Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward English Demo Up On PlayStation Network

By Ishaan . October 2, 2012 . 12:52pm

Aksys have released an English demo for Chunsoft’s latest adventure game, Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, on the PlayStation Network, that you can grab for your PlayStation Vita today.


The demo is up now, and the full game is slated for release on the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita sometime this October in North America. Europe gets it in November, courtesy of Rising Star Games.

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  • I hope everyone enjoys the demo!

    • Are there any plans to bring over a demo for the 3ds?  Very interested in this game.  The 999 demo that was online was great.

      •  We’re trying to do so, but most likely not until sometime after the game is already released :(

        • Ah, I see.  Either way, I’m sure the game is awesome :)

        • AuraGuyChris

          You sound like you belong to the company or something.

          Let me guess. This is not a lie and you’re actually working closely with Aksys Games…

          •  You are correct, kind sir! I’m the Director of Production at Aksys Games and a huge fan of the Zero Escape series ;) (though I may be slightly biased haha)

    •  I like the art style, looks great on the Vita screen too

  • Zeromus321

    Good on Aksys for releasing a demo for this game. If I had a Vita I would definitely try it out. (just waiting for the money to buy one).

  • sandra10

    Just downloaded it. Is a demo going to be released for the 3DS too? I’d like to see if the second screen makes a major difference. 

    • We’re trying to do so, but most likely not until sometime after the game is already released :(

      •  don’t worry i’ll still buy the 3DS version, cuz i don’t own vita XD

  • Super jealous of that guy’s outfit. Definitely picking this up at launch for my Vita. 

  • Brandonmkii

    Can i get to it from the PS3 PSN store? I’m having trouble finding it, and my Vita’s busy charging for little king’s story haha.

    • Brandonmkii

      Never mind, found it. Strange it would only be under “demos” And not in the recently released vita section.

  • Rogerrmark

    First day!

     Loved 999.Thank you Aksys for bringing it! :D

    •  We’re glad you’re excited and that you loved 999! :)

    • AnimusVox

      I cant play the demo yet, but I’m getting a Vita mainly for this game to be honest. So it’s a day one for me aswell.
      *super high fives Roger and Aksys*

      •  *High fives back* :) I’m excited for you to play it!

  •  I am actually in the middle of 999 right now. Ill download the demo for my vita just to rate it for now, but no way in touching it until I’m done with 999. Was hoping to get on that pre-order bonus watch but I think I missed it.

  • Zonic505

    Props for a demo. I finished playing it not too long ago & I’m now sold on wanting it. Though 1/2 the time I wish I had a stylus instead of my finger to write stuff down. *Goes to order stylus from Amazon*

    •  I’m stoked you enjoyed it! :D

    • What did you write down? O-o I didn’t need to write anything down.

      • Zonic505

        I wrote in the memo those shapes with numbers on them that you find on the poster. I pretty much remembered the other passwords since the places you entered them in were close by, but I wanted to be safe. Plus I played other games where I would want a stylus instead of my finger.

        • Yah… I admit that last puzzle kind of got me because of everything you had to remember. 9 is the star 1 is the circle 8 is the diamond and the 6 was the triangle. The correct order was uh either star circle diamond triangle or circle sta diamond triangle (9186 or 1986) I think… Whatever it was dumb lol

  • Just completed the demo – gonna buy it, day one. Thanks for a great game. :)

    •  Makes me extremely happy to hear that :D! Glad you had fun!

  • Sad that the demo is only for Vita.  I see that the demo is planned to come to 3DS after launch but I already have it pre-ordered for day one so the demo will be pretty useless for me by then, haha.  Oh well, guess it’ll make the moment I finally get to play it that more special.

    •  Going in as a blank slate will definitely be an awesome experience :D

  • Downloading it right now. Can’t wait for it and the full game. :D <3 U Aksys

    •  Love that particular fan art where your avatar came from :D!

      • Heh. I thought you might. ;) lol

  • Shiki

    I don’t want to play the demo , won’t spoil a lil’ thing about the game before playing it! ” I didn’t even read the plot of the game , haha x) ”

    I’m so excited , the waiting is killing “XD , can’t wait to play it , and to touch my WATCH >>>>> thank you Aksys <3

    • The demo does have some story and stuff but I think there is some stuff not included that will be there in the actual game (silver/gold folders and actually using the knife/paper-cutter thing) to name a couple.

  • negineBIT

    Hearing voice samples… Gotta admit, the English VAs did a very great job. Thank goodness it has a dual-language setting

    • Yup, the English voices are great! Dual language also gives the user the option of playing the game twice to have two different experiences :)

      • Question about playing the game multiple times. In the demo it mentions silver and gold folders do they contain different stuff meaning you (completionists view) need to play both easy and hard to get them? And what is the difference between the two. But also wouldn’t you need to do multiple plays for all endings? Also will the PSV version include trophies?

        •  As long as you play in Hard Mode during puzzles, you’ll be able to get both files, if you find both passwords :) But Easy Mode will have fun banter between you and your teammates too. And yes, the Vita version has Trophies :)

          • Oh really? Good to know. So what really is different between easy/hard modes?

          •  Easy Mode your teammates provide you with hints to solve things, and you can’t get the gold file password either. Hard Mode you receive no hints, but you have the opportunity of finding the gold file password :) You also need to complete Hard Mode for other reasons later XD

          • Oh really? I kind of like just getting more dialogue but I don’t want hints. xD Hard mode it is then. I will probably do several playthroughs so I can do easy on one of them. And “other reasons” eh? Sounds interesting. Probably deals with the endings? I cannot wait. lol I am so excited.

  • Quinton Cunningham

    I’m getting VLR on 3DS since I have 999 (I like to keep my collections on the same system if at all possible), but I will check out the demo for Vita.

  • SteveThompson1

    Huge fan of 999. I can’t wait to buy the 3ds version. Along with fire emblem this is looking to be my most anticipated game.

    •  Very cool to hear that you’re looking forward to it! :D

  • Detrimont

    can’t wait till the the 3ds demo comes out, hopefully it will also be on the PAL estore, and since the game isnt coming out in NZ stores, i’ll have to ship it from europe when it releases there, but i know it will be worth it

  • Jose Mossel

    MY BODY IS READY! >_<" I can't stand the wait!

    •  Three more weeks! :)

      • Quinton Cunningham

        Are there any major differences between the two versions, barring the 3D?

        • The Vita version has Trophies and higher res graphics, as well as the ability to capture screenshots, and three save slots.

          The 3DS version has dual screens, a stylus, one save slot, and the ability for 3D.

          So it depends on what you’re looking for :)

          • Quinton Cunningham

            So they both have the same amount of voice and whatnot? Awesome. Thanks for the reply!

          • Yup, they’re equivalent :)

  • キロ

    In Japan we had the game demo released on 3DS before the game came out, I am just wondering why it is not the same for the US version? ^^;

    •  There are reasons we can’t disclose, but we definitely tried to release both demos together >.<

      The 3DS version US demo won't be able to come out until sometime after the game itself most likely.

      • キロ

         Oh okay, I understand ^^; it was just curiosity, thank you for the fast reply! XD

        The game is really good everyone, be sure to buy it when it comes out ^^/

  •  999 was by far one of my favorite games on the Nintendo DS, and one of the best adventure games I’ve ever played. I have high hopes for this game, and I’m glad to know it’s also being released in Europe! Which means I won’t have to import it like I did with 999 :D

  • I got up SO fast when I saw the headline and ended up injuring myself, BUT IT’S WORTH IT…ow.

    Thank goodness Vita doesn’t have demo limits!…or does it? I have no idea.

    • Hinataharem

      You okay?

      • Sorta, thanks for asking! It’s my own fault for reinjuring my tailbone ;; When it comes to VLR I get too excited haha…okay puzzles and visual novels in general.

  • Nesfe

    Downloaded it, played it.
    I was going to get this day one(since i loved 999), but after playing the demo, I want it  now :'(

    • SteveThompson1

      I know that feeling. I want the game right now. I’m thinking of replaying 999 while I wait.

    •  Just a few more weeks :)

  • Barrylocke89

    Hopefully this builds up some interest for this game. I’ll be sure to check out the 3DS version when I can.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Must…hold back…from playing demo…and spoiling self…!!!

  • I really want to play the demo, but I’m afraid I’ll get way too excited for the full game and spend the next 3 weeks being upset I don’t have it yet.

  • miju

    I can’t wait to hear all the English voices! I’m a fan of everyone on the cast revealed so far (…and so far nearly everyone identified was in Persona 4 Arena too, amusingly). I think Sigma is the only one I haven’t heard yet, and I can’t tell who K is (fittingly so).

  • Niermyico

    I really want to try it out, if only I could try it on my ps3. I hope they put up the demo for the 3ds at at least.

  • WingsOfEternity

    Great demo, only thing I want to complain about is the “slide downwards to exit zoom mode” sometimes difficult to make it work properly or I end up clicking something for examining and starting a string of text I’ve already read.

  • DuskSharkEX

    To GameStop! Oh wait, they don’t have any 999 copies to hold me over… :(

    • Have you tried checking Amazon?

      •  Yup, Amazon should have it too :)

        • DuskSharkEX

           Then I guess it’s up to me to help Junpei seek a way out of an Amazon warehouse.

    •  You can always order the re-branded Zero Escape version from us directly :) (at the top of the list ^^)

  • Go2hell66

    awesome just downloaded it, can’t wait to give it a go

  • Nerroth

    I couldn’t get the demo to acually work.

    I tried downloading it twice in a row; both times, when I went to run the demo, it showed up a splash screen with art for the main characters… and did nothing else.

    At the moment, I’m reluctant to try and install it a third time, unless there is there is a way to address whatever is going on that’s preventing the demo from running properly.

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