DJMax Technika Tune Gets An Expensive Limited Edition In North America

By Ishaan . September 21, 2012 . 4:05pm

DJMax Technika Tune is out in Japan on September 27th, but Pentavision also confirmed the game for western release a while ago. Today, they finally announced when exactly North America will see the game.


In North America, DJMax Technika Tune will be released first as a retail game, on October 26th. The game will be available in a standard edition for $50 or a limited edition collector’s set for $100. These will be available on Amazon and directly through Pentavision themselves.


The collector’s edition will be limited to just 750 pieces and will contain:

  • DJMax Technika Tune game
  • Two-disc OST
  • Visual book featuring artwork from the game
  • A hand strap and a screen cleaner
  • A PlayStation Vita “armour gamecase”
  • A PlayStation Vita pouch.


Following the retail release, the game will also be made available as a download title from PlayStation Network at a later date. Images of the limited edition can be found below, followed by screenshots. Pre-orders begin on September 24th.



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  • Leon_Tekashi

    Wow…It’s about time these games start getting localized.

    •  arent most of them already in english to begin with? all the ones ive played were in english

      • Leon_Tekashi

        Seriously? Damn…I need to do my research more often.

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          DJ Max titles are indeed localized, the PSP one can be found even on the PSN store~.

  • The trophies are cruel. Gonna love it!

  • Just 750? no wonder its so expensive.

  • I am all over this!

  • nyobzoo

    argh, 3 more days until I can pre-order the limited edition

  • Brandonmkii

    I saw expensive in the headline and expected expensive. I guess this is what I get from importing collectors editions all the time.

  • Shiki

    Nowhere as expensive as the Japanese limited edition, and this comes with more stuff. Sadly, I prefer my DJ Max to be button based so I’ll try it before I get it. So no LE for me.

  • PoweredByHentai

    I see End of the Moonlight!  Time to camp the pre-order page.  :D

    • Testsubject909

      I leave the internet for a short while to game and look what sneaked up on me…

      *grabs some smores* Hey scoot over. You’re not camping alone.

  • Aaaand there goes my money…
    I was hoping to get Mask of Miracle, but this is a chance I can’t pass up.

  • Hoshi星

    Little comparaison.

    Noth America’s LE gets:
    -DJMax Technika Tune game, Two-disc OST-Visual book featuring artwork from the game, A hand strap and a screen cleaner, A PlayStation Vita “armour gamecase” and A PlayStation Vita pouch for a total of $100 USD

    While the Japanese LE has:
    -DJMax Technika Tune game, Two-disc OST-Visual book featuring artwork from the game, A hand strap and a screen cleaner. Price depends on where buy it online. ->Amiami (Sold out): 6780 yen/$86 USD, ->CD Japan (Sold out): 7800 yen/$100 USD, ->Play-Asia: $129 USD (Still taking pre-orders), ->Amazon Japan: 12 480 yen/$160 USD (I wonder why so high)

    I’m actually glad that we get a superior LE. Pricing is fair enough. Count me in, in one of those 750 copies!

    • The price on Amazon Japan is that high because it’s sold out (which means Amazon themselves no longer offer it for pre-order) and only third party sellers on Amazon Marketplace are offering them now (and since it’s sold out pretty much elsewhere, they marked up those prices really high). I pre-ordered it from Amazon when they first opened pre-orders for the Japanese LE and I only paid 6,699 yen.

      The US LE is identical to the Korean LE if I remember correctly, and the only difference between those and the Japanese LE are the gamecase and the pouch (both of which I have already, just not in a Technika Tune theme). Since the US LE will be very expensive when I count in shipping, I’m sticking with the Japanese LE. There’ll be problems with DLC if I get the US version anyways since my PSN account region is Japan.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Tempting, but not $100 tempting. Waaaay too much in this latter part of the year for me to go for this, otherwise I’d probably grab it.

  • Watahashi

    Persona 4 Solid Gold edition, Zero Escape, this, and I just picked up Project Diva f.  It’s going to be an expensive next-few-months.

    Edit: Is there a link to where Pentavision will be selling them? Being in Canada, I doubt I’ll be able to order through and .ca probably won’t have it.

  • psycho_bandaid

    I am wasting my money but I will own one of those LE copies. I am smiling while getting ready to hand over 100 bucks. Videogames, ladies and gents.

  • Zero Shift

    Love these games. They’re so simple, yet absolutely beautiful music and artwork.

  • cj_iwakura

    And yet it doesn’t have the awesome LE box image?

  • Must resist urge to buy limited edition…slowly giving in…aw why not? The art looks great & i remember playing a demo of one these games a while back & liking the music.

  • GibbRS

    I’m a sucker for DJ Max special editions.  I have almost all of them imported from Korea, except the first DJ Max Portable, and Black Square.  I’m really glad this is coming to the states with a special edition.

  • ShinStar

    So in the images, it shows 4 different colored hand straps. Can somebody confirm if we’re getting 1 random color or is it all 4 in the set, because that would be really cool.

    • Watahashi

       From what I’ve seen of the Korean version unboxings, it’s one random color.

  • piichan

    I can’t seem to see it on Amazon >< 750 pcs…I hope my internet will not fail me.

    • ThomasTruong

      You order it here, there’s still 200 left last time I checked:

  • Nikolai Sumcad

    Can’t seem to find it on Amazon either. Only found the import.

  • Chris Sacco

    Yes this article posts misinformation, the limited edition is NOT available on Amazon; just the stand alone game, you can only buy the Limited Edition through technika at 

    btw all of the limited edition packages are gone

  • disqus_Gex0NiXS2l

    The shipping was nutty but w/e! It’s bought!

  • IchiYamamoto

    I know I’m entirely late here and all. I know that this is a huge collection of the previous ones and new songs.

    To be safe – can anyone tell me if the game has that song from way back – Cinematech Nocturnal Emissions – with the girl in the black/yellow outfit/skirt.

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