Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes To Have Day And Night Cycles

By Ishaan . September 10, 2012 . 12:50pm

Konami have released new screenshots of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, along with some new information on the game, which series creator, Hideo Kojima, recently divulged to Eurogamer.


Ground Zeroes, Kojima revealed, will have day-and-night cycles, and this will affect things such as enemy patterns and other things in the world. The feature is meant to add to the game’s replayability. Kojima also shared that, yes, there will be loading screens as you explore its open world map.



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  • MrRobbyM

    As to be expected being an open world game. This is truly the evolution of Metal Gear.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    At night, can I go to a stripcl– I mean Fox’s secret hideout?

  • konsama

    One trailer and very few info out and i already love this. 

  • Anime10121

    God I hope this releases next year!  In the short time since its announcement, its become my most anticipated title this gen, even outdoing Vs. XIII (more than likely because I’ve seen more of this in a month and a half, than I’ve seen of Vs. in 6 years).  Cant wait to hear more :D

    • Göran Isacson

      Ha ha, oh man your statement regarding Vs. XIII. It’s so true that I don’t know wether to laugh or cry :(

  • kevinposta

    Okay now I’m starting to get really hyped for this!

  • cameron forsyth

    those scars really remind me of snake skin. or maybe it’s just the rain playing games with my eyes

  • Zeromus321

    Kojima and his team never fail to impress me. Him and Atlus JP are some of the only developers I can always put my faith in for an amazing gaming experience no-matter what.

  • SirRichard

    Going to be a thrill, searching for targets in the darkness and silence of the night.

    Seriously though, can’t wait for it. Day and night cycles are a great touch, and no doubt there will be advantages and disadvantages to both (searchlights not used during the day, but it’s harder to see you at night, etc).

    • DongT

      i see what you did there, snnnnnnnnaaaaaake eeeeaaaatteeeeeeeeer~

  • tubers

    I hope they also give some PC lovin’. Even a not so good port may satisfy me and some xD

    (ala Dark Souls with community patch)

  • with the circle feature , mgs will getting better each time getting better

  • Nicolas Vasquez

    i picture a loading screen of the day becoming night saying”what a horrible night to have an Alert!”

    • Scratch90

      Since its Kojima, I’m not surprised he will put it in.

  • anarchy_panty

    And thank God for the loading screens; I need my checkpoints, dammit!
    But really, this is probably the 2013 game I’m most excited for. Move over, Last of Us.

  • Solomon_Kano

    A day and night cycle in MGS!? YES! That’s gonna be sweet. Kojima’s attention to detail makes it even better, since it’s actually going to affect guard patterns and such.

    Not enough games do anything with their day and night cycles. In most, nothing changes or maybe a few enemies change, but it’s usually not something pervasive. Changing guard patterns alone changes the way you approach the game depending on the hour, so that’s cool. It adds that much more to the whole choice between stealth and action. Do you go in guns blazing in broad daylight or do you sneak in at night? But if you’ve never been in the area does your all-out assault fail since there are more guards during the day? Does your sneak attack fail because the night guards have NVG? That’s the kinda stuff I’m looking forward to, and I know Kojima’s probably thought of as much already.

    Just got announced and it’s my most anticipated game of the generation — and the gen’s almost over! Even better knowing that we also have ZOE3 and Project Ogre to look forward to from KojiPro in the future.

    • SirRichard

      It makes me wonder what other touches they’re going to throw in; open world and day-night cycles were some of the few technical/technological flourishes the series hadn’t used, so what else are they going to add to show off their engine’s power?

      In fact I’m beginning to see why Kojima’s not counting this as MGS5; literally just laying the foundation work for it and showing off what they can do now, and I love it.

      • Solomon_Kano

        It’s definitely an exciting prospect to think we’re getting a day and night cycle in the prelude to MGS5. By the time that game is announced, I’d imagine we’ll have seen ZOE3 as well, so Kojima’s team would be that much more experienced with Fox. It’s certain to be for the next batch of consoles, so by then we’ll likely have a seamless open-world on top of anything else he introduces here. Crazy, but that’s the future.

        As for this, I can’t imagine what else Kojima has up his sleeve. Open-world and a time cycle were pretty much all the series hadn’t done, as you’ve said, so I can’t imagine what else. Considering everything we’ve seen thus far has been a step up from concepts introduced in Peace Walker… imagine with me, if you will, a vastly expanded Outer Ops. One where you have the option to complete all missions directly yourself (or with friends online), against other players in addition to the way it was handled in PW. It would be Co-ops and Extra Ops put together with MGO in a setting that contributes to your single-player game. I could see Kojima doing something like that, though that seems like something he’d save for an even bigger MGS5.

        Man, I hope he tells us more at TGS. I really can’t wait to hear more about this game.

  • Nitraion

    Ow man i want to play this game already!!

  • Yet another innovative feature to another great looking MGS game.

  • manobon

    Did Portable Ops’ Day/Night system have an effect on the gameplay (more/less enemies, etc.)? I can’t remember, and I can’t download it onto my Vita (in the US).

    • AzuNo17

      Nothing aside from being harder to see. Of course that game won’t have much affect toward anything considered canon.

      Still a great multiplayer based fan-service shooter.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Seems like my wallet will have zeroes too after this.

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