Gungho Online Entertainment America Opens With Xseed’s Former President

By Spencer . September 27, 2012 . 11:58am

Gungho Online Entertainment America has officially opened their doors and have two PlayStation Vita titles in the pipeline. Dokuro and Picotto Knights both from Game Arts are coming to North America. Dokuro is coming as a PlayStation Network release in October and Picotto Knights, an online enabled belt action RPG, is slated for 2013.



Dokuro1 Dokuro2 Dokuro3 Dokuro4 Dokuro5


Picotto Knights



Gungho Online Entertainment America will also bring over mobile games Freak Tower, Princess Punt, and Puzzle & Dragons (the last one is kind of like Puzzle Quest). They will also release Ragnarok Odyssey in Europe. Gungho Online Entertainment Japan owns Lunar developer Game Arts, Way of the Samurai 4 maker Acquire, and Ragnarok Online developer Gravity Games.


The company is led by Jun Iwasaki who was the President and CEO at Square Enix USA and a founder of Xseed Games. Gungho Online Entertainment America plans on bringing console, handheld, mobile, and PC games to North America and Europe. Siliconera spoke with the president of Gungho Online Entertainment in Japan, the director of Dokuro, and the director of Picotto Knights. Stay tuned for more news about those games and Gungho Online Entertainment’s plans for the future.

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  • Peeka Chu

    Holy crap!  This is exciting!  Another niche publisher can never be a bad thing.  I was secretly clinging to a desperate dream that over the next few years as the FPS saturation took full hold and consumers tired of AAA madness (and pricing) that Japanese, indie and other niche genres would make a real surge in the marketplace. 

    I wish this company all the best!  And I hope that this is a sign of things to come!

    P.S. I’m buying both of their titles too, obviously :P

    • I want JRPGs to be localized, I hope they can make my dreams come true. T-T

  • Learii

    oh look XSEED done again <3 Picotto Knights will be mine yay

  • IsaacGravity

    Well, I’m happy we’ll be getting Dokuro. Been interested in it ever since that trailer shown some time back.

    • BeckyRSimeon

      will be looking forward on your blogs and if you may, please do create a guide for me :3

  • Is there an actual release date for Ragnarok on PSV?

    • Learii

      Ragnarok Odyssey? is oct 16th

  • AlexanderPappas

    Sweet! More games for my Vita! I’m so ready, and I’m hype for Dokuro!

  • Solomon_Kano

    Looks like I’ll be owning all of GungHo’s Vita games.

    • I already haz the JP version, some content are still in jap. Will they be having English website for Dokuro?

      • Solomon_Kano

        I don’t really know. I’d imagine that it probably won’t get a site to itself. It’ll probably get a page on GungHo America’s site.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    I guess they must be really gung ho about releasing their games overseas.

    …What? Why are you looking at me like that?

  • Picotto Knights… PICOTTO KNIGHTS…!!!

    • Picotto Knights Yeah!! I want to play it too >.<

  • sherimae1324

    owww my Hunky Dokuro is coming for me ^_^ sweet

  • Go2hell66

    Gungho and I are going to become very good friends, this is the beginning of a very beautiful relationship :D

  • Hell yeah Gung Ho! I wish you guys well! I played Picotto Knights the other day & it’s pretty fun! I’m probably the only guy who will ask you guys about that Loop Salad because I know you guys published the original PS1 release, but it’s pretty much my favorite puzzle game series & I think if it were released worldwide, online or retail, I think it could find an audience. Plus the portable iterations are a perfect fit for puzzles on the go.

  • SarahBClark21

    My cravings for Dokuro is going to end :3

  • VelmaJDees

    *sigh* this is the reason why I don’t want to read Game News =_=
    They keep raep-ing my wallet ! D;

  • ZzInyakizz Luzano

    Oh I love chibies who fight huge monsters.

  • Rinkimiri

    Did some research on their titles and I can say it’s worth waiting for…

  • IcarusDegustov

    Me too I want Ragnarok Odyssey. I am used to play it in 2d now I want to play it in 3d characters. 

  • Shimototofu

    Dokuro release! IM WATCHING YOU!!! 

  • waltermwillcox

    Same here i hope they should not push back the ragnarok

    • Temoshikikato

      IKR~ I mean, that’s one of the thing that I wanted to have for my vita

  • Nicholas Gatewood

    “Lunar developer Game Arts”

    Heh, Grandia’s way cooler than Lunar. Either way, Gungho might be my new favorite third-party Japanese publisher after what I’ve read regarding their management and design ideologies. I’m very glad they’re supporting the Vita so much, that thing deserves all the help it can get. If only they could drop its price to $200 right now, I’m sure it’d then become a hit- especially compared to the 3DS XL at the same price. For some reason people think that the PS3 being more powerful than a modern handheld is disappointing and that it clearly means the handheld is worth less, that doesn’t make much logical sense. I’m sure it’s just the intro price that’s keeping people from purchasing Vitas, along with some meh advertising.

    • In my opinion it depends on the person of the type of console gamer they are, for some reason Vita is more convenient for a portable console and PS3 is for those who are hardcore gamer who play on the big screen. And Yes Game Arts and Xseed games really did a great job in the gaming industry. Grandia and Ys are the games that I’ve played since I’m a child up to now I am currently playing YS 7 on my psp. I hope they make another series of Grandia.

  • Asami_Nozawa

    Really nice screenshots you got here. I’d be up for this if they have some sort of “Promo” first 100 purchasers will get plushies :3

  • Conem1983

    I really like the term FRIEND ZONE on Dokuro XD

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