Heavenly Sword’s Nariko Signs Up For PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

By Ishaan . August 30, 2012 . 3:20pm

Heavenly Sword’s Nariko and MediEvil’s Daniel Fortesque have been confirmed as playable characters in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. The two characters were revealed in a video shared by GameSpot that was subsequently taken down, but fan site, PlayStation All-Stars Arena, managed to get ahold of it. Watch it below:



PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will be released in November for the PlayStation 3 and Vita. This week, Sony also confirmed Metal Gear Solid’s Raiden as a playable character in the game.

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  • SantiagodelosSantos

    I do like the character but…the art style of this game…it’s not very good

    • Fr33Kingdom

      It really seems to depend on the stage. They get some to work better than others but there is room for improvement in that area. 

      • SantiagodelosSantos

        That just makes the game look inconsistent then :/ 
        The game looks fun (it’s smash, smash is always fun) but with the added horsepower they could have made something that had better aesthetics than the wii game. I can’t put my finger on it but the game just doesn’t look right, visually at least

        • Carlos Escalante

          I get what you are saying. I believe, they should’ve tried to develop a more cohesive art style, everything is good separately but not togther. Nintendo has it easier since most characters are cartoony or japanese styled, but this game is heavily mixed. Maybe Japan studies could give them a hand.

          • Fr33Kingdom

            They really should have just gone for a comic book aesthetic and add panel cut scenes and make everyone comic book shaded….Why? Because it would look cool….. 

          • Carlos Escalante

            Hmmm I’m not sure “comic” would be the best style, but I would’ve made slight design alterations to everyone so they would look a bit more cohesive. It looks the the character models were extracted from each of the games and were just thrown in together.

          • SantiagodelosSantos

            Yep, this is probably it. Although mario and (lets say) samus look very different they do seem to fit together, at least in smash bros. Seeing drake and fat princess together doesn’t mesh as well, that plus the dull artstyle makes for an odd looking package. Like “…………” said, a more extreme art stlye would set it apart more. Cell-shading or comic book like visuals (think MVC3) would probably allow the different characters to fit toghether. Also, some character models look like they need some work. Daniel looks fairly polished and good while Nariko and Raiden look fairly bad compared to their ps3 game counterparts. 

        • Fr33Kingdom

          Honestly some stages still really work. The patapon/hades stage works really well but a stage like the dojo just doesn’t mesh well with dante, kratos and nathan drake. 

  • MrRobbyM

    Oh. This is exactly who I had in mind…yeaaah.

  • SirRichard


    Seems like he’s the game’s Bowser, almost, except he has a lot more range to his attacks. That broadsword’s long enough to hit two people close together at once, maybe even three. Definitely going to try him first if I can.

  • Cephrien

    Now THOSE were some good choices right there.

  • still waiting for Final Fantasy characters.

    • Unknown

      TheMink on NeoGaf said his source denied that there where any final fantasy characters in the game.

      Let’s hope its not true

      • BadenBadenPrinny

         They’ll probably just drop in lightning since since lol advertising

  • SoulEmbrace2010

    Nariko from Heavenly Sword in All Stars?! 


  • Nickie

    So they can add her to this but not make a sequel? Sad panda here. T^T

    • Solomon_Kano

      Not really getting you here. If they made a sequel and she wasn’t in this, would you ask the reverse?
      There was concept art from a planned sequel, so maybe it might actually happen some day.

      • Nickie

        Would I ask the reverse? Honestly, no, because I have no inclination of picking this up. Heavenly Sword 2, now that, yes, yes I would pick up.

        With the release of the concept art, I highly doubt they will make one because they wouldn’t release any until they are further in development.  Plus if you read the wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heavenly_Sword#Possible_sequel I just don’t see it happening.

        • Solomon_Kano

          As I said, maybe it might happen some day. Stranger things have happened. Even Peonic said it’s not impossible, just unlikely.

  • Well now that we finally have scene the entire (leaked) roster, maybe we’ll be able to hear about the contents, modes, maybe a story? I would like to see Kevin Butler host a tournament and sends invitations to several PS characters and a few guests.

    If Crash Bandicoot gets into the game, he should be first on the cover since Crash is like Playstation version of Mario.

    • They said other characters would be shown at TGS though.

  • Palmer Nyako

    Always wanted to play heavenly sword, need a ps3 qqq.

  • Laharl

    If this footnote in Sony history makes it in over Kazuma Kiyru…

    EDIT: I don’t mean Dan, he’s totally cool

    • kupomogli

       Kazuma Kiryu!!  ^_^

  • AndyFe

     Wow that shut me up Earlier today on the PlayStation blog I said they needed more females on the roster and there you go

  • Unknown

    Needs more Cloud!

    Probably not going to buy the game if he isn’t in it. FFVII is “what made the Playstation” so it would extremely retarded to have him not included.

    • Ben Sylvia

      I don’t know, I never even heard of “Final Fantasy” until I was reading my friends guide for Kingdom Hearts.

      What made it for me was the Digimon games. And Megaman Legends.

      • Fr33Kingdom

        Digimon world 1? We might be friends

        • Ben Sylvia

          Digimon World 1 was I think the second game I got for the PS1.

          God knows I sucked at it, I never made it past Toy Town? that mountain area, and one other place because I kept messing up the Digivolving requirements and getting Numemon or something.
          That’s not even getting into the strategy guide being terrible.

          But irregardless of how bad I was at it, and never getting anything better than a Greymon, I cannot say I didn’t enjoy my time playing it.

          Digimon World 2 I liked mainly because of how many Digimon you could get. I sucked at it because I could never fully figure out the stupid level up system. 3 was the one I sucked the least at, still never beat it though.

          I’m sure if I knew where the discs were I could probably stumble my way to the endings, since I’m not as dopey as I used to be back then.

          • Bentan

            digimon world 1 was the best game ever to me

    • kupomogli

      Final Fantasy didn’t make Playstation.  I’m a Final Fantasy fanboy as you can tell by my account name, or atleast I used to be before the series turned to crap. I’ve been a Final Fantasy fanboy since the NES. However, I’ve been a Playstation fanboy since purchasing the console, with an amazing amount of great games on the console. The PSX is known for the quality of RPGs on the console, but there are a massive amount of non RPGs such as Assault Rigs, Tecmo’s Deception, Omega Boost, and Colony Wars as a few examples you may or may not have heard of(I’m going for the “haven’t heard of” and these aren’t the most unknown, but they’re good uncommon games.) Armored Core is one of my favorite series, starting on the PSX in 1997. I actually quit playing Mechwarrior games after playing the first Armored Core, but that’s mainly because I abandoned PC gaming altogether and went exclusively to consoles thanks to the PSX.

      The only thing Final Fantasy 7 did was make the RPG genre noticeable since it was the first game in the genre that most people have played.  As great as the Final Fantasy games are on the PSX, there are other RPGs that are as good or better that are unknown by most of the public.  Wild ARMs may be known to an RPG addict or even, nerds/geeks/any better word you can think of, but the general RPG fanbase, your casual RPG fan, might never even have heard of the series, despite playing video games during the time of its release.

      Aside from that.  I’d really like Cloud on this game.  Sure he’s not my favorite Final Fantasy character, but he’s a favorite and one that I think would do well in this sort of game. 

      Like I said, I’m a Sony fanboy, so I’m still getting the game.  The biggest thing that bothers me is that the only third part characters that have been announced, something I’ve already mentioned before, are all on there for the sole purpose of advertising.  Big Daddy being in the game is just disgraceful.  However, I like a lot of first party characters and even like a couple of the third party characters, one despite his new emo appearance.  Also, with the cross buy feature and a preorder at Newegg for $45, it’s the best day one offer I’ve seen since I sold off the extra content in Demon’s Souls Collector’s Edition and kept only the game.

      • “The only thing Final Fantasy 7 did was make the RPG genre noticeable since it was the first game in the genre that most people have played.”

        But that’s precisely why Final Fantasy made the PlayStation, to a large extent. Other brands like Metal Gear Solid and Wipeout helped for sure, but without Final Fantasy by its side, the PlayStation brand would not have grown to what it was during the PS2 era.

        We can argue semantics all we want and point to other games we like that we subjectively feel helped make PlayStation what it was, but FF is without a doubt the most important series in the PlayStation’s legacy.

        • kupomogli

          No.  One of the most important.  Gran Turismo came out the same year as Final Fantasy 7 did and it’s the highest selling Playstation title of all time.

          If the game came out for the N64 the PSX may or may not have sold worse than it did.  Many of the first party titles on the PSX sold more than anything else on the console. 

          But we could also say that the Playstation is what made Final Fantasy 7 the game it is today.  As large as the game is and as beautiful as it is due to the prerendered graphics, as well as the FMV, that wouldn’t have been possible on the N64.  Would Final Fantasy even be where it is today if Squaresoft decided to go with Nintendo?  Final Fantasy had its fans for the NES and SNES, me included, but again, those FMV videos are what sold it to the casual fans who have never played an RPG before.

          Instead of seeing all that beautiful FMV in the advertisements that Squaresoft was plastering on every single channel, what would we have seen for the N64 version?  Graphics that look like the Final Fantasy 6 tech demo?  The same graphics that people were complaining about in battles on Wild ARMs(amazing game, which is why you shouldn’t judge based on graphics.)

          Suikoden, Wild ARMs, and Vandal Hearts are great RPGs that help define the Playstation library and are all very good games.  Among some of the best JRPGs ever developed that were “RELEASED BEFORE FF7.”  If FF6 tech demo like FF7 came out for the N64, then who knows if these titles would have flourished instead.  It’s quite possible that Suikoden 3, Wild ARMs 3, and Vandal Hearts 3 could have been released on the PSX instead without Final Fantasy stealing all the hype.

          Developers very infrequently switch consoles with their series.  Usually it stays on the console it was developed on.  So even if Final Fantasy 7 for the N64 created as many new RPG fans as it did on the PSX, don’t you think those fans would see all the RPGs that have been released on the PSX and those that would have released? 

          But let’s stop talking about RPGs for a second.  I’ve already mentioned Gran Turismo, but how about some other series on the PSX that sold well.  One of the highest selling series on the PSX was Crash Bandicoot, with Crash and Warped being two of the 10 most sold games on the PSX.  Metal Gear Solid, and even though third party, I highly doubt Kojima would have went to Nintendo for this game due to the nature of the game and the limited N64 space.

          Other games that came out before FF7 that sold very high numbers.  Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider 2, Tekken, Tekken 2, Twisted Metal, Twisted Metal 2, and Resident Evil.  FF7 came out fairly early, only a year and a half after the PSX was released, so having nine games that came out before FF7 that also sold in the millions means the console must have been doing fairly well without the game. 

          We could argue about it all day long but the fact is, we wouldn’t know and we could only use our assumptions, which yours would be just as good as mine.  Though it’s hard to overlook the facts about games sold, even though they came out before FF7 showing that the system was doing well before that game came out.

      • Unknown

        FFVII sold like 9.72 million copies on the PS1, the 2nd highest. I think he deserves a spot more then 90% of the other roster
        (especially guys like big daddy, dino, and toro), not having him in this game would be ridiculous. 

  • Valtiel Ikari

    YES!!! Sir Daniel Fortesque! this make me so happy! that I could cry manly tears! Now if whe could only get Tomba and Dart…

  • Victoria [Rokuso3]

    Well, we now have Sir Daniel Fortesque. Great!! Now, I’m looking forward to some Crash announcement. We miss you, Crash!

    • Daniel Morandi

       Crash indeed, It would be awesome.

    • Vyrus

      I don’t think Crash will be there. He’s pretty much on every current systems, and had been in many different developers and publishers hand.

  • Daniel Morandi

    Yeah more Daniels is always better.  Go for it Daniel Fortesque!!

    Now Im more happy with this game.

  • Ben Sylvia

    On the match summary, we can unlock taunts and victory music?
    And “minions”?? wut?

    Going to be honest here, doesn’t look as flashy as SSB in action.

    Still hoping for Folklore and Demon’s Souls content.

    • Fr33Kingdom

      God i need folklore content….Keats as a playable would be great but a stage that transports players through the different netherworlds would be fantastic. 

    • Never even considered Demon’s Souls.  Interesting idea.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Sir Daniel, yes! And, holy cow, another actual Playstation character? ‘Bout time you got with the program, SuperBot.

    Good to know that the leak wasn’t the full cast. That would’ve been pitiful.

    • Joom

      Sir Dan was leaked though……

      • Solomon_Kano

        And that has what to do with my excitement at his inclusion?

        • Joom

          The way you stated it was as if Sir Dan wasn’t leaked. That’s what my comment has to do with your excitement at his inclusion. Don’t be daft.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Daft? No. Him being leaked has no bearing on my excitement since we’re finally seeing him in action. It was not footage that leaked, only his presence.

  • ivanchu77

    As someone that used to play Medievil all day years ago, I´m extremelly happy that fortesque is in this game, making him one of my mains for sure.

  • It may be just me, but I don’t see all the hype for FF characters. I mean, sure, I love the series, but it’s not like; “NO CLOUD. NO BUY.”

    • Ben Sylvia

      Yeah, and besides, I’d rather have Auron or The Great Gilgamesh as playable.

    • It would still be a glaring omission.  You can’t think PS1 without thinking FF7, if not FF in general.  

  • Kuro Kairi

    Still waiting for relevant characters…

  • raymk

    Well I was waiting to see gameplay of her and dan so i’m good now. 

  • kupomogli

    Raiden has good movement and start up attacks, but his attacks come out so slow.  If he gets you in a combo and there’s not someone else to back him up.  He earns a lot of special meter.  I can see him being one of the better characters.

  • Suicunesol

    Honestly, my opinion of this game is that the characters themselves really don’t belong in this genre. Aside from the fact that the realistic models clash with the cartoony models, the characters themselves don’t originate from genres that have anything to do with platforming. Cole, Raiden, Nariko, and that skeleton knight (Daniel?) look silly jumping around like Mario. They are not in their element at all, and the development team has done little to make it look natural.

    Mario is a platformer. Kirby is a platformer. Donkey Kong is a platformer. So are Metroid, Ice Climbers, Kid Icarus, and other Nintendo IPs. Zelda had a platforming outing at one point too. For this reason, they all have a place in this type of competitive platform game. (Fox, Ness, Cptn. Falcon, and Pikachu weren’t from platformers, but HAL Labs did a pretty good job at adapting them, I think.)

    I also have to mention that when Super Smash Brothers was first made, I felt that it was not just a fighting game with Nintendo characters–it was a celebration of Nintendo’s extensive video game history. Playstation All-Stars does not give the same impression at all because of the lack of “classic” Playstation characters like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Tomba, Final Fantasy characters, and others. Instead, we have characters from a lot more contemporary games. I understand why they did that (because characters from current video games are more recognizable, and they want to popularize those) but I personally think the developer should reach further into Playstation history and choose characters not by popularity, but by the impact a character has made on Playstation’s history.

    Of course, considering how many characters come from third parties, I can’t blame the developers for not being able to get the ones they want.

    • kupomogli

      Your opinion is pretty biased.  You first talk about how all these games are platformers, but then you clearly mention characters that have never been seen in their specific game built to do stuff and you brush it off that they did it well.

      “the characters themselves don’t originate from genres that have anything
      to do with platforming. Cole, Raiden, Nariko, and that skeleton knight
      (Daniel?) look silly jumping around like Mario”

      This quote right here just makes me assume you’ve never played the games.  Infact, it makes me certain of it, as each of these games do include platforming(except for Revengence and Heavenly Sword, which I have no idea, like you I’ve never played them, but the “stylish action style of them would make me assume they atleast have jumping.)  I see nothing wrong with how any of the characters look while jumping, though.  Looks fine with me.  Except Sir Daniel, but honestly, if you’ve ever played Medievil, you’d know that he looks silly in all of his actions even on his own games.

      You might not like first party Playstation games, or may have played very few, but there are those of us who do.  Sweet Tooth is one of those characters that’s never been out of his vehicle, but Superbot has done a great job into making him a playable character. 

      Characters like Cole and Evil Cole almost have a completely different skillset if you watch the videos that’s been released of them, yet each skillset is like a perfect 2D rendition of both versions of Cole in Infamous 2.  The same could be said of Emo Dante, as it clearly looks like they make him play as Dante but in 2D. 

      I know there are Nintendo fanboys out there who feel all butt hurt that they’re not the only ones to have a Super Smash Bros style game that’s going to be good. but seriously.  It’s a game.  Oh noes.  Sony copied a Nintendo game!  Sony copies everything.  :(.  You know Monolith Soft developed Xenoblade?  What about Sony/Level 5 developed White Knight Chronicles/WKC2?  Both games are incredibly similar in world map design and gameplay, but when have you seen a Sony fanboy cry about Xenoblade being a copy?  When have you seen Sony fanboys or Microsoft fanboys cry over anything Nintendo has copied. 

      I like games on all consoles, good ones atleast, but I’m not going to cry like a girl when another company makes a game based off a design concept of one of my favorite games.  You know what I do when that happens.  I go.  |Awesome.  I loved this game.  Hopefully this one is just as good!”

      • Suicunesol

        I did indeed mention certain Nintendo characters not being from platform-style games. Those characters ended up being successfully adapted into this SSB-style genre. I don’t know–they just fit right in. Maybe they just look the part. Maybe it’s because I got used to them a long time ago. Maybe it’s my inner fanboy.

        By the way, when I say platforming I mean specifically 2D side-scrolling platforming. Not just running/jumping in a 3D world. 2D platforming has a distinct, vintage, “gamey” quality about it. And I’m simply saying Raiden, Drake, Cole etc. and other such realistic-looking characters from realistic games were never designed to fit with the gamey-ness of side-scrollers, and therefore don’t look natural in that environment to me. (Apparently they look fine to you, so I can’t go anywhere with this.)

        • Syn

          Neither do Zelda, Snake or any of the pokemon cast come from 2D platforming, you point is not really concrete and is contradictory to your entire comment, if thats the case, can you give an example of a mashup SSB type game that has the “Appropriate 2D roster” in your opinion, and dont say SSB cos that has many none 2D genre characters in it.  

    • Pang Chee Jie

      Since when did Samus, Snake, Marth and Ike blend in with the rest of the SSB cast? Also, how exactly does a character jumping look silly? Just because they jump in a 2d plane means they’re acting like mario? Also, since you said HAL Labs managed to assimilate the other non-platforming characters into the SSB game, what lead you to believe that the Playstation Allstars cast don’t fit? All of the above is apparently a matter of opinion but honestly speaking, SSB is just a guilty as PSABR is the “characters not meshing together” part.

      The full character roster hasn’t even been revealed yet so you saying that crash, spyro and FF characters are not in the game is nothing but baseless speculation. Furthermore, Superbot have clearly stated that PSABR is a celebration of the Playstation brand’s past, present and future. The odd ones out are probably Raiden, Dante, Heihachi and Big Daddy but the rest of the cast so far is nothing but a perfect representation of Playstation’s past, present and future.

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