Project X Zone Concept Art Shows Mii Kouryuji’s Original Design

By Spencer . September 28, 2012 . 1:55pm


The Project X Zone blog shared concept art from the Nintendo 3DS game. Originally, Dante and Yuri were 3D character models and the team took care in translating them into SD style pixel art.


 pxzone_concept2  pxzone_concept4

Notable special attacks had to be changed to fit 2D space and stay close to the source material. The artwork on the right shows Project X Zone’s original heroes Mii Kouryuji and Kogoro Tenzai.


One month after all of the character designs were completed artist Kazue Saito went back to Mii’s design and changed her hairstyle. After that was completed she declared the character designs were complete.



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  • Better hair style is better, seriously I love that kind. I’m glad they changed it~

  • Shadowman

    These character are so cu-cu-cu…cool.

  • let’s hope Harada actually does succeed and be able to get this localized, I can tell from this alone this game’s going to bring on the thunder.

  • I hope we can actually get this Crossover.  It’s too good to not have.

    • So was Namco x Capcom….

      •  You know what they say.  We can’t have good things.

        • Unless you happen to have a ps2 you modded for KH2FM+ and a lack of moral inhibitions to getting games via… other means. Seriously though, I need more Monolith Software in my life, so not importing this is literally leaving money on the table. (not of the xeno variety though. Xenoblade is a terrible game.)

          •  I totally mentioned Xenoblade.  >_>

          • Xenoblade is a bad game.

          • Marco Tinè

            Apart from moral dishinibitions, regional locks are more than enough reason to consider modding a console, in my opinon. If a publisher deems a product unfit for a particular market, this doesn’t mean that interested individuals should not be allowed to access it.

            This is exactly why I have a modded PS2: should I have bought an incredibly expensive japanese system to play Initial D Special Stage, Touge Max or Kaido Battle? Sure not. After all, modding is legal where I live.

            And this is exactly why I haven’t touched my PS3 from its original, factory state even with several modding options available: it is a wonderful region free system and I can play all the american/japanese games I want. The authors gets my money, I get the fun. Bliss.

            If I can understand it, I don’t see why Nintendo shouldn’t.

      • Cephrien

        I actually heard Namco x Capcom wasn’t that good– 
        I could be wrong though.

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World


        • Ty Austin

          Yeah, having imported and played through it with the english patch, I feel the same way.

          The game looks awesome, just like this one does. The attacks look cool and flashy, but after seeing them hundreds of times, you just get tired of it.  Include the fact that the game throws way too many units (both friend and foe) on the map every battle, and the game gets old really quickly.

          Don’t get me wrong, I really hope this gets localized, as I will definitely buy it. But judging by the videos, it looks like it plays exactly like NXC (with added assists.)  After reading the hands on article here, it sounds like they throw a lot of enemies at you too.

        • Depends on how invested you are in the franchises. It’s a fun game.

  • Ryu

    Bahn is finally in another game!  I wish Mauler was in it to though with him

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