Persona 4: Golden Returns With A Batch Of English Screenshots

By Ishaan . September 6, 2012 . 6:00pm

Atlus USA have released a batch of English screenshots for Persona 4: Golden on the PlayStation Vita, slated for release this fall. Check them out below:



Pre-ordering Persona 4: Golden from GameStop, EB Games Canada or Amazon will get you a custom skin to apply to your PlayStation Vita, along with matching Vita backgrounds. Atlus are also releasing a premium edition of the game that comes with a set of stickers, a protective pouch, and more.

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  • Syde Tokai

    Mr. Edogawa is still here. YES teach me more about how to use magic.

  • Played it on PS2, watched the Endurance Run and yet I want this, I want it badly

  • Marie!!! _<; And that hostess is creepy as sin.

    • he is in a very small portion of the game, if that makes you any less sad.

      • Well… I suppose it does. xD Marie makes it better anyways. She is awesome. <333 xD I am so excited to play this game.

    • If you watched P4Animation you should know tht he only appear 4 field trip only.
      Go away I’m not drinking tht medicines of yours again.

      • Didn’t watch it (yet), because I don’t wanna spoil anything… or at least not too much.

  • its so crisp looking!!!

  • Noba boba

    Uhngggggg!! Marie you tsundere you!
    *Scrolls down*
    …S-shiroku hostess? eh…Nothing to do here *Flies away with jetpack*.

  • Dianatos


    • Noba boba


    • Ryos

      Spacesareoverratedandshouldprobablybedoneawaywithinthenameofefficiencyandomygodthismakesmyeyeshurt.  I’m sure they’re doing it to convey just how quickly she’s talking but it’s not an effect I can say that I like, but maybe that’s my distaste for Twitter talking.

      • I could read that rather easily… wow… the human brain is amazing.

    • We call tht fasttalkingtsunderemodeon.

  • Ryan Chiu

    …the host person scared the shit out of me.

  • konsama

    That hostess is so hot! 

    >_>…*runs away*

    • Noba boba

      She’s so hot that she made you run away from shyness.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      just don’t let her sit on you

    • Neophoton

       Bravely run away. It’s the only option you have in this situation.

      • Chris Yuen

        “You mustered up your Courage and held your ground!”

  • Aoshi00

    Glad I pre-ordered the special edition w/ the pouch, it’s sold out on Amazon alrdy.  Very limited in Jpn as well.  A regular Vita pouch is $15 alrdy, so what’s $15 more for a P4 theme pouch, case, & stickers.

    • thaKingRocka

      I’m glad I placed a pre-order too. I’m still not sure I want it, but I wanted the option.

      • I also got my pre-order :) I can’t wait til nomvember >.<

      • Aoshi00

        Hogger lol..yeah, sometimes I even pre-ordered things from diff. places and see who gets the best price at the end (just need to remember to cancel extra) you could probably make money too, should be valuable later.  Just the hard pouch is worth $30 alone to me, this thing sells for over a $100 on ebay and is like $70-80 on Amz Jpn.. so regret I missed it before, but now all is well :)

  • Lazulis


    That toad. It has lipstick and a scarf and everything…

    •  She looks like Hanako’s mom.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Will it be crazy if I buy this again in eng dub?

  • Setsuna ♥

    I wish Marie were playable in Persona 4 Arena ;=; So Tsunnnnn

    •  DLC character. Atlus, please?

  • Wait a sec…. where did that ugly lady come from? I don’t remember seeing her in the original game. Or… maybe she’s a new one. Or someone I didn’t come across with in the original game. Oh well… looking forward to finishing this again in the VITA. 

    EDIT: Oh, it’s that store lady!!!! O_O she’s a hostess?!

    • Nitraion

      Lol you just noticed it….. 

      • XD It took me 20 seconds to realize. But what in the world… how the heck did she become a hostess? Wow… looks like the VITA version has some other cool stuff added. SWEET XD 

    • MrTyrant

      And she is an S. Link and possible girlfried……ugh! Im kidding. But you never know with Yu anyway, he using eye contact so its only a matter of time D:

      • Fitzkrieg

         SHE’S A WHAT?

      • But S. Link is a possibility… UGH!~ XO A hostess… how did it happen? 

  • Nitraion


  • Maia Kasoya

    …Kero kero.

  • Yuu is the ultimate swag. Ladies melt and become tame as they gaze at his eyes.

    That Shiroku Lady must have a set to resist them swag eyes.

  • SirRichard

    Yeah, that hostess is exactly what I needed to see at 4 in the morning.

    • xavier axol

      did it woke you up?

      • SirRichard

        Well, certainly didn’t make sleeping any easier!

  • Cjs0511

    What is that thing in that screenshot?!

    • The shop lady who feels kinky today….

  • YOU shut up, Marie!! Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!!!

    • Tsuntsun attracts, they say.

    • Kris

      Heh, if that’s a Breaking Bad reference, you made my day. XD

  • Bought that Solid Gold Edition! Can’t ait!

  • RmanX1000

    My god this game looks gorgeous… So glad im getting it.

  • Its not even running at native Vita resolution. That’s sort of weak given its mostly just a PS2 port.

    • Highasthesky

      Please don’t tell me you based this theory off some screenshots.

      • Its pretty obvious when the character art in the screens is one resolution and the in-game graphics are another. The resolution of the screen shot itself is unimportant, whats important is the resolution difference between UI and 3D/polygonal sections.

        Whats strange is that in earlier screens it WAS running at native res. Pay attention to the aliasing of edges (the stair-stepping effect, most noticeable on diagonal lines):


        The number of ‘steps’ given the length and angle is what is used when pixel counting to determine native resolution (go to Digital Foundry for more on that).

        This isn’t the first Vita game to take a resolution hit close to release either. Gravity Rush comes to mind immediately, and it looks like Ys IV will will also suffer in this way.

        • Highasthesky

          Fine i guess i can respect that, i can at least see where you’re coming from. 

        • Kefkiroth

          Wow, I really did not notice that they would actually make Vita games run at a lower res than native. Guess this will hurt the great art style it seems to have (playing P3P for first time, never played P4), but it’s better than running at native res and having to deal with slight lag. I really think the Vita is more capable than this though.

    • *Enhanced* Port

      • Dyne


        • No, Enhanced Port is correct. This is not a remake.

          An Enhanced Port is when an existing game is released for another console with new added content and often minor technical changes.

          A Remake is when the majority of a games assets re-done from scratch with the use of a new graphics engine. An example of this would be “Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes” on the Gamecube.

  • I preordered already the Solid Gold edition. Oh boy I cant wait for this game!

  • FellowMusicFan

    If Tales of Innocence R would’ve made it in English to the PSVita I’d’ve bought a Vita. This title alone isn’t strong enough reason for me to justify $250. Although, Tearaway also looks really impressive. Not a big fan of Sony flagship titles so you can discount pretty much all of those save for the new Sly Cooper game and the PaRappa the Rapper series. Unfortunately I doubt I’ll see Parappa every again save for his appearance in their new fighting game.

    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      Ragnarok Odyssey and Gravity Rush, two of the Vita’s actual games made FOR THE VITA. Ragnarok Odyssey is a sort of monster hunter like Multiplayer Online game(in truth its still effective as single player, but you know how stuff like that works) and gravity rush is and action adventure game where the main character controls gravity as the main mechanic.

      • Gravity Rush is a beast game. >_> The targeting/battle needed work though. It is still overall a wonderful game. And an interesting story.

    • You don’t know for sure that ToIR isn’t coming. Though it is very unlikely. :/ One of the games I refer to when I say in response to people that the Vita needs more games or just early that it is on a roll that they are only in Japan.

  • >Last pic
    Can some1 explain why the shop lady is dressed lk THT????? MY EYES.

    >1st pic
    Tsuntsun Marie!!! Yu PIMP powah knows no limit.

  • Eliézer Dos Santos

    Here is my first real motivation to get a PSVita.

    • xavier axol

      cheers! and here hoping it won’t be the only, by that time the vita will have enough games (great games) to enticed people to buy the vita. here’s my list: ragnarok odyssey, assassin’s creed:liberation (first female assassin in the series), soul sacrifice, persona 4 golden, dokuro (and yes, it’s caming to the u.s.), sly cooper, playstationallstar, littlebigplanet (believe me, saw the beta and love it), and tearaway (but i’m not sure if it’s caming this year). the point it’s that this fall we will see great games caming for the vita and people who had been negative up till now, will have no excuse. oh! and zone of enders hd for vita (again not sure if it’s this year, but i bet it will look great on the vita).

      • Good list. Though I am not sure what Dokuro is. xD Also I won’t be getting Liberation because I have not played the others and am afraid there will be some sort of connection. It is a great list though.

  • Mazdian

    >.< Guess I'll just grab it for the pre-order bonuses, and then get a Vita someday…

  • Personally i would just get the game and wait for the next iteration of the Vita… although i really don’t want to wait :O

  • Enma_Kozato

    Does the Shiroku store turn into some kind of club when the sun goes down or something?

    • Chris Yuen

      Must be the Dark Hour effect.

      • Enma_Kozato

        But there isn’t really a dark hour in P4 :B

  • lorelai4cuties

    i already pre ordered it gold soild edition..its looks damn good ..i think amazon closed pre orders

  • personablaze

    Doesn’t the shiroku store kinda look like the stray sheep?(At least that was my first Impression)

  • Niyari

    Mr. Edogawa confirmed best teacher

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    “You wrapped the rice with a thin omelette coating. Five months later you find it in a deteriorated state in your fridge. You noticed a spider close to it.
    …..Eat it?
    You decided to eat it…. You made the worst decision ever.”

  • Abhishek Posooa

    Ahhh,embarassing decisions,HERE I COME!!!

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Marie taking lessons from the Big Green dub. Breath girl! 

  • here is what I know from what I have played for actually playing the JP version.

    Resolution of the actual game: it is native Vita, not upscaled from PS2. It accommodates the wide-screen and not stretched as if it were upscaled.

    Marie’s insult: it’s not her speaking fast, it’s just her speech habit where she chains a slew of Japanese insult into one insult that sounds funny. I find it pretty cute/charming.

    The hostess lady: she is the fat lady at the item shop next to the weapon shop during the day. At night, she turns the place into a snack bar, and you can part-time there for $$.

    Marie is not playable (sadly). She has a commu.

    • miju

       is marie actual tsundere or just acting like the other girls giving insults to something they thought the guy was doing wrong, emphasis on thought?

  • Brandon

    I feel like the portraits look different from the original (in a good way). The font’s gonna take a little getting used to, though.

  •  Dat Shiroku Hostess.
    I tried getting the Solid Gold edition, but I was told that they were no longer able to take pre-orders for it (  u_u);; Hot dangit, Atlus.

  • buy a vita just for remake game seems too much though i’m eager to play this one 

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