Bravely Default Has A Town You Can Rebuild With The Power Of Streetpass

By Spencer . September 6, 2012 . 9:07pm

bdef10Jump has new details about Bravely Default: Flying Fairy and a new town called Norende. This town is in ruins, but you can revive it using the 3DS’ wireless communication features. You can add villagers through StreetPass and SpotPass.


Square Enix will release the final Bravely Default demo soon. Players can transfer data from the demo into the retail game. Another demo will be shown at Tokyo Game Show and will support StreetPass. I suppose people who download the next Bravely Default demo and visit TGS will be able to transfer that StreetPass into the retail game.


Bravely Default: Flying Fairy is slated for release on October 11 in Japan.

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  • Herok♞

    Now that is a Ingenious way to use Streetpass, I wish more games would do something really cool like this.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Actually some game like Shinobi does implement the Street Pass there.^_^ It allow us to get a extra stage(which is hell difficult there.T_T) for free rather than asking you to fork your play coins.^_^

      •  Thats spot pass derp

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          It is Street Pass lol. YOu need to pass by player with the same game there. Spot Pass is activated even when you just left the game open in  a place near internet.

  • I really hope it does well so it can get localized =)

  • Niermyico

    I like this idea, it makes Streetpass something worthwhile, I can already feel an anticipation to take part off and be active with. Looking forward to this!

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Oh man that sucks. I don’t use streetpass at all since I keep my 3DS at home with my dictionary.

  • Godmars

    Rebuilding villages the olde fashion way: shanghaiing residents from others.

    With a digital twist!  

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    This is what i love.^_^ Many companies should implement Street Pass this way lol.^_^ Hell even Sakura Samurai is able to utilize the number of step you take to grow Sakura tree in your game garden there.^_^

  • Aw crap…. People in the suburbs are screwed.

    • Herok♞

       That’s why we have anime cons, trust me just walk by and you will have at least 10 street passes.

      • Nasser Al-Ojayan

        What if people cant attend those?

        Not every country/state/province has them so you cant really expect people to go international/cross country just for street pass.

        • Herok♞

           Just go into a city then. You are reading to deeply into this I said it as a joke to show why people in the suburbs aren’t screwed.  Of course I know people won’t go cross country or International for Streetpass, plus its never mandatory so its not like you miss out on much not using it.

  • I will let the city in ruin.

  • revenent hell

     I am not a fan of the streetpass thing….. In any game thet used the feature I never even got one hit no matter how often I tried…. Im sure its a fun aspect for those that can viabley use it but not everyone has that option to do so even though in my expierience it has yet to have a major impact on the game itself its still a part of the game quite a few people wont be able to use and thats sadening I think since alot of games that take the “streetpass” thing have fun little things involved for useing it and while they may not be important to a high degree they are fun lil aspects of the games that most wont get to use.

  • Nasser Al-Ojayan

    I hope there is an alternative way cause it would be hard as hell for me to find people with a 3DS here

    • Herok♞

       They could use play coins like in Pokemon Rumble Blast, where 10 coins gets someone to go your shop, only in this it could be your town.

      • Nasser Al-Ojayan

         Well Anoop on andriasang says that there will also be internet transfers, so that takes care of that!

        Now we just wait for a Eng release date.

  • I hope this gets localized.  The sad thing is most good games nowadays don’t get localized unless they are a core IP.  It’s real sickening.  I wouldn’t mind so much but unfortunately the 3DS is regionlocked.  

    • Herok♞

       Square brings most stuff on viable platforms over, like they brought over Four heroes of light on DS, so this shouldn’t be any different since this looks to be its spiritual successor. Also for anyone who wants to use the argument they didn’t bring Type-0, its because it was on PSP a platform that is basically dead outside of Japan and even it was released they would have to worry about people pirating it meaning they probably wouldn’t make back the localization cost.

  • PenguinChan1119

     Who else is hoping this comes state side? It looks so cute!

  • LunarKnite

    Pretty awesome feature. While I’m not the biggest fan of streetpass considering the low amount of them I get, I love the idea of getting people to join your town. Reminds me of Dragon Quest’s Immigrant Towns in DQIV and DQVII.

  • Nasser Al-Ojayan

    Andriasang says that there will also be internet transfers, so that takes care of that!

    Now we just wait for a Eng release date.

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