Shin Megami Tensei IV Trailer 2 Shows Off Dungeons And Combat

By Ishaan . September 17, 2012 . 7:30am

Atlus have shared the second trailer for Shin Megami Tensei IV as promised. This one gives a much better look at the game than the first one did, and you can watch it below:



Shin Megami Tensei IV will be released in 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS.

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  • SolidusSnake

    Lookin’ good. What’s with the Lawnmower Man-esque disembodied Master Roshi head, though? That part had me loling so hard.

    • Brandonmkii

      That’s definitely the priest at the Cathedral of Shadows.

  • Koji Kabuto

    Wow, looks really amazing

  • Why are the battles 2D?  Given the push for 3D otherwise just seems weird it isn’t all the way like the PS2 titles.
    Still cannot complain, everything looks impressive so far.

  • kylehyde

    2013 is beginning to look very awesome.

  • Nitraion

    Shame the battle system is not as cool as exploring…
    still why they make battle system with 2D spirites?
    the explore look awesome but the battle looks weird….?
    Sorry i don’t like First person battle like that unless the battle like DQ VIII

    • Brandonmkii

      DQ8 was third-person though. Previous games in the series were first-person.

      • Nitraion

        Hmm i was just hoping this game at least bring nocturne battle system… 
        the cut scene looks awesome explore looks sick but the battle is like letdown to me…

        • Brandonmkii

          It looks like there’s press turn icons in the top right during the battles, so it may have that in common with Nocturne.

          • Nitraion

            =)) that’s is not what i meant…i just don’t like first person battle generally it’s just like playing social game…
            Well let’s see how this turn out i already impressed with explore I guess the next SMT game explore in console will be sick as it is and all just left the battle system to improve….

  • No random battles, it looks like. It looks like Persona, where you hit enemies to initiate a battle with them. Nice!

    • Joseph Santee

       I liked that too, that was a nice touch. *has ALWAYS preferred RPGs where you can see the enemy to a random battle system*

  • hmm, while I really dig the over-world visuals, I am not feeling those battle sprites. . . I mean, why are they 2D? Could the 3DS just not handle it? I really doubt that, since I would assume it could at the very least give us SMT3 Levels of detail.

    I get the use of 2D in Devil Survivor, it was a minimilist approach then, but this game seems to just blow it’s load on Voices and pretty environments. . . hmm, troubling indeed.

    Oh well, I am still reasonably excited for this game, so hopefully I’m just overreacting and it’ll be fun either way. . . also, I swear the main character looks like Korra lol

  • LightZero

    Awesome. Third person dungeon crawling and first person battles I can dig that. 

  • malek86

    I was really hoping for 3D demons this time around, but I guess they have their reason for sticking once again with sprites. Didn’t even have to be third-person like Nocturne, just with models, like say in DQ9.

    On the other hand, good to see they are lifting a few elements from Persona to make it more accessible (ie. no random battles).

  • Crok425

     You know… I feel like bashing the game since Kaneko didn’t designed the characters. Come on, Shin Megami Tensei isn’t dark enough if Kaneko’s not in it.

    • Seriously??

      • Crok425

         I will not bash it of course, but it just pisses me off…

        • Brimfyre

          but… you just said…. “I feel like bashing the game since…”

          • Crok425

             I said I FEEL LIKE bashing the game, I didn’t said that I will actually bash it.

      • cj_iwakura

        Kaneko is synonymous with core SMT, so yeah, losing him is a VERY big deal.

  • sandra10

    Some parts look great, others look low budget. I’m conflicted. 

    But on the other hand, I really hate random encounters so I’m glad to see them go. 

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    The battle system they should change it to make look awesome like the overwold. Yeah I know its SMT but change isnt bad ether.

  • hadjimurad

    exploration seems like it will be amazing. looks very polished.

  • Brandon Madrigal

    Everything looks excellent, except for the combat.
    I was hoping the combat would be more like Nocturne than anything else.
    I’m gonna have a “Wait And See” mentality with this one.

  • International release please ! Even if I don’t want to wait one full year (maybe more) to get it in Europe, a confirmation would be nice. The same goes for Bravely Default :(

    •  In Ghostlight we trust! I know we’ll get this eventually. We’ll prolly have to wait a looooong time, much after the US version is released, but we’ll get this, in time.

      • Julien_N

        I really hope so! Ghostlight is pretty reliable save for a few things (Strange Journey didn’t make it here and their translation for one of the Agarest games was way drier than the Aksys’ one if I remember… =S ) but the most problematic issue is that they take too much time to localize things. I am convinced that plenty of potential DeSu 2 buyers already imported the US version and the DS market is more and more reduced by its successor, meaning the game’s potential profitability is already cut a little bit.

        But SMT4 looks too good to pass up on it!~

  • imaguni

    I don’t mind the first-person 2D battles, personally, it feels like a nod to older games. I’m a little bit surprised by the lack of random battles, but the times have changed, I guess.

    The environments look really great and I’d like to find out who’s doing the music. I think some will be disappointed by the lack of Kaneko character designs, but I personally like Masayuki Doi’s art so I’m fne with it.

    Anyway, super excited!

    • IkouKuhn

      I have a feeling it’s still Shoji Meguro who’s doing the music…

      I can feel it from the beats.

      • imaguni

         I do too but you never know… I hope it’s him since I always thought his work on Nocturne (and DDS) was just on another level, even if I enjoy Persona 3/4 and Raidou’s music a lot!

      • cj_iwakura

        I don’t think it’s him, I think it’s the other guy who worked on Nocturne and the older SMT games.

  • -Hmm… it seems like our MC an outsider coming to the stone wall city.
    -It seems like the area can be scanned. (Mapping?)
    -Tentacles wall…. Looks like it can be removed by slashing it??
    -Hmm…. looks like we hv an AI mission control.
    -Love those high tech-ny interfaces. 
    -Did some of those demons got redesigned??
    -Floating CG head!!
    -2:02 Vincent!! Did you get an afro?? Lol.
    -2:31 Is tht a demon?? Or a new charac??
    -2:40 Nice view!! But looks can be deceiving…
    -2:47 Time travel!???

    No random demon mine yeah! Can’t wait for the extended ver at TGS. Looking good.

    PS So the MC is a male Korra!?? Lol!

  • Brimfyre

    All you new kids and your Nocturne love.  I like that it feels more like SMT II than anything.

  • Jiikae

    I don’t mind 2D battles. I mostly play SMT for the world moreso than the battles tbh. And the world looks amazing. Devil Survivor did the same thing with battles and I love that game. So I’ll take it. I’m just glad they aren’t random anymore.

  • Niermyico

    Am I the only one that picked this up right away? lol!

  • This is amazing. Better than I imagined, actually. Seems like the game is integrating some things that were made popular with the Persona series (by going back to the “SMT If…” school/academics setting, in a way….heck, the characters seem like highschoolers to me), doing away with random battles and even using anime-esque character portraits. I’m okay with that, as long as they don’t include social links or stuff like that, I’d rather have this feel as classic SMT as possible, with a few enhancements and new features that make this game stand out from the crowd ofc.

    Overall, I am really pleased with what I’ve seen. I really like the 2D battles, I’m all for hi-res character sprites. They prolly tried going for 3d models and realized it would look better to have these sprites there instead, and I certainly don’t mind that. If anything, it’s a nice throwback to the series roots.

    ‘Sides, everyone seemed to enjoy Devil Survivor, and the battles were in 2D just like these are, so…why not? :)

    • Budgiecat

      graphically its not doing anything that much different from Final Promise Story for PSP

    • Joseph Santee

       ^ This. All the way.

  • Shiki

    I really dunno why people are complaining , just looking at the title making me drool , haha XD , and it DOES look a great game , i think i’ll love it more when i’ll play it
    I just hoped that the battles were in 3D , but .. oh well!
    And i started to like the new char’s design ” still recovering from the disappointment though ”

    Now let’s just hope that they’ll localize this game ” PLEASE , ATLUS! ”

  • Jirin

    Those badges in the top right corner.  Are those…press turns?


    Between 3d environments and 3d combat I’d easily pick environments, this is all looking very promising.

    • benhofb

      Holy Cheese! I would be so excited to have Press Returns come back to SMT. I loved them in Nocturne and DDS.

  • Fujisawa Ruuzaa

    a bit of new and old SMT it :D

  • Karin Shita

    What the HACK!? I didn’t know the 3DS could handle such amazing quality! XD

    But personally, I think the characters’ mouths should have moved when they talked. It would just seem more “alive.”

    Other than that, 8D.

    • LightZero

      Well the 3DS is on par with the Wii in power. Of course it could handle amazing quality graphics and more. That might not be Vita level but that’s still pretty good. 

  • Alphabet Soup

    There were a few parts where the graphics took me out of the experience and made me realize it was a handheld game, but on the whole, this looks AMAZING!  The story looks interesting as well – just as I expect from Atlus!

  • Graphics look pretty impressive, for a 3DS game. I personally don’t mind how the battle scene is it is fine to me. So it’s looking good in my book.

  • zeta

    I dont mind the sprites battle I kinda like it. but those dungeon exploration is awesome.

  • Serph + Korra = SMTIV MC

    I am excited for this.

  • Ciel

    I pray this comes to America, lately I’ve been questioning my ownership of 3DS I bought impulsively but this game gives me so much hope.

  • Scratch90

    Since I enjoy Devil Survivor 1 and 2 I think this game might be the reason I will buy 3DS.

  • keithmaxx

    I like how the characters seem to be moving more dynamically across the field or “dungeon” map. Can we get any more psyched than this? :D

    Atlus, have my moneys and babys so you can churn out the best, localized SMT IV by next year!

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Dont understand peoples comparisons to persona.

    Anyway, I liked the character designs in that Overclocked more, I guess these characters dont look, well, kawaii or pretty, I guess?  Will get if it comes west, and I hope it has some really easy mode, trailer made it seem rather like it would be difficult.

    • MrTyrant

      Being difficult it’s his charm I don’t want people complaining for this, I want people being proud of completing the game.

  • MCoelho

    Oh my god, it looks amazing!

    The dungeon exploration looks fantastic, can’t wait to see more gameplay on TGS!
    I’ve also reconized a lot of VAs from this trailer, i hope it’s fully voiced.

  • Blur Will

    I Want 3D monsters  ;_;

    Atlus you can reuse it all you want  but plz make it 3D

    • MrTyrant

       Sad true really, I wanted to fight 3D SMT demons in the new generation of games to see more changes but that won’t happen it seems. The good part is everything else that looks fantastic so you won’t see me complaining further D:

    • Exkaiser

      Honestly, I’d rather not see the old Nocturne models again. They’re in serious need of some retooling. They’re almost a decade old!

  • Anime10121



    That looks absolutely STUNNING!  The visuals, graphics, music, characters, ambience, its all there, and I freaking LOVED it!  The only thing that I wish would change is the first person view during battles.  I never got why the SMT series (and to a lesser extent the DQ remakes) still opt to use that style of presentation.  But other than that small complaint, FIRST DAY buy as soon as Atlus localizes it, which assuredly wont be too long, considering this IS a mainline Shin Megami Tensei title :)

    • LightZero

      I think it’s mainly to be a good throw back to the old school players. I’m cool with it. I highly enjoyed Devil Survivor. 

      • Anime10121

        I’m also okay with it, I’d have just rather had the whole thing in 3D, its kinda jarring to transition between the two imo.  But like I said, wont stop me from getting the inevitable localized vesion next year :)

  • MrTyrant

    OMG!! I WANT THIS!! I really want fast realese in english like P4 Arena did too xD seriously.
    My body is ready for more 3DS love.


    ALL OF IT!!!!

    • Budgiecat

      well maybe not all. You could give us some

  • Carlos Escalante

    Hmmm….I was more excited for the game before but still looks great. LOVE that they are doing away with random battles, and exploration and systems look great. I actually do like the art design for the game. I DO NOT like the first person battles…but don’t mind the talking heads. LOVED the music, can’t wait to hear it all! Let’s see how this pans out.

  • Victoria [Rokuso3]

    This is gonna be great! I love the environments, the not-random battles, the 3rd person exploration and the 1st person combat. And THAT MUSIC!!! This is gonna be great. I have to buy a 3DS, and hope this arrives to europe.

    Great job, atlus!!

  • Amine Hsu Nekuchan

    Can’t. Wait.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Hmm, it seems our boss this time is “Adam” lol.^_^ Voice by “Shiro-san” from Arakawa under the bridge and we also had Hiroshi Kamiya there which makes the VA like groupies from that anime lol.^_^

    The graphics is great, the battle system which is first person is also my personal favorite here plus this time, the monster spirite actually move and the way of killing them has also increase here.^_^(Cutting them to half? I can’t imagine burning them to ashes here.^_^)

    The only weird thing here is, it seems the blue cloth group is somekind of samurai group there and seeing the female clothes, i can see some white miko clothing there but……. should not they at least build the castle like how Japanese castle like here lol. It makes me keep guessing whether Japan is being ruled by YHWH sides again and they install their western preferences there.^_^

    • Adam Primaeros

      It could be a functioning Law/Messian City (if not a Thousand Year Kingdom) in  one of the innumerable worlds of the Amala multiverse. A quote in the game (“Mene, Mene, Tekel u-Farsin”) leading into the Biblical story of Daniel is a major apocalyptic clue a lot of people overlook.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Yeah i understand that they should be a law mainbase there but, isn’t the blue clothes groups there mention that they are Samurai of the country there?

        But well, SMT has undergo quite a lot of cultural change in Tokyo since the first SMT maybe this time the change is bigger.^_^

  • AAAAAAaaahhhh~  SO much HYPE!!

  • Tales_of_Master

    The game looks godly. I would've preferred for Kaneko to do the art, but this is not bad. I'm cautious about the Tales like encounter system, with enemies being visible on the map, but I'm sure I'll like it. All in all, this game gonna ROCK :D

    • Haha, the eyes were the first thing I looked out for too. I was kind of hoping… But hey, it is what it is. :3

  • benhofb

    Ermahgerd…. I am absolutely floored. 3D dungeon exploration was one of my favorite parts of SMT: Nocturne. I loved the battle system in Nocturne as well, but I can understand that they can’t truly bring that to the 3DS. The battles remind me of the ones from Strange Journey and Devil Survivor (which I loved as long as they were done well). 
    The music sounds awesome as well. The only thing I hope is that Atlus adds some new sound effects. I don’t know why, but I feel Atlus has a tendency to reuse sound effects from other SMT games (Like the healing sound from Persona 3 used in Devil Survivor 2 for Diariaha).
    All I can say to Atlus is LOCALIZE LOCALIZE LOCALIZE!

    • ohhh no no you see how the way the game looks right? they could have brought a 3d battle system.

      •  Yeah we saw it and it looked good…you’re only problem is that the battles isn’t in 3D which i figured the 3DS could handle it guess not (maybe because of things or making excuses meh) Either way its still going be fun.  If this was like Ps3 you win on that but its not and really i’m not bother by it.
        Well be seeing more so you’ll probably change your tone *shrug*

        • the 3ds is as powerful as a gamecube -_- theres no excuse yo ucan look at the game world and tell it could have handled the same kind of battle system they just did a cop out.

  • WEL

    looks like a boring dungeon crawler. After Persona 3 & 4 I was expecting more from the main series. =/

    • Ooh Bee

      This is classic SMT not anime trash. You want a Nocturne type story with romance or something? XD

      • MrTyrant

        That would be cool, there was some kind of “romance” in the first one. But just between main characters, would be interesting if choosing law side or chaotic side can affect your relationships with other characters in a “romantic way” of course you could keep all the grindark themes and the “kill everyone route” haha.

        Persona don’t have romances, not in the 3 or 4. It’s just silly talk and dating all the girls with no impact in the storyline, i hate that. Even Devil Survivor offer something deeper.

        • LightZero

          Romance never been a real focal point in megaten titles. Although they do hint towards a certain “pairing”. P2 had Tatsuya/Maya. Devil Survivor 1 had Yuzu and the MC with Haru crushing on him. SMT1 of course had the whole Adam/Eve thing. 

          If there is any romance it would probably be subtle between the MC and the girl. But depending on the route you take she might died tragically after going crazy in SMT fashion. 

      • M’iau M’iaut

        You can make this point without adding the ‘trash’ commentary. There were plenty of social aspects to Nocturne and throughout the SMT universe. Finding one’s place in the world and the interactions with others around them has always been there. Some interactions hinted romantic, some didn’t.

        As has been noted, P3 and P4 just did things differently.

      • Luna Kazemaru

         ‘anime trash’? Oh boy what was your last DP again?

      • i saw a leading leading that, that must already be a red flag.

      • Morricane

        Oh yes please! Stroke of genius!! (*ignores the irony of the original message here*)

    • Altritter

      Every main series game is a “boring” dungeon crawler (Says you anyway, I really enjoy the games). That’s one of the things that defines them, so I don’t know why you expected ‘more’.

      • Ooh Bee

        Just another person that jumped aboard the SMT bandwagon when P3 and P4 were released and can’t appreciate the old school dungeon crawlers.

        • Dude nocturne was not a boring dungeon crawler they could have done better this is ridiculous with the capabilities the 3ds has this is just wrong. This is a slap in the face for people who played smt main series or not on the ps2. 

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Please remember your SMT ‘old school dungeon crawlers’ have never received the press or the release stateside that Persona did. The dungeon crawler in general fell out of western interest many many years ago. Wizardry may have started here but it was in Japan where it helped define the early JRPG.

          Let’s not fault folks just because they don’t like what you like.

          • LightZero

            That’s true but at the same time the P3/P4 only fans shouldn’t bash the game simply because it’s not like P3/P4. It’s rather disrespectful to those of us who actually like the main entries. 

          • Ooh Bee

            So what’s your point? It just annoys the hell out of me that so many Persona fans(and I liked P3 btw) expect all SMT games to have some school setting with social links now. It’s completely ignorant to call this boring JUST because it’s a dungeon crawler when P3 and P4 were the exact same thing(with bad dungeons btw) and the only thing they added was a school setting and social links. I’m tired of people hating on the old-school games ’cause they’re not like Persona 3 and 4. It never fails. This game, Soul Hackers, Strange Journey, doesn’t matter. Yet they’ll act like P3, P4, Catherine, and DeSu2 are some of the best things Atlus has ever made. And I don’t dislike any of those games except P4 so I’m not hating.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            The point is we ask all of our posters to understand not every game will be their cup of tea and respect that. I have addressed the original poster, but his opinion does not make P4 ‘anime trash’ or someone else’s opinions which are different from your own improper or incorrect. It is perfectly acceptable if for them the games you listed were the best Atlus has ever made.

            One can not jump aboard a bandwagon before that bandwagon is here. Persona 3 and Persona 4 is what brought many folks to the SMT ‘multiverse’. It should not be shocking when they see that universe through the rose-colored glasses of Persona 4 rather than the bleak places SMT went.

          • Budgiecat

            You shouldn’t let trivial things annoy you. I would say being trapped in a Japanese warehouse company in China as a Japanese worker while angry Chinese protesters are rallying and assaulting people that even own a Japanese car or product, Chinese of Japanese over some uninhabited small island disputes more worthy of being annoying

    • Crok425

       You really don’t realize that Shin Megami Tensei and Persona are 2 different things. Why does people keep comparing them?

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Because P3, P4 and the Raidoh games did things differently and are the games that are far better known state side. The dungeon crawlers got little if any US play.

        • Crok425

           Yes, I know that but it would be like comparing ”Why isn’t Persona 3 like Final Fantasy VII?”. You get what I mean? You can’t just bring all of the stuff from Persona to the MAIN SERIES which are extremely darker than Persona.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Very different things because it would almost expected that a western gamer will have heard of FFVII and Persona3 and been able to experience them both. That is not the case with SMT, where Strange Journey is the only ‘walk into a game story and buy a copy’ title to have come over. Yes, Nocturne and DDS have come but even their style is not exactly what the main series started as in Japan.

    • Lightthrower

      Like Bee said, Persona is Persona and this is Shin Megame Tensei. I love Persona, but I also love Shin Megami, they’re different and that’s perfect.

    • MrTyrant

       Hahaha Oh man. I cannot believe you, first of all they weren’t and never will be boring. P3 and 4 are spin-off, you cannot expect to take elements from them and call that SMT IV, that would be stupid.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Looks like a lot of people here hated dungeon crawling genre even though persona in a way is also dungeon crawler lol. And here i even like SMT more than Persona considering Persona is too slow for my taste here.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      SMT has always had the dungeon crawling aspect since its genesis is very early in JRPG console development when Wizardry held sway.

      It is just another style of game. It is the Personas that have evolved into a different experience.

      • Budgiecat

        Did you ever play Zero4 Champ RPG series that had a fusion of street racing, simulation, 1st person dungeon crawling (through company office floors) and isometric 3rd person rpg dungeon crawling

    • Hraesvelgr

      “Boring dungeon crawler” could be used to describe Persona 3 and 4, too. Hell, it could be used to describe nearly every game in the series, if we’re putting personal bias aside. Dungeon crawling is pretty much one of the main things in most of the series, including its spinoffs.

      Also, considering a good majority of Persona 3 was spent crawling through a samey looking dungeon, I’m not even sure why you would use that as an example of what they should aspire to.

      • Budgiecat

        Don’t answer a negative with a negative

        • Testsubject909

          But… But mathematically when you multiply a negative with another negative you get a positive!

      • dungeon crawlers have a 1st persona turned based system, which is what shes referring to not literally going through the dungeon. look up class of heroes.

        • Hraesvelgr

          Dungeon crawlers are not inherently first person, though, and all of the Persona games, including 3 and 4, have dungeon crawling elements, which makes complaining about it looking like a “boring dungeon crawler” and then praising P3 and P4 look silly.

          If they don’t like the 2D, first person battles, okay, fine, but saying a game in this series looks like a “boring dungeon crawler” means that these games probably aren’t your cup of tea, because they are pretty much all dungeon crawlers.

          • because games that were classic dungeon cralwers are like that, should they have had said like boring classic dungeon crawler? because it does look like a boring 2d dungeon crawler. 

  • drproton

    I wonder why they decided not to call Strange Journey SMT4 if SMT4 was going to be on a handheld anyway.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Because it is not happening in Japan lol. All SMT have happen in Japan and they have their own timeline there. Adding Strange Journey story would not connect at all there.

  • Chris CCCD

    The environment looks so nice, but the battle system looks so uggghhhhh.

  • SirRichard

    Oh yeah, that’s the SMT we all know and love. Now if only there was a hope in hell of a Euro release.

    • LightZero

      I’m 99% sure it will be localize in the US at least. I guess for the EU it depends on whoever will publish it for you guys. 

  • That battle system is disappointing

    • Scratch90

       You don’t even play the game yet…….

      • -_- thatd be true if it wasn’t similar to a dugeon crawler.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Really happy here that they don’t stray away from the main first person battle system there.^_^ I fall in love with SMT is because of that system there.^_^ And now i really hope that they will give more kinds of demon there. Who knows, this time we can get Demiurge or Ma-Aleph as our monster?^_^

  • Ponsay

    I’m loving that press turn is back.

    I can’t wait. Everything looks great.

  • I like some of smaller things that are shown in the trailer:

    – Some of the “dungeons” take place out in the open. 

    – At some point, the Navigation AI thing goes from calling the main character “Human” to “Master”. I found that really cool.

    – The outfit customization (is that what it is?) looks HOT. So many different looks. 

    – That augmented reality-style UI is going to look amazing in 3D. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this game had actual AR features using the 3DS, too.

    The only thing I’m kind of missing here is a strong female character. Atlus are usually pretty good about having at least one of those. Maybe the chick, Izabo, will be that character?

    (PS: Walter looks kind of silly with his unbuttoned shirt.)

    • Morricane

      Probably “Walter”, isn’t it?

      • The game takes place in Tokyo this time, so I don’t know if he’s “Walter” or “Waruta” (although I’m not certain if “Waruta” actually exists as a Japanese name).

        I just went with the latter because it felt like the safer assumption, given that we don’t know the specifics of each character and where they’re from yet. :)

        Also, as far as Katakana goes, it’s really easy to confuse the “accepted” spelling with how YOU think it should be spelt. Like, to me, “Walter” in Katakana might be ウォルター, but that may not be the accepted spelling.

        • Morricane

          Well, since we also presumably have a Jonathan (Yonatan) here…and Hope (Hoopu)…Izaboo I have no clue though. Either that are all nicknames or we got us some foreigners here!

          (btw, it most certainly doesn’t exist as a Japanese name)

          • Yeah, Hope was kind of what made me think twice, too. Wait, “Yonatan” is “Jonathan”? I had no idea. I’d never seen that one before. You learn something everyday.

            I guess that settles it, then. It likely is Walter, given the western-sounding names for the other characters.

          • Morricane

            Well, yes. The english pronounciation is usually rendered ジョナサン、however the original (jewish) pronounciation corresponds to ヨナタン. I just noticed you even get a wikipedia entry on the old testament if you google for ヨナタン xD…but I digress.
            ワルター would be a rendition for the German pronounciation of Walter, opposed to the English ウォルター…and Google just gave me some hits for イザボー, which seems to be the name Isabeau of French origin, so this all makes sense now. Woohoo.

          • @moriken:disqus Yeah, I figured Yonatan came from the original spelling after you mentioned it. I never thought of that prior to you bringing it up. In the case of Izabo, I actually wondered if she was “Isabel” and Isabo was just some sort of nickname, but I suppose Isabeau makes sense. 

            (She sure doesn’t look French to me!)

    • Tom_Phoenix

      But I’m sure you’re disappointed by the fact that the battles are in first-person view. =P

      • Guest

         But that’s one of the qualities Megami Tensei is known for! I’m sure the long time fans are happy with it.

        • Tom_Phoenix

          Oh, I’m sure they are. But I was talking about Ishaan, since he has said numerous times how he doesn’t like the first-person POV and how he preferred Nocturne due to the fact that it was third-person.

        • Testsubject909

          Known for, not tied to.

          Nocturne changed the combat presentation, nobody complained. Because it was an appropriate evolutionary step.

          Mind you, I imagine they can’t exactly maintain that sort of presentation on the 3DS for whatever reason so hey, whatever, maybe on the 5th but for now I’m shoving that worry far out of my mind and just being happy that SMT 4 is here.

      • Hmmmmmm. I wouldn’t say disappointed, since I love Devil Survivor and that has first-person battles, too! I was more concerned about the traversal itself being third-person and not grid-based first-person.

        I do agree with everyone that says they wish the battles were in 3D as well, but the rest of the game looks interesting so far, so I’m willing to try and come to terms with that. :)

        • Tom_Phoenix

          I see. Then I guess third-person exploration and first-person combat is an acceptable compromise.

          Personally, though, I’m actually pleasantly suprised they opted to use sprites, since I was certain they would reuse the 3D models from their PS2 games.

          • I can’t tell if the sprites they’re using here are going to be Strange Journey caliber, or if they’ll be updated further. The big leap from Survivor to SJ was that they animated all the sprites, so I don’t know how much further they can really go here.

            Honestly, I don’t mind the sprites. For one thing, it means that battles will be relatively fast-paced, which is important for a dungeon crawler.

    • Exkaiser

      I am all for the protagonist having as many different outfits as possible. So much swag to choose from.

      • Yeah, it looks freaking great! So much diversity. I wonder if they’re connected to the time travel in any way, or if you can pick and choose as you please. The latter would be very nice.

  • Colour me interested. Hopefully this and Soul Hackers get localized. The 3DS is picking up some really interesting titles.

  • Michael Revis

    Looks like a mix of old school dungeon crawling gameplay and new school tech and design. Visuals are pretty damn snazzy too. Hopefully this makes it stateside.

  • dahuuuundge

    I welcome the return of Press Turns System (?) judging from the turn icon on the upper right. My only complaint is their reusing the same 2D character sprite instead of 3D models for both battle and fusion.

  • Hinataharem

    Looks like SMT 2, Trauma Center and Raidou had some odd orgy-induced lovechild.

  • Budgiecat

    That one guy with the fro looks like an Anime version of a young Howard Stern…

  • leadintea

    It’s clear that this game had a poor budget. Why else would they make the game have 3D overworld graphics and 3D character models, yet make the battle system 2D and the cutscenes static pictures?

    • Eliézer Dos Santos

      What? They only made the battle system more traditional, like the first games in the series.

      • Quinton Cunningham

        Dragon Quest 9 used a “traditional” battle system with a modern twist and 3d models. There’s no reason a mainline SMT title can’t do the same. Especially after the insane amounts of money the Persona re-releases have no doubt made Atlus.

        • Testsubject909

          Well, they already did a modern twist with 3D model combat system, it was Nocturne.

    •  To keep it like the original Megami Tensei and Shin Megami Tensei 1, 2 ,and 3.
      That battle style is one of it’s qualities.

      • Quinton Cunningham

        SMT 3 had 3D models. Pretty much every major SMT game SINCE the PS2 has had 3d models: DDS 1 & 2, Persona 3 & 4, Nocturne, and even Devil Summoner 1 & 2 had good looking 3d models. Granted, they were mostly recycled between them all, but they still looked far better than the 4-frame gifs in use here.

        • Ah, yes, forgot 3 had models. Well my point was that all main series games have used these kinds of battle graphics until number 3. I feel like that style is part of the charm the series has. The DS game, um, strange journey was it, also used this type of battle style.

          • Testsubject909

            I think budget played a stronger hand here then stylized choices honestly. And possibly the limitation of the console it’s on.

            If this game were on a home console, there’s no denying it’d most likely follow in the steps of Nocturne. Not a complaint, just an observation and me pointing out what is probably the obvious.

            It’s how a series naturally evolves and let’s be honest, Nocturne was a very beautiful game and felt like the natural evolutionary step of the visual presentation of SMT style combat. When the series moved over to a handheld, it probably needed to regress it’s visual presentation to better fit the hardware.

          • This argument would make sense if Persona 3 Portable didn’t exist. :)

          • PreyMantis

            I don’t think the limitation of the hardware is the problem. If the weaker system, PSP, can do it with Persona 3, why can’t the 3DS do it? Heck, even the DS had games like Dragon Quest IX with both 3D overworld and battles. So, yeah, I don’t think it’s the hardware, but something else.

        • Testsubject909

          There was only one SMT game that made use of 3D models.

          Everything else is a series on it’s own buddy. No, you can’t try to pull the “But it’s written SMT here!”. It’s not originally a part of the SMT brand or franchise, it’s just labeled as such here for recognition and brand awareness sake.

          Aside from that though, the rest of your argument is okay.

    • Herok♞

       its clear the game has very large budget its always be artist choice that causes this because if they were really inclined they could do full 3D battles and cut scenes.

  • $30632660

    The only thing I don’t like is the 2d First Person Battle System.I’ve never liked battle systems like that, not in SMT 1 or 2, nor in the earlier Dragon Quests.At least they didn’t go back to the First Person Exploration, I hated that too.

  • Joseph Santee

    Oh my god! Best looking game in the series? I think so!
    Also, I like the use of 2D sprites in battle. I think it looks really good.
    And the Cathedral of Shadows made me laugh. DISEMBODIED VOXEL HEAD.

    • I immediately thought of Brain Age. xD Dr. Kawashima works at Cathedral of Shadows, confirmed.

      • They can even use his new demon form from Demon Training!

      • Joseph Santee


        BEST IDEA EVER. :D

    • Isaac Newton


  • Talbot

    Bah! It’s times like this that I bloody wish Atlus has an EU branch. Still, Ghostlight will probably come to our aid. Sure, it would be a wait, but it’s certainly better than nothing. At the same time, I wonder how the PAL version of Devil Survivor Overclocked is coming along.

    • Testsubject909

      Best of luck to you…

      … Though if EU has problems getting it. I can only imagine how hard it must be for the Australians.

  • Vitor Duarte

    Why on the 3DS?? Why?

    • Read our posting rules, please. Complaining about consoles isn’t something we really like around here:

      We’d appreciate it if you didn’t do it again. :)

  • Quinton Cunningham

    Man, those sprites look so ugly when compard to everything else.

  • superdry

    Watched the trailer already five times.  Looks great – love the mix of third-person exploration with classic SMT 2D battle system and no random battles (that’s neither a positve nor negative to me though).  Sure, I’d like to see a third-person battle system, but the old-school gamer in me loves the classic stuff.

    The environments/dungeons look really good too.  Can’t wait for a longer trailer.

    • Testsubject909

      The setting also reminds me of the SMT manga.

  • I hope the popularity of the persona series helps this game reach a broader audience

    • LightZero

      One can hope but unfortunately I see the P3/P4 only fans looking down on it while lamenting that it’s not P5. 

      •  Seeing some comments yeah that’s sorta true well there are others who are excited…so mixed

  • Testsubject909

    Oh you know I can’t say no to you SMT. You and Ace Attorney 5 have twisted my arm into getting a 3DS the moment you come to our shores, and for you two, I’ll gladly get one.

    Let the end of the world come again and may conception begin anew.

  • Wow, wow, wow, wow.

    Even though I am a bit disappointed that they’re using 2D sprites, I have to admit everything else is amazing. I mean, those little attack effects have gone a loooong way. Demons are splitting apart to two pieces, as opposed to just seeing a slash graphic. That’s awesome.

    Can I also mention that the hud/interface thing is awesome? It’s just so high-tech and swanky.

  • Alexandra Cordes

    I was hoping that the main character would be a girl… but… I think it might be a boy. : (

    • Hinataharem

      It’s definitely a male

  • Alexander Aubert

    can anyone tell me what are they talking about?

  • MrTyrant

    So…I was thinking…is Kaneko alive or what? because he was the main designer of smt and other spin-off….then they realese more spin off without him…sure, some new demons are made by him but most are recycled from previous works and I was like “ok at least he is working in the main games” but now I see that he is not doing the character design and I don’t wanna feel like seeing him in the credits roll just because the demons.

    Maybe he is working in P5!? (keep wishing)

    • Locklear93

       Looks like he’s still kicking based on this: so I dunno.

    • puchinri

       I was thinking the same. Like, what in the world is going on and where is Kaneko? 0n0

      And I will hope and wish that he is working on P5.

  • Now that was an epic trailer! The visuals and music were just too awesome and fit the overall feel of the game. ATLUS definitely knows what they’re doing and I can’t wait to play this one as well =^_^=

  • Andres Pena

    am i the only one thats a bit sad that u cant see ur people attack, but other than that it looks cool 

  • Raze

    Is it just me or is there someone voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi in this game??

    • Chris Yuen

      Nah…that’s definitely him…his voice is too unique.

  • masuto

    Korra is very popular, I see.

  • Solomon_Kano

    I was hoping the battles would be like Nocturne’s, but that’s really my only complaint here. That aside, this is looking rather awesome.

    •  But it is…it has the Press Battle system but of course you mean the one point

  • I like everything except the 2-d battles, everything else is superb.  I might pick this up.

  • Isaac Newton

    Everything is GREAT AND AWESOME but the little problem is the 2-d battle. I mean WHY it’s 2-d and in first person mode!!!!??????? Why can’t they do the battle system and graphics just like nocturne WHY guyz at ATLUS do you hate 3rd person battles??????

    EDIT: To all those guys telling that the mc is female it’s a boy like on my previous comment the hair style look like a samurai!!!

  • Joseph Santee

    Hey, did you guys notice the effects used in battle? I now see the actual reason  they went with first person! Gore. Splosion. One demon gets sliced in half, two others explode into gore, Others get frozen and shattered. Rather incredible effects. Imagine what it’s gonna look like with 3D.

  • personablaze

    Wow..I’m kinda at a loss for words…The only thing I can say is…Atlus never Disappoints me.I’m beyond Hype for this ^^

  • Suicunesol

    I don’t mind 2D battles either. But the way they’re presented here is just too dated, and it really clashes with the great visuals in the exploration segment, in my opinion. If they’re going to do it the traditional way, they really ought to at least animate the monsters a little more, or maybe use some high-res artwork stills.

    Even Pokemon BW battles look better. :(

    Then again, this game is still in development. Maybe it’ll improve.

  • Ethan_Twain

    I cannot help but notice that this game looks quite a bit more anime than I’m used to seeing from SMT games.  Both SMT 3 and the Digital Devil Saga characters had a certain… deadness to their eyes.  They didn’t emote a ton, and even when they did it was usually subdued.  I felt like it was really cool and added to the uniqueness and bleakness of those games.

    So I’m a little bummed to see the characters looking a little more like characters in competing JRPGs, but that aside I see nothing else to complain about.  Combat looks like it’ll run quick and have cool effects, the narrative looks like it’ll have pretty great event scene graphics, and the dungeon crawling looks like it’ll probably be as punishing as ever.  All boxes checked.  Sign me up!

    • puchinri

       I feel like the beginning of SMT3 had a lot of emoting, and naturally so, but that changed as the game did. In the end, that may be what we see here?

    •  Kaneko’s not doing the human character art this time…

      • So, if he isn’t going to do human designs, is he still working with the demon designs?

        • Aside from the ones that are being recycled from Soul Hackers, doesn’t look like it…

  • SetzerGabbiani

    The 2D sprites were jarring, but the game looks interesting.  Atlus is continuing the trend of using assets for at least 2 games.  I take some comfort in the fact that the sprites are redrawn in a higher resolution than Strange Journey.

    Still excited, but it has been tempered a bit.

  • I can’t wait to find out how all those NPCs die horribly

  • puchinri

    Wow, it looks so pretty. And fun. And intriguing. In otherwords. . . ideal.
    So excited~.

    Also, since all the Korra talks, I can’t wait for when SMT (and Persona) have/start off with a female protagonist. Especially if she’s adrogynous or something. Guh. ♥

  • zOHMyGOsh … sure the battles looks dated .. well I guess that’s the main complaint, THOUGH, the battles do look much much more stylish now i mean those splash effects looks great! i cant even understand Japanese yet the setting and characters drew me completely in. that’s a trait of a good trailer and hot diggity i know atlus wont dissapoint .  i need a new smt game, nocturne was BEYOND gripping.

  • Alexander Aubert

    do anyone notice that he can change costume?

  • Adam Primaeros

    Just putting this out here: A quote in the trailer (“Mene, Mene, Tekel u-Farsin”) points to a Biblical story involving Daniel and the fall of Babylon. Like several other little details in previews so far, it’s a clue people could easily overlook.

    An anon from /smtg/ also posted a rough translation of the trailer:

    •  We can already tell some of the different reason/perspectives clashing in the dialogue. So great!! Thanks for posting that :D

      • …Am I the only one who finds it curious that the guy figured out “Jonathan” and “Isabeau” bit misread “Hope”?

        •  Ahah, yeah, but he still managed to translate all of that into something that makes sense, so it’s all good uh?

  • Isaac Newton

    It feels like SMT 3:Nocturne is SMT 4 and SMT 4 is SMT 3 did you get what I mean…..

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