Level 5 Tease “The Battle of LBX” Animated Feature For The Little Battlers W

By Ishaan . September 18, 2012 . 9:00am

On October 18th, Level 5 will release The Little Battlers W for the PSP and PlayStation Vita in Japan. Alongside the release of the game, they’re also going to be putting up a promotional stop-motion animated feature, titled The Battle of LBX, produced by Studio Placebo. Here’s a teaser trailer for the feature:



The Little Battlers W is a follow-up to the first game, The Little Battlers eXperience. It will feature cross-platform multiplayer between the PSP and PlayStation Vita versions.

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  • Revorse

    Any odds of them coming to America? I’ve been kinda into mecha-kinda stuff lately. Just started Aquarion, watched Medabots again, starting thinking about getting one of the Armored Core games,watching some Sentai and their giant robots and thinking about R.A.D. I want a good robo kinda experience.

    • Godmars

      Indeed these have been dark times for giant robot fans outside of Japan.

      Not that good inside for that matter. What with moe taking over everything. But still they’ve got Broader Break and Gundam Extreme. 

      • Revorse

        We need more robots!! 

      • Gundam Extreme is pretty much the only recent game I’ve found to be fun. There’s also that free Gundam game on the psn for PS3 but it limits you to like 3 games per day.

    • kupomogli

      If you get an Armored Core title, I’d recommend Master of Arena, 2, 3, Silent Line, or For Answer.

      As an Armored Core fan though, Armored Core 5 is probably my least favorite.  Least favorite as in, I think it kind of sucks.  The entire game feels like it’s holding your hand, crappy UI, and missions just feel like cluttered messes.

      • Revorse

        There a copy of 4 Answer at my Gamestop for like 20sum bucks. My cousin told me about that game too. So I’ll probably check it out. But I think read that one of those games is pretty much pointless unless you play online. Do you know if that’s true. I think it was 5

    • Wow Medabots. Definitely have to rewatch that. Pretty much almost all the mecha games I’ve played have sucked. Though I completely recommend Zone of the Enders if you haven’t played it yet. The HD Collection is coming soon for PS3 and Vita.

  • Godmars

    Don’t ask what’s happening in my pants at the mere thought of this: you wouldn’t like the answer…

    And for anyone not aware but possible interested:

  • Splash (눈‸눈)

    Interesting they make a stop motion when they have such nice computer-generated 3D models they could work with instead XD; All the extra work~

    Can’t wait for the game <3 ~

    • LazuliteLiamz

      They want you to buy those action-figures too! (is that what it is called?)

      I have some extra cash on my JPN PSN account after I get PDf a couple of weeks ago, I’ll probably use it for this, can’t wait for the game too!

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Considering the anime has started there, this release on Vita is going to do well there.^_^

  • Solomon_Kano

    The figures and anime are supposed to be hitting the US next year right? I really hope they bring the 3DS port of the original and W for Vita. I’ve been wanting to play this series since it was announced at that one Level-5 Vision way waaay back.

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