Square Enix’s Hajime Tabata Likes The PlayStation Vita

By Laura . October 3, 2012 . 10:00am

Square Enix’s Hajime Tabata, who has directed PSP games like Final Fantasy Type-0, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, and The 3rd Birthday, bagged a Gold Award for Type-0 at the PlayStation Awards last year. Following his award, Tabata was interviewed by Sony, and asked for his opinion of the PlayStation Vita.


Tabata replied that, while he’s fond of the Vita, he doesn’t have anything to announce for the device at present. However, he would like to work on it at some point. Here’s his exact quote:


The first impression [of the Vita] I remember having was, “Wow, the screen really is bigger, and so pretty.” The feel of the touch screen is also good, and I feel that it is an excellent piece of hardware. I’ve always been creating Final Fantasy titles for the PSP, so I personally have an interest in a bigger device at the moment, but also, as one who creates games, the PSV is also the only hardware that can show such HQ graphics on a screen of that size with such high density and brightness.


In this sense, it is very enticing. In the past, we created [Final Fantasy] Type-0 with the intention of completely investing a full-scale FF game on a portable console, so although I can’t say anything about the present, if there is a chance I would definitely love to create a game for the PSV.


Before you get your hopes up, note that Tabata didn’t mention Type-0 out of the blue. He’s being credited for his work on Type-0, and he’s specifically asked about the game several times throughout the interview.


Tabata also made similar comments about the Nintendo 3DS in late 2010. At the time, he casually mentioned the idea of a Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII remake for the 3DS, which would focus on fast-paced multiplayer action. Again, this game is by no means confirmed to be in development either.

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  • OatMatadoQuatro

    “Tabata replied that, while he’s fond of the Vita, he doesn’t have anything to announce for the device at present.”



    • Watashi wo wasurenai de… ²

      • Aoshi00

        Reminds me of Yuna’s line :)

        “The people and the friends that we have lost, or the dreams that have faded…Never forget them.”

        Yeah, would be nice to have Type-0 as a Vita port on a bigger screen and 2 analogs.. partially why I held off buying on PSP.. I really loved Crisis Core back then, but not that interested in Type-0 though honestly..

  • Well…if he likes Vita so much he can localize Type-0 for PSP and with that a Vita port. On top of that he can release Crisis Core on PSN so users that own a Vita can enjoy the game on that big nice screen.

    • Solomon_Kano

      I understand wanting the game, but this didn’t even make sense. Tabata, who’s involved with making the game, is supposed to have an influence on us seeing it localized? Or seeing another of his games on PSN? You’re barking up the wrong tree.

      • Tabata is a figure at SE, therefor he can bring ideas to the table. If it was some janitor from SE I would agreed with you!

        • Solomon_Kano

          True, he does have influence, but I doubt even he has the power to influence SENA’s activities. Though I certainly wish he did.

          • Power? Yeah, not really…in the end it’s up to the big dogs to decide if they will make profit out of it. We should start some petitions, lately this kind of stuff worked very well.

      • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

        I dunno, he does have a point. There have been a few cases where the Japanese branches that developed the game eventually have a say in whether the Overseas branches/other localization companies can bring a title over or not.

        Certain Tales Of and a specific Valkyria Chronicles game(s) say ‘hi’. =(

        Though, Tabata can try to convince the higher ups to bring it over if enough people ask/complain about it. But those are slim chances…

        • Solomon_Kano

          Can is the key word there though. It ultimately won’t matter whether or not SENA can bring it if they choose not to. This most certainly looks like SENA just opting against it based on the market.

          Tabata, Toriyama, and Nomura could all beg their higher ups to make it happen and we’d be no closer. SE wouldn’t throw away money like that over a request. It would certainly be nice, but it’s implausible.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    good for him

  • Hajime Tabata…If you’re reading this: Well, you’re awesome! Please localize Type-0 for the western audience of gamers :P

  • Hmm, we’ll see some good games come. It’s just going to take some time, and I accept that.

  • Well, it’s the same thing quite a few devs are saying – they love the hardware and what it presents but that’s where the buck stops.  It’s like the people that came up with the device handed off to the people to sell it and they just don’t know how.

    Or they do and it’s too expensive to invest in.  Maybe that’s why they’re still gunning down the 10 year life cycle with the Vita like they have every other console.  I just don’t know if they can get away with it in this day and age with how fast everything’s going and how portables are going and what they’re moving to for the mobile industry.

  • badmoogle

    Too bad it’s not the developers who greenlight the projects (and their budgets).

    • As a senior employee, Tabata does have the power to greenlight projects.

      • badmoogle

        So being a senior employee gives him also the power to fund his projects and choose the platforms for them regardless of what the higher ups in SE think?
        News to me.

        • He is a “higher up” when it comes to projects. Part of a producer’s job is to manage budgets and projects and ensure that they come up with financially viable ideas that can be profitable for the company and fit within the overall strategy. 

          If Tabata truly believed in a Vita project and could make a case for the financial investment working out, the project would likely be greenlit. Once you’re at a company for that long, and have that much influence, you tend to have some pull.

          The problem is, no large developer or publisher appears to want to invest heavily in the Vita. It isn’t a question of evil upper-management here like you’re making it out to be. No one cares about the Vita. TGS showed that.

          • badmoogle

            I never said or implied that it’s a question of some “eeeeevil upper-management ” lol. My point was that no matter how interesting a platform may seem to a developer (from a creative standpoint) if the user base is not big enough then the higher ups will not risk to put the investor’s money on such projects.

            Lighten up.

          • Ah, yeah. I get what you mean.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      As much as I wish publishers weren’t mostly run by businessmen with no knowledge or interest in gaming, putting financial decisions in the hands of developers is not a very good idea. Duke Nukem Forever is a good example of what happens when a developer has way too much money and freedom on his hands.

      Besides, it’s beneficial for a developer to face at least some restrictions. At the end of the day, real creative thinking is about figuring out ways to overcome obstacles.

  • ddh819

    who wouldn’t like the hardware? it’s great! the problem is everything else.

  • Type 0 sigh………

  • Solomon_Kano

    I’d be interested in seeing what Tabata could do on Vita down the line. I absolutely loved Crisis Core and, while I’ll never understand any of it, Type-0 is great as well. Didn’t play The 3rd Birthday, but I heard he delivered there too.

    Yea. I’d certainly love to see what he could do on Vita, since that’s probably the nearest we’d get to him developing a console game (this gen, at least). Hell, I’m interested in his next project regardless of what hardware it ends up on (though I’m really hoping SE gives him a go at the first next-gen FF).

    • Paradox me

      I’d prefer Hiroyuki Ito lay claim to Final Fantasy next generation, but I’d take Tabata over Toriyama.

      I would like to see Tabata’s work on home consoles though. I love handhelds and I don’t really complain when they do get a console-y game (BbS, KH3D, Type-0, etc.), but I see no real benefit to limiting such games to handhelds. 

      One of the reasons I’m holding off on Vita for the moment is because I’d like to see it take on its own identity as a handheld, rather than become a portable PlayStation 3.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Holy fudge, I forgot Ito! Yea, either him or Tabata would be great to me. Ito would easily win out, considering he’s made two of my favorite FFs. He’s apparently working on a large-scale project currently, so I’d love to see that materialize as our next main FF.

        • DCBlackbird

          Hiroyuki director of VI, IX, XII!? That hiroyuki. Hiroyuki whom has directed perhaps the most unique games in the main series that hiroyuki!? That would be great……….;( its fun to dream ;)

          • Solomon_Kano

            That Hiroyuki, indeed. I’ll be dreaming right along with you, man lol.

      • Elvick

         It’s not really limiting.

        I find portables more freeing. I can play the game anywhere. Which is better for me. Instead of being forced into the one room where my PS3 happens to be.

        In terms of power, it will make more difference when next gen is full swing. But then development costs will be much higher for consoles (in theory). So Vita will be better off.

        • Solomon_Kano

          I believe what he meant by “limiting” them to handhelds is that they could be played by even more people on consoles (though that’s really only the case outside of Japan). I don’t think he was saying anything about taking them with you.

  • Tabata won a PS Award for Type 0.  The Gold Award which is awarded to handheld titles that sell over 500k.  Type 0 is considered a commercial success.  The reason why Tabata has no plans for any Vita games is due to the fact of how badly Vita is currently doing right now.

    With that said Tabata would like to work on a Vita title if given the opportunity(there is a difference between “like” and “will”).

    Tabata is one of the few developers left at Square Enix that has my full and undivided support.  He hasn’t let me down once.

    However despite the commercial success due to platform, there haven’t been any plans made for Type 0 localization.  Which we are all sadly aware of and SE is intent on remaining mute about it.

    • Elvick

      It’s only doing “badly” because of developers not having faith in the platform.

      Games sell systems. System sales get developers to make games.

      It’s a catch 22.

      I mean, I love a lot of different kinds of games. So there’s tons for me on the PS Vita, but the RPG selection (especially with the current lineup of localization) there’s not much.

      If we would get some better Capcom support (an exclusive Monster Hunter and Resident Evil), better Square Enix support (Dissidia, Type-0 Port and localization, Type-1+, Some exclusive new IPs [like The World Ends With You or Bravely Default but made for PS Vita]) and it would be great if Namco Bandai would stop with the crappy versions of games. They gave a half-baked Katamari (although still fun), a rip-off Ridge Racer… at least God Eater 2 seems to have some effort put into it, but it’s on PSP too.

      Sega is doing some good stuff on Vita with PSN releases.

      If Ubisoft makes an exclusive Ghost Recon, that would be great. It’s great they’re already making a seemingly high quality exclusive in Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, but more would be nice.

      Hell, just add in Capcom or Square Enix support like I said, and I bet the system would sell no problem.

  • And the Vita likes you! Dawwwww.

    Now kiss and make babies dammit!

    • DCBlackbird

      Just wait 9 months

  • Demeanor

    You do know you can do much for the Vita, right? FFVI and/or FFVII remakes, or a Xenogears remake (don’t know if there’d be problems with copyrights, dev teams changing hands etc), make them happen NAU.  :P

  • imaguni

    Man, Tabata handling a Before Crisis remake would be exciting but… I get it, I won’t get my hopes up.

    Well, anyway, I’ve enjoyed playing all Tabata games I’ve gotten the chance to play so far, so I welcome any new projects by him!

  • Spider-Man

    I like Tabata. I’m fond of my Vita, too. Just waiting for the games I want to be released already. 

    However, I get this sinking feeling in my chest whenever Type-0 is mentioned. ;_;

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Well, SE still has those trademarks for FF Type 1-3, as well as saying they would like to continue more of Aya Brea’s adventures, so he has to move on to the Vita at some point, right…?





    • Solomon_Kano

      Seeing Type continued as a series on Vita would be lovely. SE was probably just covering their bases, but I really hope something comes of that. With as much as Tabata was able to do with the PSP, I’d love to see him work on something even larger.

  • Whatever…. where’s FFX HD ?

  • Levin_Scorpius

    While I would anticipate another game from you Tabata, could you please never, ever release anything that has Motomu Toriyama as the writer, or shove something completely stupid and/or unrelated (Genesis/ Gackt) into your games, please? The Third Birthday would have been fairly enjoyable if the plot was anywhere near decent, and Crisis Core would have been pretty much perfect if not for Gackt’s self insert being pointlessly shoved into the game. 

    • SpecDotSign

      Agreed. Toriyama needs to stop writing for this company. I want a Type-0 port for Vita so bad. Localized of course.

  • RablaAndrews

    Type-0 Sequel pleeeeaaaaaasssssseeee.

    Oh and localise the first game while you’re at it, I need an excuse to play that a third time.

  • Square, I hope you read this:

    Don’t JUST localize Type-0. Send Toriyama to make cell-phone FF spin-offs and  make Tabata the OFFICIAL director for the MAIN FF series. 

    Don’t take me wrong Square. I liked FFXIII and XIII-2, BUT don’t delude yourselves. You have to realize that they sold not because they were spectacular (as they should have been), but mostly because they carried the main FF name.

    Look at what Tabata did with Crisis Core and Type-0. Now IMAGINE what this man could do for the main FF series. If he can make what many consider to be the most epic FF game in the last 7 years on a last-gen portable console, I firmly believe he is capable of returning the series to its former glory and produce the epic masterpieces that both FF and its fans deserve.

    I know this is wishful thinking, but know Square that there is still people who hopes for FF to become for this and future generations what it was for the last ones.

    And of course, bringing Type-0 overseas would be a great way to start you know…

    • None for you.  Moar XIII.

      Seriously they don’t really give a crap.  I’d like Type 0 localized and a sequel just as much as you do if not more.

    • You might also want to mention that Crisis Core and 3rd Birthday in particular had the worst scripts and dialogue I have ever seen in a video game.  3rd Birthday was so retarded that it almost ruined Parasite Eve.  Although, both games are great to play.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    While i don’t want to said this, i thik this is more or less a PR moves? I mean game companies would always wanted to stay supportive to both platform so whenever one consoles success, they can pump out more games to get money there.

    But, i believe here that Tabata is going to give us new games  on Vita as Bravely Default i just released on 3DS.

    SE must try to balance a little isn’t it?

    •  I’ll laugh if Type 0 and it’s series gets moved to 3DS.

      3DS, Vita, PS3, and Wii U seem to be probable platforms as of now.  It’s a matter of what it will be on and the question of when.

  • sherimae1324

    …….yeah….. you can talk all what you want about the VITA guys…. like i care…
    …just a few years …..
     …VITA games will flood the VITA like the PSP in its late years ^_^ 

  • Abhishek Posooa

    Should we expect the FF Type series to continue on the Vita?
    I hope so…

  • André Vinicius

    Great. Hajime Tabata plays the deaf all this time, pretending not to hear the fans’ pleas who are willing to get FFType-0 at Vita, and now goes “wow, Vita rocks, I loved it”.

    It takes a lot of guts to lie like that.

  • hehHxC

    wow thats sucks .. 

  • Unlimax

    Hajime .. Whatever you think , BRING “PARASITE EVE 3” TO PS3 .. Not on a handheld things once again !

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