    Square Enix are such trolls.Didn’t they say an iphone version wouldn’t be the only announcement ? Even though I was expecting it I’m still kind of disappointed.Totally zetta uncool,Squeenix.

    • Brandonmkii

      They never said anything like that. Some guy who worked on the first game said maybe they’d announce more. Maybe you should be happy that more people get to play a great game instead of sounding so selfish.

      • ChromeOrihara

        Actually,I wasn’t trying to be selfish and I am sorry that I came off that way.I was just disappointed because the way he said it suggested there would be more.I know he was probably just trying to do damage control since the news had been leaked beforehand but it just felt like trolling to me,which is why I said that.In fact,I’m sure the people who are angry at the announcement felt the same and probably would not have been so angry if that person had not hinted that there might be more.Once again I apologize for the way I sounded and hope you and others who buy it will enjoy it since I do not have an Iphone and will be able to play it.

    • Elemiel

      The other announcement was that it’s for ipad too!

    • malek86

      “Didn’t they say”

      Actually, they didn’t. It was just one person who had said “wait before the actual announcement before getting angry”, but that didn’t really mean anything. It was more a sort of “at least don’t jump the gun” lesson.

  • LynxAmali

    Sorry, I’m more in shock by that dislike bar.


    • $3587643

       And we’re gonna keep on disliking until the end of time.

      • LynxAmali

        And you are idiots.

        You do realize that the possibility of a new TWEWY game is stronger BECAUSE of the enhanced port since it gets more exposure?

        Chill with your butthurt.
        You’re about as bad the Gundam fanbase when AGE was announced right now. And that’s saying something.

        • Justin Graham

          To be fair, after as long as its been, people were really hoping for a sequel, or a follow-up of some sort.  That the teaser site was for an iOS port of the original game is a disappointment.  I’m all for the game getting more exposure and a bigger audience, but people were really hoping for more.

          They just happen to be venting their frustration on the Youtube trailer.

          • Again with that “But people have been waiting…” argument… I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: It’s called wishful thinking, people. It means nothing in practice.

          • LynxAmali

            Listen. It came out in 2008.

            I’ve been waiting for a sequel to Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner longer and only just got possible hints at a ZoE3 last year, alongside the HD Collection news. You didn’t see me complaining about that.

            That game came out in 2003 by the way.

        • Ty Arnold

          I would’ve been excited about this game announcement, just because it’s news about TWEWY.

          But who the hell would make a countdown and remixed tracks to announce an overpriced iPhone port?

  • keithmaxx

    It’s not a full plain port at the least, thankfully. Still, I can’t say that I’m willing to shell a full $18/20 for this game.

    Nothing to see else here, folks, move along.

  • z_merquise

    I’ll just leave my AA-12 shotgun here. It got explosive rounds. 

    Don’t blame me if something bad happen, okay?

    But to be serious, things like this happen in most games. I think it’s understandable that fans would be disappointed with all of the one-week teasing and all that. 

    Which is why I’m not a fond of these ‘announcement of announcements’ and especially these ‘countdown teasers’. Who started that trend anyway?

  • gquain

    Hah! Not bad SquareEnix!
    It’s like you have a whole division set up and they think all night long how to piss off your fanbase the worst humanly possible way and try to encourage new players to join in the fun!
    Yes, this game is polished and might do some good for those out there who still wishes to know more about TheWorldEndsWithU.
    But for me and many others who have already beaten the game multiple times aren’t coming along with pleasure. I am not even mad at this point, i am just tired and feel a little bit left out of the fun. Maybe that’s the feeling of growing up, i hope for those who have money and an iPad/iPhone to have a lot of fun with it as i am not able to…

  • Roubjon

    So it’s pretty safe to say they are building up to a new one, with the characters being advertised in KH3D and exposed to the iOS market.

    • Elemiel

      Indeed. Time to get our lawn chairs out and wait for that teaser site.

      • sd28

        only to find out they are porting it to android 

        • Elemiel

           Wouldn’t that be a kick in the nuts? XD

  • Adrián Alucard

    Soooo… the TWEWY translator was trolling us?

    • kylehyde

      I don’t want to know the nature of the replies that is having at this moment on his twitter account.

  • Brandonmkii

    Holy crap, the amount of selfishness and entitlement in this thread is unbearable. It’s people that complain about stuff like this that makes me not want to enjoy my favorite hobby anymore. An IOS port does not mean that a sequel will never happen. And if a sequel never happens, the first game is still awesome, and other awesome games will come out.  TL;DR, This isn’t the end of the world, and lots of people are jerks.

    • $3587643

       No matter how hard you try to defend SE, they will never love you back.

      • Brandonmkii

        I would say the same thing for any game, SE or not. If anything, I’m condemning the irrational reactions from some people. I guess I’m just tired of people never being able to enjoy what they have, and to be happy that someone besides them might be able to enjoy something like this.

        • seraphinw1

           Why on earth would I enjoy a butchered version of one of my favorite games?

        • Lunar_Outcast

          Irrational? You don’t put up a week-long countdown site, gathering fan hype, for a port.

          • Mark Fate

            I’m sorry but Kojima Productions put up a longer, more mysterious (hidden imagery, text, etc) countdown directly before e3 gathering much more attention a couple of years back and although games were revealed, there had been so much speculation over the timer (MGS5, MGS4+Oxide or w/e, ZOE3, Snatcher remake) that the reveals felt like massive let downs. A spinoff starring Raiden that isn’t stealth but rather some faux-Ninja Gaiden ripoff with robots? A 3D Castlevania that Kojima has some kind of minimal role in overseeing? An arcade version of Metal Gear Online exclusive to Japan?

            What I’m getting at here is that this timer by Konami was one of the better ones despite being a big disappointment to most core fans following it. The majority of countdown timers come down to terrible announcements.

            I agree that it’s irrational to make a big deal of your disappointment because you are the only one to blame for setting your expectations so high. It is frustrating companies can do it but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it and it makes perfect sense from a commercial point of view. All these people that have heard about it from websites and friends and thought ‘yay! they might be announcing a sequel!’ now know there will be an iOS port which wouldn’t have circulated half as well if it had simply been announced.

            Also, I think that S-E want to find out if this iOS version will sell well or not before developing TWEWY 2 so that they have a better idea which system to make it on. Given that they have drawn HD artwork and redesigned the system for a single touch screen I am personally hoping that they also port it to Vita soon after iOS and they end up developing 2 for that instead.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Agreed in full, except for “instead”. If we’re to get a sequel to a well-known DS game, it may as well be on 3DS. I’d be cool with it being on Vita, but there’s no need to exclude the successor to its original platform. Or did you mean instead of iOS?

          • Mark Fate

            @Solomon_Kano:disqus Yeah, I more directed that ‘instead’ at iOS though I’m cool with the sequel being developed for that too. Of course it should also be on the 3DS as other games are now being developed for vita and 3ds, I would just like to see it maximise the potential (and screen resolution) of the Vita.

            I actually only have a 3DS right now rather than Vita as I am awaiting more games (and money to spare). Right now I only really want Gravity Daze. Highly anticipating DJ Max Technika, Little King’s Story, Zero Escape and (fingers crossed) Time Travelers for Vita. I realise the latter two are on 3DS too but would rather play them on a larger, better and higher res screen with more comfortable controls. I’m also really looking forward to seeing what NIS, Kojima, Square-Enix (mostly for stuff like FF and KH) and Sony 1st party devs do with the system. Should probably grab Persona 4 when I get it too as I haven’t played it (lengthy RPGs scare me given my busy work-life and hundreds of games to play, anime, shows and fims to watch, manga and visual novels to read, etc.).

      • I can only speak for myself, but believe you me: Defending Square Enix is the least of my intentions. It’s the sheer lack of perspective and logic from a lot of people that just keeps me talking. And this isn’t the only case either; the exact same thing happened when Spencer dug up the old info on Catacombs. People expected something they wanted just because the “Square Enix” label was there, and threw a massive fit when they were “let down”.

        At this point, I’m just gonna go ahead and say that Square is cursed with a bloody lousy “fandom”.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Lousy indeed. The only fandom worse than that of Tales.

          • Hell, Tales threads have been pretty mild recently, as have Neptunia threads. It’s the DmC threads that are currently taking the lead, and now Square threads in general are catching up…

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, DmC is the clear lead now. Tales has gotten a wee bit better since the most recent stuff about it was them actually bringing another game. At any other time though… *shudders*

            It’s a pity that we can pinpoint this stuff by topic.

    • SenorFlapjack

      This isn’t entitlement. Squeenix quite clearly knew what they were doing when they created this teaser. The fact that they so obviously teased us with a sequel, only to provide us with a watered down port, is just… reprehensible. 
      It’s like if your friend who previously hooked you up with a hot chick offered to hook you up with another chick, hinted that this one was even better than the previous, and then you discover at last minute that this next chick is in fact the most ugly, smelly and annoying person you’ve ever met. Sure, your friend can just blow you off by saying “I never actually said she’d be better”, but it’s pretty damn obvious he knew what he was implying. In such a situation, nobody would say “Oh well, I should be thankful for this smelly girl!”. They’d say “My friend is such an ass”.That’s what has aggravated so many people. Squeenix knew what they were doing when they teased us with this. Getting such vitriolic backlash is perfectly understandable.

      • “obviously teased us with a sequel”

        No. They didn’t. Have a little logic, people…

        • SenorFlapjack

          If you’re honestly saying that a professional group of people paid to create the teaser website never realised that many people would be misled into thinking that the teaser was for a sequel, I’m quite lost for words – although, that is a possibility. 

          Either SE knew that they would hype up the audience only to let them down, or the thought never crossed their mind. So they’re either willingly manipulative or obliviously incompetent.

          • If you’re gonna look at things from the perspective of people who made the teaser site, do it properly.

            – If all they were told to make was the main page, the countdown and a few music tracks remixed from the first game, how could they have anticipated anything?

            – If they were also told to make the entire site, then they know what they’re doing, because they’re undoubtedly given the material that is to go up on the site. In this case, they already know that this isn’t a sequel site. How could they have anticipated that people are gonna flip out about something that is, for all they care, just a business advertisement?

            So, again, I’ll just point my finger at people who drew conclusions while in the dark under the absence of evidence – Logic 101. If anybody/anything official from Square promised anything about a sequel – and SiliconEra didn’t remember to report on it – you’re free to point out.

      •  From what I see its watered up and they fracked up the story XD

  • I don’t know about you, but I have friends who don’t have a DS or 3DS, so I’ll be recommending this to them.  Spread the TWEWY love! o/

  • zeta

    am I the only one who cursed SquareEnix on top of my lungs when that sh** countdown was just for IOS port.

    • $3587643

       You were one of thousands, my friend. One of thousands.

    • kuroneko0509

      i’d cursed them after the leak before… then cursed them again & again today

  • $3587643

    Folks, get onto the youtube video and dislike it. Send a message. Overpriced ports with inferior graphics and truncated gameplay are not acceptable.

    • Shane Guidaboni

      Wow. That’s actually working. Over 2000 dislikes on the video and comments have been disabled.  Oh! And it’s uploaded by SE themselves, so they get to see how much we hate this.

      • Video comments are always disabled on Square Enix videos to my knowledge.

    • Palmer Nyako

      it would be better if we got some respected blogs to come out and say they keep bullshitting fans or w/e.

  • heartless141

    If there were no teaser site then they’d probably be welcomed better

  • XypherCode

    I really expected a sequel. My hopes might have been a bit too damn high.

    • Yes. Yes they were. When you think SE you need to think low. That way if it is something decent you can be happy even though that happens once in oh I dunno 1/100 times.

  • dotzeno

    I wonder when they will have and decide to release more info about Final Fantasy XIII Versus and Kingdom Hearts 3…

    • gerogero

      lmao this is gold

  • OathkeeperSoraXIII

    Any second i’m going to wake up and this will all just be a dream…

    Dammit! why square!? I was so excited for the whole week waiting for the announcement. then it was leaked it was an IOS version. then it was said that we ‘might want to wait for the announcement’ so I did, thinking ‘thank god it’s not gonna be just an IOS port’ only to find out it’s an IOS AND IPAD version…ugh…the teaser was not necessary. I know that games on IOS systems are growing nowadays. but it’s a port of an already existing game. By trying to cause hype about the game they have essentially just pissed off a lot of their TWEwY fanbase. 

    If they actually gave some hint as to it being an IOS port before and didn’t have a week long teaser site. they probably wouldn’t get as much backlash as they’re going to get. 

    I hope they don’t pull something like this with the FFXIII saga teaser. that would be the icing on the cake

  • Shane Guidaboni

    Gee, thanks SE. It’s just what we’ve always wanted. 

  • Well played SE, well played.
    Bye SE, let’s move to Atlus.

    • Atlus is awesome. And they aren’t being dipsticks like SE. Go Atlus.

  • Ladius

    As much as I think this countdown has backfired (and that translator should have really avoided stimulating the fanbase’s hopes, even if I imagine he didn’t expect to be taken so seriously), I also think this announcement has a pretty high chance to lead to a TWEWY 2 sometime in the near future.

    I think that this port, just as the KH3DS cameos, could very well be part of a strategy to make the brand relevant in order to prepare its fanbase for the sequel. Then again, people could argue that two clues don’t make a proof, and considering how Square Enix has treated its minor franchises I can’t help but understand their skepticism.

    • I agree. Nomura isn’t stupid. He’s well aware of people’s expectations. He’s also mentioned twice now that they’re thinking about the future of the series. The KH3D cameos are indeed the biggest hint.

  • AuraGuyChris

    Ouch. The video was disliked so much to the Underground.


    • Dyne

       no, this is how you do it

      “you have 1 day to like this comment

      fail, and face erasure.
      –The Reapers”

  • Ladius

    @Setan Jalang: If anything, I think Atlus is as guilty of heavily focusing on ports than Square Enix is, and I’m far from a  Square Enix apologist.

    Edit: Disqus screwed up, this was meant to answer Setan’s post.

  • kylehyde
  • SolidusSnake

    I hope the people threatening to become Atlus fans out of spite and butthurt are just bluffing. Because, y’know, the world would be a much better place if people joined fandoms due to the quality of source material, and not to get revenge on some company.

    •  Most of them are just acting childish…I mean, c’mon. They should’ve been Atlus fans from the beginning, and for the right reasons.

      Atlus keeps giving us SMT games. Anyone who does this deserves my uttermost respect and unquestionable admiration :3

  • Well, I’m getting this, if only to show SE there’s a market for this game and this brand, and to improve in chances for a sequel to be released on a portable or, dare I say it, home console.

    I wonder what exactly did the translator mean with the whole more drip than leak tho. I mean, should we expect any announcements at TGS or something? Coz that’s all there is to it to the countdown.

  • Dyne

    but this kills the point of having two worlds when you fight…..
    it going to look a bit odd when neku ask where Shiki went in the fight training.
    it now does fit in with how they did fighting in kingdom hearts 3ds game  now.

    • kuroneko0509

      who knows, sqex forgot to change the dialogue….

  • DongT

    yeah yeah more people get to play but still….*sigh* why do they never make the games i actually want!? still waiting for my final fantasy tactics 2(a proper one), twewy 2, ff7 remake, kh 3 :P

  • C’mon, people. :/  You had high hopes, there was nothing to *assume* it was going to be a sequel anyhow.  Of course, a fancy-pants splash page didn’t help. :P

  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    Wow people are really annoyed at this port. I know that everyone wants a sequel but come on is there really any reason to rage this much? The characters were in KH3D and now this port could be Square’s way of just saying, “hey guys remember them? *nudge nudge*”

    I haven’t even played TWEWY and yet I remain optimistic that a sequel is most likely in the works.

    It’s business as usual for Square when it comes to annoying their fans.

    • rinalicat

      Oh, that is a good point. Also, all the hating means that Square-Enix might not make a sequel at all so guys! Let’s cool down now…

      P.S. Hate me all you want, that ain’t changing my comment.

    • Anime10121

       Hey Sora, if you can, I REALLY recommend playing the first TWEWY, or this port if you can, its a phenomenal game that should be played by anyone if they love games, music, or just a really good story!

      • KHSoraKeyBlade

         My brother actually owns TWEWY put I have never asked him really to have a go on it but if I did I’m sure he’d let me xD

        • Anime10121

          I’m asking you, as a friend,do yourself that favor and ask your bro, it really issue that awesome!

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Don’t care even more lol nope dislike 


    i feel like if this was a 3DS port, people would be a lot more happy. Square shouldn’t have hyped this as much as they did, but in all honesty I don’t think this looks half bad. If I owned an iPad I’d check it out, seems like it would get to cramped on my iPhone

    I think it’s good more people now have the option to play TWEWY.

  • RmanX1000

    As awesome as that music was…. I will be skipping this game.

  • My god, this actually looks better than the original. I like it.

  • Klaus00

    not for europe? I wanna hook my Cousin up with this game .__.

    •  Yeah, I asked Ben Bateman over at the SE Europe Members blog about this…not that he’ll prolly read or be able to answer me back, but still. I hope end up getting it eventually, or soonish at the very least.

      Don’t see why we wouldn’t get this, when pretty much every other SE game that’s released in the US App store reaches the Old Continent app store as well.

    • @Klaus00:disqus @twitter-255766266:disqus 
      It is for Europe as well. The site has prices in Euros and Pounds as well.

      •  Oh, silly me. The Euros/Pounds signs should have let me know that in advance, I feel kinda silly now for not taking those into account. Thanks!

  • This is complete bull-shit. I wanted a HD remake for the 3DS at least, I wanted sequel, but still a HD remake would have been nice! Course, you guys HAD to make it on iOS device and as such alienated the market without those devices.

    God. Square you guys have become disappointing.

    • Solomon_Kano

      An HD remake for a non-HD system?

      The point of porting it to a disparate system was to present it to a different audience. Do you honestly think that SE gave TWEWY characters cameos in KH3D just to build up to an iOS port? The point is to expand the market for the franchise. Putting a remake of a game that was on the best-selling system of all time on its not-yet-as-popular younger brother would not be a smart way to expand the brand. Put it on a platform that’s available to numbers in excess of the original DS itself and you have an actual strategy.

      Anger is cool and all, but let’s actually be logical here.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    LOL!  This is a new breed of troll.

  • Ispheria

    a little part of me just died yo

  • DemonicX
  • Ark

    They removed the ability to rate and comment in the video. They know we are mad.

    • kuroneko0509

      yep… so true

    • As mentioned down below, SE never lets anyone comment on their vids. Go check out their other channel vids and you’ll see.

      As for the rate thingmajig…this kinda troubles me. Will they understand the people disliked it for being an iOS port? Or will they just assume people don’t care much for TWEWY?

      If that’s the case, then kiss a possible sequel goodbye. Coz well, by disliking this, you’re not specifically saying you don’t care about the iOS port. You’re saying you don’t like what you see, period. And that affects the TWEWY brand itself.

      I can sympathize to some extent with the disappointed fans, but sometimes these people may end up hurting the things they like the most more without even realizing what they did.

      • AnimeRemix

        I think they will understand that fans are upset with the announcement. They could easily just roam around on forums and other news site and read fans comments to get some sort of idea whether fans are excited about the port, upset about the port, fearful of controls, etc. 


        • Hmmm…do you honestly think a huge company like them would do such a thing :/? They use these websites (youtube, twitter, facebook) to gather direct feedback. The best way for anyone to tell them they dislike the fact that this is an iOS port (or whatever other reasons they may have to dislike it), would be to contact them directly.

          I’m not saying they’ll go ahead and conclude people don’t care much for twewy. But knowing as games like Nanashi no Game were not released in the west because SE cared about a bunch of people in a focus group had to say, goes to show how wary they are about releasing new games in the west. And that can mean they can take this off the wrong way.

          And if SE took the time to read up on forums and blogs how much people wanted Nanashi no Game back then, they would’ve reconsider their position regarding it; yet they didn’t :/

  • herolove

    I don’t understand why people think this was to small for the countdown, I mean it cud have been for the remix album that would have been a real disappointment. Not to mention that the countdown was for the release of the port not just the announcement.
    I’m a bit sad I don’t have a ios system but I guess I have to buy a new ds/3ds so I can play the original again after my ds broke down.

  • Ty Arnold

    Here’s what SE should do with TWEWY: hire another company to make a fighting game sequel.

    It’s proven to be a successful formula!

  • Anime10121

    Well, while I’m not surprised that it turned out to be JUST an iPhone/Pad port, I AM surprised at some of the really juvenile and pathetic reactions it has received.  People seem to forget that Square has already done countdowns for iPhone games before with Chaos Rings and FFDimensions (if I recall correctly).

    I mean, I know TWEWY was an AMAZING game on the DS, but having it on iPhone doesn’t make the game any less amazing.  To all that seemed to hype the countdown up as an entirely new game, well not meaning to sound harsh but, thats YOUR fault, as nothing on the countdown site ever even hinted to it being a sequel. It was never hyped as a BIG teaser by Square, only by fans and some sites.  Square releases enhanced versions of their titles all the time that consist of new music/gameplay elements, with the International Editions for FF and Final Mix editions for KH.

    While I am disappointed that its only for iOS (which I dont own) and not Android/3DS/Vita(which could basically work the same way), it by no means dilutes the awesomness of the original, or the awesomness of what this enhanced port is looking to be.  This is not a straight port, as many of the mechanics have been reworked for Solo Remix.  It looks great, sounds great, and so far seems to retain the feel of the original.

    If nothing else, this is a good sign that TWEWY hasn’t been forgotten, and this gives it a new chance to shine and succeed, ESPECIALLY considering the fact that while the original is a PHENOMENAL game and received high critical praise, it didnt get anywhere near the sales that it should have (I mean its sales arent even as good as the KH side stories for the DS, even after having been released years before Days and Coded).  This gives us a chance to show that the series is worth another shot, and perhaps if it does well enough, we’ll get that sequel/spiritual successor that everyone seems to want so bad.

    Oh and about the translator who told everyone to chill, he never said there would be other announcements, he said to wait and see before getting all up in arms about it being a port.  And honestly, he was right, as it isnt a direct port anyway, as gameplay mechanics have had to be changed for it to work on iOS.  Its more an enhancement of the original than a port, what with the new music, hd sprites, and new way to play.  While I wont be able to purchase this to show support (Droid user, dont have a iPhone/Pad), I hope it does find a means of success and that way we may see a full fledged console/handheld title in the future.

    EDIT: And to all the people that keep saying Square hyped this up, um no they didnt, YOU hyped it up to be more than what it was. The 7 day teaser was just a reference to the 7 days you have in the Reaper’s game. They never did anything more special than any of their other releases, all they did was put up a teaser site wit a new remixed track on it. The ones who hyped it to be bigger than what it was, was the fans. I mean I wanted to hope that it was a sequel too, but all this misinformation about it being all Square, is quite honestly bull, its just a lot of you just beating the Square hates their fans bush.

    •  A refreshing comment admist a sea of negativity :) I agree with pretty much everything. TWEWY deserves much more sucess than what it was able to achieve on the DS…by all means necessary. If it takes a iOS port to take the series to new heights, so be it.

  • Rocket D

    As much as I hoped for a remake or sequel for the 3DS and/or Vita I actually think this is cool. I’m not at all a fan of iSO games and will admit I sick of companies being so focused on them but let’s face it: the iSO is a successful endeavor just given the fact that many people use these devices. The conviencev of always having your cellphone outweighs having to carry out a handheld that is made for one purpose. I wish this wasn’t the case but I know companies think like that so that’s where this countdown hype comes from (and it matches the game’s story foundation). I’m not defending them though because this countdown kind of got me psyched for a game that does not apply to me (I lack a smart phone that can play any game) so I understand fan’s anger.

    This updated port is nice and will broaden the fanbase of this game that was assumed to be lost forever as a one-timer, single release. I think this was hyped on purpose to get the fans attention, spike interest for new fans and that SE remembers TWEWY beyond just KH3DS cameos. If this port sells well enough and spikes enough interest I’m willing to bet SE will do more with the game. Not calling out a flat out sequel in the future or whatever but I think this is just the tip of the iceberg should this port sell as well as SE hope it will. Would they get more praise if this was for the 3DS? Vita? Even a home console? Of course they would but they probably rather not risk it on a “maybe” or “a few are interested” since that costs major cash. Remember, the states and UK almost missed this golden title because they feared it didn’t attract an audience with all the Japanese culture instilled in the story that couldn’t be localized out (why companies feel Japanese anything will not sell outside it’s country is beyond me). I think everyone should look at the bigger picture and see this was actually a better move for SE even if not for every fan.

    As said, I lack a phone to support this game but if I had one it’s be nice to relive this game with all the updated music, art and tweaked gameplay. The soundtrack remixes are cool too. I don’t think this is bad at all just a tad over hyped.

    • Dyne

      I would not liked the port my self but I would of just let it go mostly (i do not like the change to the fighting but what can you do for a phone or ipad ) but i then say well maybe this port will get the fans in and forget all about it, but the hype they put out for this has left me a bit mad when there was no news about a new game.

  • Paradox me

    What? I’d convinced myself that it was The World Ends With You 2, for PS3, 360, PC, 3DS, Vita and goddamn ColecoVision! This disappointment that I’m feeling, it’s all your fault Square! Everything’s always your fault, not mine and my inability to keep my emotions and expectations in check. 

    Whatever, I’ll just boycott your products and thumbs down your videos on YouTube. Yeah, I dare you to try and sleep tonight with those 2,700 thumbs pointing straight down at the ground.

    Oh, and for the record, phones don’t deserve games because I personally do not like them very much (this is kinda important because the world revolves around me).

    *This post contains a bit of sarcasm.

  • Levin_Scorpius

    Square Enix, you do know stunts like this can and will reflect badly on you? Playing with people’s expectations like this is gonna come back to bite you someday. What rational person would think that “like, hey, shouldn’t we, like, put up a dramatic countdown for port of a game that people are, like, heavily anticpating a sequel of? wouldn’t that be, like, so totally cool?” is a good idea?

    I understand that SE is probably doing this so that they can build up hype for a possible sequel, an action which probably comes from trying to be like western game companies with the whole ‘release a sequel/game every year/other year’, but they went about it in the one of the worst ways possible. You can make money without pulling these kinds of jerk-ish moves, y’know.

  • tha_Chiller

    As mad as I am about this…..Square broke my heart along time, became numb to the pain after awhile

  • Cephrien

    This is actually a pretty neat idea– not gonna lie. 

  • Cephrien

    Yeah. I actually like this alot– the sprites are bigger and more detailed, the visuals over all just look completely improved– The DS was already gorgeous in itself, so that’s really nice. 

    –also, both characters on the same screen now? That’s pretty neat. I’ll definitely pick this up once I actually get an Iphone. 

  • Zonic505

    I can understand the annoyance that it’s not the sequel that we wanted (believe me, I’m disappointed as well), but ya know what? If this makes it so there’s more fans/people aware of the game & thus greater demand for a sequel, then I’m fine by it. Heck, take some of the new music, HD art, & this new fusion system that they put in & apply it to a sequel or 3DS port that keeps the 2 screen gameplay. Heck, I bet a Vita version would work if they kept the 2 characters on 1 screen gameplay. Use the touchscreen for Neku, then the D-Pad or analog stick for the 2nd player.

    Though I still question how you’re gonna be able to control both characters at once via 1 touchscreen.

    • Yeah… sad news indeed, but as long as more people know about it, well, MAYBE one day a proper sequel will pop up eventually :/ ( but on non IOS devices hopefully -_- )

  • Luna Kazemaru

     >’flag the video for promoting terrorism or violence.”

    *looks at the rest of the comments*

    Yeah I’ve lost all faith and most of the posters on this site :/

    • that’s an actual option when you flag youtube videos? lol

      • Luna Kazemaru

         Yeah it is.

        • oh dang, I never thought youtube to be this serious.

          • Luna Kazemaru

             Well there was a time terrorist used Youtube so yeah and well you get the violence part since people love to post videos of school yard fights and what not.

          • Hm, I seen a couple of school yard fights including my secondary school that still on youtube as of now. I guess people see it as a form of entertainment rather than promoting violence or such haha. Let’s not talk about this, it’s going off topic lol

  • kuroneko0509

    oh wait…. i didn’t see any light plucks??? now how to beat taboo noises????

  • Well I personally am excited for this. I played the original, but never got around to finishing it. I’m much more willing to support a remake than a sequel. And if it gains enough support I hope it encourages SQE to then port this “HD Remix” to an actual console (PSVita please) or maybe even consider a sequel or perhaps prequel.

    • Ispheria

      that’s a joke right? tell me that’s a joke? did you really just ask for a PSV port? that’s even worse than the iphone port. i mean, can you really imagine playing this on the PSV rather than the 3ds?

      • Luna Kazemaru

        If he asked for it clearly he does.

        • She. :p

          But yes, I mean it. I’d like some badass games on PS Vita. Why not one that’s already designed with touch screens and fingers in mind?

      • Solomon_Kano

        How would that be worse? Hell, put it on 3DS and Vita. Who cares. A port is a port, might as well have it on more platforms.

      • How would it be worse? It’s been redesigned to play on one screen with a touch screen designed for fingers, not styluses. So if anything it would play exactly the same. Of course a 3DS port is more preferable to some but if given a choice I’d personally like it on a platform where my friends are constantly aware of what I’m playing and gives mr rewards now and then too (as in Trophies).

        • sandra10

          “How would it be worse?”

          I think it has something to do w/idiotic console loyalties.

  • epy

    Thank you SE for killing countdown teasers (for a while at least). I don’t like them.

  • Amine Hsu Nekuchan

    Wow, they blatantly lied, they couldn’t even fess up to it when everyone found out…truly:
    Square Enix: Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!

    • SE didn’t lie. It was people (I assume you included) getting worked up by some random dude that isn’t even part of SE saying to wait for no reason other than just to wait. You and others should have listened to me. I know SE. They like to screw their fans.

      • Amine Hsu Nekuchan

         Incorrect, the Squenix employee both KNEW it was only an iOS port AND  SAID there was more to it than an iOS port.  His exact words were ‘#dripmorethanleak’, so I don’t know why suddenly people are now claiming he only said to wait for the countdown to end… He very clearly and obviously said to wait for the countdown because there was more to it…

  • LAAAAAME.  It really is.  SE always meets expectations as usual. 

    Also DAT PRICE.


  • Brandon

    I’m actually rather interested in the port, but it’s weird for them to do a whole countdown for it considering they’ve not done it for any other iOS port they’ve done. That, and the translator’s tweet implied that there would be more than just an enhanced port on the way, so I’m pretty disappointed overall.

    • I don’t find it weird, who is it to say that most if not all new games or port need a countdown?

    •  But there is man.  Soundtrack and everything.  What isn’t that enough?

    • Solomon_Kano

      Square Enix set up a teaser site with a countdown for a social game. Is this really that different?

  • Solomon_Kano

    Looks like they actually made it work with just one screen.

    It’s a pity that all I’m seeing here is people upset that they let their own expectations get out of hand. Among those that are actually upset, that is. The only real reason I see to be upset is that one guy insinuating that there was more to this tease than the iOS port. Then again, I’m not really sure why people took that to mean there was more when he’s not even a Square Enix employee.

    In any event, this still just looks like part of a larger build-up. I doubt they put TWEWY characters in KH3D just to build up to a port of a 4-5 year old game.

    • Nah don’t even say that. That is exactly why they did it. xD

  • rabingham

    I’m not even salty that this is a port. I’m even willing to pay the Square-Enix App Tax for a chance of a sequel. However, Square-Enix, you need to stop being a GIANT TWAT and splitting your apps between iPhone and iPad versions. 

    Make them Universal like non-asshole developers.

  • *cough* Called it. *cough* Sorry. I just love having this amazing power of foresight. Or you know just knowing that SE sucks now. I am not going to be a rage-y person. I am disappointed but I knew this is all it was after the leak and didn’t expect more. They should have done a sequel, but this is SE and we know they don’t do what their fans want. But I am not going to be a rage-r I saw it and while I am disappointed, nothing can be done about SE.

    • Solomon_Kano

      With so many people saying they don’t do what their fans want, I’ve gotta wonder like, honestly, is there any company that does do what their fans want? Gamers say that literally every time a company does something that doesn’t appeal to them personally.

      This isn’t even about you, I just have to wonder generally.

      • SE is really bad about it Solomon and nobody wants iOS stuff. Nobody. It’s not a console/handheld. It isn’t meant to play games. And while other companies do things there fans don’t like most of them actually do make some stuff their fans want. At least to me anyway. SE is just going down the toilet. They keep doing stupid things and making “games” nobody wants just so they can make a quick buck off the chumps who do play it.

        • Paradox me

          SE is really bad about it Solomon and nobody wants iOS stuff. Nobody.

          Except the countless people that are buying their iOS games and asking for more of their favorites to be ported to the platform. 

          And it is a platform, by the way. Just because I don’t play on it and folks like yourself outright loathe it doesn’t change the fact that iOS and Android also function as gaming platforms.

          For crying out loud, get over yourself.

          • I don’t see countless people. There might be a handful of people for whatever reason. And NO it most certainly is NOT a gaming platform. They might have “games” if you can call them that on them but it doesn’t make them gaming platforms. So sir you can “get over yourself.” I am only stating the truth of the reality. And you have to get all haughty about it. I wasn’t even talking to you in the first place.

          • Paradox me

            I don’t see countless people.

            I see Final Fantasy III in the Google Play Store with over 100,000 downloads and 5,500 ratings. 

            I am only stating the truth of the reality.

            You’re being irrational, obnoxious and showing willful ignorance. The fact that you claim such nonsense as ‘truth and reality’ only serves to further my point. At the end of the day, they function as gaming platforms in much the same way as a PC does. It may not be the device’s primary function, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are legitimate platforms that are gaining more and more support and traditional experiences each and every day.

            Meanwhile, consoles and handhelds continue to become general purpose devices. There will come a time, and probably fairly soon, when there are no traditional handhelds or consoles.

          • Ok ok whatever this is going nowhere. You are just trying to make iOS into something it isn’t. It isn’t a gaming platform. Neither is a PC (though it has actual games for it). And sure consoles are gaining the ability to do more things but they are built to be gaming machines.

          • PoweredByHentai

            I would be immensely saddened if traditional consoles and handhelds were to disappear in favor of touchscreen or smartphone gaming.  Gaming on a tablet is workable, but gaming on a phone is unacceptable.  I need the phone’s battery life so that people can reach me in an emergency, not to piss it away playing some random game.

          • Paradox me

            I don’t think phones as they are right now will become the standard, but I can see the industry shifting towards general purpose devices like PCs. In a decade or so the difference between a desktop and a home console will be insignificant; it’s already coming to this now with all of the PS3 and Xbox 360’s media functions and so on. 

            There’s also the possibility of simply syncing a controller with a tablet or phone, connected to your TV via HDMI, DisplayPort, etc., or even cloud gaming (ugh) with microconsoles.

            Handhelds are a bit more tricky, because I don’t think touchscreens will ever be able to replace buttons for most genres. And, like you said, battery life is becoming a pretty big issue (I don’t know if there have been any major advances in battery technology lately) with both phones and dedicated handhelds.

            I really have no clue how that might turn out. I think Nintendo will last the longest in the traditional handheld market, but I don’t see them sticking around forever.

          • PoweredByHentai

            I agree with you on the home console aspect.  As for handhelds though, I still prefer to have dedicated handhelds for their respective tasks.

            Battery technology has not advanced much at all.  There was news of a Jelly Battery in development, which is a hybrid of both the brick and liquid types but it has been a few years since that article and we have heard nothing about the state of its progress.

        • Solomon_Kano

          You mean, some people don’t want iOS stuff. There are several people in this thread that said they’re willing to buy this specifically, and there are many successful iOS games (Infinity Blade, anyone?). I don’t even care for iOS games myself, but you and me and the internet not wanting them =/= nobody wanting them. If phones weren’t meant to play games, they wouldn’t. It’s not their primary function, but the feature is there for a reason. Besides, a port isn’t any better by being on a handheld or console.

          “And while other companies do things there fans don’t like most of them actually do make some stuff their fans want.”

          I take it you’re not a fan of Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy XIII then, since they did things for fans of both in just the last year. The problem is people keep acting like SE does nothing for their fans. Theatrhythm, KH3D, and an upcoming addition to the XIII saga. Versus in the wings, FF XIV being completely retooled in response to the fans wishes, and saving True Crime from Activision and releasing it as Sleeping Dogs are all things that at least some portion of people were happy about. But they go ignored so people can act like SE is Activision.

          Also, your personal opinion of phone games doesn’t make those who enjoy them “chumps”. That’s a terribly exclusionary view for a gamer to have, man.

          • As I told Paradox there might be a handful of them, but in general nobody wants iOS stuff. And a port on a actual gaming system would be better. It would actually warrant a port if it was on old enough hardware. Going from DS to 3DS in this case would NOT be better. But that is our own opinions. I am a fan of KH and I like KH3D it’s a great game. I wasn’t meaning to say that SE hasn’t done SOME stuff for their fans they just keep doing stuff fans don’t want. However no I am not a fan of XIII and especially not XIII-2. If the newest addition in the saga is actually good them great. But I doubt it. Versus too will be great once it finally releases (we won’t go into that though). I am not a fan of MMOs in general especially not P2P ones and having them be a mainline FF title. I had no interest in Sleeping Dogs and Activision as a whole. And yes I suppose that was a bit harsh. It’s just that people are willing to be over priced and play a less intuitive version or pay for micro-transactions when they could use said money on something more useful.

          • Solomon_Kano

            No offense man, but you’re clearly pulling “facts” out of your ass. A handful? Infinity Blade made $1.6 million in four days. At this point you’re simply choosing to be ignorant of the reality because you dislike the platform. I don’t care for phone gaming myself, that doesn’t mean I don’t acknowledge what’s actually happening in the real world and keep repeating opinion as fact.

            The point isn’t our personal opinions regarding each thing that SE does, whether you like each thing I listed or not, the point was to illustrate that they do things for their fans. The internet =/= their fans. If it did XIII-2 would’ve been a massive flop. I personally don’t care for it either, again, these points are unrelated to personal opinion. It can be observed that they do things for their fans. Literally every company “keep[s] doing stuff fans don’t want,” from Capcom to the almighty, infallible Atlus. That’s simple hyperbole.

            Also, again in spite of my admitted disinterest in phone games, the “more useful” argument is pointless. Games in and of themselves are useless whether you buy them on a phone, a SNES, or an Xbox 360. Again, that’s your personal opinion.

    • PoweredByHentai

      I had very low expectations so the actual announcement itself didn’t phase me at all.

      • I ad low expectations to. It doesn’t make it any less uh… disappointing that it wasn’t something more.

  • Palmer Nyako

    nope nope, square enix isn’t completely worthless! they still need to bring out my kingdom hearts 3.
    Atlus, and xseed are still dabes.

    • And after KH3?

      • Palmer Nyako

        Honestly, with square enix’s game developing schedule right now, i’m not expecting anything else after kingdom hearts 3.

        • They will eventually make FFXV and Versus. Along with KH3. And BD looked ok. But everything else is social game, or iOS garba— I mean game.

  • klkAlexar

    You can’t be fans of more than one company? Anyway, I was neutral about the whole thing so I’m not that disappointed. I’m curious about how it plays and if I had an iOS device then I probably would just get it. But since I don’t have one and I’m not planning on having one, then obviously I’m not the intended target audience. 

  • kuroneko0509

    1st 20 mins of gameplay…..
    partner pin <.<

    • Anime10121

      Good, it seems that they are utilizing the voice actors quite a bit more in this version too!  I dont remember the original having the first cutscene fully voiced like that.  I was hoping that they’d put a bit more VActing in it, now I REALLY hope that they put this on Android too a little later down the line! :)

      Edit: and I’m liking the way it plays so far, as I never really controlled Shiki much in the original anyway except when doing combos to pass the puck. I feel the way it is in this new version makes it MUCH easier to control both players in battle.

      Oh and its really sad that people are even disliking THIS video, when it has nothing to do with Square, I thought people were only disliking the vid to send a message (albeit the wrong one) to Square, this is just a site trying to show off how the new game plays, and its getting disliked to hell and back too. Sometimes I completely understand why gaming is yet to be respected as a medium, because most of the people involved simply refuse to GROW UP!

      • Judging from the comments above and below, S-E will garner 2000% more hate for that =P

        That would be cool, though.  

      • Aerii

         The first cutscene was always fully voiced.

        • Anime10121

          Oh was it?  My mistake then :P

          I do remember it having more voice acting than the moans, laughs, and single word phrases that appear in the rest of the game, but I didnt remember it was fully voiced.  Thanks for the reminder:)

      • James Beatty

        I think it’s the same voice acting. I don’t recall there being any less of it. 

    • $3587643

       Entire gameplay mechanics missing! But twitter integration! That balances out, right.

      • kuroneko0509

        yep…. the unique gameplay has been reduced to just pins T_T

    • AnimeRemix

      Am I the only one here who actually realized this port has some of the JP music tracks included as well? In the NA/EU versions, not all the tracks were included into the game since NA/EU and JP both had their own exclusive tracks…

      And I know this is suppose to contain 60 songs, but never knew it would include the JP exclusive music as well!

  • James Beatty

    I’m glad people are furious. Hopefully this will teach SE a lesson (i’m talking about the teaser site, building hype for a sequel, ending up being a rerelease on ios). …I do want to play this though, and i do want to support TWEWY, but i don’t want to support this decision. I’m conflicted on this :/

    • Uh SE never learns. They have been doing stuff like this for the last year or 2.

    • Paradox me

      Let me get this straight. You actually want the port, but don’t want to support the decision that led to it and are happy that folks are raging?

      Oh, gamers. You will be the death of me, I just know it.

      • James Beatty

        …That’s not it. I love TWEWY, and i’d like to play it again since i don’t know where my copy is. I’d also like to support TWEWY, but i don’t want to support “this”

        • Solomon_Kano

          You just restated “[I] actually want the port, but don’t want to support the decision that led to it,” but that’s not it?

          Are you trying to say you want to support the franchise but just not this port? If so, your comment doesn’t really say that very well.

          • James Beatty

            …That’s exactly what i meant. Sorry. Thanks for putting it clearer. I really want to see TWEWY take off. I loved the DS one, but i really don’t want to see other companies doing things like this. I don’t want to be forced to buy ports of games i already own to support the franchise. 

          • Solomon_Kano

            That’s understandable.

    • “oh boy a bunch of people at siliconera is mad at us! WHAT SHOULD WE DO BOSS?”

      • $3587643

         Wow, what a small world you live in. You realize everyone on the internet is getting pissed about this, not just siliconera?

        • Sir, I know that there are loads of people out there who is sadden by this news but I’m only talking about the people “here” so please spare me the obvious.

          [edit: now let me add the EVERYONE ON THE INTERWEB is mad version. “Oh boy everyone on the interweb is mad at us! WHAT SHOULD WE DO BOSS?”

          Then I think to myself…I’m not mad about this, gives me a chance to play the game and actually completing it on an improved version…that is if I decide to buy it which I doubt]

        • Paradox me

          Everyone on the Internet is always pissed about everything.

          • Apparently if a bunch of people is pissed about something, that means everyone is pissed. I’m mind boggled! I didn’t know I was pissed about something I don’t mind.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          I’m not so sure you could say everyone here is ‘pissed off’ I am seeing plenty of folks taking into consideration the place phone gaming has in Japan and that  square really needs some things with cash flow atm.

    • “Teach SE a lesson”? What are you, five? 

      Let’s be honest here. Based on your ENTIRE commenting history, it’s pretty obvious you’re just pissed that this isn’t another exclusive for a Nintendo system. 

      Please don’t give us reason to kick you out. At this point, anything you post in a non-Nintendo-related article is extremely suspect. Cut it out. If you like Nintendo and nothing else, that’s fine. Just stop posting in the other articles. 

      • James Beatty

        Um…excuse me? I’m upset about this, i really am. I got really happy at the thought of getting a sequel to one of my favorite video game series of all time. Then my hype died when i heard it was an ios port, then i got hyped up again when the translator promised me more. I would be happy if it was a sequel on any platform. Yes, i would prefer 3DS and Wii U because of the dual screen mechanic i liked so much, but if it was for vita only or ps3/360 i would get it on those platforms too. By “Teach SE a lesson” i mean not hyping up something that will probably let us down. They could port all their games to ios for all i care, but don’t make a freaking teaser site for a port :/ I have been waiting all week for this :(

  • Vyrus

    Tangent! You stupid hectopascals! Why are you doing this to us Square-Enix!? WHY!? CRUNCH! Drown in the sea of imaginary numbers! 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679821480865132823066470938446095

    • $3587643

       It’s funny because you’re referencing the game instead of saying anything of substabce.


  • Let me know when it comes to an actual game platform and not an expensive piece of crap that’s saddled with a $100-a-month subscription.

    • TaintedSeraph

      What the hell are you talking about? Unless you plan on getting an iPad with 3G you don’t need to pay any sort of subscription.

      • James Beatty

        I think he meant contract. 

      • iPhone/iPad and that isn’t the point of his post. It is that he doesn’t want this garbage because it isn’t on an actual console/handheld.

  • Jason

    Just wanted to show everybody why Square Enix disabled the ‘likes/dislikes’ on that video’s youtube page (not shocked by this what so ever)

    • Jason

      They also disabled comments too lol

      • LynxAmali

         Comments are never enabled on these videos.

        • Jason

          Oh, nevermind then

      • D-Rev

        They always disable comments on all their videos though.

    • AnimeRemix

      Even Neku feels something isn’t right…

    • LynxAmali

       How the….


    • Haha! There goes the incentivation for a sequel!

      At some point when SE gives a comment about TWEWY in the future, everyone will say WE DUN GOOFED. (I know cause I kinda do right now)

      Although they should have went with another route to incentivate this.

      • Presto Chango

        Perhaps you should hold Square Enix accountable for their product quality or lack thereof, instead of blindly accepting guilt and shame Square Enix might assign to the fanbase for not going gaga for every port or DLC that was ever developed and released. All they’re running is damage control to preserve their bottom line, you’re actually free to have a genuine opinion about this. If they were smart, they’d see the negative reaction is disappointment for being baited for something better than a straight Apple port.

    • Ispheria

      how do they have 2152 dislikes with only 303 views?

  • Göran Isacson

    As long as they don’t decide that a HD-rerelease (which admittedly does look verrah nice) is all that we need for YET ANOTHER FIVE YEARS, I am okay with this. Mildly let down it isn’t a full-blown sequel, because if they had made one of those and then decided that due to lack-of-marketing-low-sales they wouldn’t make any more we would at least have a new story… but still, all in all, okay with this.

    Even if I really don’t get how the new player fusions work, or how they’re gonna rewrite the story so that they’re no longer in separate dimensions. Unless they’ll just make it so that the character that has the puck is kinda see-through, so as to demonstrate they ARE still in separate dimensions.

  • Mnstrzero00

    So what the hell was that developer talking about when he said to actually wait until the countdown is over?

    • Phlo

      People just assumed he had inside information, I guess.

    • SirRichard

      He was a freelance translator who worked on the original, not a developer. He didn’t have anything to hint at, he just said to wait until the countdown was over before getting mad.

      • Hmm, if he’s a translator then maaaaybe there’s something else in between this port, maybe a secret report or a secret message?

        • SirRichard

          There’s a chance there is, but he wouldn’t know because odds are they just reused the DS’ translation, translating any new stuff in-house. He was likely just attempting to defend the game he worked on and/or the people he worked with, it’s a shame he’s probably getting slammed for that tweet (which to be fair, I believed as a hint there was more to it as well).

    • James Beatty

      No, he did. He thought that this was worth hyping up.

    • He wasn’t a developer. He helped with localizing the original. He isn’t even part of the company. And he was talking out of his ass. He has to hype up the game because he helped work on it even though it is a load of garbage.

      • Solomon_Kano

        He actually doesn’t have to hype up the game. That wouldn’t even make sense since he doesn’t work for SE. He’s already been paid for his work and that was years ago, this wouldn’t benefit him in the least.

        • Maybe he feels obligated somehow. You never know. He might still be under contract or something.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Supposing either of those were the case, what hype would he be generating by giving a common sense answer? Wait til it’s over =/= there’s more on the way, stay tuned.

          • What he said did imply there was something more to be had. Especially with his #dripnotleak blah blah blah hash tag.

          • Solomon_Kano

            And yet he’s not a Square Enix employee, so his implications are irrelevant. Wouldn’t be any more relevant if Ishaan or Steven Spielberg or Ghandi had made his comment, as they don’t work for the company either.

          • True I never said I believed it. I was the one who said that it was foolish to listen to him. And Ishaan didn’t like how I phrased it even though it did turn out I was right.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, stuff like that happens sometimes. That’s what people get for hyping themselves up. Didn’t expect them to get Ishaan too though lol.

          • lol I am sure Ishaan was sad but he has handled it better than most of us.

          • Actually, the story about the translator guy went up many hours after it actually happened. He made his comments at night, and we only ran the story the next day. The reason being that Spence and I had a talk about it before running the story, just to sort out our thoughts on whether we should run it or not.

            Ultimately, our reasoning came down to, “Well, he wouldn’t be hyping it so blatantly if it was just a port… he’s not that crazy.” 

            …and yet, here we are. And trust me, the dude was talking it up. You should go look at his Twitter a little while before the countdown ended. Dude was off the rails!

            Edit: Ah, as for the credibility… when someone’s worked on Kingdom Hearts, TWEWY and Monster Hunter, I’d say he’s earned the benefit of the doubt. :)

          • Solomon_Kano

            His work certainly makes him credible, but as a freelance worker I didn’t think he’d be the most informed as to what they company was doing.

          • I’m not really sad! I’m confident that we’ll still get a new game and I don’t mind waiting for it. I don’t need it right this very second. :P

            As I above, I think Nomura’s a smart guy and if he says they’re thinking about the future of the series, I believe him. I think the iOS port is just business as usual for Square, who are converting all their popular DS/PSP games to iOS, and frankly, I’m 100% in favour of that. iOS needs less crap and more real games.

          • Hmm while this seems sensible only time will tell. I will not get my hopes up though lol and I will try to not sound too standoffish with this but it’s hard to make “real games” for ios when there is no buttons.


    *Sigh* Enix.

    I don’t think I’m “entitled” for a sequel or anything, but I don’t see the point of making a teaser site for a port to the IPHONE no less. From what I’ve seen, it looks kinda weird/awkward to play 2 characters on the same screen (maybe I’m too used to playing TWEWY with 2 screens, but still…) and I actually prefer the way the DS looks compared to how this looks. 

    On a more positive note…I have the urge to replay TWEWY on the DS again at least.

    • seraphinw1

       Don’t listen to people who spout that “entitlement” nonsense, they have no clue what they’re talking about.

    • On no no no no. We definitely are entitled to a sequel if they feel it’s alright to release a port that nobody wants.


      But seriously, I have no words about this situation.

  • Quite dissapointing but meh, ain’t as mad anymore.

    I dislike gaming in iOs so not getting it but let’s see if this sells and incentivates SE to make something else in the future.

    Edit: … HD Konishi and Sho? :3
    Aight, that’s good enough for me! All forgiven SE :3

  • Yeah not too thrilled that the battle system is like this.  Then again I don’t’ think the translation would of fared too well as-is in porting to begin with.  I just think itis the wrong game to port and the wrong way of hyping the announcement.

  • Bhunivelze

    People are all jumping the gun. This iOS port didn’t get chosen over your TWEWY 2.  It is a part of the hype. But knowing you all, all of your anger over not getting what you want this second is going to cause you to lash out at a simple port meant to expand the game’s userbase. 
    Have you thought that maybe all this bad press you’re giving this game is going to discourage another TWEWY game? They said a few months back that they were looking to see if TWEWY is a viable franchise. So you’re shooting yourself in the foot.  

  • Mnstrzero00

    I want to see Kotaku do a very well thought out piece of journalism discussing why we’re all so pissed about this.

    • >Kotaku


      Pick one.

      • Or you can choose neither and go with factual information.

        • But actual journalism usually is factual???

  • neo_firenze

    Everyone complaining that it’s iOS instead of a 3DS sequel…

    Don’t you understand that this is far better than nothing, and that returning the series to the public eye may lead to the sequel YOU want (which otherwise probably wasn’t coming anyway just due to business doubts about whether it would be financially viable).  If the iOS game sells well or gets sufficient buzz, maybe that’s enough justification for the business decision-makers that maybe a sequel IS warranted. 

    At any rate, I’ll be picking this up and playing it on iPad tomorrow!  Ghost Trick really convinced me that a DS to iOS port really can be an improvement, so here’s hoping TWEWY follows its lead. 

    • $3587643

       This is worse than nothing. Don’t kid yourself. Take a look.

      • Bhunivelze

        Looks fine to me. How is this worse than nothing? Because you didn’t want it personally? 

        • Presto Chango

          Who hired you to run damage control for Square Enix, corporate shill? Your line of comments demonstrate the same sort of apologist sentiments that were run for decisions to cut corners and cash in as those for the ME3 debacle. Expect better, and if you won’t do that, get bent.

          • If this is the kind of comments you’re gonna make, stop here. The thread is already a mess from people not thinking clearly, and comments like yours aren’t helping.

    • Oh it is getting sufficient buzz alright. It is negative buzz though. lol And while it is better than nothing teasing it wasn’t necessary.

    • The marketing is what most are hating about this.  I”m sure most who have the platform will try it still.
      It is hard for fans to double dip though.  The battle system was so unique then it is now reduced to a summoning pin.  If this sells well a sequel could be made, but what if the sequel takes after this new battle system?

    • But what if it’s an iOS-exclusive sequel?  WHAT IF IT’S AN iOS-EXCLUSIVE SEQUEL?!

      • malek86

        Well, most people here seem to have convinced themselves that their hate is because Squenix hyped a port, not because it’s for iOS.

        So presumably an iOS-only sequel would have warranted a countdown, and nobody would have got riled up.

        … aw, who am I kidding. Of course people would have raged even harder.

  • Eh, maybe this ain’t such a bad thing. After all, I’d rather TWEWY never get a sequel than get a bad, cash-in sequel. The teaser countdown DID cause unnecessary hype, and Square can’t deny that that was a mistake on their part.

  • Mnstrzero00

    Although, last time I checked the countdown this morning it was at 16 hours. Who wants to keep on hoping?

    • TaintedSeraph

      The countdown was linked to your own computer’s clock but finished when it hit midnight in Japan.

  • Mnstrzero00

    I would bet a million dollars that right now, at this very moment, someone is furiously cranking out one of those disappointed Hitler subtitle videos.

    • Meh, dead meme by now. Unfortunately it keeps getting resurrected just like Sparta and ‘X people disliked this’.

    • Bet you $10 they’re from Reddit.

  • disgaea36

    well i think this was a bad idea just because what made TWEWY was the unique aspect of controlling 2 characters on a split screen to fight a common enemy while trying to build up combos and trying to unleash your special. It will be a different experience now on the iphone but it will be like alot of other games now so it loses it’s charm. They should have just left it on the DS as one of it’s greatest games for that portable.

  • ……….

    I’m sorry but.. why would I want to play much less buy a game I friggin’ love to death and scraped dry already doing EVERYTHING there is to do in it, again… On a friggin’ iPhone or iPad?

    I don’t even own either, nor do I want to. They hyped this up too much for just a friggin’ port to phones, and I’m not sold on the “new features.”

    NOT. HAPPY. :/

  • TaintedSeraph

    Hah! Everyone disliked the launch video so much that Square Enix had to disable ratings. Serves them right. Also for all those going “if you don’t support this game then SE will never make a sequel” that’s exactly why SE sucks sometimes. They don’t think about how amazing fans thought the game was or how much they love it. SE only cares about money. They don’t care about the fans.

    • Bhunivelze

      Companies are usually in the business of making money, yes. That is what they do. They aren’t going to make a sequel to a game unless there is money to be had in it. 

      • It’s The World Ends With You, a very popular game on the DS (and one of the few games to make good use of the DS touchscreen), they need to sell 3DS’ and it could have been an announcement just after the game was used for the very popular Kingdom Hearts franchise. People wanted a sequel. People are willing to spend money on a sequel. Instead the big announcement is a remake for phones.

  • Sakurazaki

    Besides the price, is there anyone even blatantly interested?

    Because I am, yeah. Shoot me.

    • rinalicat

      While it does look interesting, I’m not buying it because of two reasons:
      1. I don’t have enough money.
      2. I already have the game on the DS. I’m not one to buy the same thing twice if I already have it; be it remake or original. If I own it, I don’t buy it again unless it’s a present for someone else. I don’t see the point, even if it has different features.

    •  On second thought, I’m considering getting this.  Recently there’ve been times when I’ve been deprived of any game system and I have only my phone, so a good game should keep me occupied.  I already have the DS game, but this is a highly replayable game, so whatever =D

  • Xapth

    I don’t even have a cellphone to begin with, let alone an iPhone/iPad.
    (I know, it’s a shocker, there ARE people without cellphones these days.)

    But I still think there’s more to this. 
    I still think there’s something else in store for the future of TWEWY. 
    Even though the countdown has ended, I think we’re still being teased here.

  • Square, if your simply porting a game to iOS then don’t make some big teaser site, it will generate nothing but disappointment. If they had just announced it without all this “OOOOOH WHAT COULD IT BE?”. Vague teaser sites are for big things. Like, you know, a sequel to a very popular game.

  • Buy a DS. I you already own a DS, buy TWEWY. If you already own TWEWY, then what are you doing?.

  • If SE is holding a long awaited sequel ransom because they want people to buy the port on iOS, they can shove it. I’m not being black-mailed because they can’t get their crap together.

  • I think everyone would be a lot less disappointed and upset if Square Enix hadn’t bothered with the teaser site. I mean, it was not only anticlimactic, it got the whole fanbase worked up.

    I bet they won’t be pulling something like this again for an iOS game. 

    • Solomon_Kano

      People still did it to themselves. It wasn’t so long ago that Square Enix set up a teaser site for a social game. There is blame to be had on their part, but people are responsible for their own expectations. That can’t be blamed on anyone else.

  • Ninten

    Oh, but I bet people wouldn’t be so mad if a Persona game was to be re-released on iOS or on something similar.

    Why don’t you at least appreciate the fact that Square still cares about TWEWY by releasing this remake? And they actually put some effort into this, unlike most companies who do jacksh*t when they port a game to another system.

    Sucks though that it’s only iOS. Would love to play this on my Android phone, since I’ve never played the original.

    I am not a fan of Square (only liked Chrono Trigger, Mystic Quest and FFV), but this game has style, man.

    This could be a foundation for all the good things to come for TWEWY in the future, but all the people who get butthurt over a remake just stands in it’s way.

    If you can’t buy it, fine, but why don’t you show Square your support by, I dunno, saying how cool is that TWEWY is still kicking in 2012?

    •  “Oh, but I bet people wouldn’t be so mad if a Persona game was to be re-released on iOS or on something similar.”

      Well if they are disappointed in the port for my reasons, at least a Persona iOS port would retain the original battle system.

    • “Oh, but I bet people wouldn’t be so mad if a Persona game was to be re-released on iOS or on something similar.”

      Atlus isn’t stupid, but they also haven’t had one of their major IPs flop ever.

  • Luna Kazemaru

     So is this what half the comments are going to become “haha they disable the ratings hahahaah’ (sorry ishaan I had it now.) This all this in the comments is just people mad about it being on the IOS that sad. REALLY come this is no better then the console warriors and PC elite warriors “oh its not on X platform and there for its crap and there for I hate it”. Devs (well the Japanese ones) are seeing that mobile gaming is pretty hot as of right now (in Japan atleast) so they are getting more profits from it. More profit= more of a budget they can work with.

    I do not understand WHAT people do not understand by this companies are expanding into new markets where it be handheld,smart phones or PC gaming sometimes it can be for the wrong reasons other times it can be for the simple fact they want to grow.Yet we still have gamers who get butt hurt about things changing game goes from handheld to smart phones? Big deal its no end of the world doomsday plot but people seem to some mind set it is. Its a bloody port for one thing its not going to hurt or anything whats going to hurt is all the negative backlash over a port.

    I don’t play games on smart phones but I am aware that there are people that do and there is a market in it I also can respect that. This whole thing has been blown out of proportions just as much as DmC and the fault lies in both sides. Square for not really being clear on the whole thing and the gamers for just getting upset just because its a game for the phone. As for me I’m going to see where this goes Nomura isn’t stupid he and SE are aware of the fanbase for this game and are looking into the future of the game right now there is just this a port. If they went thinking of a moving forward with the game Nomura nor SE would have commented on the games future and most likely would have left it dead. Juvenile comments doesn’t give them any reason to care nor makes you the gamer look good in the end.

    • PoweredByHentai

      I don’t mind SE expanding into the iOS market.  At least they’re releasing an iPad version.  If they released an iPhone-only version, man… that would suck absolutely.

    • It’s because with the number of teasers given there was a strong implication it was going to be sequel. Instead it’s just a remake for phones. That’s hardly worth the effort they put into the marketing. People understand it just fine, and they want something more than this. How’d you feel if the super-big news coming out about Star Trek is that they’re releasing the movies to be watched on phones?

      • Luna Kazemaru

        SO the teasers call for the juvenile acts I’ve been seeing now? Being disappointed is not a bad thing at all I’ve been disappointed from time to time about many things but I don’t act Juvenile about the whole thing. I can’t comment on the Star Trek thing but I can agree the could have just said they where doing a port but if they want to make a teaser site for it I can’t really have a say in it.

        • You keep using the word juvenile. Does this juvenility* represent even a large portion of the people irritated by this?

          *I just made that a word.

          • Luna Kazemaru

             Yeah we are done here now.

  • IshimaruKaito

    wish i had an iphone OR ipad….. *sigh* guess i gtta deal with my regular DS copy aw well ;)

    • PoweredByHentai

      I can sort of recommend the iPad but not the iPhone.  If you have big stubby fingers, then an iPhone would probably be a bit frustrating to use and you’re probably better off with a Galaxy S3.  That and current iPhones don’t support 4G LTE.

  • SupaPhly

    imagine how mad everyone would of been if the news leak didn’t happen

    • Yeah, that kinda let the anger spill out over time, as opposed to the rage explosion that would’ve occurred under such circumstances

  • Isn’t the problem if at some point they decide to do a sequel that because of fans from the ios version they are going to have to do a multiplatform release with 2 different battle systems to cater for fans of both versions

    • iOS users wont buy it because it’s $20.

  • Vitonofrio del Rosso

    20 dollah is steep for ipad, but FUCK THAT!

  • Arizato

    Can anyone please enlighten me about this game? I bought it like 2 years ago and just cannot stand it. I don’t get the hype, seriously. The protagonist is a whiny emo boy with an annoying sidekick.

    • Finishing the game might enlighten you better than any explanation.

      • Arizato

         Thing is: I don’t have any motivation at all. Appealing characters and story is an important part of an RPG.

        •  To be fair, Neku becomes a much better character in the later half.  Like Tales of the Abyss Luke.

          And did you really call the partners annoying?  Joshua was a cool character, but you get him later half of the game.

          • Arizato

             I found the redhead really annoying, along with the tomboyish girl.

          • Shiki and Rhyme. And spoilers she isn’t a red head. And you don’t see a lot of Rhyme.

          • CirnoLakes

            Tomboyish girl? By that do you mean Rhyme?!

            I love Rhyme!D:

          • I think a big part of liking these games is overcoming the hurdle of the enormous dislike you may have for them at the start.  And until you actually give it a try, you’re disinclined to even want to start, no matter what other people say or how good the reviews make it out to be.

            And then, after you get past the first bit, you fall in love with the characters =P 

            (Joshua is awesome o/ )

          • SeventhEvening

            My problem was the combat. Attempting to control two things that functioned in two different ways on two screens was irritating. It had a steep learning curve, and even passing that it never felt natural. Like playing checkers against one opponent and playing chess against another at the same time. I found the story interesting, but the combat really unfun.

          • TheGoddamnedKamina

             It’s funny because TWEWY actually does something that I haven’t really noticed in other somewhat recent games. Neku actually grows as a character, he actually feels a lot more realistic as a character than pretty much any recent jRPG protagonists.

             I say at least hold of until the second week before you say the game is overrated.

        • Appealing character… okay, guess you didn’t simply liked the initial characterization but you can’t really judge the story if you haven’t finished the game.

          Try to move a little more onwards on the game, I believe it will convince you to go on further on the story :P

    • SirRichard

      Judging from your other comments and that you haven’t mentioned the gameplay at all, it just doesn’t seem to be your sort of game, simply. It’s silly to ask people to convince you when you’ve already played and decided you don’t like it enough to finish. Everyone has their own tastes, mate.

    • SenorFlapjack

      The basis of the story is Neku learning to open himself up and make friends. “The World Ends With You” is used metaphorically to explain how your personal world is only as large as you let it be, and that you have to expand your horizons and make friends in order to live life to the fullest.

      It might sound like trite JRPG garbage, but it’s executed really well. Give it a try, Neku’s character development is excellent.

      • Arizato

        Well… If you put it like that I guess I have no other choice than to try to push forward x3

        • OathkeeperSoraXIII

          I felt like this at first with the game, I think when you get near the end of the game with your first partner you start to really delve into the story and that’s when it sucks you in…that’s what it was like with me. then I got addicted to it after that and couldn’t put the game down lol! when I finally completed it, it left me wanting more. try your best to complete it. it’s truly an amazing game

      • Sounds like Eva to me. Except for Giant Rei thing and the Instrumentality Project.

    • LittleMofreaky

      It’s pretty overrated.

      • Opinion. It’s a great game and deserves more light.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Not sure why you said opinion like your post isn’t an opinion as well.

          • I was giving my opinion to show that it was indeed an opinion. I had originally planned to say something else that would have been bad.

          • Solomon_Kano


  • Monsley

    I don’t really like playing on phones/tablets, but I can’t see how this is a bad thing for TWEWY fans. It’s not like they’re releasing a brand new game on iOS only… Announcing a sequel exclusively for iOS – THAT would be bad.
    If this port sells enough, it might even help the development of a sequel on handhelds/consoles, so I think people should feel happy (or neutral at worst) about this.

  • Herok♞

    I am ok with this, but what bothers me is the translator lied to us, and tried to bring back hope only for the fans who believed to be crushed further.

    • PoweredByHentai

      Honestly, the price tag for the iPhone version is disconcerting.

      That said, it’s been a while since I last saw anyone use Love Hina avatars.  XD

      • Herok♞

         $18 dollars is a great price for the game but it is not competitive in the Phone market which is sad.

        • PoweredByHentai

          No, 18 dollars is a great price on the DS.  It is NOT a great price for the iPhone.

          15 dollars for the iPhone version would have made a bit more sense though I can see it working at 10 bucks for iPhone version and 15 bucks for iPad version.

          • Herok♞

             I know that’s why I said its a great price but it’s not competitive in the phone market

    • Solomon_Kano

      He didn’t lie. He said wait til the countdown is up before you get upset. The hashtag was misleading, but I dunno why people expected someone who doesn’t even work at the company to be a reliable source anyway.

      • Herok♞

         you got to remember he did work on the game at some point in its development, so you would expect someone like that to be informed by one of his old partners or something like that. 

        • Solomon_Kano

          That was 4 years ago and he worked freelance, that doesn’t give him any insight into the company’s current doings. That’s like expecting someone to know what Target has on sale for Black Friday this year even though they haven’t worked for them since last spring.

          • Herok♞

             True but his friends who still work there could inform him, which is all I was saying.

          • SirRichard

            I highly doubt that, though, because if he knew only the iOS version was coming he wouldn’t have spoken up, because the countdown being just for an iOS port is exactly what people were angry about. He wasn’t lying, mate, he didn’t know, he just told people to wait for the countdown to finish before getting upset and his position as translator made people take him too seriously.

          • Solomon_Kano

            That’s certainly possible. It’s just that, being a freelance worker, he may not even have any ties to anybody at Squenix. A lot of freelance work is done long-distance with minimal contact, but it’s clear from people’s reaction to his “hint” that many don’t know that.

  • Gigan22

    I love how some people think the entire internet is upset over this remake. Nothing like living in their own little worlds huh? The ONLY people who are upset by this are current TWEWY fans. Which they may or may not have a right to be. I personally don’t think so. However, if more people become aware of and in turn like TWEWY, how is this a bad thing? More fans = more money = more TWEWY games(if one isn’t in the works already, which we can’t be sure).

    There ARE people out there who never bought a DS. *raises hand* There are also people out there who wanted to play TWEWY but couldn’t and wasn’t going to buy a DS(though I’m sure this number is small). *raises hand again* So I for one am ecstatic about this release because I can finally play the game(or at least a remade version of it) that I’ve always had an interest in.

    I’d ask that you don’t make generalizations about how worthless something is based on your own opinion. But who am I kidding, this is the internet we’re talking about.

    • SantiagodelosSantos

      Seriously, check the game out. It’s pretty great. Not sure how good the iOS version is though. 

    • seraphinw1

      “The ONLY people who are upset by this are current TWEWY fans.”

      Considering that this a TWEWY related release, that’s a pretty big problem.

      “So I for one am ecstatic about this release because I can finally play
      the game(or at least a remade version of it) that I’ve always had an
      interest in.”

      Just keep in mind that this version heavily compromises a big part of what made people like the original in the first place.

    • “There ARE people out there who never bought a DS. 
      *raises hand* ”

      I’m sorry for your loss.

    • *raises hand twice*

      Well…. mine a samsung phone….. 

  • kool_cid414

    I wouldn’t mind this if not for two things. 1. Don’t have an Ipod/Ipad nor have any intention of getting one. 2.  A big appeal of the original was the double battle system causing you to have to pay attention to both the top and bottom screens. While frantic at first it was the most interesting of battle mechanics I’ve ever seen. Also it helped me learn to do more than one thing at a time lol.

  • SLick123456789111

    Square Enix is going the WWE route & locking the comment & rating sections on their videos now ?

    • The comments section is always disabled.
      As for the likes, given the bad reception it got from the old fans it would be bad for their image to make it public to the new fans so just for this trailer it got deactivated.

      • SLick123456789111

        I see.

  • AFatHouseCat

    I don’t think people are so upset because they feel “entitled” to new games, or sequels, just kind of, mislead. Squeenix likes to talk things up real big, but lately they haven’t been delivering on their own hype. That’s not the fan’s fault, that’s the companies’.
    At one point when Squeenix did a countdown, or teased a press release to the fans, it was for legit new games. Now 9 out of 10 times it’s just re-release or port of an old game that fans have already have spent money on once, so you can’t blame people for being upset when their support is rewarded by the company asking them to re-support the same game over and over again.
    Fans are always going to be pocketbooks and money signs to the company, because they ARE a company, but to keep people fans OF a company, it’s important to try to keep that fact as far from the fan’s mind as possible.

    tl;dr obvious grabs for money need to be interspursed with new games the fans ask for or fans feel like JUST pocketbooks for the company

    • epy

      “Fans are always going to be pocketbooks and money signs to the company,
      because they ARE a company, but to keep people fans OF a company, it’s
      important to try to keep that fact as far from the fan’s mind as

      Very well put.

  • Paul Murphy

    I was just given an ipad so this is quite convenient. However, I’m not sure how i feel about this…..

    Based on infinity blade and all the other games i have tried to far , i feel like my finger will probably get in the way all the time. And those battles got HARD towards the end. Another thing is since the iphone/ipad have only 1 screen i wonder how the battles will actually work, i imagine they have to just encourage you to play it vertical and split it down the middle.

    Hope it does well though, doubt we will get a sequel otherwise…

  • Lazulis

    Um…I’ll just stick to the DS version. I don’t have any iOS devices, and…I’m not really liking the remixed tracks that much.

    Though I’m wondering how many will buy the iOS version. It’s $18…for the iPhone version. $20 for iPad doesn’t sound so bad because the graphics would be way better on the iPad, but…hm. I wouldn’t spend $18 on a phone game….

  • SeventhEvening

    Ugh….18 dollars? Final Fantasy Dimensions is 32 dollars? Square Enix doesn’t have a good hold on pricing for mobile phone games yet. I’d totally buy this remake, but definitely not for 18 dollars. I won’t pay that much for anything that runs on my phone.

  • “Listen up, Phones. The world ends with you.
    If you want to enjoy life, expand your world. You gotta push your horizons out as far as they’ll go.”

    — Sanae Hanekoma

    Mr H. said it best. And this applies to all of you. Broaden up your horizons. So a game is released for a system you don’t have…what’s the problem with that? Don’t get it. Chances are you already played the original on the DS, so you didn’t miss out on this. Let others have their chance to play it now.

    Or would it be better if this franchise was simply burried and forgotten, never to be picked up again?

    • I’d rather Square Enix stop supporting a platform that’s not built for games, but whatever.

      • While I don’t think the iOS systems are ideal for gaming myself, I find myself having fun and spending some quality time with some of the games on those systems. I’ve said it before and will say it again, Chaos Rings II, a game quickly disregarded by many as a “smartphone game” can easily bag most HD jrpgs released this gen.

        I used to think juuuuuuuust like that before I gave iOS gaming a try. And while I still think they’re on their own league and won’t compare to handhelds, I don’t think they’re child’s play no more. There are some great games on iOS systems.

        • I can agree with this view. I’m pretty anti-IOS gaming myself, but have warmed up to it after trying games that only exist on the platform (Infinity Blade). It’s not a terrible method of gaming and does have its benefits. It’s just not the equivalent to handheld gaming that the media is trying to make it out to be.

      • Third paragraph. Read it well.

    • MCoelho

       The problem itself was the hype made by the countdown website, everyone thought it would be a sequel, then everyone’s hopes got destroyed, thus leading to hate.

      TWEWY’s characters in KH3D, this port, it could all lead to a sequel in the future, but it would be best to announce this port without getting the fanbase’s hope up.

      •  I can totally sympathize, since I was in a way let down myself (I’d prefer a 3DS version for all it’s worth, or a sequel!). But I’m just trying to look at things in a different way, instead of grabbing my pitchfork and going all like “KILL SE”.

        Square Enix has made terrible things in the past, as many other gaming companies have. This is not, in my opinion, a terrible thing for them to have done. They hyped up their game as they hyped up many games before, either made or simply published by them with countdowns. It’s a common pratice among japanese developers/publishers (heck, I recall websites counting down to OTHER countdowns. Countdownception?)

        Ultimately (and again, allow me to reiterate, while I sympathize), it’s our fault for believing what we wanted to believe. I personally have a hard time believing SE purposely got the website online with the countdown to get fans to believe we were getting a sequel only to announce a iOS port in the last minute.

        The sooner we all realize this is not the end of the world (pun semi-intended), the faster we’ll all get back to our lives. Now, TGS might hold some surprises for us TWEWY fans. Or maybe it won’t, but heck, there’s always great games to look out for in that show anyway.

  • $18 looks steep for an iOS port… Especially if it’s an old game…

    • Doesn’t really matter, game still has it’s value and is probably still worth that much if not more. Hey you get new music and all…or something.

  • XFD i was right, it was still only for the iOS version

  • Playing it now on my iPhone and loving it.. the same familiar game with new smart controls and the characters u love.. Price,yes its steep but u gotta remember the day u bought it day 1 for the ds.. i decided to support it to show that I’m a dedicated TWEWY fan.. For players new and old to this its a must try… its been 5 years.. it deserves a good revisit. Loving the new music too.. 18 dollars is a small price to pay for hours of fun :D

    • Man wish it was on android so I can play it on my tablet and say to my friends, “YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH TWEWY ON A 7′ SCREEN”. I could always buy it for my iphone but man game drains the battery quick! from when I played chaos ring 2 which I played to DEATH.

  • sd28

    at  the moment the people telling people not to vent and that there spoiled etc is more annoying than the former group

  • WingsOfEternity

    aaaand the mysteries of Sho Minamimoto’s life, Angels, the Higher Plane, Shiki’s REAL face (not the stupid one that’s been floating around the internet since the games release)will remain unsolved.


    • Brandonmkii

      Because an IOS port of the first game 100% proves a sequel will never happen.

      • WingsOfEternity

         I’m not saying it won’t happen, but I doubt it will come anytime soon.

  • natchu96
    • Herok♞

       its just linked to your computer’s internal clock. thats why you still have the countdown.

  • doemaaan

    the only aspect of this port i find neat is that both characters are on the same screen now. that’s it. it’s definitely not enough for me to re-purchase this game for my iphone. hell no… i mean, will the controls even work as well??? *sigh*, idc.

    this is clearly intended for people who haven’t experienced twewy yet. what pissed me off is that this whole event was blown out of proportion. through the media and fans (myself included), but how can i possibly feel guilty about that?? it was only natural to expect something like a sequel from the COUNTDOWN website. wtf.. SE has seriously been on my bad side for the past couple of years (for several reasons). if versus xiii doesn’t live up to all that crap they spout it sports, i’m done with that company for good.

    it always comes back to v13 with me…

  • FFmax

    Oh wow! People get your pitchforks ready! 

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    We wanted a 
    sequel but got a Remix hmmm hype killed 

    • Iris Miracle

      Yup, I stayed up to midnight at 12 (in my country) just to check the website and NO SEQUEL!  

  • Zurashii

    Oh, Joshua played the port and has something to say about it…

    “That was a nice distraction.”

  • Xekyo

    I don’t really care if it’s just a remix.  I’m still definitely downloading this.  Thank you. :D

  • Glad I hide in the storm shelter for the night lol.
    Guys, its not the end of the world…. Would YOU prefer it to end up lost in the mists of time??? IMO this is a good way to “warm up” the franchise and this *might* means a sequel/spin-off is coming for the future.

    Also, listen to Mr H advice.

  • After watching the trailer and reading the information on the link included in the article, I can say that I am definitely interested in this version of my favorite game of all time. While I too was disappointed by the fact that it was an IOS port/remake, I can now say that there’s enough new content and new ideas being incorporated to get me to double dip (possibly triple dip if they release an Android version).

    Hopefully if enough support gets out there for this version, Square will get to work on a sequel. That would be awesome. 

    Edit: It really sucks that I do not own an iPhone 4 or 4S, or an iPad as the game only works on those platforms. Why Square? Why? Now I’m really hoping for an Android release.

  • Steven Green

    F***!!! 2 characters in a SAME SCREEN!!!

  • Go2hell66

    lol kind of dissapointing

    but i guess i’ll still pick it up, it is still one of my favourite games after
    all and this port could be interesting

    i’ve got a feeling there’s still a sequel in the works though, this could just be a way for SE to gauge interest before revealing the big news :D

  • Ricardo C

    Turns out you can cross play (or whatever it’s called). You can use your DS version to play Tin Pin Slammer with people who have the iOS version. Very awesome I should say. It brings older fans and new ones close together :)

    • PoweredByHentai

      Really?  O_O

      That is kind of awesome.

    • proof or doesn’t exist.

      • Ricardo C

        Easy, go to the English website and go to “What’s New” and it’s there.

        • I asked you to give me proof not make me find proof! (excuse for being lazy)

  • Some1onearth

    Bleh….sigh, was really hoping for some 3DS action, oh well Squeenix, till next time.

  • Well I would like to play this on my iPhone but mine is a 3GS and it only supports iphone 4 or later….What a bummer! D:

  • Andres Pena

    i find it funny that they disabled the rating thing on youtube  on the count that there was soo many dislikes on the video 

  • Just got it for both iPhone and iPad.
    I don’t have enough TWEWY in my life, ok? :'(

  • Kamakuma

    I don’t have an iphone or ipad so guess I’m out luck here. v…v
    Guess I’ll wait for a hopeful android release… v..v

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