Cave Story Headed To Nintendo eShop For 3DS With Updated Features

By Ishaan . September 14, 2012 . 12:17am

Cave Story is headed to yet another platform—the Nintendo 3DS. While you can grab Cave Story for Nintendo DSiWare and play it on your 3DS already, Nicalis are bringing an updated version of the game to the Nintendo eShop, specifically for the 3DS, next month.


This new version will feature a widescreen aspect ratio to fit the 3DS screen, and will also have stereoscopic 3D output. You’ll be able to switch between the original 4:3 and new widescreen modes, depending on your preference.


Cave Story for the eShop will also have additional challenge modes, including Nemesis Challenge, Boss Rush, Curly Story, Hell Time Attack and Wind Fortress.


Nicalis will release Cave Story for the Nintendo eShop on October 4th for $9.99. You can find screenshots of the game below, and grab three 3D screens here.


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  • Damn how many times are they gonna re-re-release Cave Story, its not that good of a game

    • While many will beg to differ on your view of Cave Story’s quality as a game, I must agree that there have been quite a few different releases.

      Though in this case, they are not like Capcom charging you $40~$50 for a game you just bought six months ago. This is to bring Cave Story DSi to 3DS in 16:9 with all the DLC that CS+ has… for only $10.

      • By the sounds of it, you’re a bit off.  The DSi still just has the DSi version – this is a completely separate, 3DS only version, meaning you can have this, the DSi one, and CS3D all at once if you really want to look like a deranged fanboy when your system boots up.

        Also “only $10” loses some weight when that is the price you’ve probably paid for the original DSi or WiiWare or Steam variant of the same game, meaning that, proportionally, this is pretty much *exactly* what Capcom does with Street Fighter and the like, except with even less to show for it between versions.

        At this point, unless 3D and portability mean the world to you or anyone else, I’d still stick with the Steam version, since that has old and new graphics and three different audio sets and, if I’m not mistaken, the Curly Story and possibly even some of the challenge modes in there too, since it seems to be the “here is everything have fun” version of the game.

        Hell, actually, I think four graphics sets if you count the Christmas variants they did for the holiday sale, thinking about it.

        What I’m saying is I can hardly see a reason to get this, never mind brag that it’s “only” ten bucks.

        • I never meant to imply that they are replacing the DSi version. It’s fairly obvious that the DSi version is staying the same and that they are making a new one just for the 3DS shop.

          Even if I bought the game five or six times, it still doesn’t add up to what Capcom does with several $40-$60 releases, plus extra DLC. This feels more like what Nintendo has been doing with 3D NES classics with much of the added content from CS+, and less like Cave Story DSi Arcade Edition.

          While the original version is freeware, I would have gladly paid $60 for a game of this caliber were it to have had a retail version released back on the Genesis/SNES or something. Even now, actually. So $10 is nothing for a game I’ll likely be playing for years to come.

          Though this doesn’t mean that I don’t wish for a sequel. This upgraded port way very well have nothing to do with Pixel at all. He could be cooking up something new while Nicalis adds yet another port to the pile in the meantime. I honestly doubt that the addition of this port is going to affect Pixel making something else.

          Regardless, just buy Cave Story+ (which I’ve bought multiple times on sale for under $5). If for some reason you’re retarded and can’t figure out how to use Steam, then buy this version on your 3DS, as it has much more content than the DSiware version or CS3D. And if you already have any other version and don’t feel like spending the extra $10, you’ll be missing out on quite a few extra features. Said features may not seem to be worth $10 to you, and that’s fine.

          • Let me rephrase this, then: Cave Story + is the only version I’ve bought.  The Wii and DSi versions didn’t seem worth it to get the same game I still had on my PC as freeware with some slightly updated visuals and imo a far worse version of the soundtrack.  There wasn’t anything really selling me on the idea.  That’s all there is to it, for me.  I don’t own a 3DS, but I find the fact you can get this game three different ways on the system to be leaning a bit towards overdoing it.

            Meanwhile I’m having my intelligence insulted by someone who has by his own admission bought the same game several times on Steam alone with no indication that he did so for gifting reasons or anything besides throwing away money, but okay, have fun with that.

  • So what will be the main difference between this one and the 3DS version, beside the cheaper price. 

    • Detrimont

      this version doesnt have the updated graphics, just the original graphics, that have been made to be shown in 3d, and it probbly has the original music as well

    • and this adds all of the additional modes from Cave Story+, such as the Wind Fortress.

  • The cow is dead Nicalis. You’ve milked it dry.

    Please, let quote just get a break. You’ve killed it.

  • Jose Mossel

    $9.99 is a lot to ask for a game that’s being ported again, i’m sure a lot of people want this, but you can’t milk the cow for more than it’s worth. This game was a labor of love intended to be free, but $10,- is hard to justify for a port that has only a handful of features that aren’t even that great IMO..

  • SantiagodelosSantos

    I guess I’m going to buy the game…again

  • Arrei

    So this is Cave Story+, then, like on Steam? Same price and features, that I can tell, other than the obvious 3D and whatnot, of course.

    Or, wait… is it original graphics only?

  • So you can get the DSiWare version, the 3DS version and now a 3DSWare version on the same console too? Nicalis, we all love this game and everything, but isn’t that a bit too much? Oh well, my favorite version is still the PSP port.

  • As Much as i like Cave Story and would probably pick this up (for the Curly Story Mode) but come on…quit doing re-ports already and do a sequel or a new game already

  • platomaker

    I’m sure everyone knows that this game was once freeware. You could google and download it with little trouble. OK, I’m calling it- I’ll pick up the WiiU version when it launches just before the new smash bros.

  • doubletaco

    No thanks, I’ve already bought it twice.

  • Captain_Jiruo

    I never bought any version of this because I had played it before it was ever being sold. But this finally make me want to buy it. Having the original art in 3D and extra modes is enough to sell me on it.

  • May get this version, but why no bottom screen?

    EDIT: highlighted the screenshots, the bottom screen is really dark. Please tell me this isn’t like this when you buy it…

  • Spirit Macardi

    Dear god, just make a sequel already! The original game was made by one guy with no budget, and he now has an entire team plus the money he’s made from the other ports!

    • If I’m not mistaken, I believe Pixel once stated that he had no intention of making a sequel. Later however, he said that if enough people wanted one, he would actually consider it (or something to that effect).

  • manobon

    3 versions on the same system…I mean, I’m glad I didn’t buy the DSiWare or 3DS full-retail version, because this sounds like the perfect version for me, but! Why not port it for PSN/360 users (or on the Vita)?

  • …The hell?! STOP THIS!

    Anyone even REMOTELY interested in Cave story has had SEVERAL outlets to do so by this point, one of which was free on PC and Mac, one that required you to throw money at NIS, one that required you to throw money at Nintendo, and one that required you to throw money at Valve.


  • AuraGuyChris

    Reminds me of the many versions of Street Fighter II.

  • Been playing it since ’06, and I’m still not tired of it. Glad they finally decided to update the so-so DSiWare version.

  • Ooh Bee

    Holy crap, imagine if there was a Cave Story and Persona 4 cross over.

    • SantiagodelosSantos

      There was a Cave story and prinny crossover

  • Rentekabond

    Sorry Nicalis/Nintendo, but I already have the PSP, Wii, 3ds and Steam Versions, I’m good on Cave Story for now.

  • Ace

    So this is the definitive version, right? I haven’t played Cave Story because I knew an “Ultimate version” would come out. I hope I’m right.

    • Cave Story+ on PC/MAC would be the definitive version.

      Though on 3DS, this may very well be.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Two ports on the same system? How is this… I don’t even…

  • Lazulis



  • Let’s see if we can count all the versions of Cave Story released so far!

    3DS eShop
    3DS physical game

    Did I miss any?

    • the GP2X had it too, I think.

    •  The majority of those where fan-ports.

  • idrawrobots

    I am all over this. I had my first 3ds stolen and didn’t want to re buy anything. Now I can have it back on a handheld. I refuse to buy that garbage 3D retail remake.

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