Nintendo 3DS Medabots Game Comes Out In September

By Spencer . August 29, 2012 . 4:14am

imageRocket Company has a new Medabots game for Nintendo 3DS. Two of them actually! Medabots 7: Kabuto Version and Medabots 7: Kuwagata Version are slated for release on September 13.


Medabots 7 has over 700 different Medabots, tons of parts you can customize, and an online enabled battle mode.


Back at E3, Natsume said they were checking Siliconera to gauge interest in Medabots so if you’re interested comment here and/or ping them on Twitter.


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  • Anna Scruton

    I’d buy a copy of both games. I’m a huge closet Medabots fan.

  • Jerome Doyle

    i’m pumped! :)

  • riceisnice

    Medabots was my favorite childhood show. It was so funny.

  • Gauging interest? You certainly have mine. 

  • Spencer Davis

     I would love to have these games haven’t played one since the gba so it would be nice to get my hands on theses jewels

  • Nanashi Kinohara

    don’t have twitter, but sure I’ll support if they announced overseas vesion

  • Victoria [Rokuso3]

    I’m really interested in this!! We haven’t had a Medabots game since the great Medabots RPG for GBA, so I’d be sold instantly. Over 700 medabots!! Amazing!

  • I am very interested in both versions of this game. It was a shame the DS games were never brought over.

  • darkonezero

    I would snag a 3DS if these came out in English, it’s been way too long since the GBA Medabots.

  • Of course I´m interested, just wondering if there will be an English release.

  • I’d love the see these games here *__*

  • Tommy Lee

    I’m interested.

  • Cornkneeleeus Chesseburger

    I want it.

  • erratrus

     I would love to see a Medabots game, I loved the GBA versions.

  • WANT! Nay… NEEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!

  • SirRichard

    “Back at E3, Natsume said they were checking Siliconera to gauge interest in Medabots so if you’re interested comment here and/or ping them on Twitter.”

    Hey Namco: INTEREST

    I sincerely miss this series, both the show and the games. It looks like a fun little RPG with a lot of customisation, and I love me my customisation.

  • Margaret Chan

    Loved Medabots. I’d actually need to save my soon-to-be-arriving paychecks to buy that 3DS if it happened.

  • Wife and I would buy both copies.

  • Wife and I would buy both copies.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Haven’t seen anything about medabots in awhile this caught my eye.

  • ThatAzure

    I’m interested!! I’d buy both copies!

  • Repede91

    I’d love to see this in my native tongue!

  • I’ll take it.

  • Brian


    • Exkaiser

       Namco? You mean Natsume?

      • Brian

        Fail :P sorry I am still thinking of project X zone so many games that mostly likely won’t come stateside

  • Syn

    Medabots are AWESOME, would get a 3DS just for the game, and then buy both copies. Also, would be great if they would include RedRun, my favorite medabot ever.

  • Captain_Jiruo

    I remember I had a Medabots game on GBA and I loved it. I would definitely buy this.

  • Exkaiser

    I’m a huge Medarot fan. I’d buy three copies!

  • DarkWaterClone

    Well this is cool news that Natsume wants to bring out Medabots. I never thought this game would come out of Japan. So to hear it has a chance is Awesome. So Natsume if you bring this out I will buy it.

  • corey peters

    please bring this to the usa(i’ll buy both copies)

  • It would be so awesome to play this game and if it is localized, I would definitely buy it XD

  • Strain42


    I would be THRILLED to get a new MedaBots game! I still play the GBA one.

  • Historiata

    I’ll vouch for my brother and say he’s terribly interested. Mecha stuff is sparse here in the west, and by some fortune we also picked up the first season of Medabots and loved the hell out of it. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Gundam series, and Code Geass are good, but without understanding of Japanese, we’re missing out on the fun of interactive robot customization! There might be problems getting 3DS’s for it, but we can deal with it! Please, bring the game over!

    More Medabots, more power!

  • count me in nyan~

  • Leon_Tekashi

    I haven’t played Medebots in years. (Well, only the AX games.) If these two games do get localized, I would buy them.

  • Steven Boivin

    Never had the chance to give a Medabot game a chance. If this is coming over here, I’ll finally have a chance to do so. 

  • Bring this game over to both NTSC and PAL regions, please! I would happily both versions.

    Also, I would love to see the GBA games coming back as a GBA classic on the Nintendo eShop. Nintendo would see more sales of the 3DS (XL) as well.

  • Andrea B. A.

     I want this, I have loved Metabots since I was a kid, I loved that anime, rewatched it again, it is still good!

  • ME-DAH-BOTS! I have the GBA games and would love to try a mainline game!

  • ME-DAH-BOTS! I have played the GBA games and would love to try a mainline game!

  • Hew Weng Xin


  • kool_cid414

    i know both me and my brother would love to have this game.

  • European version? I’d be all over that.

  • tokotamer

    Please Natsume, please! People want these games!

  • Wait a sec, Medabots is still going on? I have like a VHS of a couple episodes from when I was a kid.

    Heck, I’d buy it.

  • Rohan Viajar

    OMG!!!! MEDABOTS!!!
    I loved that show :O

  • This series still exists?  How about that.  Surprised (pleasantly) that it still holds any cache.

  • Ziko577

    It’d be nice since we didn’t get the DS games. My brother played the Kabuto version for the DS and he said it’s ok. I may play the Kuwagata version of it when I get more time. Besides, from what I’ve seen these games are a huge improvement over the older games. I’d like to see them here.

  • Patrick McShurley

    North American release please!

  • PersonaSpace

    I’d definitely play this if it came out in the US.

  • I spent more time on my copy of Medabots (Kabuto Version) for GBA than any other game. Ive spent more than 10000 hours on it. Throw me a bone, and prove that Medabots has the power I know it does.

  • Saintdante

     Wow…. if this makes it out over here I’m definitely going to buy a 3DS.

  • I remember playing the GBA one, epic times. :’)
    I’d totally buy this (even though I don’t own a 3DS yet) and convince my friends to buy some for them as well (like I did after giving Trails in the Sky a try)~ ^^
    A shame I don’t have thousands of friends because my skill for convincing them is impressive, nufufu.~ :P

  • Syde Tokai

    MEDABOTTTTSSSSS! man i loved the anime series and the GBA games. Please give me another reason to keep my 3ds.

  • Gohobojoe

    I do believe this is necessary. 

  • GaiunxWolfenX

    PLEASE NATSUME WE WANT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MEDABOOOOTS A ROBOBATALLAAAAAAR! (i loved the series XD and the games were pretty fun too)

  • Zeether

    Natsume, PLEASE do this. I would love to play this, I remember Medabots vaguely and it was pretty cool.

  • Code

    Hooray online battle mode owo~! I’m really hoping it does well, to help ignite some interest in series again u3u; But even more so it’d be awesome if it got localized, especially since there isn’t that many games that quiet fall into this genre yet on the 3DS, seems like a good opportunity uwu;

  • ign0z

    I’d give it a try if it were localized. I might even buy both versions if the game is good enough… (Not promising anything though)

  • Vidyafan12

    Commenting for the first time on Siliconera out of my desire to play the crap out of Medabots.

    3DS needs more localization love.

  • Will Jay

    I will buy two copies of this if it’s localized. I already plan to import Kuwagata next month, but if it’s localized I’ll buy both versions just to support a series I love, just like I did the Mega Man Battle Network games.

  • Christien Munnerlyn

    Hoping this gets localized.

  • If you brought over both games I would get them with out a doubt. I enjoyed the GBA versions when I played them. What i’ve seen of Medabots 7 looks good so far. 

  • Um pistoleiro chamado VOCÊ

    I’m commenting for the first time here just to say how much I want to play this game.Please Natsume, PLEASE! Localize it! ò_ó


  • JusticeRider

    Medabots please! Me and my two friends will buy it for sure! 

    We’re over 20 now but we grew up with the series and are still big fans. And this installment looks really fun. 

  • Gnerdus

    Please localize this game.

  • Would buy if it was localized.

  • Michael Cruz

    I’ve never commented on siliconera before but am willing to for the sake of saying PLEASE LOCALIZE THIS GAME NATSUME. I’ve loved you guys since the N64/PS1 Harvest Moon days and I’d LOVE to play this on 3DS. Definite buy if localized.

  • Yo, Natsume go get your friends and localize Medarot 7! I’ll be there day 1!

  • Never commented on this site before but a friend linked me here. I would love it if they localized Metabots 7 in North America. I’d buy a copy for sure. Please do it Natsume!

  • Medabots 7 for North America!

  • Medabots 7 for North America!

  • Medabots was one of those shows I grew up on back on Fox Kids. Of course localizing this game could cause a massive wave of Nostalgia bombs for the US young adults that watched the show a decade ago. Could also reach a new generation of players. So YES PLEASE to a localization. Like Pokemon, I’ll buy both versions!

  • Marco Bochatay

    I’d like to play Medarot in English, and to see the game at least in NA. Please Natsume, bring it over, please!

  • chris coleman

    we need to get this in the us

  • Ben Sylvia

    Yes! Please?

    I haven’t played a Medabots game since 2 on the GBA.

    700 bots sounds really awesome!

  • Let’s get some Medabots in the US! Do it, Natsume!

  • 700 customizable bots AND an Online mode?
    I’ve been waiting for something like this ever since I played ZX back on the GBA

  •  700 customizable bots AND an Online mode?
    Give us some Medabot love!

  • Yeah! I’d totally get this as a NA release. I’ve always loved Medabots!

  • Please Natsume, localize this! Me and my friends are definitely going to get this day 1!

  • Would buy this so hard.

  • AceWildCard

    Natsume, This sounds awesome :D! Another great Reason to own a 3ds, I would definitely pre-order :)

  • Please don’t make me have to learn Japanese to play this! I’ve been waiting for new MEDABOTS for years! Make an English port a reality please!

  • Matt Nordby

    I don’t even really care, but I want this game localized so Takao would shut up about it.

  • I remember (albeit vaguely) the show. It was really fun to watch and I would definitely be interested in seeing this game come to North America.

    • Elvick

      I loved the show from what I saw as a kid. Love it even more now. Bought the first season on DVD. Shame the second season wasn’t released by the same company (the volumes released by another company are too expensive to track down).

      Metabots was so boss. When I see that new Level-5 series I think of Metabots, same thing with some new anime that FUNimation’s got the rights of that I can’t think of since I’ve never watched it.

  • hanggrenade

    Yo straight up, I’d preorder it if they decide to bring it over. I loved the show, Im down for any game on the 3ds that isn’t casual shovelware.

  • Takao this is all for you <3

    Natsume, localize this game for Takao and me.

  • Wow, Medabots in english 10 years later? I must be dreaming!

  • I would buy this game if it was released in NA

  • Herok♞


  • Josh (aka Kurono)

    We Want Medabots! We Want Medabots! We Want Medabots!

  • Want this. More Medabots=more power, if I remember correctly.

  • LexKitteh

    Ive always loved Medabots, and have hated missing out on so many of the games. Please localize this, at least as a downloadable eShop title!! Day one for me! :D

  • onilink888

    Would buy. Anything for a little more mecha in my life. :D

  • Robert Hendrie

    I want this! Please let this happen!

  • “Alright, then it’s agreed! Medabots… ROBATTLE!”

    I adored the show but never got to play any of the games, if this were localised I’d never put it down, the premise is fantastic!

    • omeganeko

      Yeah it seemed really hard to find the games. I only ever found the game boy advance game.

      • And that’s a shame since I’d imagine if a Medabots game was done well it’d be a lot of fun… I sent a tweet to Natsume Inc saying that although some messages fall on deaf ears I was also hoping for Medabots 7, and they sent back “I have a very pretty spreadsheet that would like you to know whoever told you that is cynical.” – 
        Can’t tell if serious! 

        • omeganeko

          lol Hopefully the message is some sort of sign that localization is in the works…hopefully. Anyway fingers crossed.

  • seraphinw1

    Yes! Please! More RPGs need to be localized, I would so buy this game, Natsume!

  • bassgs435

    I would buy a 3DS only to play this game , which I’d buy ASAP if it was localized 

  • Fire

    I’d buy like 5 copies if they released it over here.

  • Bigabu Beaze


  • Localize this so I can find out if the series is as fun as Takao makes it out to be.

  • i’d buy it

  • Fraepnir

    I be interested.

  • Christopher Nunes

    I’m interested! I miss Customizable Mech games, and I would love to get this!

  • Aathan Nallen

    Plz do it I’m a huge medabot fan

  • Quiteoffgreen

    Really? Sillconera has the end depository for research into any interest on this? Okay I’ll bite. I have the utmost interest in this.  

  • BromanDuck

    I would love this to be localized so much. I’m a big fan of the series :D

  • I’d definitely be interested in playing this. Do it Natsume! Medafoooorrrrcccceeee!

  • Retro64

    I’d just like to state I have never commented on Siliconera before. This is my first time just for this. I even made a disqus account just to post this.
    PLEASE localize Medabots 7! There’s plenty of interest over here in the states! I’d preorder both copies! Probably even get 2 copies of each version! I’m not kidding, I desperately miss medabots and want to play this so bad!!

  • kay tee-o

    If this game was localized it’d be the ONLY reason I’d adquire a N3DS, which is to say the first gaming console in my whole life. Please, let Medarot come to life to the West once again.

  • Robert Tennant

    God yes, please localise this game for North America.

  • Manuel C

    If this game was localized, it would help my decision to buy a 3DS 

  • yeah, me too, if this games are localized i would totally buy a 3DS, medabots games, all of them should be dubbed in some way, even the gameboy old version

  •  I want all of this! Medabots will never stop being amazing.

  • I would like to play this as well. I’ve seen the demo videos and the gameplay already looks SMOOTH as hell. Its like it took the best from both the GBA and DS medabots games. The battle pace has improved and is more like the GBA’s battle pace, perhaps faster whereas the graphics are reminiscent of the DS but way better of course since its the 3DS.

    Overall, PLEASE bring this over Natsume! I have yet to get a 3DS but I would definitely get one just to play this game! My original plan was to get a 3DS for either Megaman Legends 3 or Medabots but since Megaman Legends 3 was canceled….Medabots is my only hope now.

  • Thiago Souza

    This game MUST be localized!

  • puchinri

    Good news all around~. Even though Natsume has also done some silly localizing work, I appreciate what they do and feel their localization is improving a lot, and Medabots might find a good home with them.

    Would it also count to pop in on their forums and make mention? Or specifically here and their twitter?

  • Eddy Meivogel

    Make a english version many people loved the medabots game on the gba.D:

  • Good god yes, we really need to bring an awesome game over (just recently replayed the gba game), and just mech games in general are scarce nowadays so it’s sad to see one not get localized.

  • I’d definitely buy one of the versions if the game gets localized.

  • Do Want

  • Nope Nope

    Gib me moar Medabots, please.

  • Michael Hale II


  • Do Want Moar Medabots!!!!

  • I would buy a 3DS just to play this

  • This would be my reason to get a 3DS. Make it happen, Natsume!

  • PLEASE natsume bring this game to europe there are a big fan community and the cards too PLEASE 

  • I really want this title in English for sale in Brazil. Natsume, please, I’m a fan of Harvest Moon titles and Medabots! Make it happen!

    From Fortaleza/Ceará/Brazil

  • Please make an English version of this game!! Can’t wait to play the Rokusho version!

  • Do want, SO MUCH. 

  • i want it to come to europe very badly. still replaying the advance games and still like it.

  • I BEG!!!

  • Bryce Ward

    Rune Factory 4 FIRST! Then you can localize this.

    • Rune Factory’s already going to get localized though. That’s a safe bet, this isn’t.

  • ml.joyce

    I really want this game ill buy both copies! there are still fans in Canada <3 

  • There are many many fans here in America. We want both versions! If I could get both versions here in america, I would buy them both!!

  • TheNuz

    I love Medabots, i hope this will be localized in Américas and  comes to Chile. Would buy both versions

  • fdghdbsgjhdfsbghj I want this to come to the United States so bad! I love Medabots and look at those graphics! 

  • william wilson

    bring it ti the us metabots is huge in ny 

  • marlousvanderbraak

    I would reallly love it if medabots camo on the 3DS <3  I even have made some Medabots papercrafts

  • Brandon Ramirez

    why do you do this you know alot of people want medabots in us  but dont bring it here knowing youll be filithy rich, i would buy both versions in a heartbeat so come the fuck on bring it on over here lol!!!!!


  • Elvick

    I want this game. I will throw money at them now if they need proof. Have been watching the series recently and it got me really craving a *new* game in the series.

    What must I do to make this happen?

    Oh and I would definitely buy both versions, day 1.

  • JonathanisPrimus

    Oh man, I think we lost some posts on the transition to the new posting system. : /

  • Shoryia

    I will seriously buy both copies and tell everyone I know who loves this show as much as I do about it. Get this game out of Japan!!

  • plzzz localizeeee must have this in the us

  • Brandon Ramirez

    natsume you cant ignore this amount of people encouraging you to release these goods, please take medabot fans into consideration and localize medabots 7,thank you.

  • Please bring Medabots 7 to America!

  • Please bring Medabots 7 to America!

  • More Medabots, more power!

  • Brandon Ramirez

    natsume we believe in you make all these fans happy and your pockets will be filled with more than you know what to do with!!!

  • Would be amazing to play a new Medabots game. I loved the TV show and games as a kid. Please Natsume, do it for us fans =]

  • neoxdonut

    I loved playing the GBA Medabots game back when I was in elementary school and I’d love to play the 3DS game if it were released in North America!

  • Chris

    My friends and I would prefer to even get both copies of the version. I’ve never cared so much about a game being localized to english till now. I’ve made an account to share this strong opinion about the game.

    Many people still love Medabots so much out in the west! Please, Natsume!

  • Chris

    My friends and I would prefer to even get both copies of the version. I’ve never cared so much about a game being localized to english till now. I’ve made an account to share this strong opinion about the game.

    Many people still love Medabots so much out in the west! Please, Natsume!

  • I would buy both copies on release day. PLEASE come out with this. I thought I wanted Medarot DS to be localized, but I want this localized at least 10x as much!

  • If you could bring this to the EU, it’d be a dream come true!

  • Even just an eshop release would be awesome

  • I’d pre-order anything Medabot related that comes to the west.

  • Dragnock

    Meta…bots…. I MUST HAZ IT!!!!!!!

  • I will Buy a 3DS just to get this game i have always wanted a Medabots Game but by the time i was old enough to Buy the Systems the Franchise had virtually left the US :( I am dying for an English Release

  • We need this game in the America,please Natsume!!!!!

  • Come on Natsume we need Medabots out side of Japan like in the old days. I’ve probably played all of my GBA versions and Medabots infinity version from beginning to end a combined total of at least 100 times. I’d buy 3 of each in one go if ya’ll will localize them. So in the words of Mr. Referee; Medabots Robattle.

  • Kinzuko

    the anime is kinda bla… but the concept is cool! robots fighting each other for the choice parts from the other robot! so cool i would especially like it if i could start out with my own custom bot and work for other parst and change the color sceeme and buy parts at shops… i want like an open world like pokemon but a combat system like the naruto clash of ninja games… or mech warrior…. actually a combination of those 2… that would make since and would work for the ds system very well. R and L to dodge around the field, X to switch primary weapons and Y to switch secondary weapons, B fire primary A fire secondary, up to jump down to crouch/block. also it would be nice if i wasent playing as a kid…. I HATE PLAYING AS KIDS IN ANIME GAMES D:<

  • C. LeBeau


  • Jon Roberts

    plz i want this game

  • CommanderDaz

    holy sh*t yeah!!! Please Natsume we beg you!!! :3

  • pat

    please localize this game for the West, this game looks great and I love the Metabots series

  • Raiogam Mestri

    Hey guys, I’m a huge Medabots fan and was wondering if it was possible for Ghostlight to pick up Medarot 7 on 3DS. You have experience working with Rocket Company, the publisher behind the game, as your release of Crash City Mayhem demonstrates. Medabots fans the world over have been campaigning for the game’s English release for a long time, and we hope you guys can help us! A localization for the UK would almost certainly solidify a release for other English speaking markets.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Shea L

    I will literally go by a 3DS the moment I hear this game is coming to the US. PLEASE.

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