Arc System Works Has A New Vita Game. It’s Moe-ized Mahjong

By Spencer . September 4, 2012 . 3:49am

BlazBlue developer Arc System Works has another PlayStation Vita game, but it’s not the kind of game that will get localized. Tottemo E Mahjong puts you at a mahjong table with three anime stereotypes.


Win and you can see racy images of them, but not too racy since Tottemo E Mahjong is rated CERO C (ages 15+). Arc System Works also added items that break the usual mahjong rules and promise additional heroines will be available as downloadable content. Perhaps, we’ll see some BlazBlue or Guilty Gear characters pop up here. I mean if Noel can be in a Square Enix arcade game anything is possible.


Tottemo E Mahjong is slated for release at the end of September for 1,200 yen ($15).

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  • I know some folks who will get the kick outta this lol. Maybe I should let them see this…

  • Moe Moe :)

  • i need to learn to play mahjong

    • Locklear93

      It’s fun.  It’s annoying to me that actual mahjong games almost never get released in the US, while that crappy tile matching thing people CALL mahjong does.

      • Are you aware of any good English resources to explain the game?  I’ve tried to understand it a few times but I usually just give up.  

        Seems strange to me that Go and Shogi are so much more obscure in the west but so much better explained, but then Mahjong solitare has such strong western exposure but no good explanations of the actual game.

        I guess it’s probably because of the 4 player requirement.  Makes it harder to reach “start the game!” critical mass maybe.

        • Locklear93

          The four player thing definitely hurts, but some Japanese games I’ve played had a two player variant.  It’s far from official, but it was still fun, and can convey the basics.  There is, or was, an English mahjong game on Xbox Live Arcade at one point, as an indie game.  No idea if it’s still there or not.  I ended up not converting from trial to full release because I didn’t feel it explained the game awfully well, but you could try the demo, along with a web page or something that explains the game.  In conjunction, you could probably get a feel for the basics, at least.  I’ll be honest, cobbling my knowledge together from web pages and poorly explained English implementations has really only left me understanding basics and playing poorly.

    • Anesia Hunter

       is it difficult to learn though?

      • Locklear93

        The basic concepts aren’t too difficult, but there are intricacies that are hard to pick up just by fumbling around in an unlocalized game.

      • Bentan

         its a bit like poker

  • Rol

    Since this will presumably be a Japan only download release, is there a way for international markets (in my case the US) to download this when it releases?

    • There is but it’s kind of inconvenient.  The basic route is to link your Vita to a JPN PSN account.  

      Because of the one account per Vita restriction and because memory cards are signed to an account, you will need another memory card (you could backup and restore but it’s WAY slow).

      From there you just need to reset your Vita’s firmware and set it up using your JPN PSN account.

      – Pull out your US memory card and power off the vita (power button 5seconds)

      – Turn back on in recover mode (hold Power+PS Button+R-Shoulder 5 seconds)

      – Select Restore the PS Vita System

      – Complete setup using your JPN PSN account

      – Insert new card for JPN account

      Now when you load up the store you get the Japanese store.  You’ll need a Japanese credit card or Japanese PSN Yen cards if you want to buy anything though.  Play-Asia and a few other sites have good turn around on digital card purchases (They’re usually HK based so make sure your orders are placed with HK business hours in mind if you’re looking for 24 hour turn around).

      Once you’re used to it the process takes about 15 minutes (mostly due to forcing you to watch the new-user video).  The reset also drops all your system settings, page configurations and other customizations (Wish they’d made those memory card based).

  • Karin Shita

    Mahjong? Are they gonna put Litchi in there? XD

  • Bentan

    the tiles of fate are turning, ron one action!

  • Historiata

     Excuse me as I put my Mahjong face on.

  • brian yep

    I could actually see this getting localized, probably (yeah, probably) digitally since Aksys does release quite a few (mostly sports) Arc-Sys games digitally.
    I doubt this would be much of a stretch because they do seem to take risks with games, and mahjong is a pretty big risk but then it has cutesy anime girls.

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